Islam is a Fascism

Islam is a religion with a very political agenda. The ultimate goal of Islam is to rule the world. But what kind of government an Islamic state would have?Rj3865

It certainly won’t be democratic. Islam is not compatible with democracy. Amir Taheri, an Iranian born author/journalist in a debate on Islam and democracy argued that in fact the word democracy does not exist in any of the languages spoken by Muslims. “To understand a civilization,” Taheri said, “it is important to understand its vocabulary. If it was not on their tongues it is likely that it was not on their minds either.”

Democracy implies equality. But equality is unacceptable in Islam. Un-believers cannot be equal to believers and women are not equal to men. Even the non-Muslims are not deemed to be equal. The People of the Book (Jews and Christians) are accepted as second class citizens and allowed to live in an Islamic state provided they pay the protection tax; Jizyah. But the pagans, atheists and idolaters are not regarded as fully humans. According to the Quran, the idolaters are to be killed wherever they are found. (9:5)

In the April 9, 2002 issue, The Wall Street Journal published the concept of blood money in Saudi Arabia. If a person has been killed or caused to die by another, the latter has to pay blood money or compensation, as follow.

100,000 riyals if the victim is a Muslim man
50,000 riyals if a Muslim woman
50,000 riyals if a Christian man
25,000 riyals if a Christian woman
6,666 riyals if a Hindu man
3,333 riyals if a Hindu woman

According to this hierarchy, a Muslim man’s life is worth 33 times that of a Hindu woman. This hierarchy is based on the Islamic definition of human rights and is rooted in the Quran and Sharia (Islamic law). How can we talk of democracy when the concept of equality in Islam is inexistent?

Of course killing the idolaters “where ye find them” was not always expedient. What would the Muslim rulers in India gain if they killed all the Hindus? Over whom would they rule? So pragmatism often prevailed and Muslim rulers would exert some degree of tolerance towards their pagan subjects. It is hard to find a Muslim ruler as ruthless as Muhammad himself. Muslim rulers killed whenever profit dictated and since live subjects were more profitable than dead ones, exterminations were not total as was intended by Muhammad. Nonetheless, their tolerance was out of political expediency. Muhammad’s butchery of his victims on the other hand, was psychopathological. He would massacre entire populations simply because they rejected him or hurt his narcissistic ego.

The Christians and the Jews, the so called People of the Book, had some conditional rights. They had to pay Jizyah and buy their protection. Nonetheless they lived in a state of religious apartheid and were subject to humiliating treatments. For example, they were considered najis (impure) and were not allowed to go out in rainy days, lest their impurity rub on a passing Muslim, make him “impure” and annul his prayer.

Jews and Christians were required to dismount from their riding animals if they met a Muslim on their way and they were supposed to greet him humbly and show submissiveness towards him. The Dhimmis were not allowed to build their houses taller than those of their Muslim neighbors and in some cases they were not allowed to build new churches and synagogues and needed permission to repair the existing ones.  This law is practiced to this day in virtually all Muslim countries.

Taheri says: “To say that Islam is incompatible with democracy should not be seen as a disparagement of Islam. On the contrary, many Muslims would see it as a compliment because they sincerely believe that their idea of rule by God is superior to that of rule by men which is democracy.”

In an article titled “The Political Framework of Islam,” found on many Islamic sites, the author explains: “In Western democracy, the people are sovereign; in Islam sovereignty is vested in Allah and the people are His caliphs or representatives. The laws given by Allah through His Prophet (Shari ‘ah) are to be regarded as constitutional principles that should not be violated.”

Taheri quoted several Muslim thinkers who expressed their disdain and disapproval of democracy.

“Ayatollah Khomeini called democracy “a form of prostitution” because he who gets the most votes wins the power that belongs only to Allah.

Sayyed Qutb, the Egyptian who is credited to be the ideological mentor of Safalists, spent a year in the United States in the 1950s and wrote: ” America is a nation that has forgotten God and been forsaken by Him; an arrogant nation that wants to rule itself.”

Yussuf al-Ayyeri, one of the leading theoreticians of today’s Islamist movement, published a book ( available on the Internet) in which he warned that the real danger to Islam did not come from American tanks and helicopter gunships in Iraq but from the idea of democracy and rule by the people.

Maudoodi, another of the Islamist theoreticians now fashionable, dreamed of a political system in which human beings would act as automatons in accordance with rules set by God.
He said that God has arranged man’s biological functions in such a way that their operation is beyond human control. For our non-biological functions, notably our politics, God has set rules that we have to discover and apply once and for all so that our societies can be on auto-pilot so to speak.

The late Saudi theologian, Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim al-Jubair, a man I respected though seldom agreed with, sincerely believed that the root cause of all of our contemporary ills was the spread of democracy. “Only one ambition is worthy of Islam,” he liked to say, “the ambition to save the world from the curse of democracy: to teach men that they cannot rule themselves on the basis of manmade laws. Mankind has strayed from the path of God, we must return to that path or face certain annihilation.””

