Allah is not the Creator of the Universe


The Blue Sky is an optical illusion:

The sea looks blue, but a sample of sea water collected is seen to be crystal-clear and colorless. Then why the sea looks blue? It is due to an optical illusion produced by the scattering of light. We know that the white light is composed of seven colors, namely violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Among these colors, red is of longest and violet is of shortest wave-length. When white light falls upon the sea water, the water molecules of the sea scatter the bluish part of the spectrum at least 10,000 times more than the reddish part of the spectrum. So, the sea looks blue.

Similar is the case with the blue sky and the gas molecules of our atmosphere. Here also the bluish part of the spectrum is scattered many times more than the reddish part of the spectrum and this makes the sky look blue. But during the rising and setting of the sun, bluish portion is scatters away from our vision, the reddish part reaches our eyes and this makes the sun red during rising and setting. As our earth and its atmosphere are spherical, the blue sky also appears to be spherical in shape.

So, the sky above the earth is an optical illusion (just like a rainbow) created by the scattering of light by the gas molecules of the atmosphere. If we go to a planet that does not have an atmosphere, we shall not observe a sky there. The moon is a satellite of the earth that does not have an atmosphere. So, if we go to the moon, we shall not see a blue sky but deep darkness in every direction. But Allah is totally ignorant of these scientific facts and does not know that the blue sky over the earth is simply an optical illusion.

But had Allah been the creator of this Universe, He would not have said that the sky is a solid roof over the earth which He has created and fixed in position without any pillar, with the help of His extra-ordinary miraculous power or “qudrah”. Had He been the creator of this Universe, He would not have said that on the Day of Last Judgment (qiamah) He would destroy this solid sky and the debris would fall on the earth. This single idiotic claim of Allah is more than sufficient to prove that (1) Allah is not the God and (2) He is not the creator of the Universe.

Another declaration of Allah makes one to believe that He is ignorant of the real nature of the sun and other stars in the sky. He says that, on the Day of Last Judgment, He will bring the sun very close to the earth and it will be only a mile away from the earth. So, it reflects Allah’s complete ignorance about what would happen If the sun comes so close to the earth. He does not know that, in such a case, the earth will evaporate instantly. All these utterances of Allah reflect that His wisdom is no better than that of an illiterate Arab Bedouin of 7th century. But it is really unfortunate that many Western scientists, being heavily bribed by the Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich countries of the Middle East, have started discovering science in that idiotic book called Koran. The fool called Allah, who does not even know the reality of the sun, these treacherous scientists have started to say that, Allah has mentioned the existence of black holes in the Universe.

According to the wisdom of Allah, the stars in the sky are nothing but lamps which He has created to decorate the sky and to guide the sailors to navigate at night. So, for Allah, destroying a star is no more than putting out a lamp. But the said bribed cosmologists are trying to interlink such verses of the Koran as creation of extinguishing of stars and creation of black holes.

No mentioning of the Universe in the Koran:

In fact, it seems that Allah does not know that there is a thing called the universe. There is not a single verse the entire Koran that mentions the existence on this Universe. Everywhere, Allah says that He has created the heaven and the earth, or to be more particularly, He has created this earth and seven heavens. But the above mentioned dishonest scientists are equating heavens to the Universe. But they remain silent about the seven heavens which Allah claims to have created, as it is not possible for them to divide the universe into seven different parts.

One should recall that, according to Islamic scriptures, as said above, sky is a solid structure created by Allah as the roof of the earth, and hence all visible luminous objects, or heavenly bodies must lie under this opaque sky. And hence, this solid sky is the virtual boundary of the Islamic universe. What is the distance of this boundary from the earth? In this aspect, the Islamic scriptures say that, Allah has created seven heavens above this boundary and there He has built a heavenly Kaaba, just above the Kaaba of Mecca. So, if anyone drops a plumbing rope from the heavenly Kaaba, it would touch the mundane Kaaba at Mecca. It would be possible for a man to reach the heavens by climbing that rope, but it would take 700 years. So, to calculate the height of the solid roof, one has to calculate the height a man can climb a rope in 700 years.

In this context, it would be relevant to mention that the Angel Zibrail (Gabriel) used to take nearly 12 hours to cover this distance. Whenever, Allah wanted to reveal a new verse (or verses) of the holy Koran, Angel Zibrail used to leave heaven in the evening, with this new message and reach the earth next morning. After communicating the new message to the Prophet, he used to leave the earth in the same morning and return to the heaven next evening. He also used to fly with his 100,000 wings to cover the distance.

