Is the Qur’an copied from Bible?

Now a days, many Christian apologists, Ex-Muslims, and Critics of Islam claim that Qur’an has copied its sources from Old Testament and New Testament. But as usual, Islamic scholars need to defend Qur’an from being discredited of being a true Revelation from Almighty. In this article, we will see what evidences and proofs Islamic scholar bring to refute the claim, that Qur’an is being copied from Bible, also we will give a look into real sources of Qur’an if not OT & NT. So, lets start with what Islamic site say about it.


Closing their ears and minds from hearing and accepting the Qur’an, and being also ignorant of the Bible, the nearest forgery to proclaim was that the Qur’an was being borrowed from the Bible or some Biblical source. However, at that time, Christianity was almost totally out of the scene of Makkah. In the Arab Peninsula, Christian presence was confined to three locations: among the tribes of Al-Heerah in the northeast near Iraq, the Roman-occupied kingdom of Bani Ghassan in the northwest, and the Abyssinian reign of Yemen, far away from Makkah. Jewish presence was mainly in enclave settlements in and around Madinah.

Makkah being devoid of any real source of Biblical information, the pagans of the time could find no better candidate than a non-Arab Roman blacksmith boy earning his living there. They claimed that he was the source of the Qur’an, dictating it to Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) out of his meagre Biblical education! The mockingly fabricated fallacy soon faded away among the pagans themselves. Years later, in the peak of the fierce hostilities of the Jewish tribes of Al-Madinah, and amidst their repeated attempts to defame the Prophet, spread rumors and work out plots to eradicate Islam, no such claim (i.e., that the Qur’an copied the Bible) was ever raised. [Source]

I have seen the first line of the above quote many a times, it actually refers to those who criticize Islam, or question Islam. Muslims hate people demanding evidences to prove authenticity of Qur’an and Muhammad’s prophet-hood. They give absurd examples in evidence to support their claim, and when the questioner is not convinced with their replies, Islamic scholars and common Muslims say, that their Hearts and Eyes are sealed, and they can’t see the truth. Even Allah replied people with same sentences, when Non-Muslims at the time of Muhammad, were not convinced with evidences of Muhammad’s prophet-hood and his message, see Quran 6:109-111. However, I agree that at the time of Muhammad, there were no Christians in Mecca, but this does not prove that Qur’an is not copied from Bible or Jewish sources, because I don’t have any Buddhist friend, nor any Buddhist lives in my neighbor and neither I have read much about Buddhism and its sources, still I know a lot about Buddha and his peaceful religion. This proves that we don’t need the subject to be with us to know about it, we can also learn through hearsay and fables.  Later in this article, I’ll show how Muhammad came to know lots about Christianity and Judaism. The above source however accepts that Jews were present in Medina. As per the site, Meccans only blamed the Roman blacksmith was the only source of the Qur’an, which is obviously not true, and very soon I’ll show that too. So lets start searching the truth.

We don’t need to work very hard to prove that, whatever Muhammad was preaching was not new or unknown to his people. On one occasion Ibn Hisham records that Muhammad gathered an assembly, then he summoned them to God most High and read Qur’an there and reminded what would befall the nation that remained destitute of faith. Then Nadr Bin Al-Harith rose up and told them about Rustam the strong and about Isfandiyar and the kings of Persia.  Then he said, “By God! Muhammad is not a good story-teller than I am and his discourse is nothing but tales of ancient.” For which Allah replied in Qur’an 25:5-6.

This incident proves well that Meccans were well aware with what Muhammad was teachings, so this gives us a slight hint that Muhammad must have copied his messages from other sources which were know to other Meccans too. But our issue at hand is to see whether Qur’an copies anything from Bible or not. It wont be wrong to say that very rarely we find any such message in Qur’an which is directly copied or incorporated from OT & NT , but yes, without a shadow of a doubt I can say, that Qur’an copies its sources from Jewish and Christian myths and fables, and Apocryphal Gospels.