So what kind of government Islam is proposing?

Democracy means the rule of people. This is unacceptable in Islam. The Quran is empathic that “to Allah belong all Dominion and power” (2.165, 35:10, 35:13, 64:1). The words “No judgment but God’s” (la hukm illa li-llah) is based on several Quranic verses (esp. 6.57; 12.40, 67 etc.) This power is vested on His regent known as Khalifat al-Allah.

The Khalifa cannot legislate. He can only interpret the Law given in the Quran and the sunnah and apply it. Naturally, since the Quran is not a clear book, this allows for a wide range of interpretations and this explains why there are so many Islamic schools of thoughts and sects. “But the bottom line is” says Taheri, “that no Islamic government can be democratic in the sense of allowing the common people equal shares in legislation.”

Common people are called awwam, and as the saying goes: al-awwam kal anaam! (Awwam are like animals).

It is up to the “experts” of the Law to interpret the Sharia and let the awwam know how they should live their lives. This endows the “expert” ruler, all the power and allows him to act as the deputy of God on Earth. There can be no opposition to the ruler. You can’t oppose God by opposing his representative.

In democracies people’s beliefs are irrelevant. They can belong to any religion or no religion and still manage to govern themselves in a secular state. This is not the case in Islam where God is the lawgiver. Christians and Jews have managed to separate the Church from the State. Such a separation in Islam is not possible. The concept of Church (with uppercase C) as understood in Christianity does not exist in Islam. There is no authority like the Vatican or the Church of England in Islam. Mullahs and Imams are average Muslims who through their knowledge of the Quran and Sharia gain reputation among the ummah and their own peers. You can’t separate the Islamic “Church” from politics, because there is no such thing as the Islamic “Church”. Every Mullah can interpret the Sharia in his own way. But he can’t redefine the explicit teachings of Islam.

Presently, Muslims don’t have a khalifa. Even if they had, he would not have been able to deviate from the Quran and separate Islam from politics.

Islam’s main goal is to give the dominion of this world to its “rightful” owner, Allah. No authority on Earth can change that. Impeding Islam to achieve this goal is denying its raison d’être and it is tantamount to blasphemy. Islam by definition is imperialistic.

It must advance, conquer and reclaim the dominion of all the earth or there is no reason for it to exist.

Democracies are pluralistic. In democracies people have different faiths and are free to criticize, not only each other’s religions but also their own. Islam does not tolerate such a thing. Anyone who criticizes Islam faces severe punishment including execution or assassination. Islam is regarded as the only Truth. Defying this truth is the same as defying God. Challenging the authority of the representative of God on earth is like challenging God himself.

On May 27, 1999 Rafsanjani, one of the ruling Mullahs of Iran said: “If the Islamic nature and fundamental pillar of the state and the velayat-e faqih (Shiite version of khalifa) are undermined, nothing would be left around.” The same day, Khatami, the so called “reformist” president of the Islamic Republic said in the city of Qom: “Society’s parting with religion and the clergy is the beginning of our fall.” Khatami in July 5, 1998 said: “velayat-e faqih is the axis and pillar of the state,” he reiterated, “velayat-e faqih is the raison d’être of our state. As such, opposing it… is to oppose the fundamentals and pillar of the state….No state would tolerate assaults on its principles and pillars,” he said. [Iran Zamin News Agency] defines the concept of velayat-e faqih, the Shiite version of khilafat and says: “In the theory of velayate faqih none of us can tell the difference between good and bad and, indeed, the whole edifice of the clerical ruler-ship has been constructed to cope with our “ignorance”. The supreme clerical leader is our custodian (qayyem), and we are like sheep that if separated from our shepherd would surely be lost. The velayate faqih embodies every rights and the rest of us are only to carry duties. At its most pithy definition, the system of velayate faqih is the expression of this ignorance and absence of rights on our part in contrast with the all knowing, all powerful, clerical ruler.”

Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader explained the concept of velaya-e faqih, the position that he himself is occupying, with an uncanny frankness when he said: “the leadership means that point where the insoluble problems of government are solved at his hands. His person lights up the truth for the people and exposes the conspiracies of the enemy.” [ibid]

In the Islamic state religion is preeminent and God serves as the only legitimate source of legislation. Temporal rulers merely implement the laws of Islam as dictated by God.

The following article titled “Essential Features of the Islamic Political System” explains the concept of khilafat as understood by Muslims.

“The political system of Islam is based on three principles: Tawhid (unity of Allah), Risalat (Prophethood) and Khilafat (vicegerency).

