Why are Muslims Backward In India?

It is well known fact, that in India Muslims are usually called as backward people or the victims in hands of Hindus as they are minority. This is done as a vote politics or by pseudo-secular Indians, who are bound to appease Muslims at any cost. Common mass readily believe that Muslims are victims and backward people. But no one ever tries to find a reason why are they backward?

It is very true what Dr. Subramanian Swamy said, “How can Muslims be victims and backward class people, when they ruled India for 800 years.” I agree with him completely, they must be the ruling people, as they ruled India for 800 years and treated Hindus and Sikhs as the 3rd class citizen. There must some reason why Muslims are backward people. Its not because of Hindus, or Sikhs, or Jains, or Christians, its only because of the ideology they follow. Read the following report:-

Shabana Rizvi, 17, nervously shakes her legs as she talks. She is overshadowed by her eldest brother, Meer, and appears apprehensive to voice her opinion in his presence. She glances in his direction after every sentence she speaks, awaiting his reaction.

When he disapproves, Rizvi is quickly warned to choose her words more carefully.

This isn’t unusual for young Shiite Muslim women living on the Arab Lane in the Johnson Market in Bangalore, India.

In a rare moment apart from her sibling, Rizvi expresses a lifelong desire for a formal education and a career in fashion design.

The men in her family, however, decided long ago that she wouldn’t learn how to read and write or solve mathematical equations. Instead, she was forced to join an Islamic school, called a madrassa, for girls, where she learned about Islam, along with cooking, cleaning, sewing and how to prepare for important religious festivals.

Her mother, Marsia Fathima, supported the decision.

“I am proud of the fact that my daughter never stepped inside a school,” Fathima said. “She went to madrassas and attained her religious education there.”

India’s Ministry of Minority Affairs counts more than 1 million children who study solely at madrassas. The schools are partially funded by the Indian government but they don’t offer education in math, science, English or other standard subjects. This exacerbates already high unemployment rates among Muslims throughout India.

A report prepared by the ministry stated that 25 percent of Muslim children between the ages of 6-14 have either never attended school or drop out. Many Muslim children who do attend school go to madrassas instead of mainstream schools.


Still majority of Muslims don’t send their children to schools, instead they are sent to Madarssa for Islamic teachings of Quran and Hadiths. The above report clearly states that according to Minority Affairs Ministry, more than 1 million Muslim children are never sent to schools or colleges. Now can we expect them to earn their livelihood? Now read why are Muslim children sent to Madarssa instead of schools.

Inayet Ali Zaidi, a history professor at India Jamia Millia Islamia, a university in New Delhi, said teachers in Islamic schools are afraid of the changes because they may not have the skill sets to bring the schools into alignment with the government’s proposal.

Zaidi said they are also scared that more well-educated students will choose to give up Islam.

“The teachers of madrassas fear that modernization would make students leave their religion,” he said. “What they don’t realize is that modernization would bring them closer to Islam.”


Why Muslim scholars and Imams fear that well-educated student will give up Islam? Is there anything unscientific, outdated, against education and modernization in Islam. Now we know that backwardness of Muslims is not because of any other religious group, sect or people, but just because of their own ideology, which makes them a 7th century Arab living in 21st century. Lets end it up with what an Islamic scholar answered when asked about what should Muslim parents teach their children.
“What should we teach our children?”, his response was swift and unequivocal — “The seerah (biography of the Prophet) and nasheeds (devotional songs of praise). If your kids love the Prophet, they will automatically love Allah.”

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  1. I don’t know whether this forum is still on or closed ……MUSLIMS of Kashmir killed 60000 Hindus , razed 1500 temples ….750K people were forced to leave there mother land……currently the J&K is under floods ..Indian army is saving them and they are still pelting stones….all on the name of ISLAM …..

  2. WOW!!! What a discussion!!! Fantastic word will be too insufficient. And the argument goes on…Started with backwardness, then terrorism, then religion. Hope it would have ended with some Forwardness 🙂
    Seems to me like, the real fight is between Allah and Bhagwan and God, and WE are the stupids who are getting screwed up for ages. This is happening thru centuries and will go on for centuries. Guaranteed!
    Wonder, when our Bhagwan & Allah & God (or Ram & Rahim & Jesus) will learn their lessons. Or are they enjoying the fights fro heaven??? Seems very fishy to me.
    But one thing I can’t resist to mention. Muslims (minorities???) in India might be backward, but Hindus (minorities!!!) in Pakistan & Bangladesh are screwed up. Need proof??? Anyone???

      • YO DUMBO MO,




        To our best knowledge, there is no religion or cult in the world, more disgracing, more humiliating, more belittling and more degrading to women than the Shi’i Religion ever. This is another proof that the Jewish Rabbis, starting with Abdullah bin Saba’- the founder of Shi’ism – had a lot to do in formulating this so-called “Shi’i Islam” to act as a cavity, or better said, as the AIDS virus to destroy the Muslim Ummah from within. This page is dedicated to expose all I was able to read from the Shi’i Rabbis books regarding women, their usage as mere sexual objects and homosexuality, hoping to shed some light on this dark area of Shi’ism.
        General Characteristics of women:
        (1)”Narrated to us Ali bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah al-Barqi: Narrated my father, from his grandfather Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah, from his father, from Muhammad bin Abi Omair, from more than one person from the Truthful Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father, from his forefathers, peace be on them, said:
        One of the companions of Amirul-mu’mineen (Ali) complained to him his women. He [as] thus stood to address the public saying:

        O people, Obey not the women in any case, nor trust them with money, nor let them be in charge of the children, for if they are left to do what pleases them, they will lead (you) to troubles and aggress the rights of the lords. We found them to be unhesitant when they are in need, impatient when their (sexual) lust at peak, wasteful spending is part of them even if they are old, and self admiring follows them even at their senior age. They don’t appreciate the “much” when they are prevented the “little”. They forget the good and recall the bad. They rush to falsehood, insist on arrogance and follow Satan. So deal with them at any how, address them well that their deeds be well (as a result).
        Al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, the 37th council, narration No. 6, p.172
        (2) “Narrated few of our friends on the authority of Ahmad bin Abi Abdillah, from his father, from Wahab, from (Imam) Abu Abdullah [as] said: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said:

        Men were created from Earth, and all they care for is the land. As for the woman, she was created from the man, and all she cares for is men, O Men, lock up your women”.
        Al-Kaafi ( fil Furoo’ ): al-Kulainy, Kitaab al-Nikah, Chapter What’s Recommended for Women Who Reached pubery…; vol.5, p.337, narration 6.
        Women are less Intelligent !!??:
        Shi’ites spare no opportunity to humiliate, degrade and belittle women but rush to grasp it, mainly because their Infallible Imams taught them so, and following the commands and footsteps of those “Infallibles” is naturally a virtue:

        “Narrated Muhammad bin Omar bin Salamah bin al-Baraa’ al-Hafiz al-Baghdadi: Narrated to us Ahmad bin Abdallah al-Thaqafi Abul-Abbas saying: Narrated to us Issa bin Muhammad al-Katib saying: Narrated to me al-Madayini from Ghiyath bin Ibrahim from the Truthful Ja’far bin Muhammad from his father from his grandfather, peace be on them, said: Ali bin Abi Talib [as] said:
        The brains of women are in their beauty, and the beauty of men is in their brains”.
        al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, the 40th Council, narration No. 9, p.189
        Q: What do Women, vehicles and houses have all in common according to the Infallible Shi’i Imams?
        A: bad luck. LOL
        “Narrated Muhammad bin Ali Majilwaih: Narrated to us Muhammad bin Yahya al-‘Attaar saying: Narrated to us Sahl bin Ziyad al-Adami saying: Narrated to me Othman bin Issa from Khalid bin Nujaih from Abu Abdallah [as] saying:

        Bad luck was discussed in his presence, he [as] thus said: Bad luck are to be found in three things: in the woman, vehicle (horse, mule, camel, donkey, etc) and house. As for the bad luck in the woman, it is due to her high dowery and her disobedience to her husband, the vehicle is due to its attitude, and the house is due to its narrowness, its bad neighbor and its defects”.
        Al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, 42nd Council, Narration No.7, p.199, and in his al-Khisaal, Chapter of the Three, narration 53,p. 100
        Ashorter version of this narration is also found in al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter: Nawadir, vol.5, p. 567, narration 51.
        Following is an interesting narration that induces us to ask whether Ali [ra] treated Fatimah [ra] as he advised the others:
        “Narrated to us Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Yahya al-‘Attaar saying: Narrated to us my father from Muhammad bin al-Husain bin Abil-Khattab from Muhammad bin Sinaan, from Abi al-Jarood from Abu Ja’far al-Baqir [as] from his father, from his grandfather [as] saying: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said:
        He who places himself in a suspicious position, let him not blame who misjudges him; and he who conceals his secret holds the choice. Any conversation surpasses two (people) will be spread around. Think well of your brother until you see of him otherwise, and think well of a word said by your brother if it is possible to be interpreted as such. Choose the truthful brothers and make lots of them, for they are your ornament in times of peace and your fort in times of need. Consult in your affairs those who fear Allah, and love the brothers according to their level of righteousness. Try to avoid the bad women, and ever be watchful of the best of them, if they enjoined good on you, disobey them so they won’t have a hope to have you obey them in that which is no good”.
        Al-Amaali: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, 50th Council, Narration No.8, p.250
        Lying on the Prophet [saw]:

        Lying on Allah [swt] and His Messenger [saw] is the profession of the Shi’ites’ Rabbis. Following are few examples of such lies:
        (1) “Narrated to us Muhammad bin Musa bin al-Mutawakkil [ra] saying: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Ja’far al-Humairi, from al-Fadl bin ‘Aamir, from Musa bin al-Qasim al-Bajaliy, from Thuraih al-Maharibiy, from Abu Abdullah [as] from his forefathers [as] saying: The Messenger of Allah [sawa] said:
        Three (types of people) if you don’t wrong them, they will still wrong you: The low class, your wife and your servant”.
        al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, Chapter of the Three, narration 15, p.86
        (2) “Narrated to us my father [ra] saying: Narrated to us Sa’d bin Abdallah, from Ahmad bin al-Husain bin Sa’eed, from Abu al-Husain al-Hadramiy, from Musa bin al-Qasim al-Bajaliy, from Jameel bin Darraj, from Muhammad bin Sa’eed, from al-Muhariby, from Ja’far bin Muhammad, from his father, from his forefathers, from Ali [as] saying: The Messenger of Allah [sawa] said: Three (type of situations) are good lie in them: Trickery in a war, promising your wife, and reconciliation between people. There are three (types of situations) where telling the truth becomes ugly: snitching, telling the man something he may dislike about his wife, and to disbelieve the man over the rumor. He further said: And there are three (types of people) sitting with them kills the heart: sitting with the low class, talking to women, and sitting with the wealthy people”.
        al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, Chapter of the Three, narration 20, p.87
        (3) (Narrated) Ali bin Muhammad, from Salih bin Abi Hammaad, from Haroon bin Muslim, from Buraidah bin Mu’awiyah from Abu Abdullah [as] said: A man came to the Messenger of Allah [pbuh] saying: O Messenger of Allah, I have the greatest of what men carry (size wise), is it fine if I use my own animals, like a camel or a donkey? Because indeed women cannot handle mine. The Messenger of Allah [pbuh] said: Allah most Exalted did not creat you until He created who can handle you. The man left, but soon returned and repeated to the Messenger of Allah what he initially told him. The Messenger of Allah [pbuh] said: Why don’t you seek a tall black woman? (Imam Abu Abdallah) Said: The man left, but soon returned to the Messenger [pbuh] saying: I really testify that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah. I looked for the type you asked me to seek and found who can handle me and I am contended”.
        al-Kafi ( fil Furoo’ ): al-Kulainy, Kitaab An-Nikah; Chapter Allah the Exalted Created for the People Their Peers; vol.5, p.336, narration 1.

        Discussion: What is actually meant by this narration, is that the man asked about having sex with the animals, and the Messenger [saw] did not rebuke him or forbid him from doing such horrible act, but simply told him, get a tall black woman, she can handle it. In other words, since the Messenger [saw] did not strongly condemn such a request, there is a room for those who feel like trying animals to do so. It further explains why the Ayatullas of Iran are focusing on Africa for their missionaries. LOL
        Virtues of Women’s Lust Over Men’s:
        (1) Several of our friends narrated, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Issa, from al-Husain bin Sa’eed, from al-Husain bin ‘Alwaan, from Sa’d bin Tareef, from al-Asbagh bin Nabatah said: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said:
        Allah created the lust in ten parts, and has placed nine parts in women and one part for men. If it wasn’t for the shyness that Allah gave them according to their lust parts, each man would have had nine women hanging to him.”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Kitaab al-Nikah, Chapter The Virtues of Women’s Lust Over The Men’s, vol.5, p.337, narration 1.; al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, Chapter of the Ten, Section: Lust Is Ten Parts, p.338, Narration 28.

        Discussion: Please read the narration once again. Does it make a sense? Probably the “Infallible” meant to say: each woman would have had nine men hanging to her. hahahahahaha
        What is more interesting thou, is the commentary of Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi on this narration. He wrote in the footnote: “Allah the Exalted, created lust in ten parts: Ten for men, and one for women. But that is specifically for Bani Hashim and their Shi’ites. And for the women of Bani Umayyah and their supporters, the lust is ten parts: nine for women, and one for men” ahahhahahaahhaha Subhanallah how Judaism work wonders.
        (2) “Several of our fellows narrated, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Khalid, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abi Nasr, from whoever narrated to him, from Ishaaq bin Ammaar said: (Imam) Abu Abdullah [as] said:
        Verily, Allah made for the woman the patience of ten men, but when it hits her, she gets the lust power of ten men.”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Kitaab al-Nikah, Chapter The Virtues of Women’s Lust Over The Men’s, vol.5, p.337, narration 2; al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al=Qummi, Chapter of The Ten, Section: Woman Has Patience of Ten Men, p.339, narration 32
        “Several of our fellows narrated, from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Issa, from Muhammad bin Sinaan, from Abu Khalid al-Qammaat, from Durais, from (Imam) Abu Abdullah [as] said:
        I heard him (i.e the Imam) saying: Women were given an intercourse power of twelve (men) and the patience of twelve (men).”
        Ibid, p. 339, Narration 3.
        Comments: Please compare to the previous narration. Any discrepency on the part of the “Infallible” ? LOL
        UM Kalthoom, The Daughter of Ali:
        One of the major embarrassments to Shi’ites, is the fact that Ali [ra] gave his daughter Um Kulthoom to Caliph Omar bin al-Khattab as a wife. This, if indicative of any, is an indication that Ali [ra] had no hard feelings toward Omar, to the contrary, he named three of his sons in the following order: Abu Bakr, Omar & Othman. A fact, the Shi’ites hate to mention, and actually seldom mention them, or attribute any virtues to them, simply because it will ruin the myth that the Jew Ibn Saba’ fabricated for them. Let us examine what they have to say about this marriage:
        (1) “(Narrated) Ali bin Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Abi Umair, from Hisham bin Salim and Hammaad, from Zurara, from Abu Abdullah [as] in reference to the marriage of Um Kalthoom, said:
        That is a cunt we were forced to give up.”
        Al-Kaafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikah, Chapter: Marriage of Um Kulthoom, vol. 5, p. 346, Narration 1.
        (2) “(Narrated) Muhammad bin Abi Umair, from Hisham bin Salim from Abu Abdullah [as] said:
        When (Omar) requested the engagement (of Um Kalthoom) from him, Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) said to him: She is still young. (Abu Abdullah) said: He (Omar) then met al-Abbaas (the uncle of Ali) and said to him: Why? What is wrong with me? (al-Abbaas) Said: What is it? (Omar) Said: I approached the son of your brother for the engagement (of his daughter), but he turned me down. By Allah I shall backfill Zamzam and leave no virtue for you (Tribe of Hashim) but nullify it, and I shall bringforth two false witnesses testifying that he stole, and shall cut off his right (hand). al-Abbaas then approached him (i.e, Ali) and told him that, and asked him to make him in charged of the matter, which he did.”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikah, Chapter: marriage of Um Kalthoom, vol. 5, p. 346, Narration 2.
        The Scientific Side Effect of Wearing Black & Yellow Shoes:

        Let’s examine how scientific are these “Infallibles”:
        “Narrated to us my father [ra] saying: Narrated Ahmad bin Idris saying: Narrated to me Muhammad bin Ahmad, from Musa bin Omar, from Abdallah bin Jablah, from Hanan bin Sudair who said:

        I entered on Abu Abdallah [as] wearing a black shoe, and he said: Why are you wearing a black shoe? Did you not know there are three characteristics in it? The narrator said: I said, what are they; may I be your ransom? He [as] said:
        It weakens your vision, loosens your penis and brings you depression.

        On top of that, it is part of the arrogant apparel. Wear the yellow shoes, for in it is three characteristics. The narrator said: I said, what are they? He [as] said:

        It sharpens the vision, strengthens the penis and puts away the depression, and furthermore, it is part of the Prophets [as] apparel”.
        Al-Khisaal: Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi, Chapter of the Three, narration 50, p.99
        * Similar reports are found in al-Kafi(fil-Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Kitaab: AzZay wat-Tajammul (Apparel & Beautification), Chapter: Shoe Colors, vol.6, p.465, narrations: 1, 2 & 4

        Comments: It is time to put the Imam’s infallibility on the line. Either all Shi’a who wear black shoes are on Viagra or those Imams don’t know what they are talking about. ahahhahahahahhaha but if that what happens to the man, I wonder what would happen to the woman who wears a black shoe, LOL
        Let’s Go Eye Shopping:
        There is basically nothing taught by Allah [swt] & His Messenger [saw] that the Shi’i Rabbis agree to. In fact, there is no evil left that they did not enjoin on their followers, starting with the 1st step of spreading Zina (fornication, adultery) which is to eye shop women, when Allah [swt] said, in several places in His Glorious Book: 24:30 Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.
        “(Narrated) Muhammad bin Yahya, from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from Ali bin al-Hakam, from Ali bin Suwaid said: I said to Abu al-Hasan [as]:
        I have the problem of looking at the pretty woman, so I (keep) looking at her. He said: Laa Ba’s (No Problem) if Allah knows that your intention is true, but beware of Zina, it causes the blessings and faith to perish.
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter of Zina, vol.5, p.542, narration 6.
        Sodomy & Homosexuality are Halaal?? !!!
        Amazing how these Shi’a Rabbis lie on Allah, the Apostle and their own Imams, in a manner that is most insulting to the family of the Messenger [saw], which strengthen the belief that this cult is in fact the product of a few Jewish Ribbis:
        (1) “(Narrated) Ali bin Ibrahim from his father from al-Nufaly from As-Sukoony from (Imam) Abu Abdallah [as] said: Amierul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said: (al-Luwaat ma doon ad-dubur, wad-dubur huwal-kufr) Sodomy is in (anything) other than dubur (anal sex), for dubur [has multi meanings] is actually the Kufr (disbelief)”.
        The commentator on al-Kafi wrote: “It is possible to understand (from the statement) that Sodomizing (a man) is permissible”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): Book of Marriage: Chapter of Sodomy,narration 3, vol.5, p.544
        Mashallah !! what a religion !
        (2) “(Narrated) Muhammad bin Yahya, from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from Muhammad bin Yahya, from Talha bin Zaid, from Abu Abdullah [as] said: The Messnenger of Allah [pbuh] said:
        Whoever volunterily let others sexually molest him, Allah will invest him with women’s lust.”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter: Who Let Others Sexually Molest Him, vol.5, p.549, narration 1.
        Comment: May Allah curse the liars who lie on the Apostle of Allah [saw].
        (3) “(Narrated Muhammad, from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from Ali bin al-Hakam, from Abdul-Rahman al-‘Azramy, from Abu Abdullah [as] said: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said:
        There are servant (men) of Allah who carry in their lions uteruses like those of women. (Abu Abdullah) Said: He was asked: Then Why they don’t get pregnant? He (Ali) said: Because it is (placed) upside down. They also have glands in their anuses like that of the camel, if erupted they erupt with it, and if it cooled down, they cool down with it.”
        ibid, narration 3.
        My Goddddddddd, men have uteruses??? hahahahahahahhahahaah what an Infallible, hehehheheehehe.
        (4) “(Narrated) Muhammad bin Yahya , from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from Ali bin al-Hakam said: I heard Safwaan bin Yahya saying:
        I said to (Imam) al-Rida [as]: a man among your followers requested me to ask you about a matter, which he feared and embarassed to ask you (directly). He [as] said: What is it? I said: For the man to use the woman’s anus. He said: He may. I said: Do you personally do that? He said: We do not do that.”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Nikaah, Chapter: Women’s anuses, vol.5, p.540, narration 2.
        Comments: Typical hypocrisy condemned by Allah [swt] when He said:61:03-04 …Why say ye that which ye do not? Griviously hateful is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not. And is typical to the Devil Iblis’ behavior 59:16 Like Satan when he says to man “disbelieve”: but when (man) disbelieves, Satan says: I am free of thee: I do fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Nevertheless, the Shi’ites are people who love to dive in swamps and isles of human waste.
        (5) “(Narrated) al-Hussain bin Ali bin Yaqteen said: I asked Abul-Hassan [as] about the permessibility for the man to have anal sex with women, he [as] said: It was made halal (permissible) in the Book of Allah, when (Prophet) Lot said: 11:78 Here are my daughters, they are purer for you and he knew it was not the vagina they were after.”
        Tafseer al-Ayyashi, vol.1, p.157; Bihaar al-Anwaar vol.21, p.98; Tafseer al-Burhaan vol.2, p.230
        (6) “Narrated Abdullah bin Abi Ya’foor: I asked Abu Abdullah [as] about approaching women thru their anus, he said: No Problem. He then recited: 2:223 Your women are as tilth unto you, so approach your tilth when (or how) ye will .”
        Tafseer al-Ayyashi, vol.1, p.110;Bihaar al-Anwaar Baqir al-Majlisi, vol.23, p.98; al-Burhaan fee Tafseer al-Qur’an: Hashim al-Bahraani, vol.1, p.219; Wasaa’il al-Shi’a: al-Hur al-Amily, vol.3, chpater 73: An-Nikaah wa Aadabuh
        Comments: This is another evidence on how mentally sick these Rabbis are, and how Satanic they get to distort the Words of Allah or their meanings to lead their followers to behave as the people of Prophet Lot, whom Allah has condemned in all Scriptures.
        (7) Narrated Muhammad bin Yahya, from Ahmad bin Muhammad, from al-Barqiy reporting (Imam) Abu Abdullah [as] sa saying:
        “If the man used the woman’s anus, but did not ejaculate, there is no Ghusl on either one. But if he ejaculated, he must take a ghusl, not her.”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): al-Kulainy, Book of Tahra, Chapter: What Mandates Ghusl on the Man and Woman, vol.3, p.47, narration 8
        Comments: Let us see what comment did Rabbi Ali Akbar al-Ghaffari give on this narration:
        “The fellows (Shi’i Rabbis) dispute was over the Ghusl if the intercourse was in the woman’s anus. The majority, among them the Sayyid, Ibn al-Junaid, Ibn Hamza, Ibn Idris, al-Muhaqqiq (al-Damaad), and the Allamah (al-Majlisi) in several of his books, are of the opinion that it is mandatory to take ghusl. The Sheikh (i.e., At-Tusi) in his al-Istibsaar as well as in his al-Nihayah, the Sadooq (Ibn Babawaih al-Qummi), Sallaar have all said it is not mandatory. As for the intercourse in the man’s anus, they’ve also disputed it. The Sayyid Racist Imams ???
        While Allah [swt] says: 49:13. O Mankind, We created you from a single (pair) of a male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each others. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you, we find that those “Infallible” , who are the Deputies of Allah, preach racism in its ugliest form. While the following reports are sad, yet you will find them funny, so here we go:
        (1) “(Narrated) Ali bin Ibrahim, from Haroon bin Muslim, from Mas’adah bin Ziyad, from Abu Abdullah [as] said: Amirul-Mu’mineen (Ali) [as] said:
        Beware of marrying the Negros (zunj) for they are a distorted creation.”
        al-Kafi (fil Furoo’): Book of Nikah, Chapter: Whom (the Imam) Disliked for Marriage Amongst the Kurdish, Negros and Others, vol. 5, p. 352, Narration 1.
        (2) (Narrated) Ali bin Ibrahim, from Ismael bin Muhammad al-Makki, from Ali bin al-Husain, from ‘Amr bin Othman, from al-Husain bin Khalid, from whom he mentioned from Abu Ar-Rabi’ al-Shami said: Abu Abdullah [as] said to me:

        Do not buy anyone who is a negro, but if you must, then (buy) the Nubians, for they are amongst those whom Allah the Exalted said about them: 5.14 From those too, who call themselves Christians, We did take a covenant, but they forgot a good part of the Message that was sent them . Surely, a time will come when they will remember that portion, and when the Qa’im (Mahdi) arise, a group of them will come to his support, but never marry anyone of the Kurdish (people) for they are part of the Jinn (demons) whom the screen was lifted from them”
        Ibid, narration 2
        Comments: by “whom the screen was lifted from them” he meant, the screen or divider which Allah has created between us human and Jinn, where we are unable to see them but they can see us.
        The KURDS, according to this narration, are a type of demons which we are enabled to see.

        (3)” (Narrated) Several of our fellows from Sahl bin Ziyad, from Musa bin Ja’far, from ‘Amr bin Sa’eed, from Muhammad bin Abdillah al-Hashimi, from Ahmad bin Yousuf, from Ali bin Dawood al-Haddaad, from Abu Abdullah [as] said:

        Marry not from the Negros nor the Khazar, for they have uteruses indicate they are unfaithful. He [as] further said: India, Sind and Qind not a single one of them is smart, meaning Qandaharis
        Ibid, Narration 3.
        Comments: Khazar is the area around the Black Sea, and Qandahar is in Afghanistan.


  3. Muslims are backward because they breed like cockroaches. if they don’t they May become humans too.
    but it’s not possible. they will remain backward till eternity and will keep blaming the ‘kuffars’ for their misery.

  4. Rahul Raj Sir, it should be noted that education & islam is like North Pole & South Pole. The 2 cannot meet at all. I myself have few muslim friends who don’t believe in Quranic dangerous teachings and are working as educated people. Most of them are on the verge of leaving islam.

    I would however request you to however go through the link.

    If possible, promote it all over the world. It very beautifully exposes the so called muslim education system. The no. of Universities in USA alone are 9 times that in all 57 muslim nations and India has 15 times compared to all muslim nations taken together. A research in Shanghai has exposed the Quality of so called muslim Universities as well. No muslim University made it to Top 500 list.

    If a Muslim is truly educated, like Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, he does not take Quran seriously. If a Muslim is truly educated, like Dr. Abdus Salam, he is declared non muslim by others. If a Muslim is truly educated, like Sir Ibn Warraq, he leaves islam immediately. If a Muslim is truly educated, like Sir Anwar Sheikh, he realizes that Islam is anti – human Arab imperialism. Another educated Muslim is Sir Kacem El Ghazzeli who openly declared that there is NO Allah. Another educated muslim was Abu Bakr Al Razi who was made handicapped by savages because he challenged Quran 2:23 and tested it on rationality His thesis is known as Al Hawi

    My sincere salutations to all such educated muslims who helped world humanity by exposing the reality of so called THE RELIGION OF PEACE. Leaving such people aside, all muslims are essentially uneducated. A blind person cannot use mirror, similarly a follower of Quran makes no use of education.

  5. Hi Dear Raj,

    It is interesting to note in Mahabharata that this Lady called Draupadi was married to Five brothers of Pandava family and she was very loyal to all five of them, by having equal access, sexually, to all of them! She even had children from them. I wonder which father would her children be named after??

    Why don’t Hindus follow Polyandry when it is allowed in their Sacred Epic of Mahabharat??

    But the Tibetans, who have similar beliefs, do practice that to date!

    In Ramayan King Dasharath, Ram’s daddy, had 3 wives. So, Shri Ram had 3 mums! Krishna, the incarnation of Vishnu had 8 wives and further married 16100 girls. Could he satisfy all of them?! How?

    The Vedas and the Hindu religion itself do not outlaw polygamy then why don’t Hindus follow Polygamy when it is allowed in their Sacred Epic of Ramayan?? If one is truly a religious person than he/she has to follow 100% his/her religious Scriptures and not discard parts thereof to suit the needs, correct? For the discarded stuff would mean irrelevancy of some parts of the holiest scriptures and one cannot say he/she is a true follower!

    In contrast, Muslims follow Quran 100%!!!

    Be Good, Do Good



    • See, my friend. Point here is not to follow religious books 100%. Point here is to have guts to discard what is irrational & unethical. All religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Zorastrianism are developed because they discarded evil from their religion. This is what we call reforms.

      [ The only religion NOT misused for personal benefit was Rational Humanism. This was so because it is 100% value based NOT belief centric. It is NOT necessary to believe in any GOD { Many humanists are atheists } BUT it is needed to love / respect others ]

      As you yourself said – Muslims follow Quran 100%. No doubt in that. They follow it literally.

      For example, 9 / 11 incident was nothing but a result of Quran 9:111. Taliban, LeT, Al Qaeda and 1000s other organizations are result of several other bad verses of Quran.

      When the religions were introduced, they were good by default. During their medieval period, people often used religious book for their personal benefits. This resulted in misinterpretations and misuse of religious ideologies. To prevent religious books from getting 100% corrupt, reformers came. For example, Mother Teresa came & introduced SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY; Raja Ram Mohan Roy abolished Sati system from Hinduism.

