124,000 Prophets Lie of Islam

Note:- This article is taken from Faith Freedom International, and is written by Mirza Ghalib. Read the original article here.

124,000 Prophets Lie of Islam

 Mirza Ghalib

Islam claims that Allah sent 124,000 prophets, while Allah claims in the Quran that He sent prophets to every people on earth. Yet, Allah mentions the names of only 25 prophets, some of them Jewish kings and warlords, and all of them sent to people only to Jews and Christians


Born in a very religious family, when I was 7, I was forced by my father to pray. In that age, I didn’t felt a burden to do that. Yet, I loved it, because I was bribed by my father with a lot of chocolates. It is a pride to a father, who lives in the Muslim community, to show how devout and superior his family members are in religious activities. And to get more favors and rewards from my very religious father, I use to spend more and more time in the mosque, compared to my other brothers.

Spending time in the mosque gave me the opportunity to listen to more and more Islamic speeches and discussions. Sometimes, I heard things which were very hard to accept by an intelligent person like me. I never failed to ask questions where I had doubts to those clerics, who made such statements. Sometimes, I received the answer: “Allah knows best”; many times, I was silenced with scolding.


We are told that Allah created Muhammad’s “Noor” (Refulgence or Brightness) before creating Aadam (Adam) and kept with Him safely, until He sent all his 124,000 Prophets to this world. So, the readers can imagine the age of Allah’s most beloved Prophet Muhammad, who was created before Adam and sent to this world as the last prophet, after sending all 124,000 Prophets. The clerics further said that Aadam, Nooh and few other Prophets lived hundreds of years in this world. According to Islamic belief, Jesus did not die and is still alive. So Jesus is living a very long life. Allah should have allowed His beloved Prophet Muhammad, the best one, to live in this world longer than all of His Prophets. Whereas, Allah “Loves” Muhammad so much that He couldn’t live alone without Muhammad and called him back to Himself within 63 years. The answer here was again “Allah knew best” the serious consequences, if He allowed Muhammad, the “passionate”, to live in this world for few more years.


Out of 124,000 Prophets claimed in Islam, Allah has mentioned the names of only 25 of them in His Qur’an. When I asked my Imaam about it, he replied that mentioning the names of 124,000 Prophets will be no use for the people, and it will make the Book, the Quran, heavier. So, Allah wants to make things easier for His slaves. As a small boy, I was very much satisfied by his answer. I didn’t then realize the stupidity of Allah’s sending 124,000 prophets to set His own creation on the path of righteous. I wasn’t mature enough to think that, instead of engaging in such foolish act, He could have achieved this simply by snapping His fingers had He been omnipotent. Allah says in his Quran,

“Some Nabees’ names not mentioned” (Al-Moomin 40:78)

It is not “Some”. Allah only mentioned the names of 0.02% of His Nabees and forgot to mention the names of 99.98% of them.

“Every people we have sent guidance.” (Al-Raadh 13:7)

If it is so, who are they? What are their scriptures? Where did they live?


The answer is very simple, because it is not written in the Bible, which is the main source of Muhammad’s Qur’an. Though Muhammad copied different things from various religions, he particularly loved and copied vast portions, with slight changes, due to his ignorance, from the Old Testament. All 25 names of the Prophets mentioned in Muhammad’s Quran are the names of Jewish leaders and kings mentioned in the Old Testament, except the name of Muhammad. Allah loves Israel, Israelites and their Prophets, because of its neighborhood with Arabia. So, He sent all known Prophets to Israel, rather than to India or China. As one of the desert cameleer, Allah’s geographical knowledge was so poor that he could not remember the land area that he created other than the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia and its neighborhoods.


Allah says “Every people have been sent (Prophet) guidance”, but forgot to mention a single name of those Prophets and those peoples. Instead, He repeated the names of the Biblical Prophets, sent the one people, the Israelites only. He also repeated their stories several times, which would definitely make anyone, reading the Quran, bored. The followings are the names of some of the Biblical Prophets, whose names are repeated dozens of times in Muhammad’s Quran: Aadam (25 times), Nooh (43 times), Ibr’ahim (69 times), Loot (27 times), Yusuf (27 times), Haroon (20 times), Eisaa (25 times) and Moosa (136 times).


Muslim clerics usually deceive Muslims by saying that the Qur’an gives answer to our every single question. But the fact is: the Quran couldn’t able to solve its own problems; instead, it creates lot of doubts on its veracity. It is amazing to know that many very important practices of Islam are not mentioned in the Qur’an. It is a challenge to the Muslim apologists to show to their victimized, poor fellow Muslims, the following verses – word by word – in the Quran.

