The Big Bang in the Quran


Muslims claim many scientific truths that were discovered recently were already mentioned in the Quran.  Dr. Zakir Naik has a list of them and has convinced many Muslims of those claims.   In these series I will discuss several of them.

Here is the claim made by Dr. Naik:

As far as Qur’an and modern Science is concerned, in the field of ‘Astronomy’, the Scientists, the Astronomers, a few decades earlier, they described, how the universe came into existence – They call it the ‘Big Bang’. And they said… ‘Initially there was one primary nebula, which later on it separated with a Big Bang, which gave rise to Galaxies, Stars, Sun and the Earth, we live in.’ This information is given in a nutshell in the Glorious Qur’an, in Surah Ambiya, Ch. 21, Verse No. 30, which says, “Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together, and we clove them asunder?’ Imagine this information which we came to know recently, the Qur’an mentions 14 hundred years ago. 

In his fervor to make the Quran look scientific Dr. Naik overlooks the fact that the theory of Big Bang precludes the concept of creation. If the Big Bang is true then the story of the creation and Adam and Eve must be false and vice versa.

Dr. Naik should have at least studied the theory of the Big Bang before commenting on it.  The theory of the Big Bang stipulates that about 13.7 billion years ago a tremendous explosion started the universe. Prior to that event all of the energy that was later transformed into matter was contained at one infinitely small point (not nebula). This explosion, not only gave birth to the particles that gave birth to the matter, but also to space and time.

The Big Bang actually consisted of an explosion of space within itself unlike an explosion of a bomb were fragments are thrown outward. The galaxies were not all clumped together, but rather the Big Bang lay the foundation for the universe. Therefore the notion of “separating the heaven and the earth” is absurd.

This is how the Big Bang took place

Furthermore, the earth is not separate from the universe. Galaxies are scattered everywhere. Each galaxy contains several hundred billion stars. Earth is a planet revolving around one of the stars in the Milky Way.  Where is the separation between the heavens and the earth?

This is what the Qur’an says:

21:30, ‘The heavens and the earth were joined together, and we clove them asunder’

This is wrong. Earth is not separate from heaven. It is, as it has always been, and will forever be, a part of it.

The Quran gives also another version of the creation – Verse 41.11.

“Moreover He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: “Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly.” They said: “We do come (together), in willing obedience.”

These two verses contradict each other. Were the heaven and the earth joined together and Allah clove them asunder or were they apart and Allah told them to come together?

Of course both claims are false. The earth is inside the heaven and part of it. They can neither come together nor separate. The Qur’an gives two contradictory versions of the creation and both of them are wrong.

But where does the tale of God separating heaven and earth comes from?  Muhammad hardly said anything that was new.   The verse 21:30 rehashes Genesis 1: 6-9

6 And God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.” 7 So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. 8 God called the expanse “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.

So if this explanation is a miracle, the credit should go to the Bible and not to the Qur’an. However, the origin of this tale dates back to pre-biblical stories of Babylonians and Mesopotamians.

The Qur’an is full of legends borrowed from the Bible. These in turn were based on the myths of ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Canaanites, etc. Muhammad’s cosmology is the cosmology of the ancient people.

In pre-Hebrew Semitic myth two watery tumultuous beings, one male and one female, Apsu(sweet water) and Tiamat (salt water) give birth to a variety of sea monsters and gods. In the ensuing chaos Tiamat, the female creator, tries to take control. Her descendants unite against her, choosing one of their numbers –Marduk, the god of Babylon to lead them. Armed with a hurricane and riding a tempest drawn by four fiery steeds, Marduk meets Tiamat and her evil accomplice Kingu in battle and kills them both.

The great god Marduk slaying Tiamat the dragon goddess of salt water. She is the personification of the Untame, Primeval Forces of the Universe before established order and the mother of all gods.




After the death of Tiamat her conqueror forms the heavens and the earth by cutting her body open “like a cockleshell” and lifting up one half to form the sky while leaving the bottom half as the earth:

“The lord rested; he gazed at the huge body, pondering how to use it, what to create from the dead carcass. He split it apart like a cockleshell; with the upper half he constructed the arc of sky, he pulled down the bar”.