      Unfortunately, there is no such provision in Islam. Muslim world is 1000% dominated by Taliban, Al Qaeda and like minded organizations. Imagine that you are a Shia, would you tolerate a Taliban member killing you / family OR you are a Sunni, would you tolerate a Syrian troop attacking you OR you are an Ahmedi, would you tolerate other Muslims going against you? Think over it.

      If a Muslim does not believe in malpractices in the name of Allah, I will embrace him as a friend BUT how many are there – 0.001% (OR lesser) ?

      Regarding “be good, do good” as the way you ended, Sorry BUT where you found it in modern day Muslims – is it Shia / Sunni / Wahhabi OR any other sect of Muslims?

      • Hi HT/ Raj, Quran teaches no malpractices my Dearest Bro.

        Do you accept the fact that all major religions sprung from their holy Scriptures?

        Now, if a single verse were to be changed to suit the needs then that would change the beliefs too, right? It means there would be some disturbance in the originality and with more adaptability there would be further deviations and that destroys the Originality,Correct?

        Let us talk in terms of Islam.

        1. The Veil : (not full veil), keeps our sisters, mothers, wives, daughters covered from immoral exposures. That code, of putting on of veil, does it need any reform? You know of some dirty tricksters how body pics are manipulated in porn by photo over the internet, through impositions and substitutions? Certainly, the veil reduces such chances of felonies from being committed!

        2. Alcohol : Can you allow your wife, sis, bro, mum to come home drunk? Any reform needed?

        3. Greetings : Asalamwaleikum isn’t it beautiful when you can greet one and all with one word and 1000% you will get a reply, Waleikum Salaam! Any reform needed?

        4. Prayers : Constant remembrance of God, thus keeping off evil! Any reform needed?

        5. Zakaat : Payment of only 2.5% to the poor, only once in a year! Any reform needed?

        6. Fasting: The whole system is so unique and timely, only one month in a year! Any reform needed there?

        7. Pilgrimage : Only once in a life time! Any reform needed?

        8. Jihad : Recommended to fight and strive for justice against the oppressors, tyrants, against corrupt regimes. Just look at Morsi of Egypt today and see how suddenly he became power hungry! Don’t those Muslims have a right of fighting for their freedom? The poor Palestinians you know their plight well.

        9. 9 / 11 attack Do you stupidly believe a few Arabs, with little training could fly those huge Planes, round NY and Pentagon? And get such accurate targets, them being controlled by a fake Bin Laden from Kabul by a mobile? Do you believe that rubbish?

        10. Islam : I would be the first one to leave Islam if it is a religion of terrorism!

        11. Islam is the simplest religion which helped in curbing the Western religion doctrines from flourishing and from aping their nudity and immoral ideologies, of going to bars, discos where family values are shattered. Have you seen the beach boys pouncing on their Nudies?

        Islam avoids one from falling into the realms of obscenity!

        Truly, it does not force you to do anything only that you become more God conscious!



        • Hey dude!

          Quran teaches no malpractices my Dearest Bro.

          Ok. According to you, it might be true.
          Quran 2:216
          Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.

          so, you mean to say that using GOD’s name to promote terrorism is not a malpractice.

          Quran 2:191
          And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and fitnah is worse than killing. And do not fight them at al-Masjid al- Haram until they fight you there. But if they fight you, then kill them. Such is the recompense of the disbelievers.

          So, you mean that forced terrorism is not a malpractice?

          Quran 4 74
          So let those fight in the cause of Allah who sell the life of this world for the Hereafter. And he who fights in the cause of Allah and is killed or achieves victory – We will bestow upon him a great reward.

          So, you mean that giving award to terrorists is not a malpractice?

          Quran 2 223
          Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like

          So, you mean that forcing women to be ready for sex is not a malpractice?

          Quran 4 11
          The share of the male shall be twice that of a female

          Injustice towards women is not a malpractice?

          Quran 8:12
          When thy Lord inspired the angels, (saying): I am with you. So make those who believe stand firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.

          So, you mean that the barbaric act of cutting someone’s finger for no reason whatsoever is not a malpractice?

          Why couldn’t your GOD issue a revelation which orders to love others & even to NON muslims ???????? Why is Allah mad enough to only issue rules of fighting under his name ???

          Do you accept the fact that all major religions sprung from their holy Scriptures?

          No. That’s not needed. Buddhists did not sprung from any scripture. It is 4th ;largest religion and Buddhists believe in Buddha alone. They don’t call Buddha as GOD neither call any book holy. They only have Buddha’s life story. They learn something from it and don’t take it literally as Muslims do with their prophet.

          Now, if a single verse were to be changed to suit the needs then that would change the beliefs too, right? It means there would be some disturbance in the originality and with more adaptability there would be further deviations and that destroys the Originality,Correct?

          No. Even that is not necessary. Yes, sometimes, beliefs are also changed. But that only happens when the adulteration contradicts with what scripture says.

          If I add a verse in Quran like “Allah has commanded that if you kill 1 billion innocent non muslims speaking out his name loud, you will get a billion varieties of rewards in Jannat.” That won’t change any belief nor will have any significant impact on originality because the manual of terrorism i.e., Quran revolves around this message only.

          Analyzing your points.

          Point 1: Veil. See I support so called Hijab. It should be there. However, it should not be on face. But the Hijab is not the solution to the problem. If people feel lusty on seeing, then

          Why weren’t men commanded to put a veil on their eyes ?

          Why does not Islam focuses on self control unlike other religions

          Point 2: Who is promoting drinking here? All religions put a ban on drinking. Islam however puts a straight forward ban on drinking. Now, what are the disadvantages on that straight forward ban?

          It restricts your thinking. It stops you from thinking what good others have. Alcohol, when taken in minute moderate quantity, alcohol is the best medicine. Do you know that? Yes, intoxication is bad BUT Allah should have issued a rule banning the use over the limit.

          Point 3: Why are you boasting of greetings? Your word Salaam derives from Jewish word Shalom. There are many things which muslims (or rather islam) copied from Judaism BUT yet, you people want to kill jews in return. I don’t know why this double standards?

          Further, if a NON muslim says – Assalaam Aleikum, what will you reply?

          Point 4: If your GOD is like Buddha (Anyways, Buddha never claimed GODliness but was a noble man) who wanted non violence, you worship him 24 x 7. That will ward off evil. Unfortunately, you worship Allah who is devil. See link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kAFYai1law

          AND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKt8xSEWnkE

          Point 5: This needs max reforms. 2.5% will do what? You know majority of African muslims are poor? At least 10% needed to save them. Charity is best thing needed but make sure your money goes to right person.

          Next time, when you go to pilgrimage, don’t forget to tell Arabs to do something to solve African crisis. If indeed Allah is GOD, he would be happier with all this. So, better help those friends of yours rather than doing terrorism (Jihad in your language).

          Point 6: I am not answering your fasting ritual. Scientifically, fasting is often recommended to give rest to your digestive system. However, it should be with breaks like once per month. 12 fasts with periodic gap is sufficient. You need not fast for entire month. This way, your body won’t starve of important nutrients.

          Point 7: No comments on pilgrimage.

          Point 8: the way Fitna is defined clearly indicates that existence of non muslims is what muslims call Fitna. Even if non muslims do no harm, that is Fitna. 8:39 defines all non muslims as Fitna. Hence killing them is Jihad. Therefore, non muslims are not wrong in calling it Terrorism.