Birth of Jesus Christ 

Muhammad in Qur’an says that it was forbidden for Mother Mary to speak for 3 days, and Jesus was commanded to speak while in cradle. These stories are not in original Gospel, but is mentioned in Qur’an. See 3:41, which reads:-

He said, “My Lord, make for me a sign.” He Said, “Your sign is that you will not [be able to] speak to the people for three days except by gesture. And remember your Lord much and exalt [Him with praise] in the evening and the morning.”

And, Qur’an 19:29-31:-

So she pointed to him. They said, “How can we speak to one who is in the cradle a child?”[Jesus] said, “Indeed, I am the servant of Allah . He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet. And He has made me blessed wherever I am and has enjoined upon me prayer and zakah as long as I remain alive

To draw sources of this story, Tisdall quotes Arabic Gospel of Infancy, which is also known as Injilu’t Tuffuliyyah, in the first Chapter of that work we read:-

1 The following accounts we found in the book of Joseph the high-priest, called by some Caiaphas: 2 He relates, that Jesus spoke even when he was in the cradle, and said to his mother: 3 Mary, I am Jesus the Son of God, that word which you brought out according to the declaration of the angel Gabriel to you, and my father has sent me for the salvation of the world.

[Arabic Gospel of Infancy, Ch I, Verse I-III]

This account is identical with the above quoted Quranic verses, but this not the only one. Tisdall further says, that the the ‘Arabic Gospel of Infancy was translated into Arabic from Coptic in which it was composed. We all are well aware that Christian Governor of Egypt, sent Muhammad as a present two Coptic Girls, one of whom “Mary the Copt”, became his favorite concubine. Muhammad probably learned these legends from her. (1)

Apart from this copy, there is a literal copy from New Testament. As the Quranic verse 7:40 reads:-

Indeed, those who deny Our verses and are arrogant toward them – the gates of Heaven will not be opened for them, nor will they enter Paradise until a camel enters into the eye of a needle. And thus do We recompense the criminals.

Now compare it with Luke 18:25, which reads:-

For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

and, Matthew 19:24, which reads:-

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

Now the question is how Muhammad came to know these verses if Qur’an is not revealed by God himself. Ali Dashti in his book, gives answer to this question too. He says, “Muhammad in his childhood used to meet Christian Monks and priests in his Syrian Journeys. In Mecca itself he exchanged visits with followers of scriptural religion. He had sat for hours in Jabr’s shop near hill of Marwa, and was in constant touch with Khadija’s cousin Waraqa B. Nawfal, who is said to have translated some parts of New Testament into Arabic.  (2)

 Islamic scholars lastly claim that Qur’an is not copied from Bible, because Bible has internal contradictions and Scientific Errors, but Qur’an does not have those. But again, this claim is just another claim like Qur’an is Miraculous or Muhammad’s ascension to 7th Heaven. We see, there are thousands of contradiction and pseudoscience in Qur’an too. So if Qur’an has errors or contradictions, then it simply proves that Muhammad created it, with the help of Legends or Fables from Jewish-Christianity sources.



(1) Sources of Qur’an by Tisdall, Page –  169 – 170

(2) 23 years by Ali Dashti, Page – 22-23

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  1. Hey… Brother RobertbinRaj, you said : “……still I know a lot about Buddha and his peaceful religion”, correct?? Please mention a SINGLE nation that believes in Buddhism which is peaceful! What the fuck are you talking about….?.. Cambodia, …Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Korea,…China,…Japan..Nepal…peaceful????

    Every Buddhist Nation has “farted”………why? Because Buddhism IS a CULT!

    Over time the Allied forces thumped all of them to bring sanity to their sick minds and cruel hardened hearts….they are CRUEL!

    Next you said : “so this gives us a slight hint that Muhammad must have copied his messages from other sources which were known to other Meccans too”.

    How does “so this gives us a slight hint” become “must have copied”?????????

    But you do make an immediate back-flip a very high somersault… by adding :
    “It won’t be wrong to say that very rarely we find any such message in Qur’an which is directly copied or incorporated from OT & NT”…!!!! Correct!