Tawhid means that only Allah is the Creator, Sustainer and Master of the universe and of all that exists in it organic or inorganic. The sovereignty of this kingdom is vested only in Him. He alone has the right to command or forbid. Worship and obedience are due to Him alone, no one and nothing else shares it in any way. Life, in all its forms, our physical organs and faculties, the apparent control which we have over nearly everything in our lives and the things themselves, none of them has been created or acquired by us in our own right. They have been bestowed on us entirely by Allah. Hence, it is not for us to decide the aim and purpose of our existence or to set the limits of our authority; nor is anyone else entitled to make these decisions for us. This right rests only with Allah, who has created us, endowed us with mental and physical faculties, and provided material things for our use.

This principle of the unity of Allah totally negates the concept of the legal and political independence of human beings, individually or collectively. No individual, family, class or race can set themselves above Allah. Allah alone is the Ruler and His commandments are the Law.

The medium through which we receive the law of Allah is known as Risalat. We have received two things from this source: the Book in which Allah has set out His law, and the authoritative interpretation and exemplification of the Book by the Prophet, blessings and peace be on him through word and deed, in his capacity as the representative of Allah. The Prophet, blessings and peace be on him, has also, in accordance with the intention of the Divine Book, given us a model for the Islamic way of life by himself implementing the law and providing necessary details where required. The combination of these two elements is called the Shari ‘ah.

Now consider Khilafat. According to the Arabic lexicon, it means ‘representation’. Man, according to Islam, is the representative of Allah on earth, His vicegerent. That is to say, by virtue of the powers delegated to him by Allah, he is required to exercise his Allah-given authority in this world within the limits prescribed by Allah.

A state that is established in accordance with this political theory will in fact be a human caliphate under the sovereignty of Allah and will do Allah’s will by working within the limits prescribed by Him and in accordance with His instructions and injunctions.”

This definition makes clear that the rule of Islamic system of government is not limited to Muslims but to every “organic or inorganic” thing that exists in this universe. This of course includes the non-Muslims. In an Islamic state everyone must live according to the dictates of Islam.

Khilafat or the velayat-e faqih are not dissimilar to fascism. The Columbia Encyclopedia, defines fascism as: “A totalitarian philosophy of government that glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life.”

Characteristics of Fascist Philosophy:

“Fascism, especially in its early stages, is obliged to be antitheoretical and frankly opportunistic in order to appeal to many diverse groups. Nevertheless, a few key concepts are basic to it. First and most important is the glorification of the state and the total subordination of the individual to it. The state is defined as an organic whole into which individuals must be absorbed for their own and the state’s benefit. This “total state” is absolute in its methods and unlimited by law in its control and direction of its citizens.

A second ruling concept of fascism is embodied in the theory of social Darwinism. The doctrine of survival of the fittest and the necessity of struggle for life is applied by fascists to the life of a nation-state. Peaceful, complacent nations are seen as doomed to fall before more dynamic ones, making struggle and aggressive militarism a leading characteristic of the fascist state. Imperialism is the logical outcome of this dogma. Another element of fascism is its elitism. Salvation from rule by the mob and the destruction of the existing social order can be effected only by an authoritarian leader who embodies the highest ideals of the nation. This concept of the leader as hero or superman, borrowed in part from the romanticism of Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Carlyle, and Richard Wagner, is closely linked with fascism’s rejection of reason and intelligence and its emphasis on vision, creativeness, and the will.”

Let us compare that to Islam. Islam is opportunistic par excellence. It is extremely deceptive and despite being a doctrine of war it portrays itself as the religion of peace. It wants to have a universal appeal. It subjugates women and Muhammad was a misogynist of the worst kind but its apologists present him as the champion of women’s rights. The Quran is an asinine book of nonsense, yet its defenders claim that it is a miracle which contains scientific facts. It opposes knowledge and technology, yet it is presented as the religion that encourages learning. Muslims are fond of reminding others that Muhammad said “seek knowledge even if it is China” But the fact is that any knowledge that is perceived as contradicting the Quran is regarded satanic and is to be destroyed.

The Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt was once the largest in the world. It was founded at the beginning of the 3rd century BC during the reign of Ptolemy II of Egypt. It stored at its peak, 400,000 to 700,000 scrolls. In 640 AD Muslims took the city and upon learning of “a great library containing all the knowledge of the world” the conquering general asked Khalifa Omar for instructions. Omar has been quoted as saying of the Library’s holdings, “they will either contradict the Quran, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous.” And to be on the safe side he ordered the library to be destroyed and the books burnt.

This is how Muslims try to portray a false image of Islam so it can have a broad appeal.

The most important feature of Islamic polity is the glorification of Islamic state and the total subordination of the individual to it.

Just like in fascism, the Islamic state is defined as an organic whole to which individuals must submit. In Islam “freedom” is in submission to Allah and his messenger. The very word Islam, which Muslims deceptively translate as peace, means submission. What is good for Islam and the Islamic state is good for Muslims and what is bad for Islam and the Islamic state is to be spurned and regarded as bad for the Muslims too. Islam and the establishment of Islam’s dominion are the greater good and the ultimate goal that every Muslim must strive for.