          Point 9: Have you read Quran 9:111? Here it is…

          Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Qur’an: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme.

          It is clear that Allah wants them to do acts like 9/11 and other suicide bombings. That Allah who is fond of terrorism and is omnipotent can very easily himself train muslims to bomb the entire world. Tomorrow, you might hear in news bombing of whole world by war loving Arabs.

          If you have trouble explaining 9/11, please explain 7/7 London bombings.

          Point 10: I am not running a conversion spree. I dont order you to leave islam because that is not required. few good verses are in islam.

          Follow them and only them. Like: Quran 41:33, 41:34, 5:28, 109:1 – 6
          Remaining verses of terrorism should be ignored.

          Point 11: See law is in place. In West, they value freedom. No one is made nude by force. All those girls are self volunteers. They like to show their body and they do so. Not all like to show their body. No such compulsion is there. However, if you try to molest someone in West, the law will catch you red handed.

          In Islam, rape cases go unreported.
          Reason: The convict says – I raped her because she was not wearing Hijab. The victim has to produce 4 witness to prove that she had Hijab and she was raped. See this link to know the real face of rape in islam. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Quran/002-rape_adultery.htm

          Islam considers women as sex machine. Osama Bin Laden was 17th son of his father. He had 51 brothers. Don’t know he had how many sisters.

          Muslim mathematics

          1 married to 4 wives results in 100 children.

          • Hi, HT, Thanks for your time and the very good civil comments!

            But I will ask you only one question that needs to be resolved. You said, “If you have trouble explaining 9/11, please explain 7/7 London bombings”, correct?

            The question is : for the above two cases has it been proven absolutely that those who did the 9/11 and 7/7 atrocities were all Muslims??

            For the 7/7 case : Germaine Lindsay, one of the alleged participants ; was he a Muslim?? Why did the inquest start after over 5 years of it’s happening? Why did the UK Govrt refuse a public inquiry in 2006 to get the truth? What about : the false claims regarding the timings of the trains? And the train from Luton? What about “supposed explosions” that popped underneath the trains? What about the alleges of the faking of the “time-stamping” and the photograph that was dated of the bombers at Luton station?? What about the co-incidental “Operation Osiris” by Mr Peter Powell?

            And for the 9/11 just go to You Tube and see for yourself : the conspiracy theories!
            How could the “Muslim terrorists” crash, with razor sharp precision, the twin towers, coming from Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia? Imagine, within a few days training they could fly the largest airlines undetected!!!
            How could the most developed nation in the world with it’s max security be penetrated by some Bedoins?? They are good with camel riding but major jumbo jets!!!
            Why are poor Afghanis killed by the blood thirsty, of Muslim children and women, the largest terrorist??
            How could a building fall into rubble when everything gets destroyed yet a single passport survives? What happened to the black boxes of those planes???? How true were the “fake” identities presented to the world? Where was the list of them gotten from??? etc.



          • Hi HT Dude,
            Yes, fighting IS ordained form every Muslim when it comes to defending Islam. It IS their religion and they have been ordained to fight for it and persecute those who mock it. Islam is no dandia religion!
            Musloms WILL expel those who expelled them and that is not terrorism but a tit for tat though forgiveness is a part too!!
            Going into a wife, which IS a field is correct and not a crime against humanity!! Sleeping with your wife is not a mal practice!!
            Quran 8/12 is an inspiration to Angels which you rightfully quoted!!
            The share of a male, in any society is always greater then a female’s. What is wrong with that??
            Allah has already ordered muslims in quran to love others, all the creatures of the world. 49:13
            “O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware”.
            Buddism is a cult as it has NO scripture, as his purported sayings were collected over periods. “All of the Buddha’s teachings, collectively called the dharma, deal with one basic goal – how to escape samsara. Samsara is the cycle of rebirths that is known more commonly as reincarnation. Freedom from samsara leads to nirvana, which is commonly thought of as a state of complete deliverance from pain and sorrow, a state of bliss – the Eastern equivalent of heaven”.
            Men are commanded to lower the gaze first!! that IS the veil for men. 24: 30
            “Tell the believing men to reduce of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what they do”. And for women is the next verse!!
            Next you said, “Why does not Islam focuses on self control unlike other religions”
            “Those who show patience, Firmness and self-control; who are true (in word and deed); who worship devoutly; who spend (in the way of Allah); and who pray for forgiveness in the early hours of the morning” chapter 3 verse 17, Yusuf Ali. Also,
            “And as for him who fears to stand in the presence of his Lord and forbids his own soul from its whims and caprices then surely Paradise is the abode.” (79:40 & 41)
            Alcohol was stopped in stages in Quran but not made Haram!!
            “O you who believe! Draw not near unto prayer when you are drunken, till you know that which you utter,. ….” (4. An-Nisa: 43).
            “O you who believe! Strong drink and games of chance and idols and divining arrows are only an infamy of Satan’s handiwork. Leave it aside in order that ye may succeed.” (5. Al Ma’ idah: 90).
            “They question you about strong drink and games of chance. Say: In both is great abuse and usefulness for mankind; but the abusive side of them is greater than their usefulness.” (2. Al-Baqarah :219).
            “There shall be no sin unto those who believe and do good works for what they may have consumed. So be mindful of your duty and do good works; and again: be mindful of your duty, and believe; and once again: be mindful of your duty, and do right. Allah loveth the good.” (5. Al Ma’ idah :93).
            Of course, alcohol is used even in some medicines which Muslims do in take!!
            Asalamwaleikum is an Islamic word however you interpret and it is the best way of greeting to one and all!!
            I will say “waleikum salaam”!
            Allah is not a devil but God of His Creation!
            All Muslims of adequate wealth are obliged to give Zakaat at the rate of 2.5% to the needy and poor besides Alms!!
            “And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah. But if they cease, then lo! Allah is Seer of what they do”. 8:39 Mark the words “if they cease”. This was revealed to Mohammed to enhance Islam in it’s early stages and the words “if they cease” means do not fight you or surrender and accept Islam, which is to submit to the will of One God, then escort them to security and do not fight them.
            Quran 9:111 is a correct verse telling to believe in the religion staunchly and not to be lukewarm in belief, as I told you Islam is not a dandia religion!
            Quran does not propagate violence as you have perceived Islam to be!!
            Thank you as a gentleman to admit the fact that there are some good verses!!
            What family values exist in the west? How come the highest rape cases and crimes are in USA and the western world?? They play with bombs like toys and kill millions of innocent human beings every year!! Why do you praise nudity??
            One in a million case is negligible though even that should never happen!!
            On terrorism verses they were being revealed gradually as Islam progressed at that time yet when there is mischief in the Land they should be applied for justice and removal of Tyrant rulers and to fight for justice of others too!!
            Islam does not consider Women as sex machines and that is why they are handled and respected as pearls!!

            I hope I have answered all your questions and now know that Islam IS a peaceful religion, were it not I would have been the first to leave!!!!

            Kind regards


        • http://godofreason.com/new-page-100.htm

          See this link to know in detail how 9/11 occurred.


          See this to know why Allah cannot be GOD, not by any logic.


          See this to know which terrorist wrote Quran.


          This is so called Jannat open to terrorists.


          A bonus resource for you…

          Let me know if you have any logical rebuttal to all this. Thanks…

      • Hi, to take Muslim girls as wives you must first revert to Islam, the religion of Peace.

        Welcome, we will give you plenty of wives!!


        • Hey plum I don’t know what Quran says on terrorism and what it says on peace. I am not an expert in that But, 1 thing I would like to mention

          Your knowledge of 7/7 and 9/11 is very poor.