    And you touched your ding ding dong, …your talala..when you continued, “but yes, without a shadow of a doubt I can say, that Qur’an copies its sources from Jewish and Christian myths and fables, and Apocryphal Gospels”…huh too many surprises from!!!

    Then how come “the book of Joseph the high-priest” did NOT join the Bible to make it the Word of God yet Paul’s PERSONAL letters were included in the Bible as the Words of God??

    The verse 7:40 of the Quran> about camel entering the eye of the needle< is far, far off from 18:25 of Luke who is the most mysterious figure in this world!! Yet, for the benefit of doubt, the believers in the Quran are told to believe in the uncorrupted Bible and any resemblance with the Quranic verses IS welcome!

    And lastly you said that : “Muhammad in his childhood used to meet Christian Monks and priests in his Syrian Journeys”.

    Did you say “in his childhood”? According to you the stories kept on churning in the mind of Muhammad that after those long years at the age of 40 he then decided to write the Quranic verses so eloquently…the verses merely listening to them moves people to tears….absurd as it may reflect your own “childhood” hatred of Islam. There is nothing Christian in the Quran and shows NO indication as verses coming from “Christian Monks and priests in his Syrian Journeys”.

    The Quran IS the best Guidance on the ART of LIVING and morality!

    Do you need some “NICE” Biblical verses????????….heheeee….

    Read the Quran with understanding…it is beautiful!!



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    • Plum… yes Quran is the Art of Living and Morality (Did I read wrongly??). I remind you to take a look at what happened during 9-11… , countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and lastly the most recent case in China (terrorism attack). I didn’t know attacking innocent people for the sake of Allah’s name is Art of Living and Morality. Think before you condemn other religion.

      • Wj, after going through most of the major religious scriptures I find that if one wants to follow a religion then Islam would be a better choice. The Quran has the sublime Code of Conduct in Dress, Morality and Ethics….it is better than any other Scripture.

        Muslims are humans and are fallible as not all adhere to the Principles set in Islam. The rules are : Become God conscious, strive against injustice and corruption, do not commit adultery in every sense of the word, do not murder the innocent, do not be haughty and filled with pride, be kind to the elderly and the poor, the Dress Code for women…etc..

        Those Principles are embodied by the five pillars of Faith and they are only FIVE, viz.,
        Mention ONE God five times a day and in everything that you do; Five times Obligatory prayers daily; Payment of Zakaat and alms to the poor…not restricted to only Muslims but to anybody in need; Fasting one month in a year for further remembrance of divine power and self cleansing; and Pilgrimage, once in your lifetime for unity, humbleness and attaining good virtues.

        The GOLDEN Verse of the Quran 4:36 :

        SI: “Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the needy, the near neighbor, the neighbor farther away, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are self-deluding and boastful”.

        The Quran sets the Principles to be followed and how those Principles are to be followed has been passed over from the Prophet …up to this generation, in practical form…TO which the majority of the Muslims agree.

        Hadiths play NO role in Islamic Laws and Jurisprudence!

        45:6 : “These are the verses of Allah which We recite to you in truth. Then in what statement after Allah and His verses will they believe?”

        15:9 “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian”.

        6:19 Say, “What thing is greatest in testimony?” Say, ” Allah is witness between me and you. And this Qur’an was revealed to me that I may warn you thereby and whomever it reaches.

        Quran : 22:78 SI: “And strive for Allah with the striving due to Him. He has chosen you and has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty. [It is] the religion of your father, Abraham. Allah named you “Muslims” before [in former scriptures] and in this [revelation] that the Messenger may be a witness over you and you may be witnesses over the people. So establish prayer and give zakah and hold fast to Allah. He is your protector; and excellent is the protector, and excellent is the helper”.

        DO YOU DISPUTE THAT?????????????

  2. Critics of Islam forget before accusing Muhammad of imitating Bible and reproduce its verses as some novel revelations, that Jesus also repeated the teachings of Moses. Gospel of Matthew possess a Jewish Base.

    Actually, Qur’an was revealed to nullify the jurisprudence preceding it. It also preserved some of the original teachings of the previous scriptures that got distorted by Jewish and Christian hands.