It is now well known that the three quarters of our atmosphere lies within the troposphere, and the depth of this layer varies between 17 km at the equator and 7 km at the poles. The ozone layer, which absorbs ultraviolet energy from the Sun, is located primarily in the stratosphere, at altitudes of 15 to 35 km. The Kármán line, located within the thermosphere at an altitude of 100 km. So, at heights above 35 km, the atmosphere becomes so thin that it not possible for any object to fly. However, the very thin exosphere can extend from 500 up to 10,000 km above the surface of the earth.

The animal Buraq that took Muhammad to heaven

It is interesting to note here that during his night journey to heaven, the Prophet Muhammad used an animal called Boraq, which is a bit bigger than a donkey but slightly smaller than mule and had two wings. So, it appears that the creature flew the Prophet to the heaven. The incident reflects Allah’s ignorance that nothing can fly with wings at a high altitude where the atmosphere is exceptionally thin. There is another problem too. If the sky is a solid structure, then how the Prophet could penetrate that solid sky to reach heaven and meet Allah? It is also equally, how Prophet Muhammad and the animal baraq survived in such a rarified atmosphere or vacuum.

Similar are the problems with the Angel Zibrail. How he could fly at such a high altitude with very thin or no air at all? How could he have been able to penetrate the solid sky while travelling between the heaven and earth? Quedtion naturally arises – Did Allah create a secret hole for the convenience of

Zibrail and did the Prophet utilized the same hole during his night journey to the heaven? Most astonishing is the fact that even the so called educated Muslims are continuing to believe in these cock and bull stories for centuries. Many believe that the Muslims, who are trained from their childhood in the Koranic belief-system, gradually lose their individual capabilities of logical thinking and judging things using their own intelligence and experience.

There is also another reason. Islam is package and a Muslim has to believe in all its aspects. A Muslim cannot say that he believes in such and such aspects and do not believe in its other aspects, he would immediately be declared an apostate that calls for a death penalty. So, Islam is a mousetrap. It has an entrance but no exits. Recently in Iran, Youcef Nadarkhani, a member of the Church of Iran ministry and pastor faces death penalty on charge of leaving Islam and converting to Christianity. [1]

Pastor Youcef sentenced to death for apostasy in Iran

Allah’s heaven or paradise:

Allah’s heavens, as narrated in the Koran, is nothing but a residential complex to be used by the inmates of Allah’s paradise as dwelling places. But the bribed and treacherous scientists (or cosmologists) of the West are shamelessly equating Allah’s heavens as the Universe. In the Koran, Allah always says that he has created seven heavens, but the said cosmologists are failing miserably to interpret this aspect of Allah’s heaven as this Universe cannot be divided into seven parts on any plausible basis.

Whereas, Allah’s description of His seven heavens matches if we consider it a 7 storied residential complex. This author has discussed this Islamic heaven quite elaborately, in an article Destination:

Allah’s Brothel [2]. In reality, Koran is a book based on the wisdom of the illiterate, pastoral and nomadic Arabs of 7th century. It is the most idiotic most undisciplined book in the world. In fact, it is a book for the donkeys, of the donkeys and by the donkeys. So, it is sheer wastage of time to discuss what Allah has said and not said in that idiotic book.

In one of the verses of the Koran, Allah says that He is expanding His heaven. It tells that Allah is expanding His residential complex, so that it could accommodate more people. But a bribed cosmologist (or a well paid traitor according to Ali Sina) has tried to link this verse with the concept of an expanding universe as claimed by the Big-Bang theory. But most astonishing fact in this regard is the conversion of the most famous physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking to Islam and his endorsement that Koran contains many modern theories of science.

There is no doubt that these scientists are doing this in exchange of billions from the Muslim world.
But they should come to their senses and realize that by doing so, they are axing there own legs. Their examples would tempt millions of his countrymen to convert to Islam, and ultimately turn their motherlands into Islamic states.