The Islamic site writes: “The highest organization in society is the state. Islam has given to the world the practical form and ideals of statehood. Therefore, the question of how religion should inspire, inform and discipline life, is naturally related to the question of how should it be related to the highest organization of society (i.e. the state).”

The other ruling of Islam is the concept of Jihad and the necessity to struggle in order to advance the Islamic dominance. The motto that “Islam is a religion of peace” is a preposterous slogan that is part of the strategy of the Islamic “Game of Deception”. Islam does not mean peace, it does not preach peace, it has never been peaceful and it will never be. Islam has advanced through aggressive militarism and regards Jihad and martyrdom as the most meritorious acts. Islam is militant and imperialistic by its very nature.

Fascism is elitist. Islam is also elitist. The Khalifa or the velayat-e faqih is the ultimate authority on Earth. He is the one who can understand the scriptures property. His word is the ultimate undisputable decree. However, theoretically, just as in communism, anyone can aspire to become Khalifa. The Khalifa in Sunni sect is elected by the populace whereas the velayate-e faqih in Shiism is nominated by a body of the ruling Mullahs called: “The Assembly of Experts”.

Whether this ruler is elected or nominated, just like in other totalitarian regimes, he occupies his seat for life and responds to no human authority.

Another similarity of Islam and fascism is their disdain of reason and intelligence. In Islam, the emphasis is on faith and unquestioning obedience to the mandates of God. Reason is rejected as a fallacy. Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali, (1058 – 1111 CE), arguably the greatest Islamic scholar ever, in his book “Incoherence of the Philosophers” bitterly denounced Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and other Greek thinkers as non-believers and labeled those who employed their methods and ideas as corrupters of the Islamic faith. He took aim at Avicenna for being a rationalist who drew intellectually upon the Ancient Greeks. By emphasizing on the incompatibility of faith and reason, and by asserting the futility of making faith subordinate to reason, Ghazali gave validity to unreasoned faith and thus glorified stupidity.

William Montgomery Watt says: “The early period of Islamic thought is dominated by the conception of the unchangeability of true religion and the special Arab and Islamic conception of the nature of knowledge. Knowledge that is important for the conduct of life – and this is knowledge in the fullest sense – is obtained in the revealed words of God and in the sayings of prophets and other specially gifted men. From this conception of knowledge it follows that the work of the scholar is to transmit accurately the revealed text and other wise sayings”. [The Formative Period of Islamic Thought, p.63]

It is important to note that when Muslims talk about knowledge, they are talking about the “revealed” knowledge and not the secular scientific knowledge that has given birth to our civilization. The word science in Arabic is ilm. The people, who possess this ilm, are calledulama (plural of alim).  Alim does not mean scientist. It means religious scholar. Ilm is religious science.

Islam does not encourage the learning of science. Islamic languages don’t have a word for it. Islam encourages religious learning. This is what Muhammad meant when he said “seek knowledge”. Seeking knowledge in Islam, means memorizing the Quran and the hadith.

Islam as a Means of Power

Inspired by the Quran, Muslim groups employ sectarian violence to achieve political ends. The first group was Kharijiyya. The Kharijiyya insisted on two things. First, that the Islamic community must be based on the Quran. The second point emphasized the ascendancy of the Islamic state over the individual rights. Motivated by many verses of the Quran (32.13, 76:29-31, 3:39, 3:159, 16:93, 2:6-7, 4:88, etc.), they maintained that God’s will, must supersede men’s will and claimed the community is the bearer of the values that constitute meaningfulness, in other words men’s life has meaning only if he belongs to Muslim community. These ideas were based on the Quran and were eventually adopted by the rest of the Muslims. This is how fascism defines the position of the individual vis-à-vis the state.

Muslim rationalists such as Mutazilis placed reason above revelation. They were violent too. Their school was vehemently opposed by more fervent Islamists and became extinct. They were attacked by a group called Ashariyya to which al-Ghazali and the celebrated poet Rumi belonged. Rumi mocked the rationalists and in a catchy verse that left its mark on the psyche of the gullible masses said the rationalists stand on “wooden legs”.

The Ashariyya glorified irrationality and remained faithful to the Quran. They rejected the rationalists whom, in their view, had forsaken religion and had detracted from God and his revelation. Thus rational objectivism was quashed with mockery and violence, the books of rationalists such as Zakaria Razi were destroyed and rationalists had to hide for their safety. The Ashariyya won because they had the backing of the Quran.

With Ashariyyah’s unconditional embrace of the authority of revelation, and their glorification of irrationality, rationalism was nipped in the bud and most likely the Renascence that was about to be born 1000 years ago, did not. We will never know the extent of the harm that these celebrated religious zealots caused to human  civilization.