    Bible and Qur’an share similarities but differences as well. The historical impossibilities and scientific absurdities in Bible are absent from Qur’an. Bible teaches that God rested after Creation while Qur’an denies it. Bible gives a totally wrong pair of inter-contradictory genealogies of Jesus while Qur’an refrains from doing it. Bible tells us an exact but scientifically absurd date of the Fall while Qur’an doesn’t. Bible tells us the the Flood was global however Qur’an mentions it as a punishment for a peculiar nation – the Nation of Noah. Bible tells us that more than 1.0 million of Israelis resided in a small desert however Qur’an refrains from mentioning any such wrong info. Bible opines that Adam’s sin was not forgiven and the whole mankind suffered for his sin. Qur’an believes that Adam was forgiven and he was sent downwards just due to commencement of the exams. Bible tells us that David and Solomon were sinners. Qur’an secures their faithfulness to God. Bible tells us that Aaron made a statue for the Jews to worship but Qur’an assures that Aaron never did so. The list goes on.

    Hence, it can be doubtlessly said that Qur’an corrects Bible where it goes wrong and even if Muhammad copied it, he was awesome because he copied what he found 100% authentic, so perfect that modern science stands astonished at Qur’an’s infallibility.

    • Dear MM/Raj, today I relate my personal thoughts :

      Don’t forget – difficulties

      You live in a world where dreams can become true!

      When you embark on your agenda you will encounter many failures.

      In spite of failures you will finally succeed with persistent and positive attitude. And when you do succeed then see that you do not forget what it took you to succeed, as you crossed the hurdles.

      Keep in mind how you tackled the difficulties.

      Biting the behind of others!

      Backbiting is wastage of very limited, scarcest resource of all, Time.
      It has no benefit! Why talk about personal affairs of other persons?
      Should we not mind our own business?

      Be Wise – keep a broad mind!!

      Master all the positive principles and you will, certainly,
      be the wiser person.

      You will be able to think from a more broader and deeper perspective.

      Great minds see everything as one big picture!

      By Plum

    • Dear MM/Raj, today we discuss Diwali!

      A five day celebration of triumph of hindu gods over devils….a fight which lasted for centuries…celebrated by lighting 14 diwas-ghee lamps… and inviting the money spinning goddess Lakshmi back who went away to Saturn with her diamonds!

      Firecrackers are burst to drive away the devils….but they were defeated weren’t they in “a fight which lasted for centuries”?
      Actually the devils fear the “pop” from the crackers and they get confused and startled!
      In their bewilderment the devils do somersault-diving in the Ganges!

      The rich start calculating black money less honest money = ill gotten profits in their books and on the fifth day sisters invite brothers and sing “Bhaiya mere..rakhi ko bandhan ko nibhanaa…bhaiya mere…chhoti bahen ko nabhulana…”. How do they sing for big sisters?

      Diwali is done in remembrance of Krishna’s wife satyabhama and NOT Radha, when she murdered Narakasura in broad daylight as Krishna himself was unable to defeat this devil dude and proved too strong to be strangled…but his lovely second wife did the job!

      But also it is in commemoration of Mr Rama who returned after 14 years from the jungle where he lost his wife begum Sita to a black man called Ravana who stayed with this ripe and voluptuous Sita for 13 years and Rama had greatly “doubted” her infidelity, her cheating, adultery, and having an affair with this black man called Mr Ravana!

      On this 1st auspicious day Cows and their babies are practically worshipped as King Prithu chased a Cow and “milked” her! Remember that it was the King and not a god who ran after the Earth… confusing…this fable!!

      The 2nd day is celebrated because the gods got together and churned the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans to get Amrit liquid of life but instead got poison and Vishnu drunk it and almost got killed! Thanks to Deviji who suckled him with her breast milk and that is how Vishnu was saved…but the blue/green color of poison remained in his body…that is why he is depicted blue!!

      On the 3rd day…hindus take oil baths and wear new clothes…what about the poor who cannot afford as the rich do? triumph of evil over good…what about the daily rapings in India?…does Diwali solve that?