          Wikipedia defines 7/7 thus:

          The 7 July 2005 London bombings (often referred to as 7/7) were a series of co-ordinated suicide attacks in London which targeted civilians using the public transport system during the morning rush hour.

          Only a terrorist targets civilians. Right?

          You can search for 7/7 london bombings on google image search

          Regarding German Lindsaine, he is Abdullah Shaheed Jamal. This is what Wikipedia says:

          Germaine Maurice Lindsay (23 September 1985 – 7 July 2005), also known as Abdullah Shaheed Jamal, was one of the four homegrown Islamic terrorists who detonated bombs on three trains on the London Underground and one bus in central London during the 7 July 2005 London bombings, killing 56 people (including themselves), and injuring more than 700.

          He was a muslim. Go through sources first.

          Who told you – the inquest started 5 years later? It started within 1 – 2 months. One of my British friend told me. UK Govt refused inquiry in 2006? I appreciate your sense of humor. From where do you get such jokes?

          Regarding your alleging of train, will that be proved? I guess you are assuming whatever you wish in heart and ignoring the truth itself.

          Operation Osiris: apparently in sept 2003 emergency services and the London underground took park in operation osiris which was a mock exercise designed to test there ability to respond to chemical/biological attack on the London underground…. (source: godlikeproduction forum)

          This is a R&D project. What does it has to do with 7/7 attacks? The 2 aren’t even remotely linked unless those 4 terrorists be considered a part of operation osiris. Why do you have problems with UK’s R&D projects?

          The conspiracy theories of 9/11 are not logically true. Most of them are made by muslims themselves OR supporters of muslims. After closely seeing them, I very easily concluded (anybody could do so if he carefully sees them.) that those videos had some agenda. We need unbiased opinions in this case. Otherwise, we too can upload that USA did not invade Iraq, that was a conspiracy against USA which Iraqis propagated to defame USA. Will you accept that? The Videos should be truthfully acceptable. Right?

          What do you mean by razor sharp precision and crashing building? Are you yourself underestimating your own friends? Practice makes a man perfect. Are muslims not men?

          You said – How could the most developed nation in the world with it’s max security be penetrated by some Bedoins?? They are good with camel riding but major jumbo jets!!!

          There is no power bigger than time. Maybe USA time was poor at that incident. A SPARK NEGLECTED BURNS THE HOUSE. Very famous proverb. A small mistake may be fatal sometimes. There would have been 10 – 20% relaxation in security. Due to administrative reasons, senior people were given off that day. So, security guards would have ignored some of the attackers.

          You said – Why are poor Afghanis killed by the blood thirsty, of Muslim children and women, the largest terrorist??

          Wikipedia says this on 9/11

          9/11 were a series of four coordinated suicide attacks upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. areas on September 11, 2001. On that Tuesday morning, 19 terrorists from the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets. The hijackers intentionally flew two of those planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York City; both towers collapsed within two hours.

          Deaths 2,996
          Injured More than 6,000

          It is clear that Afghanis won’t be American civilians for sure. They must be the terrorists.
          Do you mean to say that Afghani women & children were part of Al Qaeda ?

          If Afghani women and children weren’t part of Al Qaeda, then it is likely that no terrorist killed any of them.

          Passport ? Whose? There was no passport. Americans heard Allahu Akbar which made them guess it as Al Qaeda. Black boxes are safe with USA govt. Why do you want them?

          no fake information was leaked only you are mistaken. Please go through your history books (No, not written by supporters of Al Qaeda etc.)

          • Hi Superman, though Operation Osiris started in 2003 they had similar drills in 2004 and 2005!!
            “Operation Osiris September 2003, at Bank tube station. That was followed at yearly intervals by exercises at Lambeth, in September 2004, then at Tower Hill in June 2005. Of the Bank station exercise, the BBC reported, ‘The cadets used as victims had been fully briefed, and of course ordinary members of the public wouldn’t have know what was going on.’
            So this exercise (on a Sunday) was really in the tube station”. http://terroronthetube.co.uk/2011/02/16/just-a-coincidence/

            “In 2006, the government had refused to hold a public inquiry, stating that “it would be a ludicrous diversion”.

            And, “A full public inquest into the bombings was subsequently begun from October 2010”, that is after over five years of it’s hap! Ref Conspiracy theories : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_July_2005_London_bombings

            And also “On the day of the bombings Peter Power gave interviews on BBC Radio 5 Live and ITV saying that he was working on a crisis management simulation drill called “Operation Osiris” in the City of London, “based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning”, when he heard that an attack was going on in real life. He described this as a coincidence.”
            “The next day he commented further on ‘the sudden reality of events’. On July 8th a news report quoted Power: ‘Yesterday we were actually in the City working on an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real. When news bulletins started coming on, people began to say how realistic our exercise was – not realising there was an attack.’

            My friend, wake up!

            My friend how could that be possible?? With full glaring CCTv’s was there any video showing the detonation by the alleged four terrorists?

            Islam is against any terrorist act/s and all Muslims will obviously condemn loss of any human life because of the 52 killed some among them were Muslims too, right?

            For the Biggest terrorist is the USA killing innocent people in masses, in Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Bosnia, etc, and kindly read my comments very carefully before responding! And for more ref : http://academic.evergreen.edu/g/grossmaz/interventions.html

            And finally you and your clique always say Muslims are backward people. Question : Backward in what???


    • Dear Plum,must all the people on earth
      now believe that all followers of islam and even the lieing prophet of islam,mohammad,himself are archaic,crude,illiterate,untamed,backward,selfish,evil,diabolical,leud paedophile and sexual treasured men? How many ways and years can islam followers defend liar mohammed ?? How cant GOD Almighty wont hear people prayer except they pray in the mohammad arabic language ?? So allah of islam,quran and mohammad only hear arabic language and if mohammad had come from England then his GOD would have only understood english language d prayers only ?? Some of his errors like narrying and sexing 9yrs old lass!,promoting slave trade,killing people for his allah,transferring one wife s sexual nights to youngest wife because the former had gathered fat and waxed in age,keeping woman slaves of ones right hand for sex at any time one feels even after permitting 2,3 or 4 wives despite him marrying 9 or 11 wives,asking people to kiss and bow down to the black stone at meccah,telling some of his companions that his own parents and those of his companions were in hell. 2) That if you fight jihad in the course of allah and you die then you are assured of paradise and access to 72 virgins !!! Will muslims or anybody be able to make love to someone even in GOD Almighty s presence in HIS own glory filled paradise ??? Are mohammad and his followers able to help or defend GOD ??? Is islam truly a peace religon ? Islamic nations roundabout have no peace in a day.There is hardly a day 2,5,10,13,20,43 and 60s would not get killed either by suicide or gunmen or jihadists all in the names of islamic IS,ISIL,ISIS,AL QAEDA,AL SHABAB,BOKO HARAM,SHIITE,SUNNI and WAHABIS ??????? allah of islam,mohammad his messenger and muslims entirely are all bloodthirsty bastards.Note: allah has always all the way been proved not as the living Supreme GOD.

  6. Hi Dear Raj, education improves the thought process of the mind.
    In the entire community of Asian Muslims in East Africa, especially Memons, they do have plenty of educated Ladies and Gents who are engaged in professions, such as Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, etc., besides that they do Islamic Daawa too. With education they do propagate Islam and so far none has left Islam owing to attainment of higher education!

    Muslims in India have been relegated to a position of minorities due to the ill- conceieved Partition and thence forth effects, as they should have moved to Pakistan and vice-versa to India..