[1] also see




12 thoughts on “Allah is not the Creator of the Universe

  1. assalamualikum may peace of allah be upon u.first of all i like to say that I am a muslim and I hate jakir naik.because jakir naik is destroying islam according to muslims jakir naik is a khawariz.khawarizs are considered to be the worse creation of allah.because on the time of rasulullah sa they did not respect rasulullah sa and they were considered to be munafiks.munafiks are thoose who say that they follow and accept rasulullah sa but actually they do not by their heart.these khawarizs only held the quran in their hands and misinterpreted the verses of quran.they killed imam hasan and hussain they also killed rasulullah sa’s sahabas. right now they are known as terrorists .and or prophet muhammad sa has warned us about these khawarizs 1400 years ago that before the time of keamat before the day of judgement a huge group of these khawarizs will appear who will be calling people to the door of hell.the true muslims do not follow these khawarizs………..THE LAST OF THEIR JAMAT WILL JOIN THE DAJJAL AFTER WHEN DAJJAL WILL BE KILLED BY EESA a ALLAH WILL RELEASE YAJUJ MAJUJ AND THEY WILL DESTROY ALL AND KILL ALL THOSE FOLLOWERS OF DAJJAL AT THAT TIME EESA a WILL BE ORDERED BY ALLAH TO TAKE ALL THE MUSLIMS WHO HAVE LOVE FOR MUHAMMAD SA TO GO TO A MOUNTAIN.WHEN THE MUSLIMS WILL PRAY WITH EESA a YAJUJ MAJUJ WILL ALSO BE DESTROYED BY ALLAH.AND MUSLIMS WILL COME OUT FROM HIDING.THIS IS A FACT.RASULULLAH SA SAID THAT DAJJAL WILL APPEAR BY RIDING ON A WHITE DONKEY THE LEANTH BETEEN THE EARS OF THE DONKEY WILL BE 40 HANDS.IT IS A PUZZLE.HE WILL APPEARE BY RIDING ON A WHITE PLANE THE LENGTH BETWEEN THE 2 WINGS BEHIND THE PLANE IS 40 HANDS.HE WILL APPAER FROM THE SECRET PLACE ALLAH HAS BEEN HIDING FOR SO LONG.HE WILL HAVE HELL AND HEAVEN ON HIS HANDS.THE PEOPLE WHO WILL TAKE HIM AS GOD WILL BE LIVING HAPPILY BUT ACTULLY THAT IS THE HELL.AND THE PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT ACCEPT HIM AS GOD WILL BE SUFFERING.BUT ACTULLY THAT IS THE HEAVEN.

    and i have seen some thing some hindu said about rasulullah sa and about the merriage of aisha ra.forgive me sir he merried aisha ra because Allah ordered him to.and their merriage were blessing for us muslims because we have received alot of hadiths from aisha ra because she has been with rasulullah sa from her young age.rasulullah sa loved aisha very much.there is a hadith that rasulullah sa once bit aisha because he wanted to protect her while she wanted to go out side.he felt danger so he wanted to proptect her.please think of it

    if somebody really need to know about islam please visit a sunni scholar but please do not say abusive things about our prophet sa.u can not understand islam by reading quran and hadith.there are explanations of each terms and islam has rules.


  2. In the Bibble and in the Qu’ran:
    When Joseph said unto his father: O my father! Lo! I saw in a dream eleven planets and the sun and the moon, I saw them prostrating themselves unto me. Quran 12:4
    Who told Jessus and Mohamed (Blessing Be Uppon Them) that we have 11 planets in our solar system? and please don’t mention the word monkey, it makes look bad.

    • Dear Repent to your creator,

      Is the verse 12:4 proof of authenticity of Quran, or can it be used as an evidence to prove it is from God? Definitely not, because if you see this way, then I can say the work of Aryabhatta, who lived almost 3 century before the advent of Islam, knew all the astronomy and much more than that. He stated earth moves in its own axis, where as Quran says earth is flat and static.

      Please go through these pages to know about Aryabhatta, visit here, here.

      I guess after going through above pages you won’t be calling Quran to be miraculous…


      • Hi Raj, so who is more known Aryabharat or Mohammed(pbuh)?

        Also, are you alleging Mohammed copied from Aryabharat?

        Islam is a Savior and Quraic literature is studied more than other Scriptures, right?