So the verse 21:30 is not talking about the big bang. It is rehashing a biblical tale that in turn was borrowed from ancient mythology.


Now, let us discuss the origin of the verse 41.11. In this verse the Quran says, the sky was smoke and God said to it and the earth to “come together,” which they did willingly.

Of course, God talking to inanimate objects such as heavens and earth and telling them “come together willingly or unwillingly” and they responding, “we will come willingly,” is good for children’s stories. Heaven and earth are made of gasses and rocks. They don’t have a will and don’t respond.

Furthermore, the earth was never separated from sky/heaven. So they could not have come together.

Let me quote all the four verses that talk about his cosmic event.

41:9 Say: Is it that ye deny Him Who created the earth in two Days? And do ye join equals with Him? He is the Lord of (all) the Worlds.
41:10 He set on the (earth), mountains standing firm, high above it, and bestowed blessings on the earth, and measure therein all things to give them nourishment in due proportion, in four Days, in accordance with (the needs of) those who seek (Sustenance).
41:11 Moreover He comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: “Come ye together, willingly or unwillingly.” They said: “We do come (together), in willing obedience.”
41:12 So He completed them as seven firmaments in two Days, and He assigned to each heaven its duty and command. And We adorned the lower heaven with lights, and (provided it) with guard. Such is the Decree of (Him) the Exalted in Might, Full of Knowledge.


Here we see Muhammad saying that the first thing God did was to create the Earth in two days. Then he set on it the mountains and plants and animals. All this took another four days. “Then”, i.e. in the last day, after all the above was already done, he erected the sky.

ثُمَّ اسْتَوَى إِلَى السَّمَاء

This is not how the universe is formed.  According to the above verses, the creation of the world starts with the creation of the Earth. Once the Earth is completed, it is filled with plants and animals, it is only then that Allah turns to the sky and lifts it up and adorns it with stars. Any school kid (not being fed with the Islamic nonsense) will tell you this is crazy.

The universe is estimated to be 13.7 billion years old.  The Earth is only 4.5 billion years old. The first micro-organisms appeared 3.5 billion years ago. Although soft bodied creatures have appeared 3 billion years ago, the oldest animal fossil found is only 600 million years old. And we are just talking about “multi-celled” organisms such as sponge-like animals, cnidarians, and worms. The dinosaurs appeared in the Jurassic period, approximately 200 million years ago and became extinct over 60 million years ago. It is in these 60 million years that all the modern animals, birds and mammals have evolved.

When the universe was in gaseous form, i.e. over 13 billion years ago there was no earth and there were no creatures. The story of the evolution/creation given in the Quran is anachronistic and asinine. It has no resemblance to what science says. Every aspect of it is wrong. The verse 12 continues with this potty description of the creation. It says that He (Allah) completed them as seven firmaments in two Days. (Note how often Muhammad forgets that the Quran is supposed to be dictated by Allah and refers to its alleged author in third person).

What seven layers of heaven? There are no seven layers of heaven. This is fairytale. I explained this point here.

Then Muhammad says that Allah adorned the lower heaven with “lights” (stars), which is of course nonsense.

Similar tales can be found in the Bible and in the lore of the Sumerians, Babylonians and the Canaanites. These ancient people thought that the sky is made of seven layers pitched like a dome.  The word اسْتوَى  (erect, raise, stand, hoist, pitch) in this verse shows that Muhammad also thought, the sky is a dome that is pitched over the earth. In the verse 13.2 and 31.10 he even mentions that this sky is raised “without any pillars that ye can see”.

These are not scientific descriptions of the universe. They are based on the beliefs of primitive people about the universe. The word smoke in the verse 41:11 is not talking about the early state of the universe.  It says before the dome of sky was raised, everything above the surface of the earth was like smoke. When the universe was a nebula the earth did not exist. It came to exist over nine billion years later.

The origin of this fable can be found in the myths of the Mesopotamians that I quoted already. When the great god Marduk, slew the serpent of the seas (Tiamat), he clove her body and hoisted the upper half as sky. He then firmly fixed the stars, arranging the constellations of the zodiac, and created the moon and set him as a creature of night, to make known the days monthly without failing”.  (Note that Muhammad gave this very same answer when people asked him about the moon: “They ask you concerning the New Moons. Say: They are but signs to mark fixed periods of time in the affairs of men, and for Pilgrimage 2.189). In this way Marduk brought order to the universe. Marduk created seven heavens, and stationed each god (planets revolving around the sun were believed to be gods) to his appropriate sphere. Before that everything was formless and in a state of chaos.


