Facts about Burma Muslim Cleansing

Recently I read an article on FFI, where an author claims that Buddhist in Burma are killing innocent Muslims, and in support of his claim, he produces few pictures. He wrote:-

Buddhists are killing Muslims in Burma with no mercy !

Where are those countries who defend the world from terrorism??

When u attack black people, They call it “Racism”,

When u attack Jewish people, They call it “Anti-semitism” ,

When u attack Women, They call it “Gender discrimination” ,

When u attack Homosexuality, They call it “Intolerance”,

When u attack your Country, They call it “Treason”,

When u attack a Religious sect, they call it “Hate speech”,

But When Non-Muslims attack or massacres Muslims then No None-Muslim either says a word to stop or does anything at all! They even prevent the media show to world! This proves that Non-Muslims are 100% SICK, ILL, DISGUSTING, NON-HUMANS ARE THE ONLY AND REAL TERRORISTS!

With this he posted some pictures in his site, which you can find it here. After going through the pictures in his site, I’ll have say that Muslim’s can’t stop practicing Taqqiyaa, they love to show them as victims when they are not. Let’s go through pictures posted in above site, with the original pictures.

[This picture is not of Muslim slaughter by people of Burma, see it here.]

This picture was taken in 2010 regarding Earthquake in China and tibetians community help and rescue in China. Now Islamic political parties and some other elements are sharing this image as Muslims killing / slaughter in Burma.

Also see what the next picture says:-

[Buddhist monks prepare the bodies of earthquake victims for a mass cremation on a hillside in Jiegu, Yushu County, on April 17, 2010. China began the mass cremation of hundreds of earthquake victims over sanitation fears as hopes dimmed of finding further survivors among the more than 400 people still missing. Hundreds of naked, bloodied and bruised corpses were piled on a huge funeral pyre outside the shattered town of Jiegu on the remote Tibetan plateau and lit by chanting Buddhist monks, three days after the quake killed 1,144 people.] Source

Next Image given by the Islamic site is:-

This Pic is again a fake one, as the original picture is from Thailand, which was taken in riots from Thialand in 2003.

Next [Fake] Image :-

Actually the Image is true but the caption is wrong , see the actual picture:-

Muslim Boko Haram Terrorists Kill 575 Christians In Kaduna, Nigeria

Also see this picture:-

This is from:- http://global.christianpost.com/news/fifty-christians-burned-alive-in-pastors-home-in-nigeria-78303/ which says, “As the attacks on Nigeria’s Christians continued in full force this past week, a particularly grisly attack saw fifty believers burned to death at their pastor’s home, where they had fled for refuge from a terrorist attack.”

So we saw how Muslims lie to spread their religion and show themselves as VICTIMS, when they are not.


Update :- 20/08/2012

Indian Government now Bans more than 250 sites, which are circulating these fake Images. One of the leading Newspaper of India reports, “Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh on Saturday blamed Pakistan-based elements for uploading inflammatory and objectionable content on the Internet that painted an exaggerated picture of the recent violence in Assam.

Mr. Singh told journalists here that Ministry of Home Affairs officials have identified over 100 websites on which false and morphed images were posted from Pakistan to incite people in India and create communal tension.

“Our two teams deployed for this specific job have so far identified over 100 such websites on which inflammatory messages were uploaded from Pakistan…contents include old images from Myanmar and other places that are being used to provoke people. While 76 websites have already been blocked, 34 more would be blocked very soon,” he said.” [Source]

While another says, “Sources said an arrest is likely in Mumbai, where the main culprit was reportedly circulating the fraudulent images. Some other users have been identified in Delhi and Agra, while a textile shop worker was arrested in Coimbatore Sunday for forwarding SMSes on Assam “violence” to at least a hundred people. An Indian based in Kenya is reportedly also involved.

However, according to sources, law enforcement agencies are finding it extremely difficult to obtain adequate information from Internet companies and social networking websites to go after the culptrits. Most of the offensive content is being circulated through YouTube and blogspot, both owned by Google, and Facebook and Twitter.

“This is a clearly a situation of national security. The government expects better cooperation from these companies,” a source involved in the screening of these websites said.” [Source]

Interestingly the Images which are claimed to be of Assam Riots are same which I have posted above.

2 thoughts on “Facts about Burma Muslim Cleansing

  1. Some muslims do that- not all of them. Is it only wrong when muslims do it? Surely not…

    But I’m sure muslim-bashing is great fun- I’m almost tempted to join in…

    Ah, sorry i forgot. I am a muslim. Pity- it sounded really good…

  2. मित्र बर्मा की घटना पर मैंने भी असलियत अपने फेसबुक पर दिखाई थी, असल में रोहिंग्या मुस्लिम ही अरकियन बोद्धिस्तो को मार रहे है, हजारो बोद्ध वहा मुस्लिम अत्याचारों से परेशान है, पूरा बर्मा इस समय रोहिंग्या मुस्लिमो के आतंक से त्रस्त है, अधिक जानकारी के लिए आप ये लिंक देख सकते है

    Bengali Rohingyas are celebrating after attack on native Arakan people(Moung Daw-86.2012) several houses of Buddhist were destroyed by Rohingya terrorists. Several Buddhist’s villages were destroyed and set fire by Rohingya terrorists. Bengali Rohingya Youths recording during riot to cheat international media. An Arakanese woman,Thida Htwe(26 years old) was raped and murdered at Rambree by 3 Rohingya terroists (28.5.2012)
    Rohingyas are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh into Rakhine State and self-claimed as one of Myanmar Ethnics.Now they attack on natives and threatening Myanmar’s Governance in the area,they want Rohingya Islamist Territory.Our native ethnic people (Arakanese) have to run for lives from Rohingya Terrorists’ attack and insecure now,begin in own land and being threatened by Rohingyas.This is not Religion conflict.This is not Human Right violations.THIS IS TERRORISTS’ INVASION TO MYANMAR

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