      Then on 4th day our mama Lakshmi..who popped up as a by-product from nowhere when churning oceans….the goddess who spins…. relegated to the 4th day is worshipped for her diamonds and gold only…if she were to become poor then NO Hindu would worship her…but she is an idol and does NOT have a heart! They forget that!!

      And finally the 5th day of Diwali is in remembrance of god Yama, the god of death (Angel Gabriel?) who visited his sister Yamuna, the river -Jamuna and gave her a gift, a corpse?….hehee…..Yama…giving…Yamuna…..oh…my head spins!!

      And that IS what Diwali is about…making its way into becoming the National Holiday in various countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji.(wiki)

      Yet a happy Diwali to all brothers and sisters

      Mr Plum

    • Dear MM, I can vouch and say that Rahul Raj = Robert Spencer!

      Robert Spencer is using pseudonym of Rahul Raj. I always wondered for such a clever person to have been a Hindu…..but whatsoever, we do thank him for giving an opportunity of being able to express our views on various beliefs even debunking Jesus, the Catholic faith he so much believes in.

      This RR/RS is a highly educated person with a masters degree in Catholic theology. His hatred of Islam has come about because of the sufferings caused to his parents due to forced migration from an area in Turkey by the Muslim authorities…or something like that.

      Very sadly for him he has noticed the fast growing Islamic expansion and must have wondered what to do with the falling value of the Masters degree in Catholic theology in his hind pocket? He must have said to himself, “why didn’t I study Islam in the first place”? So, he came up with the idea that he could make money as well as inhibit, restrain, prevent Islamic expansion…at the least hinder its growth, to counter the forced immigration of his parents.

      But he was caught with his pants down when this report exposed the dude :

      “In an October 2010 news article, an investigative report by The Tennessean described Spencer as one of several individuals who “…cash in on spreading hate and fear about Islam.” Tennessean investigation concluded “IRS filings from 2008 show that Robert Spencer earned $132,537 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and Horowitz pocketed over $400,000 for himself in just one year”.

      It means Islamophobia was “created’ by this David Horowitz Freedom Center with their chicken Robert Spencer colluding together knowing very well that they were propagating lies against Islam……yet to their surprise they could do little as Islam kept on increasing many fold.

      This Spencer came in as pseudo James Church, which is his true faith, and said he had more important things to attend to…a kin in hospital…and quickly disappeared from the scene when he got almost busted. That is when I realised this Rahul is NOT a Hindu otherwise he would have NOT immediately reacted to that attack but foolishly went defending his Catholics James Church…and must have been surprised to see my question on where is the book of James…not letters of Paul, falsely attributed to James.

      This David Horowitz Freedom Center with their chicken Spencer has caused innocent Muslim lives to be lost on many occasions and spreaded hatred towards Islam just for their own financial gain and grudge against the Muslims. but the truth always wins in the End!


      • Plum, Raj seems to be an atheist. He seems to be a lover of Buddha; I read in one of his articles. But he doesn’t seem to be Robert Spencer. Raj is a person with low mental approach whose teacher (Ali Sina) possess no better mental approach than him; You can understand now what happens when two people with low mental approach meet. Raj and Sina can be easily defeated in debates and discussions but the problem is that they don’t want to see the truth. And when one closes his eyes, disable to observe; fingers his ears, disable to listen; veils his heart, disable to reflect; God also stamps his eyes, ears and heart.

    • Religion & Spirituality
      Christians, why do you think that Mohamed(pbuh) copy Quran from Bible?
      1-Logically a person who copies has lesser knowledge than the source he is copying. But: Quran has new information not present in the Bible But: How come he didn’t incorporate the errors found in the Bible?

      2-He was illiterate (Quran 7:157)

      3-First Arabic Translation of Old Testament – 900 CE by R. Saadias Gaon
      First Arabic Translation of New Testament – 1616 CE Published by Erpenius

      4-You could never show one single verse which is copied
      Answers (9)
      Muhammad did NOT copy the Qur’an from the Bible. But he synthesized, in Arabic style, the Judeo-Christian tradition into Islam. This necessitated the retelling of their scriptures.