The dragoness goddess Tiamat represents the state of untamed formless universe. She is surrounded by mist and clouds of smoke, principles of disorder.


The Big Bang Theory is just a theory. Unlike the theory of evolution, it has not been proven. An associate professor at the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan has proposed a new model of explaining the Universe. According to expert Wun-Yi Shu, mass, time, and length, some of the most basic aspects of the Cosmos, can be converted into each other as evolution takes place within the Universe. The explanation removes the necessity of accounting for the ever-increasing acceleration in the Cosmos by using the notion of dark energy. He proposes, time and space can be converted into each other by using a basic conversion factor, and namely the speed of light. Similarly, mass and length can be converted into each other.  According to this theory the expansion of the Universe makes time convert into space, whereas mass changes into length. When the Cosmos will begin to contract, the exact opposite will take place.



Based on this new theory, the universe expands and contracts indefinitely which precludes the Big Bang.  If this theory is proven right Hindus could claim that their sacred scriptures is scientific.

Based on this model time has no beginning and no end, which means there is no moment of creation and the world will never come to an end. Also that singularities such as the Big Bang and the Big Crunch (Universal contraction) cannot and did not exist. Another effect is that the Universe passes through alternating stages of acceleration and deceleration, similar to the way Earth experiences alternative reversals of its magnetic poles.

Note: The readers can visit here, to know more about Islam.

23 thoughts on “The Big Bang in the Quran

  1. Hi Dear Raj,

    How can a human envisaged image be justified to represent the undefinable “Cosmic Forces”, even if such forces are attributed to ultra energies?

    An example would suffice: See how the oceans were “churned” to get Amrit, as I say Cosmic forces live merely in the minds of those who propagate Idolatry, as no force is Cosmic and dwells only in the imaginary realms of the human thought!

    That, as you very well know, is termed as anthropomorphism.

    To justify the above I would like to copy paste and then ask on the follows:

    “The Asuras were older than their half-brothers the Gods. They acquired great possessions in the three worlds, but because they did not sacrifice to each other, because they did not visit holy places, they did not acquire great powers within themselves. But the Gods who did not have great possessions went on making sacrifices, went on dealing truthfully with each other, went on visiting holy places until they had greater and greater powers within themselves.

    The Gods and the Asuras knew that they could gain the Amrit, the Water of Life, if they churned up one of the seven oceans that, ring beyond ring, encircles the worlds. They came down to the Ocean of Milk. They took the Mountain Mandara for a churning-pole and the hundred-headed serpent Vāsuki for a churning-rope. They wound the serpent around the mountain, and pulling it this way and that way they splashed and dashed the, Ocean up and down and to and fro. And the Ocean of Milk frothed and bubbled as they churned.

    For a thousand years the Gods and the Asuras churned the Ocean of Milk. All that time Vāsuki, the serpent, from his hundred heads spat venom. The venom bit into the rocks and broke them up; it flowed down, destroying the worlds of Gods and men. Then all creation would have been destroyed in that flood of venom if it had not been for the act of one of the Gods.

    Shiva took up the venom in a cup and drank it. His throat became blue with that draught of bitterness. But by his act, the Gods won to more powers than the Asuras had.

    Still they churned. Then out of the Ocean of Milk came the wish-bestowing cow, Surabhi. Gods and Asuras rejoiced at the prosperity that came with her. Then appeared the Apsarases, the heavenly nymphs, and the Gods and the Asuras sported with them. The moon was churned up, and Shiva took it and set it upon his forehead.

    But now the Asuras wearied in their toil, and more and more they sported with the Apsarases. The Gods, their powers increased through Shiva’s deed, laboured at the churning, and the whole Ocean of Milk foamed and bubbled. Then was churned up the gem of gems, Kaustubha, and then white Uccaibhsravas, the best of steeds.