1. The very important testimony, the first pillar of Islam; the “Shahadaa” of Islam that any new convert from other religion to Islam must say is “Laa ilaahaa illallah; Muhammadur rasullallah”, which means “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”, is not mentioned anywhere in the Qur’an. The only thing mentioned several times is: “There is not God save Allah” (Quran 6:102, 6:106, 2:163), but Muhammad is never linked to this.

2. The second and very important pillar of Islam that Muslims are wasting their lifetime on “Head Banging”; the “five times” prayers a day, is not mentioned once in the Quran.

Quran Never mentions Male Circumcision unversally
practised in Islam

3. It is compulsory among all Muslims to circumcise their males. This unique practice is also never mentioned in the Quran, but plagiarized from the Old Testament.


These are the very few absurdities out of hundreds in the Quran. If Allah authored the Quran, then how come He forgets to mention these very important duties in it, but repeats the unnecessary stories of Moosa 136 times?

If Muhammad have authored the Quran, then why he cared so much to repeat Ibr’ahim’s name 69 times and forgot to mention once the “Shahaadaa”?

When both the supposed authors Allah and Muhammad have ignored these most important issues, then who authored the Quran? Or who implemented the practices of Shahaada, 5 times prayers, circumcision etc. on Islam’s poor victims, the Muslims? Were they the “THE RIGHTLY GUIDED CALIPHS”?


Now, I will use a new approach to prove 1,24,000 Prophets Lie of Islam. This approach will be based on Christianity view of these Prophets. Let’s start with a Qur’anic verse, which says all the prophets will come from the seed of Isaac ( not Ishmael, which Muslims claim).

See Qur’an 29:27:

And We gave to Him Isaac and Jacob and placed in his descendants prophethood and scripture. And We gave him his reward in this world, and indeed, he is in the Hereafter among the righteous.

Ibn Abbas explains this verse, as follows:

(And We bestowed on him) on Abraham (Isaac) as a son (and Jacob) as a grandson, (and We established the prophethood and the Scripture among his seed) He says: We honoured his progeny with prophethood and Scriptures and righteous offspring; for there were among them prophets and Scriptures, (and We gave him his reward in the world) We honoured him with prophethood, a good reputation and righteous offspring in this worldly life, (and lo! in the Hereafter he verily is among the righteous) with his forefathers, the messengers, in Paradise.

There is no mention of Ishmael, which clearly mean that Muhammad is not a Prophet, even according to Qur’an. Even, if we leave this topic, 1,24,000 is still a lie. This is because Bible gives us a complete family tree from Abraham to Jesus. Let’s shed some light on it.

A Christian Scholar says:-

“One approach to dating Abraham is to backtrack from the first fixed event we find in the Bible — a statement that Solomon laid the temple foundation in the 480th year after the exodus (1 Kings 6:1), which would date the exodus at about 1447-1446 BC. Working backward from the genealogies and other data in the Pentateuch puts the birth of Abraham in 2166 BC, and frames Abraham’s life from 2166 to 1991 BC. However, there are several problems with this approach. First, textual: the Greek Septuagint and the Samaritan Pentateuch agree with Paul (Galatians 3:17) that the 430 years of Exodus 12:40 apply to the whole time span between Abraham and the Exodus, not just the Israelite stay in Egypt as the Hebrew Masoretic text would suggest, bringing Abraham’s birth year to 1952. Second, genealogies in Bible occasionally skip generations.” [Source]

This gives us a raw data, when Abraham must have existed. Let’s take the maximum assumed date of Birth of Abraham, i.e. 2500 BC. Then he begotten Isaac, and Jacob. Catholic Encyclopedia says, “Let us now bring these facts into relation with the Christian Era. For (1 Kings 6:1) the fourth year of King Solomon is said to have fallen in the 480th year after the Exodus; and Ussher dates the reign of King Solomon from 1014-975 B.C. But as the Temple was begun in the fourth year of that king, or in 1010, the Exodus took place in the year 1490 B.C. How do these results square with the teaching ofscience? Professor Sayce, from the connexion of Abraham with Amraphel in the episode related in Genesis, xiv, says that “we can approximately fix the period when the family of Terah migrated from Ur of the Chaldees. It was about 2300 B.C. [Source]

This again support my claim, that I have taken the Maximum assumed date of Birth of Abraham. Now, I ask Muslims to set 1,24,000 prophets, in just 2500 years. Also, I ask them where are they. Bible gives a list of only 77 Prophets Adam to Jesus, and 78th is Muhammad, and only 54 Prophets after Abraham. I again ask where are the rest of Prophets? This proves that Muhammad invented such fairy tales to impress Muslims about his knowledge of World.