      Both Judaism and Christianity were well known to Muhammad. It’s questionable whether he was literate or not. But that’s irrelevant . . . he could easily have learned about these religions from any of the MANY Jews and/or Christians living in his area (Mecca).

      The biblical stories he retells are very simplified synopses of the originals. This is indisputable: anybody with a Qur’an can verify this very quickly.

      By the way, there’s plenty of evidence that Muhammad suffered from epilepsy . . . which we now know sparks spiritual experiences in the “God Module” of the brain. The first story of Muhammad’s epilepsy tells us that, when Muhammad was 5, his guardians pawned him off on other relatives because he was possessed by a “jinn” (devil).

      Epilepsy was commonly seen as “devil possession” by ancient peoples. They didn’t know it was actually an electrical storm in the brain that caused epileptic seizures. Anyway, Muhammad continued to have seizures all his life. He always feared and dreaded them until his first wife convinced him that the seizures were divine. That’s right, she was the first believer . . . Muhammad was the second.

      Back to the verses which were “never copied”.

      What’s your point? Muhammad definitely retold those stories, giving them his own spin. They weren’t copied — they were crudely paraphrased. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Moses and Jesus . . . they, and their (simplified) scriptural stories, are all mentioned repeatedly. You want to hang your case on “copying”? That’s a non-issue. It’s an indisputable fact that Muhammad retold Judeo-Christian stories in the Qur’an. Get used to it. He didn’t need to be literate to retell the stories.

      I’ve read the Qur’an, and it’s highly repetitive. It’s obsessed with believers, non-believers, misbelievers, disbelievers, and ESPECIALLY, ex-believers. If you turn away from Islam, Muhammad’s edict is that you should be killed for it. How’s that for spirituality? Ridiculous! If you were to remove these neurotically insecure verses from the Qur’an, there wouldn’t be much left. My favorite frequently-used phrase (and its variants) from the Qur’an is “We bring you glad tidings of grievous woe!” LOL, that cracks me up every time.

      Before you rush to condemn me; read the Qur’an for yourself. Then decide. I’m not making this stuff up. In this day and age, EVERYBODY should read the Qur’an, it might go a long way to explaining many of the problems we face today.

      Islam is a religion of submission. Dominance and submission . . . on a world scale. It’s time to wake up and at least learn about the beliefs driving so much turmoil in our world.
      6 yrs ago / Seeker
      6 8
      I am Christian and I certainly do NOT believe that muhammed copied the Holy Bible (Word of God).

      I believe that the koran (quran) was a hodgepodge of several different texts that several different people tried to explain to him…and that he obviously had little or no understanding of (see your point (2)).

      The “new information” in the koran? Talking ants, people being turned into apes, sun setting in a pool of muddy water, sun waiting under a chair for permission to rise again, sperm coming from the backbone and ribs, gross math errors in rules dealing with inheritance, and 1 out of every 55 verses dealing with hatred, violence and waging war on Jews and Christians? I’d say that these were all uniquely muhammed’s.

      Don’t really know about (4) because I’m not all that familiar with all of the Arabic VERSIONS of the koran. Oh, and PLEASE don’t attempt the “there’s only one version of the koran and it hasn’t changed in 1400 years not even to a dot” propaganda. It only takes a minute or two with google to show that there are MANY different VERSIONS of the koran in Arabic.

      Don’t know why you think that Christians think the Word of God is somehow in the koran (quran). I will certainly agree with you that it is NOT.
      6 yrs ago / common_sense_don’t_hurt
      5 1
      I don’t think that he copied the Bible. I think the “angel” that gave him the Quran was the one spoken of in Gal 1:8. So of course the angel would want it to look good…so he used what he knew from all parts of life. Doesn’t mean that any sort of salvation or redemption comes from the teachings of the Quran…But lots of interesting information to be sure.
      6 yrs ago / LDS~Tenshi~
      1 2
      Some of them do believe that. They cannot fathom that Allah ta’ala (GOD) has given humanity a continuum in the Prophet Muhammad saaws.