    Now the Gods grew in strength as they laboured, and they laboured as they grew in strength, while the Asuras abandoned themselves more and more to pleasures, and they fought amongst themselves on account of the pleasures that all of them sought. And then, seated on a lotus and holding a lotus in her hand, a lovely Goddess appeared. She went to Vishnu; she cast herself on the breast of the God, and, reclining there, she delighted the Gods with the glances she bestowed on them. All knew her for Shrī, the Goddess of Good Fortune. And the Asuras, in despair because Good Fortune had gone to the side of the Gods, stood around, determined to seize by force the next good thing that came out of the churning.

    And then, behold! there appeared the sage Dhanvantari, and in his hands was the cup that held the Amrit, the Water of Life. The Asuras strove to seize it; they would drink it all themselves, or else they would fling the Amrit where the serpent’s venom was dripping on the rocks. Almost they overpowered the Gods in their efforts to seize the Amrit. Then Vishnu changed himself into a ravishing form; he seemed to be the loveliest of the nymphs of Heaven. The Asuras went towards where the seeming nymph postured for them. Even then they fought amongst each other. And the Gods took the cup, and, sharing it, they drank of the Amrit.

    And now they were filled with such vigour that the Asuras could not overpower them. Many they drove down into hell where they became the Daityas or Demons. That was the beginning of the wars between the Gods and the Daityas–the wars that went on for ages.

    The Gods were triumphant and the three worlds became filled with radiance and power. Indra, king of the Gods, seated upon his throne, made a hymn in praise of Shrī. She granted him his wish, which was that she should never abandon the Gods.

    And so they lived upon that most holy mountain which is round like a ball and all made of gold. The birds there have golden feathers. Indra stays there. The steed which he gained at the Churning of the Ocean grazes near him. Beside him is his thunderbolt winged with a thousand plumes: Tvastir made it for him from the bones of the seer Dadhica: it is hundred-jointed, thousand-pointed. With the thunderbolt is his spear and his conch. Vishnu is near. But he broods upon the waters, resting upon a serpent, and Shrī, his bride, is beside him and over him the bird Garuda hovers. Shiva dwells in a lovely wood that is filled with flowers. Near him is the spear with which he will destroy the worlds at the end of an age. And beside him is his bow, his battle-axe, and his trident. Once, in jest, his wife Umā covered Shiva’s eyes with her hands. Then was the world plunged into darkness, men trembled with fear, and all that lived came near to extinction. But to save the world a third eye appeared in Shiva’s forehead: when it blazed forth the darkness vanished, men ceased to tremble, and power once more pervaded the worlds. And always Shiva’s throat will be blue from the bitterness of the venom that he drank when he saved creation. Above the most holy mountain is the golden palace of the Lord of All-Brahma–a palace
    that is built on nothing that is substantial”. Check the image too!

    Q1. Define Cosmic Force

    Q2.(a) Why were the Asuras, the supernatural intelligent godly figures later demonised?

    Q2(b) Who demoted the godly Asuras to demonic deities and why?

    Q3. The Asurans were actually Assyrians, the Zoroastrians, correct?

    Q4.a Define the word Churn

    Q4b. Define Ocean

    Q5. How can an Ocean be churned?

    Q6. After churning how was liquid of life found/produced, quantity, etc

    Q7a. Gods grow in strength? And others become weak?

    Q7b. What is “ocean of Milk and What was that poison of Vasuki made of?

    Q8. Kindly scan through the above “fantastic” beliefs and see the validity of it scientifically too.

    Q. And Hindus, one of the nicest people, believe in all that stuff??

    I stop here.



  2. Zakir Naik is no better than a PARROT. Having a sharp memory doesn’t mean he is enlightened too. His target audience is a crap, with little intelligence.

    • Hi,

      Do you know of any other person/s, in the World, of the likes of Mr Naik??

      Do you have a question for him? You may ask!