        Be Good, Do Good



      • Hi Dear Raj, thanks for the link. With all respect to Mr Aryabhatt I remain firm that he didn’t have a telescope as yet!
        At that time there were so many other Muslim contemporaries, if not better, the originators of Art, Craft, Astronomy, Science, Medicine too who have never been given due recognition by your Western mentors, who “stole” so much from them including the game of chess! Accolades not to remain exceptionally for Mr Aryabhatt only, for mere reasons that the Indian government recognized him by naming the first satellite after him!

        Your Western Mentors are surely a case of a hard nut to crack. But who cares about recognition when everything happens by the Will of Allah. It is He who is to be recognized and His beautiful Quran to be read with much understanding.



    • Hi, that one is an interesting one (12:4), about the dream of Yusuf!

      But dreams are abstract and the Bible is an an epitome of dreams, even individuals of no concern “get” dreams and stories made-up thereof. Allah mentions what He had revealed in Old Testament(Torat) , the story of Yusuf.

      Now, the International Astronomical Union -( IAU), says that there are 8 major Planets and have classified the other. smaller five, inclusive of Pluto, as dwarf Planets summing to 13. Yet, they are in disagreement to date!!

      1. Current understanding, of our Solar system is that it has 13 planets : Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris.

      Planets known in the early 19th century were :

      2. Mercury Venus Earth Mars Vesta Juno Ceres Pallas Jupiter Saturn Uranus. Total :11

      But our uncles at IAU are not sure to date about which to categorize as Dwarfs and thus we shall go along No. 2, that Yusuf saw in a dream in the days of old!



  3. Hi Raj, the Sky is commonly known as Celestial Dome and in Astronomy as Celestial Sphere.

    Allah talks of Sky from the viewpoint of the Earth in The Quran. “This is an imaginary dome where the sun, stars, planets, and the moon are seen to be traveling”, and that is best described in the Quran for the earlier believers to fathom, which is true even today. (source wiki)

    We, very well know the scattering effects of light known as Rayleigh so you don’t need to expound on that.. Ref :

    The celestial sphere is divided into regions called constellations which are in grades and that is what Allah refers to as seven layers/heavens. Here also Allah is correct 100%!

    The stories you illustrated about Flying Horse, so painstakingly, are from fake Hadiths as you also forgot to mention where Aisha(ra) said the Prophet(pbuh) never went in bodily form or physically, (muslim hadith chp 78 No.337). Why??

    So, when Allah is so right and points so accurately to His Magnanimity in His Creation yet you abused, used vulgarity and insulted Allah and His Messenger? Why??

    Are we with some crackpots?

  4. By the way Steven Hawking isn’t a muslim- at best he can be described as an agnostic. (He actually says in his book that he doesn’t see the need for God). He has never endorsed the quraan.

    Why is your site full of factual errors? Why do you not provide references?

    I also find it really laughable that your site is called “the most intolerant religion”- are you referring to islam or your own branch of islamophobia?

    “In fact, it is a book for the donkeys, of the donkeys and by the donkeys.” See above article.

    Oh yes- silly me- how very tolerant indeed.

  5. What a load of bull****.

    Why havent you quoted the exact ayah/ surah where God supposedly says all these things?

    References please.

    Very shoddy work all round.

    Must try Harder!

    • Here are the reference my dear friend:-

      Hadrat Al-Miqdad (may Allah be pleased with him) said that he heard Allah’s Messenger (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) say: On the Day of Resurrection, the sun will be brought near the created beings till it is about a mile from them, and mankind will sweat according to what they had done, the sweat reaching the ankles of some, the knees of others, the waists of others, while some will have their mouths covered by the sweat and Allah’s Messenger (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) pointed his hand at his mouth. (Muslim) [Source:-]

      When the sky is split open and it listens to the command of its God and its obedience is fitting for it; and when the earth is flattened, and it throws out what is in it and becomes empty and listens to the command of its God and its obedience is fitting for it. O man! You are working hard towards your God, and you will find your hard work (waiting for you). So the one who is given his book with his right hand, he will be judged for easily and he will return to his people happy. But who is given his book from behind his back, he will ask for grief, and he will enter Hell; He was happy among his people and he thought he will not return (to Allah). Yes! His God was watchful of him!
      Translation of: Ayat 1 – 15, Surat AlInshiqaq. [Source:-

      • Most of your claims in the above article STILL aren’t referenced.

        But thanks for the hadith of questionable authenticity and the quranic quote which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a blue sky illusion, a flying animal, and all the other bull you’ve happily regurgitated over this once- pristine page.

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