In an article titled: Is Rumi What We Think He Is? Massoume Price quotes Dr. Shaffiee Kadkani who wrote: “unfortunately the emergence of geniuses such as Rumi and other Urafa (religious mystics) who unconditionally supported Ashariyya did not give freedom of thought a chance”. He concludes, “If it wasn’t because of Ashariyya our history might have evolved differently”. [Creation and History, (Afarinesh va Tarikh, p.50)]

Price contends: “It is not a coincidence that in Mathnavi, Rumi attacks all thinkers including atheists, naturalists and philosophers etc…. When Ibn Khadon [Khaldun] troduction (Mogadameh) [Muqaddimah] t Africans are black because of geographical and environmental conditions, it was the Ashariyya who ended such scientific observations by declaring people are black because God created them as such. When Physicians tried to find the connection between the brain and hand’s movements, it was Imam Muhammad Ghazali who mocked scientific inquiry and stated “hands move because God wants them to move” (Alchemy of Happiness, Kimiyaya Saadat). It was Ashariyya who imposed inquisition culture that still exists today and haunts us even in North America.”

The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, (Third Edition. 2002) says: “As a rule, fascist governments are dominated by a dictator, who usually possesses a magnetic personality, wears a showy uniform, and rallies his followers by mass parades; appeals to strident nationalism; and promotes suspicion or hatred of both foreigners and “impure” people within his own nation, such as the Jews in Germany.”

In Islam, the Khalifa does not wear a showy uniform. On the contrary, in accordance to Muhammad’s sunnah, he exerts himself to make a public display of modesty. Modesty is just a show and a hallmark of Islam. The more modest you dress, the more pious you look. But the Friday prayers and the hajj are the Islamic versions of mass parades that are designed to impress the believer, give him a sense of pride and belonging and make him firm in his belief that Islam is strong.

This parade to Muhammad was so important that in one hadith he is quoted saying:

“I thought that I should order the prayer to be commenced and command a person to lead people in prayer, and I should then go along with some persons having a fagot of fuel with them to the people who have not attended the prayer (in congregation) and would burn their houses with fire. [Muslim4,1370; Bukhari1,11,626]

Islam also promoted suspicion and hatred of the unbelievers. Muhammad said that the unbelievers are impure (najis) 9:28 and instilled in them the hatred of the Jews, saying God transformed them into apes and swine. 2.65, 5.60, 7.166

Clearly, the Islamic system of government is fascistic.

• It is marked by centralization of authority under a supreme leader vested with divine clout.
• It has stringent socioeconomic control over all aspects of all its subjects irrespective of their faith.
• It suppresses its opposition through terror and censorship.
• It has a policy of belligerence towards non-believers.
• It practices religious apartheid.
• It disdains reason.
• It is imperialistic.
• It is oppressive.
• It is dictatorial and
• It is controlling.

Islam, like fascism, appeals to people with low self esteem and low intelligence. Both these ideologies are irrational. They disdain reason, and hail devotion and submission to a higher authority. Like fascists, Muslims are triumphalists. They seek power, domination and control. They pride themselves in their strength of number, in their mindless heroism, in their disdain for life and in their willingness to kill and die for their cause.

Islam is political and political Islam is fascism.

One thought on “Islam is a Fascism

  1. I am, every Human with a Head is, completely for the freedom of press, because it means Human freedom in equal democratic terms for all beings, and Almighty God created all Humans free. And that obviously also includes cartoons, and their satiric character in awakening people, society, leaders, … (all of them God created) for better or corrected deeds and actions.
    Some animals, definitely not Humans, try to dominate either Humans or other animals by force, by mental blindness, controlling and not allowing the opening of mentalities or of thoughts or of different opinions. Because those animals are weak very weak beings, and are afraid of change, afraid of growth, afraid of meeting God one day when Mankind fulfils the purpose of existence as God’s will. By so doing they are behaving in a manner that continually proves to the free God created world and Humanity, that they do not deserve to live. Although also created by God, they are destroying the basic essence of also being God’s will.

    God Almighty is a Divine Reality with different facets, crystallizing in all directions.
    That is, as the Holy Bible mentions by 4 distinct independent witnesses of His Life and His Deeds (the 4 Gospels of the 4 Apostles), in His kingdom there are many rooms, many visions, many ways of achieving His Supreme Light Knowledge Kindness Holiness. Otherwise we would be copies of each other, in which case there would be no purpose of living, especially because we would not be free.