  3. Hi, Quran as well as all other Scriptures are not Books of Science but Books of Signs of God.
    By the way those Scholars, who propagate such Books to contain Scientific Facts therein do at their own peril!!
    You said Mohammed(pbuh) incorporated the Babylonian beliefs of their gods, of those times, in the Quran, correct? And those were the prevailing beliefs then so Mohammed(pbuh) “decided” to collect them and randomly “pushed” them into the Quran, to show us as if it was the word of God, and for that matter he “forgot” to say “I” but instead he used the word “He”, right?
    To begin with, let us ask ourselves, why have the illustrated items regarding the “Big Bang” and “Evolution” remained merely only as Theories despite of much availability of scientific technology, the Big Bang Theory has not been realised as a FACT to date, Why??
    It is because it is NOT a Scientific Fact! So, why do you take trouble teaching us MERE Theories, which are not even Scientific Facts? I have my own theory too, which is not a Scientific fact, would it interest you?
    Mohammed(pbuh) did not incorporate your alleges of Polytheist Babylonians and could still manage to tread Quran to Monotheism, with association to only One God. On his Authorship of Quran based on “Stealing” stories from the past Scriptures is baseless and so is the God talking in the third person and that Mohammed(pbuh) “forgot” is cruelly false. Read the Quran and you will find Allah talking all over Quran, as a third Person!
    Finally, in regards to Allah calling the Heavens it is not a prerogative of the Created to ask the Creator on His Powers of Authority. Can you, the Created, ask God, the Creator, why He Created you from a Single Cell?
    In Quran one can see His Signs, so read Quran with positive light!

  4. What can be proved or disproved. I don’t think Islam can be refuted by comparison to radical fundamentalists who are fueled by 3rd world mentality. Everything in reality is questionable and should be questioned. Muhammad said, “seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”, and he also said, ” he who realizes himself has perceived his Lord.” The declaration of faith, la ilaha ilalah(their is no reality but allah) is key in seeing that whatever reality is it is only one thing…infinity. And what reality is we cannot say. It is only what we perceive it to be. reality ,as humans know it, is individual perception. Robert Anton Wilson (rip) pointed out that, “there is no objective reality separate from the mind; the only reality we know is the reality constructed by our nervous systems out of the signals it receives.” Through time humans have created new models as consciousness has evolved. And there are models that lead one from Self and these are the Models created by the power hungry and greedy, ignorant and undomesticated primates who seek world territory. The true teachings of all the Holy teachers give humans a simple model. The human mind is only a mirror and by certain methods we can polish the mirror and reflect with more clarity the Reality what is. That all we know is a reflection of the knowledge we possess. Science is not telling us what the universe is but what we are capable understanding at the time and how our minds work. We are not separate from what we see for all we see is our mind. Words are not the thing they are describing but symbols we use to describe the effects of objective experience upon our senses. Everything is Metaphor. The sages of the past tell us that we tend to see what we are looking for. And experience has led me to believe this is true. If we look for fault we find it. if we look for ugliness we find it. But if we seek perfection we also find it manifesting, and if we look for beauty we also find it manifesting. Whose prophet is better is an old argument. The universe appears to be infinite in it’s glory and there is enough sppace to find what we seek. Be it peace, love, happiness, or hate, cruelty, and sadness then it is in this universe to be found. but remember, that universe is only your mind and all these things exist in you. Much peace to you all.

    • Hi, you have written 100% correct, so clearly and so vividly…thanks! Everything seems infinite
      and knowledge seekers end up falling prey to predators who assume role of “knowers” of infinity…to empty our pockets at the earliest opportunity or to spread dirt of their ideologies. Thanks once more!

      • salam! thank you! when Muhammad came to the first heaven and saluted Adam he seen to the right of Adam a multitude of souls with white faces and the left of Adam a multitude of souls with black faces. Those with white faces were the believers from before the foundation of creation who declared La ilaha ilalah. Those souls with black faces were those who rejected the reality and were thus separated from truth. So, Allah says in Quran that he created those who’ll go to paradise and those who’ll be of the fire. The eternal pen is dry. Those who reject reality and cover over the truth will have their reward. for truly it was written thus from the foundations of reality. The satans kingdom exists by divine decree and is powered by the power Allah prescribed to it. When come to know truth intimately we realize that nothing moves of its own accord and there is nothing separate from Allah. There is only Allah and the manifestation of the attributes of Allah. When we see satans we see other than Allah. When all wee see is Allah’s tajalli then we have truly acquired ma’rifah. There is no Reality but Allah. Tawhid. The infinite oneness.