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160 thoughts on “124,000 Prophets Lie of Islam

  1. you stupid retard. if u use ur logic u wud understand that a reason for Allah to only mention the prophets (who were mentioned in the bible and that) is cuz he wants to prove that they were muslims and not non muslims. don’t judge a sentence without looking into its true meanings. and wht u just did by writing all this ws jus waste ur time. u aint gunna get tht bak

    • Hi bro. He sound like jews man. Not muslim. Jews never accept any prophets from other race/ethnics. What what i know. he is not muslim. he just read Al-Quran like other jews do and confusing peoples.

  2. Judaism, Christianity and Islam and all other religion are from one and the same Allah so it is very obvious to have similarities. On the contrary if similarities were not there then we could have some doubts that they are from different Gods.

    Before the revelation of Quran, Bible was like Quran of that era. And before Bible, Zaboor or Tamud was in place of Quran. Before the dawn of Islam all the Christians who were following the right path as shown by the prophet Isa (Jesus) were Muslims and all the Jews before the dawn of Isa (Jesus) were Muslims. It is obligatory for all the followers to follow the most recent religion. As after Prophet Muhammad there will be no more prophet and more book of religion will be revealed, so all need to follow Islam, the right path.
    Islamic faith and teachings are not based on Quran only. Prophet Muhammad’s life is the practical example of Islam in all ways. For Muslims Quran only can not be taken as guide and teaching witout Prophet Muhammad’s acts and saying on that subject.

    Now to the names of 124k prophets. When Prophet Muhammad was instructed by Allah to invite people towards Islam, He was addressing to the people who were around him and who knew about other prophets whose names were known to them. And those names were not a strange name to them. This way it was easy to relate with Muhammad’s sermons. The 124000 were all not prophets. It includes all the people of wisdom and intelligence of different ages and from different parts of the world. May it be India China, New zealand, Japan, Chili or any other part of the planet earth.

    To let others know. Quran was not revealed as a book in one go. It encompasses a period of 23 years. Most of it are small sermons while addressing to the local Arab people. Most of these sermons were revealed on different occasions to give a verdict on some questions, queries made by his followers or non believers. This was compiled in a form of book during prophet Muhammad’s life.

    One more thing, Many of the people may not know that if Muslims do not believe in the prophet hood of Issa(Jesus), Juda, David, Noah or Abraham or any other prophet of Allah he is not a Muslim.

    Before making wrong and bad comments about any religion one should study it with the help of some person who has a good knowledge of that religion.
    I have tried to summarize the long subject.
    :ets pray to Allah to show all of us the right path.

  3. The person above is so confused.confused. Plz tell my friend u don’t believe in one prophet what will u do by finding names of other prophets, u still wont belive, by the scriptures for being a muslim u have to just say i belive Allah (no god but him) & in all prophets n the last messenger. it is good that you dont have to speak all prophets names to accept islam. One more thing some people are called hafiz means they learn Quran. if Allah would have mentioned names of all prophets then their would have such a long long lllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg history to this islam there would have been no hafiz. hehehe. Still you go on getting confused some parts you have to get it from prophet and some from Quran. cause prophet is practicle of quran. And pray for your self.get into heaven.Enjoy praying. and be blesed.

  4. I think there is a Mishna or Midrach account where some rabbi tells there are thousands of prophets, maybe M learned it from some jew of his circle in Medina this probably incorrect information then sell it out to people as his prophetic knowledge, let me guess already the islamic objection: is that even though this information is in Talmud, it does not follow that Muhammad borrowed and that the source of both (Muhammad’s saying and talmudic account) can be the same; then my challenge to muslims is: Do you mean that Talmud writers are more accurate than the Bible? in other words, are the evil and wicked” jews altered the or forgot the information revealed to them, but suddenly a Talmudic writer was given by Allah this information, which Allah would later on tell Muhammad. It requires “faith” to believe in that.