      I also want to know why do Christians and people of other faiths continue to say that Islam is sooooo ancient when Islam came after Christianity and Judaism.
      6 yrs ago / ~~Rainbow Water~~
      1 1
      First of all there are no errors in the Bible. Secondly, the whole point of someone not using all that is in the Bible, is for the purpose of promoting their own version such as Mohmmed, the Mormons, and the Jw’s.
      6 yrs ago / rikirailrd
      0 5
      Someday I may write a book called,”Why I
      Ran From the Koran.”
      6 yrs ago / Grayghost
      4 4
      well done
      6 yrs ago / islamwaytoparadise
      1 3
      I dont think that mohammed copied thigns from the bible. But was the quran of divine revelation. What do the facts say. Is the bible full of contradictions, not at all, what about the quran, is it harmonious?

      Perhaps the most obvious example of discrepancy in the Quran is in the matter of compulsion in religion. Note the following forbidding compulsion: “Let there be no compulsion in religion.” “Thy duty is only preaching.” “We have not made thee keeper over [the Unbelievers].” “What! wilt thou compel men to become believers? No soul can believe but by the permission of God.” “Thy duty is to make (The Message) reach them: It is our part to call them to account.” “Obey not the Infidels and Hypocrites—yet abstain from injuring them.” “Summon thou to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and with kindly warning: dispute with them in the kindest manner.” (Sura 2:256; 13:40, Ali; Sura 3:19; 6:106, 107; 10:99, 100; 16:126; 33:44, 47, Rodwell) Surely the foregoing are unequivocal and in harmony with the principles of justice.

      But how can we harmonize the foregoing with the following texts commanding the use of force in religion? “Fight for the cause of God against those who fight against you: Kill them wherever ye find them . . . Fight therefore against them until there be no more civil discord, and the only worship be that of God.” “I will cast a dread into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads then, and strike off from them every finger-tip.” “Believers, wage war against such of the infidels as are your neighbors, and let them find you rigorous.” “And when the sacred months are passed, kill those that join other gods with God wherever ye find them; and seize them, besiege them, and lay in wait for them with every kind of ambush: but if they shall convert, and observe prayer, and pay the obligatory alms, then let them go their way, for God is Gracious.”—Sura 2:186-190, 212, 213; 8:12; 9:5, 124; 47:4.
      Islam is the bigest obstacle to world peace than anything,comunism,the Nazi’s…etc!

      • Mohamed, from your comments I can see that you have used the name Mohamed as a pseudo but you are the biggest ball of all. From your comments it can be deduced that you seem to be the most confused person.

        And you call yourself a Christian?

        There is NO force in Islam dude!

        Islam in NOT an obstacle but a way of life where it contains NO nudity and your intoxicating drinks and child molestations which are rampant in the Churches are not there in Islam.

        Islam prohibits nudity which you love so much as there is a dress Code and respect to women in Islam. 98% of the world’s prostitutes are NON Muslims, dude!!!

        • you argument makes no sense, as such eveil occur to your Religion as well as the Christian faith. you say islam “is a way of life” Christianity is an experience. mohammed was possesed by demons, therefore when he apparently received the word of god(allah). he was trembled with fear, even to to a point where he wanted to comit suicide. God will not approach his servants in such a manner, instead it was false spirits which led to this and encouraged by his wife who had a cousin who was catholic. she approached him and asked of her husbands (muhammad) experience. he advised moses experienced this and that it was God, clearly it was not God as its not scriptural. upon this muhammed was led to believe that he received messages from god(allah)

    • Dear MM, “Jesus” was a mere story character and has never lived in this world, just like James Bond, the story character of Ian Fleming! Moses and the legends are myths of the Jewish beliefs and culture““ just stories…good for nursery rhymes and baby tales.

      There is NO need of fighting over any religion and needless acrimony amongst ourselves…let people believe in what they desire as every “believer” has his ulterior motive…may be financial gains, Job satisfaction, etc!!! Otherwise that Big Daddy and his cronies, where are they in heavens? Why in Heavens??

      In this time train of our generation we need to BE GOOD, DO GOOD and that is all…period!

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