    As an European I will never accept, I will never have fear or will never suffer any type of menace, from anyone. Europe as a whole was invaded by romans (also Europeans), by vandals, suevs, goths, berbers and arabs through Gibraltar strait, turks and mongols, etc and we survived.
    When and if Europeans would not exist, Europe is no more. To be European one as to think as One such person, and it is not sufficient to leave in Europe. All civilizations wanted Europe, came here for knowledge, power, art, religion and civilization. And we spread it all for every corner of the Earth, sometimes with good deeds sometimes with errors, but we came through and will continue to move forward. Until the last European would be alive. Only then any other junk may prevail!
    Europeans, the European governments, European press, etc should not and should never ask any forgiveness for the cartoons published by a free newspaper, in a free country, where the freedom of press also is part of society of life itself. We did not publish this is other countries, which can copy or not our cartoons. It is already bad enough for the world to have such neighbours with such laws with such short-leaved head and short-leaved wisdom.
    So the muslim fanatics are the ones that should ask forgiveness to their brothers for guiding them so badly so blindly; the mental blind muslim fanatics are the one’s who should ask forgiveness to the world for the very bad example of the supposedly love of God that they are giving to the world, specially to their brothers and neighbours Jews and Christians that they do not accept because they do not accept any difference even in their own societies: they are mentally blind which is one of the biggest sins of mankind.
    The fanatics and their leaders, the fanatics and the weak people they are trying to guide as sheep, are being the cause of their own problem. Re-focus and grow-up in Human terms, and only them try to join the community of nations that also fear God, but that want to achieve God’s Will in freedom as He created us all.
    Some and many mental blind arab fanatics, iranian fanatics, indonesian fanatics, …
    are forgetting (purposely because it is not convenient) what other of their muslim brothers – also mental blind taliban fanatics – did to world heritage Buda statues in Afghanistan (probably the stupid pathetic circus-clown iranian president will say they also did never exist: ah, ah, ah…!). The same fanatics and their leaders instigated the killing of a dutch filmmaker, that accomplish his duty of proving to the world the way that women are treated in islamic countries. Women, who are also part of Human Race created by God. Not a single muslim spoke or speaks about the reality of women in their countries.

    So blind: they are seeing grains of sand in their neighbour’s eyes, but they do not see the big rocks on their own eyes (therefore, they are once more Mentally Blind). We are not in middle ages, you know. Do not want to learn the lessons of Human History?
    Not a single muslim spoke against it, as far as I know! Shame on all of them, on their leaders, and on all books, all directives, all imams, … that have their hands, their heads, their pages, their contents, … responsible for such crimes.
    You should be judged according to your laws, your deeds, your actions, … cutting your hands, cutting your heads, ripping-off the pages and burning such books of lies and adaptations. It is a Shame, a Big Human Shame for all such responsible (bad samples of) people.
    I have very special thoughts, special prayers, special human civilization-love, for all Christian arabs, Christian non-arabs (iranian, indonesian, …) for having survived through the ages in the Love of God and His Son Jesus Christ, in such an hostile environment. God be with them all.
    After many readings, many thoughts, many reasoning through what The
    Almighty God blessed me, I really think that what the muslims (arabs and non-arabs)
    call a prophet, never was never will be a Prophet (not even the last one).
    He just was an arab leader in a certain time framework, both political and military, and that is it. No more, no less. It is recorded that he had 9 wives and at least 3 concubines: definitely not a holy man, but solely a human social leader of the weak people that followed him so blindly and conveniently.
    A Prophet is not that, is much more than that and serves the world (but does not conquer or incite to conquer part of the world by force) and not solely is own people or race. That some arabs (unfortunately most of them) and non-illuminated people call him a prophet it is their problem, their lack of vision, their mental stubbornness! But do not impinge it to others. Mohammad was not and never will be a prophet; he was a criminal, a psychopath and a schizophrenic, a fully warmonger and a fully womanger machos’ arab. No more, no less. At most he was a political leader of his time, for his people and racist visions. Therefore a complete junk because of being a systematic and deliberate sinner. But definitely never was and never will be a Religious Prophet.
    One day God Almighty (not the Philosophical Theological Multidimensional Concept Reason etc etc that we understand has to exist, but do not fully see or grasp) through the Three-Dimensional Holy Human Being Jesus Christ, will ask directly the islamofascists and the responsible islamic leaders – just as he asked saint Paul, then named Saul before the conversion – ‘you, islam, why do you persecuted me?’.
    Free people, created on God’s Image as all Mankind, will not accept it, will never accept it. What really is true is that muslims and arabs (as a whole; except the Christian arabs in Egypt Syria Lebanon, Iraq even in Iran) do not accept the fact that The Salvation of the world could come from a jew-born, The Jew called Jesus Christ.
    The One and Only, The Saviour, The Son of God Himself. In that they are also copying the jews, since the jews also do not believe that such Jew is God selected – The Holy Citizen of the world: Jesus Christ.
    And believe me, either God exists and Jesus is His Human Will, a proof of His Love to all of us, or otherwise the last prophets in the last 50 years have been: Dr. Livingston, Gandhi, John XXIII, Marthin Lutter Ling, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, John Paul II, Nelson Mandella, millions of true missionaries that lost their lives serving teaching helping many others without any intention but solely Love for the Neighbour as Jesus showed (the last of which was the priest killed in Turkey by another fanatic islamofascist; another shame, since no muslim came to the press to speak against it, so what a mockery-of-a peaceful-religion!).
    And those mentioned, and many millions of others in two thousand years, much much much better than the arab leader that the islamic-arabs call a prophet (a false prophet, because based on a set of false prepared hoaxes and ideas only full of biased arab origins).