    • Does the cult of Horus prove that Christianity is false?
      Some parallels between Horus and Jesus Christ:
      1. Horus born of a virgin. Jesus born of a virgin.
      2. The foster father of Horus was Seb or Seph. Jesus was
      fostered by Joseph.
      3. Horus was of royal descent. Jesus was of royal descent.
      4. Horus birth accompanied by three solar deities [star gazers]
      who followed by the morning star of Sirius bearing gifts.
      Jesus birth accompanied by three wise men [Zoroastrian star
      gazers] who followed by a star “in the east” bearing gifts.
      5. The birth of Horus announced by angels. The birth of Jesus
      announced by angels.
      6. Herut tried to murder the infant Horus. Herod slaughtered
      every first born in an attempt to kill Jesus the forthcoming
      7. Horus is baptized at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser at a river.
      Jesus is baptized at age 30 by John the Baptist at a river.
      8. Horus resists temptation by the evil Sut [Sut was to be the
      precursor for the Hebrew Satan] on a high mountain. Jesus
      resists temptation by Satan on a high mountain.
      9. Horus had 12 followers. Jesus had 12 disciples.
      10. Horus performed miracles like healing the sick and
      walking on water. Jesus performed miracles like healing the
      sick and walking on water.
      11. Horus raised someone from the grave [his father Osiris]
      Jesus raised Lazarus [notice the name similarity] from the
      grave. Lazarus is short for Elasarus – the “us” on the end is
      romanized. Elasarus was derived from “El-Asar” which was
      the name given to Osiris.
      12. Horus was buried and resurrected in the city of Anu. The
      place Bethany mentioned in John was a derivative of the
      words “Bet” and “Anu” which translates “the house of Anu”.
      The ‘y’ on the end of bethany is interchangeable with the
      letter ‘u’.
      13. Horus was killed by crucifixtion. Jesus was crucified.
      14. Horus was accompanied by two thieves at the crucifixtion.
      Jesus was crucified with two thieves.
      15. Horus was buried in a tomb at Anu. Jesus was buried in a
      tomb located in Bethany [Bet-Anu].
      16. Horus was resurrected after 3 days. Jesus was “said” to
      resurrected after over a period of three days.
      17. The resurrection of Horus was announced by three
      women. The resurrection of Jesus was announced by three
      18. Horus was given the titel KRST which means “anointed
      one” Jesus was given the title Christ [Christos] meaning
      “anointed one”

  5. Islam isn’t the latest religion on earth. In fact, it’s the oldest religion. You are saying that no prophet were sent to indian subcontinet ? Don’t you know that Adam was sent to Sri lanka first ? Quran mentions the biblical prophets just because they were sent by the almighty Allah. They were here to guide us. But men like you , are never gonna change.

  6. why u confused western people are wasting ur time on islam. u r unable to understand the true spirit of islam so please avoid passing unpleasant. we r muslim and following our religion peacefully; islam is perfect message of Allah but unfortunately muslims r not following the message given in Quran. what most of the muslims are following is not true islam, if any one has any interst in islam, in addition to the life of prophet Muhammad study the reign of Caliph Umar. all confusions of christians and jews will be removed.
    I request to the fanatic westerners try to avoid passing impropers or illogical comments. Thanks

  7. I dont believe you have all of your information correct, instead of asking an imman for answers you can find it for yourself in the quran and hadith. People can give you wrong information, that was way the last prophet’s actions and sayings were kept as well.

  8. hahaha what great arguments you put forth. Except tell me please where the prophet Yusuf as was mentioned in the Bible? I honestly feel sorry for you. Don’t worry you will see for yourself the 124,000 ‘false’ prophets soon enough 🙂

  9. Find one chapter or verse in the Quran that promotes violence and don’t take words from the Quran only as words find a meaning or a message so when god say kill them if they oppress you don’t quote kill them every word has a meaning behind it it’s the way human relay messages thru words if you don’t speak and understand Arabic you can’t quote the Quran it’s that simple you can showcase the message only so go ahead and have fun bring on your best…and the Quran has a challenge for you god says to make one verse like it and the smallest verse has 10 words with 41 rhetorical devices try to just come close not even match it and by the way you can’t even comprehend this unless you speak Arabic the mother of languages the complete language according to science and Christian and Hebrew scholars that they go back to Arabic to understand the true meanings…have fun going head to head with your creator..and while you’ re at it try and stop thinking or breathing or circulating blood or stop your cells from shivering o sweating…etc..you are not the doer of deeds nor the thinker of thoughts you are the awareness that is watching it all happen and you want to tell me that you “know” anything science proves you are at the mercy of your environment and by the way you are bashing what you hate and not promoting what you love tells us that you had a very negative environment as a child..sorry for your loss of…..everything keep pushing hate and negativity you’re in it

