Please Sign the Petition to Permanently Outlaw Sharia Law in the United States

Permanently outlaw Sharia law in the United States on the grounds that it violates the U.S.Constitution and human rights

Sharia law is based on a brutal, totalitarian, Seventh Century mentality that violently promotes only one religion at the expense of all others. It has no basis in a free society that values human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, gender equality, and freedom from slavery. It goes against everything the United States of America was founded on.

Help me out here guys, to spread the word and encourage people to sign. Please re post and repeat every few days. Petition is brand new and runs only until Dec 13: Sign the White House petition to ban Sharia law developments in the U.S.

To sign the petition visit here.

8 thoughts on “Please Sign the Petition to Permanently Outlaw Sharia Law in the United States

      • To see moron, and see if you find out, first, number one anything, Muslims account for 22% of the world population, that is, number one thing.

        Therefore I insist that Islam sucks a crap, stupid and childish ideology, totalitarian and despotic addition, devised by an illiterate, mentally ill, vicious, misogynist, murderer and sexual predator who should be banned and eradicated completely .

        You have to be stupid to say that 22% of the world population is the number one.

        I think you should go back to school or perhaps better to a mental institution.

        • Hi ram the head on the rock, I have seen the moron! I will point you out!

          You said,

          “Therefore I insist that Islam sucks a crap”, That is your newest vocabulary crap!,

          “stupid and childish ideology”, according to you and not the 2.1 billion followers!,

          “totalitarian and despotic addition”, addition of what? How despotic? And how totalitarian?

          “devised by an illiterate”, It should be Quran revealed “to” and not “by” an illiterate!

          “mentally ill”, such a wonderful literary work by a mentally ill? Certainly not!,

          “vicious”, you have misrepresented the character of Mohammed in totality!!,

          “misogynist”, means- the hatred or dislike of women or girls and murders them!
          Did Mohammed murder any girls in the Quran or Hadiths?

          Also quote from the Quran where Mohammed is a sexual predator?

          You, the moron, just copy pasted, to discredit the most revered Prophet, by over 2.1 billion people in haste, from


          Also, your figure of 22% is false as the correct figure should read 24%!! That is a diff of 140 million!

          And finally judge for your moron selves, “I think you should go back to school or perhaps better to a mental institution”. What do you say to, when It is asserted that you ought to be carried to St Ita’s Hospital, yes to be carried, for attaching such a crap just to discredit Prophet Mohammed?



        • Ram Rock Sir,

          You have reached too far.

          To answer Plum and his evil theology, you need not have to abuse. You only need to reply in IV – fold ways.

          I will give 4 responses. You have to just mention any of these OR all of these and Plum’s all argument will bounce back forever.

          I::> Plum has committed BANDWAGON logical fallacy. Those who follow this, believe that something is true because many follow it. Also known as Argumentum Ad infinitum, appeal to the numbers. So, tell him –

          Around 2 billions have committed suicide so far. So, Plum must also commit suicide because it is done by too many.

          II::> You have to find some statistics, true, logical and horrible. So, tell him –

          Cancer is No. 1 disease in this world. It must be good therefore, majority of world is influenced by it.

          III::> Use perception to bounce his argument on him. 22% population is muslim. This means that 78% is not muslim. Half of non muslims believe that muslims are terrorists. So, it is clear that 50% x 78% = 39% are totally against islam. This is more than muslim population.

          IV::> This can be used if all the above mentioned methods fail. This is like a missile and never returns without hitting the target. I have already asked this to him somewhere in this website only. He has evaded that and stil haven’t replied it yet. So, tell him –

          Islam may be No. 1 in terms of quantity NOT quality. It is like 1 billion bulbs in a store and all are defective. So, tell me quality of islam. Other than terrorism, what have muslims contributed to the world ?

          Jews are least in numbers BUT are most in terms of scientific advancements. 27% Nobel Laureates are Jews although Jews hardly form 0.27% of world population. While Jews have contributed science, Christians have contributed technological advancements and Hindus have contributed mathematical identities; Muslims have contributed terrorism. THIS IS QUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS OF ISLAM

          V::> By the way, do you know how is Islam No. 1 ?

          Obviously, Islam was spread by Al Taqiyya i.e., deception and Jihad i.e., terrorism BUT even then, take a look at world geography.


          There is something special in these 6 nations. If you simply add the muslim population in these 6 nations, you will get 1 billion as answer. And you know how are muslims are growing in these 6 nations? Obviously the falsehood of Al Taiyya and sword of Jihad was prevalent in these nations BUT you know how is Islam growing there?

          For that you need to understand muslim mathematics.
          1 + 4 = 100

          1 men married to 4 women results in 100 children. Notorious monster Osama Bin Laden was 17th son of his father and his father had 52 sons. This tactic makes Islam No. 1 and otherwise, nothing is there in islam.

  1. Hi, accordingly, then we should all have Colonial Judiciary system of the British right?? Why do you fear Islam? Why don’t you become one?



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