    Those millions of missionaries and the people mentioned (and many many others) who gave their life for the goodness of all mankind, treating all equally, and never claimed for them more than they were. They did not live claiming conquering territory for their cause, killing other peoples and inciting their akin to kill other peoples (that opposed
    to them) as the arab man called mohammad or mafoma did. They did not marry 9 times having still 3 concubines (even rejected some wives that spoke louder than him, like mohammad did) and many other unrealistic things. Even the fact that a common arab wealthy guy called mohammad or mafoma, that died in a bed surrounded by family as any common arab human of his time, had to be risen to Heaven like Jesus Christ (that happened to be born a jew) in a fabricated way (on the back-top of an arabian horse), from the holiest place of the Jews (the rock, the roots or the foundations of the Solomon king temple at the Mount of the Rock – legendary place where the Ark of Alliance might be hidden or buried after the destruction of the temple by the Babylonians), is a proof of the fake character of the ‘koran’ falsely called a holy book, a convenient adaptation of the Holy Gospels (Bible) to the arab world (six centuries afterward) according to arab costumes and uses. Because by mental blindness, by mental stubbornness, by arab racism, the muslim arabs do not accept and do not want to accept that they could not be saved and will have to be saved by a jew, even if by God’s Will that Jew his God’s Human Face, that is Jesus Christ!
    What is a pity is that the fervour zealous character of most of the arabs
    was not used at the 6th century to strengthen the Christian Faith among arabs
    that already existed in Egypt, in Palestine, in Israel, in Syria, in the Holy Lands, even
    in Iran. (For sure, it must have been work of the devil; but God will write clearly and neatly even by shaky and wavy lines, and one day – I hope soon – all Mankind will be able to see His Truth face-to-face, and choose in Freedom accordingly).
    A True religion would not need to conquer those territories for their
    faith; on horse back riding and with swords, led by their fake-prophet military social leader.

    In the first six centuries of Christianity there was not a single battle, a single sword raised, to expand and strengthen the True Faith in God, and in Jesus Christ (as the physical perception of God’s Love to us by the sacrifice of His own Holy Son) and the Holy Spirit (as the Holy Thought helping the propagation of Faith by Rationality). Only afterwards they occurred, instigated not solely by misunderstandings but mainly by calls to arms to prevent the unrealistic expansion of the false religion of islam (then conveniently adapted to some arab realities, that some people did not want to change).

    Somehow, and with the due adaptations, islam follows the womanger mohammad or mafoma (an arab political leader) just like the fake-anglicanism follows the womanger Henry VIII (a king leader). But islam is even worst because the blind islamic arabs say the leader is a prophet (a Holy word in a wrong false erroneous and lying context; and definitely also full of the arrogance of being the last one) while the blind anglicans just say that the leader is a king (albeit a sinner, which is true).
    So muslim religion is a fake, although the pious characteristics of many arabs and many muslims are true facts that should be acknowledged and used to follow Jesus, no matter if he was born a jew or whatever, because He is a World Citizen predicted in the Old Testament as God’s Will to all Mankind.