  10. In the Quran god says some of these prophets we told you about and some we didn’t . Challenge for you mizra the brain you’re using to think prove it’s yours and the database of knowledge or info you use to reason is yours also. Simple, it’s not you already know that. God gave you a challenge already over 1434 years ago and yet nobody took the challenge he said come up with one aya and take the shortest chapter in the Quran Surat alkawtar 10 words 41 rhetorical dives just come close no need to match that’s my challenge to you. The shahada for dummies, as you know you are blessed by 5 senses to perceive the environment around you so when you see hear feel smell or taste something you actually sending signals to the brain to make sense of it not your eye ear tongue noise or skin sensors that make sense of it they just send the signals to the command center the brain that make sense of it based on previously stored information hence when you touch feel taste hear or see something never experienced before your brain start immediately speculating based on previously stored memory regardless of accuracy intelligence or reason if it’s not in the database it doesn’t exist this is simple science no faith or heart involved. Now ask yourself when do you make a decision before the facts or after? You have to read the Quran first and if you’re satisfied you then pronounce the shahada if you’re not then you don’t. Furthermore everything prophetic saying or aya from the Quran is scientifically proved please pick and choose and I will send you the science behind it. 124k prophets and only 25 mentioned, in the Quran it says that these 25 are ouli al azm since the English language is not complete I don’t have a word but and explanation of the word we’ll call them the frontliners or the leaders, so where is the need to talk to or ask every soldier out of millions that are fighting the same war or evil in this case rather that talking or asking the 25 generals appointed by god as the frontliners or leaders? So the question is, what is your issue with 124k prophets and who told you India and China didn’t have any sent to them? And how is this in any way related to good and evil? I’ll answer for you because I know how your brain functions and you don’t, you got unsatisfactory answers from a sherif now you hate the law and you think it’s not valid based on the sherif lack of knowledge in the law so what you should do is find out for yourself don’t you think? Everything you mentioned in this article is not examined by you or I should say by you Neo cortex go on a journey not to prove wrong or right but rather discover the truth and science proves this already example when you hear you compare what you’re hearing with what you already know no matter if right or wrong that’s what your brain has in the database but when you listen with you heart you discover instead of affirming your pre existing knowledge so go out there with open hearth and discover the truth for yourself don’t take my words or anybody’s unless it feels right in your hearth and you will see that God is great and everything he said in the Quran is the truth but if right now you’re saying to yourself anything in your mind that means you’re not listening you’re hearing. Again use your reasoning examine facts for yourself don’t let what was embedded in your mind in the early age of your fundamental belief development steer you because it is not your idea it was stored based on your understanding at the very same time so if someone gave you a gift and slapped you when you were 1-7 yrs of age guess what your perception of gifts would be today. Easy way to understand yourself in correlation with you belief system is to spend three years experimenting with a dog these is a reason behind this I will let you find that out yourself. The reason why you have this issue with god is not your fault but it is your problem so solve it yourself without relying on no one else and you will see the truth for yourself not thru a perception based on your pre stored fundamental beliefs that are not yours and then you can make shahada which is nothing more than acknowledgement that there is only one god and Mohamed is his prophet and by the way saying Mohamed means all his prophets and this is in the Quran also. FYI God created time and time is one of god’s greatest soldiers so ask yourself why would you obey or be bound by something you created…it’s simple when you open your heart and make it simple…any specific question to help you please feel free but if you want to bash what you hate rather than promote what you love the ask satan that’s his style. If you are looking for affirmation of what you believe you will never see the light because if we know anything in this day and age is that we don’t know nothing and Moses and alkhidr talked about this on the boat I’m sure you know this story too if you don’t don’t it’s in the Quran Surat al Kahf. Thank you and I pray that god steers your heart to the right path so you can discover for yourself

    • Useless people backing up useless quran and equal
      useless an
      d ever violent
      ad all the time.People should forget any peace in mentioning this devil consultant mohammad go to all chore islamic countries practising this barbarian and out of modernity islamic religion of war,muder,suicide and wickedness go and see how peace ful they and their religion are inSyria,Turkey,Yemen,Saudi arabia,Iraq,Iran,Indonnesia,Kuwait,Oman,Egypt,Afghanistan,Nigeria ( never a muslim country ),in Somalia and Sudan to mention few,but all they say for cover is that the people committing these evil were not muslims even though they bore muslim names.There is nothing benefiting in quran than cheating women and exposing young female children to early painful sex. Well all men like mohammad do like and enjoy sex why would not all men want to join a cult that freely gives them every right to sex numbers of women they like and even telling them lie they will be given 72 virgins should they fight in the cause of their tootelage allah god that can not change infidels heart to himself but always bloodthirsty to choose violent killer prophet and suicidal adherents to sword kill people who do not serve him and his lyeing prophets. People should only see how peaceful their religion is amongst themselves,in their own countries and in any settlements they are in other countries they migrate to and wise people should then judge peaceful islam and mohammad in how these islamic and countries and some places where islam is partially trying to take root. Mohammad and his adherents are a trouble to the mankind generally period….

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