        • Aslmwlkm, read only Quran and ref 6 : 116, “Perfected is the word of thy Lord in Truth and Justice”.
          Hadiths are fake and speak nothing of Quran. Bukhari and Muslim were Persians and not Arabs. Bukhari, who was born after 250 years after Mohammed(pbuh) said he dreamt Prophet(pbuh)!! Muslim was his ardent student! Ask yourself who gave them the title “Sahihi”?
          Read only Quran, “Perfected is the word of thy Lord in Truth and Justice”.


          • I agree! A lot of material was fabricated to suit political interest. there are some interesting ideas there and some not so interesting. the mystical ideas are most interesting, but Quran has all that is needed. I look at the hadiths as like commentary and analysis by people. I agree with some and some no. but then again I am no scholar. I am but a weak servant seeking the mercy, wisdom, and compassion of the most high. Thanks for comments. If you want to speak from time to time I think my email is here. I appreciate your expression and sincerity for Allah.

            -jeffrey a. reedy

          • Dear Plum,

            You repeatedly say, “Read Quran alone”. I do read Quran, and I have shown you errors and pseudo-science in Quran too, apart from Hadiths. As I have stated before, that I am not focusing on Quran alone Muslims, but whole Muslim community, in which you comprise of a very less %. Even the mainstream Muslims consider you people Kafir, for not following the commands of Quran, such as:-

            Quran 8:20:- O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger, and turn not away from him (i.e. Messenger Muhammad SAW) while you are hearing.

            Now I ask you, how will you obey Muhammad, when his commands and message is not present in Quran? Before obeying him, you must judge what kind of person he was? Was he really a saintly figure, or a devilish man? How will you know all these??

            You asked, ” Bukhari, who was born after 250 years after Mohammed(pbuh) said he dreamt Prophet(pbuh)!! Muslim was his ardent student! Ask yourself who gave them the title “Sahihi”?”

            Well I must tell you that without these people, you can’t even prove that a man named Muhammad ever existed? What is the proof of his existence, don’t say Quran. Because even I can write a book, and claim million of times that Spider man do really exist. But is it a fact?? What is the proof of Muhammad’s existence without Hadiths and Sira?? Although they came into existence some 300 years after.

            Next you said, “Read only Quran, “Perfected is the word of thy Lord in Truth and Justice”.”

            I have already asked you to prove that Quran is perfectly preserved. Even Quran came into existence some 40 years after death of Muhammad, and till then there was no authenticated copy of Quran by Muhammad himself. The caliphs compiled Quran into one book, why you trust that??

            Hope you answer these questions..


          • Hi Dear Raj, I agree 100% with you that there are no “Western” records to show the existence
            of Mohammed(pbuh) prior to 632 AD, that would qualify as a proof of also his Prophethood.

            And it is very clear that the Persians were more advanced than the Arabs in literature and poetry, yet there too no records can be found.

            Now, that is the very reason that there “seems” a controversy in the timings of writing of Quran and the biography of Mohammed(pbuh). According to you/us there should have been proper records written by the Western, Persian and Arab writers for such a personality, right?

            But historical records don’t build faith! It is the Scriptures that produce such magical effects of belief and once more not the “history” of the subject for eg:”Jesus” was a mere story character “created” in the book “according to Mathews” written by an anonymous author, Mr X!
            This Mr X, copied many verses from the Books of the Old Testament, some of those verses Mr X distorted them, some he forgot from where he had picked from which of those books!
            From the OT Mr X got the Ancestor list and while copying that he blundered there too, leaving out a few names!
            As an example Ref to Mathews 21 / 1-10. Do you see it? Read it.
            How can a man sit on two donkeys, one big and the other smaller?? Now refer to the actual verse in Zachariah 9 / 9, …..riding on a small male donkey….only ONE donkey!
            This mistake and many others show how “Jesus” was created in Mathews. Just compare the “prophecy” verses with OT and you will get the culprit!
            Then came the unknown Mark……he saw the mistakes that Mathews had made and corrected them having copied Mathews ditto!
            Next comes the ghostly and hidden Luke who admits that what he writes is his own version!
            Then enters John who does not know the genealogy of “Jesus” nor the teachings of Jesus!
            Now we are left with only “Paul” who saw “Jesus” flying! And when Paul said anything it became word of god, even the coat that he forgot to pick!
            Kindly, note that Paul does not teach anything about Jesus but founded his own religion called Catholicism….that founded.the Vatican Church and the Pope “Pauls”.
            What historical records exist of Jesus, Moses, Ram, and the much revered Buddha??
            For Islam there exists the Quran and the established Sunna of Rasul(pbuh) and Muslims do not need any historical records to prove its existence.
            Read Quran with positive mind and know that Islam does not bring hatred, violence or poverty.
            Oppressors subjugate the oppressed, who become resistant, aggressive, violent, radicals, extremists, etc but it is NOT Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism, etc to be blamed but the Oppressors.