    Anti-muslim hostility is seen nowadays as natural or normal, as it was 14 centuries ago when Europe was invaded by them as the barbaric from the south – in the after match of the earlier sequential invasions (more or less synchronized) of the barbaric from the north (Huns, Alans, Vandals, Suevs, Goths, …) – because we shall prevail.
    But we are also hostile towards muslims and their islamofascism, because:
    – it is natural and normal to be hostile towards the treatment of women as a commodity;
    – intolerance, barbaric punishments, virulent anti-Semitism and propagation of theocracy as a political system;
    – shooting fleeing elementary school children in the back, beheading civilians in indonesia and elsewhere and still mocking of such holy human remains (and claiming afterwards that are doing it in name of God???; definitely instructed by a false prophet working for the devil satan or God-opposite), flying planes full of civilians into buildings full of civilians, derailing passenger trains, firebombing night clubs, shooting infants and instigating mobs for tearing people apart;
    – having ‘schools’ whose curriculum consists of brain washing children (that Jesus loved so much, but did not brain wash) by nothing else but memorizing a fake holy book in a language the students don’t even understand phonetically;
    – genital mutilation of little girls, imprisoning and punishing rape victims;
    – paedophile legal weddings by the fake religion, based upon legalized sanctioned illegal human attitudes permitted in the false book of distortions and adaptations, based on the criminal life of the erratic arab leader mohammad, psychopath and squizophrenic;
    – unprecedented lack of respect for women, by the childish promise and completely illogic and wrong expectancy for the male martyrs, by the thousands and millions of virgins that so far should be in-waiting for them all in their ‘definitely’ false heavens;
    – sanctions of blood money; religious illiteracy by closed-mindedness surpassing that of the blind Spanish Inquisition, et cetera, et cetera;
    – ad nausea, that is until nauseas and diarrhoea take me apart, just of rationally thinking on such collection of shameful behaviours and theocratic attitudes already at the 21st century of human evolution (in the case of islamofascism, of devil’s continuous involution) after Jesus Christ Holy Passage, witnessed life and Holy suffering for the sins of all Mankind in the Holy Cross at the Calvary in Jerusalem.
    Yes, I am an ‘islamophobe’, because I have rational reasons for it. But, I do not think all muslims are evil (although I think a very small minority think this). I do think that a lot of muslims are dangerous because they are mental-blind or where mentally-blinded by pharisaic un-holly imams and mullahs.
    I also think and I also know because I witnessed it for many years, that very large parts of the islamic world are illiberal, primitive, hate-filled and hate-fuelled barbarians who want to slit my throat because I am a strong believer in God, I rationally decline islam as a complete fake, but also I am a liberal westerner strongly defending Europe but also all the rest of the World and God create Mankind.
    Notice that being afraid of malaria in a Brazilian jungle is not hypochondria. Being afraid of muggers in a shady area of town is not an irrational fear. About islam I am not afraid at all, I am rationally against it until my last life’s second or life breath, because myself and everyone in the four societies I have been living-with throughout the world during my life, are ashamed of having them as physical neighbours in view of their mental blindness and ethnic bias.
    Their almost complete islamofascist attitudes, principles, behaviours, thoughts, values, daily lives, created in us this entire phobia. If the islamofascists will continue their aggravations against Western Europe, then it will be our turn of answering and the first thing we will defend will be the expelling of all muslims from western Europe. Either they will go naturally in a certain period (never longer than a year) or everyone will come to the streets and expel their lives off. Just take us to such extreme and history will repeat itself!
    All of these was said for the wise leaders, the non-fanatic non-mentally blind leaders, to move their forces their power for a stopping of muslim theocracy. It is the worst combination for the survival of mankind, because all will be against all. In the end will be left with nothing, but the historic shame of all the bad years created by islamofascism to all Mankind.
    And not even any stupid leader (like the actual unrealistic stupid pathetic circus-clown iranian president) will help the situation by saying, but never proving, that it did not exist. In theocratic terms it is being done what the God-refusing communists did 90 years ago (almost a century ago!) starting spreading terror death persecutions preventing freedom in many countries and for many people in the world.
    But it took about 70 years of coherent faithful non-aggressive attitudes, also lots of prayers from the believers and lots of survival actions, for the survival of such countries and such people. Do the muslim fanatics want for history to repeat itself, but now with their full blame as a new blind-terror, for their mental-blindness and blind-stubbornness? Is that the purpose of actual islamic leaders? If so, you will be acting behaving and baptising yourselves as deliberately selecting to be islamofascists! The choice is purely yours. To be or not to be islamofascist!
    But believe me or believe us in the west, common people God-loving but not- necessarily definitely-not following our political leaders in their foreign convenient decisions or bad attitudes, we will never accept those islamofascist attitudes, we will never accept theocracy, and we will make war internal and external against it with all our strengths and rationality as we did 14 centuries ago.
    Mankind only shall admit Theocracy when led by Saints Angels or Jesus Himself. The fanatic political or religious leaders of islamic theocracies (the reason for which they are islamofascists in political-theocratic terms), by thinking they are the center of the universe (sometimes solely at their countries, sometimes forcing it stupidly to other countries and nations in the 21st century!) show everybody with Head and Thought how really weak they are, how really sinful they are, how really unbelieving they are, how really animals they are tending to be. (Notice the comparison with the wrong-deeds of the communists, which also was a theocracy-of-the-No to God-No to Religion).
    And the animals, although created by God, were not created in God’s Image.
    Faith in the True God, the One and Only, and in Jesus Christ as is Human Holy Link to Salvation, is achieved through freedom (as He created us) not through terror, force, obligation, fear or what-so-ever childish human posture.
    It only has value, if rationally achieved in freedom, selected by Mankind in freedom as an intellectual thoughtful decision; with the individual capacity (the Talents spoken at the Bible) that God gave to each one accordingly. Therefore any other religion that proposes to achieve God by terror, mental-blindness, brutal-force, scape-goat punishments, one-sided behaviour, etc etc is a complete fake and a complete failure in Human Free terms therefore in God’s terms since He created us all in His Image.
    It would be preferable to be a coherent atheist, Mankind loving (and therefore God loving, even without knowing it or recognizing it) and society-respectful society-collaborative for all – what in the west is called Freemason – than a fanatic mentally-blind muslim, frozen in time by wrong and false theocratic thoughts not faithful to the One and Only God but solely expressing blind-fervour for meaningless conveniently adapted writings (fully adapted to most arab reality at 7th century, and then forced to other arabs except to the one’s that endured the faith they had in Jesus the True Savior), but definitely warped from God’s Will to All-Mankind!
    Rod Gondes at:

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