The Carnal Life of Muhammad

Note:- This article contains sexually explicit terms and coarse language that may offend many readers. The author will not take any responsibility in the event any reader may become upset reading this essay. My request to them: please do refrain from reading this essay if you are likely to be offended. You have been forewarned.

Muhammad had sex with just about anyone he pleased, thanks to Allah’s extraordinary interest in his personal sex life, as immortalized in the Qur’an. Lets see the evidence from authentic Islamic scriptures to support my claim.Muhammad

Quran 33:51 – You may put off any of your wives you please and take to your bed any of them you please, and there is no blame on you if you call back any of them you had temporarily set aside. This is most proper, so that their eyes may be cooled and they may not grieve, and that they will remain satisfied with what you give them. O believers! Allah knows all that is in your hearts; for Allah is All-Knowing, Most Forbearing.

These are Allah’s word unaltered, and see what Allah is commanding Muhammad to do. Allah commands Muhammad to sleep with anyone he pleases to without any restriction. Commentaries of Qur’an gives a clear view about Allah’s plan.

Tafsir Ibn Abbas says:- [33:51]
(Thou canst defer) you can leave (whom thou wilt of them) from among the daughters of your aunts from your father’s side, and or the daughters of your uncles from your mother’s side, and not marry them (and receive unto thee whom thou wilt) and marry them, (and whomsoever thou desirest) to marry (of those whom thou hast set aside (temporarily), it is no sin for thee (to receive her again)) it is also said that this could be understood in this manner: you can abstain from whoever you will of your wives and you can go to whoever you will of your wives and there is no sin for you in abstaining from some and going to others; (that) the widening of the scope and dispensation (is better; that they may be comforted) when they know that this widening of scope is from Allah (and not grieve) for fear of divorce, (and may all be pleased with what thou givest them) of sharing your physical presence with them. (Allah knoweth what is in your hearts) whether it is contentment or resentment; (and Allah is Knower) of your righteousness and theirs, (Clement) in that which He explained to you and forgave you.

So, according to Allah Muhammad is even authorized to marry and sleep with daughters of his aunt temporarily if he wishes to. I think Muhammad was a lucky one to get Allah( who was just his illusion) to satisfy his sexual desires with whom so  ever he pleased, without marrying or by temporarily marrying them.This not the end of Muhammad’s lust, lets see further what Bukhari reports.

Volume 4, Book 52, Number 143
Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said to Abu Talha, “Choose one of your boy servants to serve me in my expedition to Khaibar.” So, Abu Talha took me letting me ride behind him while I was a boy nearing the age of puberty. I used to serve Allah’s Apostle when he stopped to rest. I heard him saying repeatedly, “O Allah! I seek refuge with You from distress and sorrow, from helplessness and laziness, from miserliness and cowardice, from being heavily in debt and from being overcome by men.” Then we reached Khaibar; and when Allah enabled him to conquer the Fort (of Khaibar), the beauty of Safiya bint Huyai bin Akhtab was described to him. Her husband had been killed while she was a bride. So Allah’s Apostle selected her for himself and took her along with him till we reached a place called Sa`d−AsSahba,’ where her menses were over and he took her for his wife. Haris (a kind of dish) was served on a small leather sheet. Then Allah’s Apostle told me to call those who were around me. So, that was the marriage banquet of Allah’s Apostle and Safiya. Then we left for Medina. I saw Allah’s Apostle folding a cloak round the hump of the camel so as to make a wide space for Safiya (to sit on behind him) He sat beside his camel letting his knees for Safiya to put her feet on so as to mount the camel. Then, we proceeded till we approached Medina; he looked at Uhud (mountain) and said, “This is a mountain which loves us and is loved by us.” Then he looked at Medina and said, “O Allah! I make the area between its (i.e. Medina’s) two mountains a sanctuary as Abraham made Mecca a sanctuary. O Allah! Bless them (i.e. the people of Medina) in their Mudd and Sa (i.e. measures).

Its a wonderful example set by the Pedophilia Prophet for his extremist followers, the very first question arises in my mind here is that, how can a women marry a man who has killed his husband? Its impossible, and in other words we can define his deed as rape with Safiyah..                        It continues further with another report in Sahih Bukhari, lets see:-

Bukhari:Volume 5, Book 59, Number 459

Narrated Ibn Muhairiz: I entered the Mosque and saw Abu Sa`id Al−Khudri and sat beside him and asked him about Al−Azl (i.e. coitus interruptus). Abu Sa`id said, “We went out with Allah’s Apostle for the Ghazwa of Banu Al−Mustaliq and we received captives from among the Arab captives and we desired women and celibacy became hard on us and we loved to do coitus interruptus. So when we intended to do coitus interrupt us, we said, ‘How can we do coitus interruptus before asking Allah’s Apostle who is present among us?” We asked (him) about it and he said, ‘It is better for you not to do so, for if any soul (till the Day of Resurrection) is predestined to exist, it will exist.”

To me and any other reasonable man, the Revelation and Inspiration will look like a porn book, which contains all knowledge about sex. These are the deeds of Muhammad A.K.A (Allah) Islamic God. His followers did what he taught them throughout his life. When Muhammad and his followers received captives their celibacy became hard( as if they were already prepared for sex). Islam has only destructed this Mother Earth by innumerable ways. Today we find Islam the  fastest growing religion, its because the prophet ordered his followers not to do coitus interruptus.  We can imagine now how many illegal children were born from Muhammad followers at Muhammad’s time..

One thought on “The Carnal Life of Muhammad

  1. Hi Raj, from my understanding of the verses 33:50-51, is that Allah allows His Messenger(pbuh) to marry, if he desires, any woman from believing women or/and any from war captives or/and any from his cousins and or/and any from those whose husbands have been martyred .

    He could set aside any of his wives and take her back if he desires to do so, though Allah says, “you cannot differ” meaning discriminate amongst them.

    It was the rightful privilege given to His Messenger only. Does it mean Allah made him a sexual pervert? Certainly not!

    In 33:52, then Allah, in His Own Prudence, limits the number of his wives, he had at that time, lest it becomes an example as a general rule for all Muslims to follow, but he could marry a war captive girl, if he desired to marry her, which carries weight even today.

    Nothing wrong with Allah’s Prerogatives, right?

    It can be discerned from the above that 33:50-51 were verses revealed in the middle of warfare crisis and that 33:52 could be after the warefare period, when Islam had triumphed!

    The above verses do not prove anything nor assume the role of Mohammed(pbuh) as a sexual pervert or indicate any indecency committed on his his part! That is my understanding. That should be your understanding too!!


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