            Islam is to remain until Allah’s promise is fulfilled! 3/19 and 5/3

  5. Wait a second- the quraan never stated the chronological order of creation in such a way.

    And by the way God is mostly referred to in the third person throughout the quraan- its meant to symbolise his greatness.

    And that rubbish about the the big bang being less of a theory than evolution- they are BOTH theories and BOTH have strong supporting evidence ( e.g. for big bang- existance of primordial helium, background microwave radiation, red shift observations for evolution- fossil records, genetic and biochemical evidence etc.) It is impossible to “prove” any theory by the way- they are just models used to describe the way the world works- e.g. newtons theory of gravity works up to a point, but a more complete model would be Einstiens general theory of relativity which describes phemonena (e.g. black holes) that newtons can’t. Neither are “wrong”.
    Sorry for the science lesson, but you obviously didnt attend your physics classes- probably too busy slagging off muslims…

    Do us a favour and get a life.

  6. You must be the most idiotic people ever. Really. Is this conversation really going on. This is your concept of refuting the claims in the Quran. An elementary school student can destroy your proposed theories.

    • El 123456,

      Thanks for your comment, and I would request you to bring a student from elementary school who can destroy my proposed theories that Quran has scientific errors. As I have seen Scholars of Islam, have failed to disprove my claims.


    • Brother, There is no Allah

      There are 2 possibilities, First one is that either Zakir Naik is fooling people by Islamic Dawah for Dollars, and second possibility is that he is STUPID.

      I think the second one is right..

      • No Sir, he is NOT stupid. He is actually fooling people by Islamic Dawah for SAUDI ARABIAN RIYADH and NOT $. He is funded by that country and that is the reason he gets the ability to broadcast some TV as well and use all communication tools. Anyways, our job is to expose that idiot as much as we can. That will be better.

        • Brother Humanity Triumphs,

          Both are possibilities, and we cannot be certain with any thing. May be he is fooling people for Arabian Riyadh, and this claim, is also supported by Ali Sina, as he exposes Dr. Naik in his book, World’s Greatest Showman. But we cannot deny the second possibility that he can be dumb, and stupid. The way he interprets Qur’anic words like DAHAHA, to show Qur’an is divine and Miraculous, shows that he may be stupid.

          But any how its not the issue, whether he is fooling or is a fool. Our issue is how to refute and expose that Showman, and I hope we will be successful very soon.


      • Hi, Quran says Allah is there so now the onus is yours to prove that Allah is not there!
        Also, do you know of any other person, in the entire World, with an outstanding memory and knowledge of comparative religions as the like of his?
        Surely, a stupid person cannot prolong in speech and be able answer questions from dis-believers of Islamic faith, for so long and be able to create a Peace TV channel and be able to convert others too. He is not stupid for sure but as a human prone to err, right?

        • Hi, Quran says Allah is there so now the onus is yours to prove that Allah is not there!
          Quran is a book written after Mohammed. Since when does an ounce of faith qualify as a logical argument to prove something.
          If today I’ll write in a book, “there is Spiderman.”
          And tomorrow people would say “hey you know in that book it says Spiderman is there so now it is up to you to prove that Spiderman is not there.”
          We’re completely screwed as a race.
          Matter of faith is matter of faith and logically proving something is poles apart from it.

          • Hi, you said, “We’re completely screwed as a race”, correct? So our Alpha and Omega tenet must be….Be Good, Do Good…irrespective of what one follows, right?

    • Exactly brother Saint,

      Not only 9-11,you see since 9-11, Allah has shown some 18268 big Bangs in this world, still scholars like Dr. Naik fail to report it..


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