    You have the audacity of calling them, blatantly, backward after applying quotas and keeping some of them, on trumped up charges, in custody/jail for over 15 years!

    Recently, my youngest brother took our old Pops for treatment and he was caught without any reason and thrown behind bars for 2 days in Mumbai. Why should we visit our Motherland when she has relegated herself to such a corrupt and backward society which has the most orthodox beliefs and ruled by such money hungry elite groups?

    Muslims have Islamic Brotherhood that prevails the World over but Muslims are certainly not backward people, in any part of the World, and do not fear educating their progeny!.

    Be Good, Do Good



    • You have misunderstood the meaning of backwardness. BUT I won’t blame you. Rahul Raj Sir did not show you that direction. I don’t know why he misses that point. I would answer your point later BUT first let me define what is backwardness.

      Before I begin I would request you to look at the lives of non muslims, particularly The Jews, Christians and the Hindus. I know that Quran teaches to hate Non muslims (5:51, 3:28, 9:23, 9:111, 2:191, 9:29, 4:91, 5:53, 5:59, 4:51 and 1000s others … ) BUT still think of it from unbiased perspective.

      There are only 20 million Jews. BUT the contributions by them in scientific domain is more than expected. More than 27% Nobel Laureates are Jews despite the fact that there are less than 0.27 % Jews in the world. Now, let us take a look at Christians. They too contributed by developing various technologies (Computers, Laptops, Supercomputer, Cell Phone, Pager, Internet – all that is Christian contribution) and Hindus – they developed the bases for science and technology to prosper. Decimal Number system was by Aryabhata, Binary Number System was by Pingalacharya, Arithmentical operations by Brahmagupta, Aviation basics by Bharadwaj, Atomicity by Kanad etc.

      But, look at Muslims. Can you mention what was their significant contribution? (Please don’t mention Arabic numbers over here as world has now agreed that Arabs copied it from Hindus. Refer works of Early Arabian Mathematicians like Al – Jahiz and Wassaf Abdulla and Al Khwarizmi to know this in detail). Except terrorism, what is Islamic contribution to this world?

      It is NOT that only Indian Muslims are backward BUT infact more than 99% muslims are backward. Their contribution was & is negligible.

      Yes, even Muslims contributed to science. One of them was an Indo – pak muslim Sir Abdus Salam. He was called 1st Muslim scientist by all muslim nations. At CERN, he had entire lane dedicated to his name. His contributions were awesome but again what he got in return ??? – The word Muslim was removed from his grave.

      Second Scientist was Dr. Ahmed Zewail. who was born in Egypt. Even he was hated there & moved to USA where he got a chance to complete PhD; finally getting Nobel Prize in femto chemistry.

      These are only 2 scientists known from > 1.5 billion muslim population. (I ignore scientists of so called Golden age since they were all atheists by belief. Abu bakr Al Razi criticized islam openly and Khayam was killed for apostasy as usual)

      OK – leave aside contributions. It is NOT possible for everybody to contribute something.

      The biggest enemy of Islam = Israel
      Israel population 1.5 billion
      Even then, how can such a minority dominate the heavy majority?

      Only 2 options are possible.

      ! – Either you are too backward to take any significant action

      @ – Israel muslim conflict is a cooked up story and not real.

      Now, I leave onto you to decide which of the conclusion holds true.

      • Now, comments on your assumptions. These are just comments and I expect friendly logical discussion.

        Hi Dear Raj, education improves the thought process of the mind.
        In the entire community of Asian Muslims in East Africa, especially Memons, they do have plenty of educated Ladies and Gents who are engaged in professions, such as Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, etc., besides that they do Islamic Daawa too. With education they do propagate Islam and so far none has left Islam owing to attainment of higher education!

        Yes, that is purpose of education BUT it is only partly correct. Education is beyond that. If you are arrogant about it, you haven’t understood it. If I ask a Muslim to explain his religion & he does, that is absolutely fine. BUT, if he shouts Daawah in front of me without I asking for it, I won’t consider him educated at all. If he forces me to convert as a part of his Daawah / propagation of Islam, the first impression is that he must be a savage.

        If an atheist comes near you and says – Leave Islam, there is NO GOD NO ALLAH. He forces you to leave GOD belief. Would you consider him educated by any chance ? Even if he is educated, what is the use of that? Similar is the case with so called Daawah.

        Muslims in India have been relegated to a position of minorities due to the ill- conceieved Partition and thence forth effects, as they should have moved to Pakistan and vice-versa to India..

        Ill – conceived partition? No, that was needed. During 1945, Hindus and Muslims were totally mutual enemies. The only way for them to live safely is that they live separately. That paradigm led to formation of Hindustan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Unfortunately, it did not happen the way it should have. If the partition had happened with proper planning and execution, conditions would have been different.

        You have the audacity of calling them, blatantly, backward after applying quotas and keeping some of them, on trumped up charges, in custody/jail for over 15 years!
        Recently, my youngest brother took our old Pops for treatment and he was caught without any reason and thrown behind bars for 2 days in Mumbai. Why should we visit our Motherland when she has relegated herself to such a corrupt and backward society which has the most orthodox beliefs and ruled by such money hungry elite groups?

        Firstly, who is POPS ? Explain the full form.

        Secondly, Indian prisons are boons for muslims. It is a proven fact that Ajmal Kasab enjoyed 5 star hotel facilities in jail. Md Afzal and Abu Jindal enjoys that even today.

        Thirdly Indians are FROG OF WELL kind of culture ( known as koopa manduka in Sanskrit). A frog of a well knows what is inside the well. He has no idea what is outside the well. Similarly, Indians don’t know what is happening in rest of the world. Even Rahul Raj Sir only speaks of Indian muslims. So, when we say corruption, we mean India. Surprisingly, when the world says corruption, world does not mean India. The most corrupt nations are Somalia – a muslim nation; 3rd corrupt nation is Afghanistan – another muslim nation. 4th is Sudan – another muslim nation. Then Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan followed by Iraq. 6 muslim nations in TOP 10 corrupt nations. India is NOT even in top 70 corrupt nations list. Even Israel, is in TOP 25 NON corrupt nations list. All TOP 15 non corrupt nations are Christian ones. See this link for details.


        Muslims have Islamic Brotherhood that prevails the World over but Muslims are certainly not backward people, in any part of the World, and do not fear educating their progeny!.

        Which brotherhood ? 73 sects and only 1 goes to heaven. Sorry but that isn’t brotherhood.

        As far as education is concerned, there are many cases when men attacked their wives / daughters for education. A recent case is in Bangladesh. See the link


        The man cut his wive’s fingers just because she wanted to study higher.

        • Hi HT/ Dear Raj, thanks for saying, “I expect friendly logical discussion”. Of course that is what we all should be engrossed with, instead of using foul language and I expect of your “dis-crediting of Islam” in logical form, as in your wish to have enrolled this blog.
          You said, “If I ask a Muslim to explain his religion…” Does the same Muslim ask you to explain your religion?? So, I ask you what is YOUR religion? That would be a logical reasoning and thence our discussion can prevail two ways! A Muslim, who tries to answer you would not form an impression of being a savage! The word savage is used for people who do not know the origin of their beliefs and rely on fake ideologies of myth, thus remaining backward in real sense!
          Next you said, “If an atheist comes near you and says – Leave Islam, there is NO GOD NO ALLAH. He forces you to leave GOD belief. Would you consider him educated by any chance?”. Islam does not force anybody to join to it’s religion ! So how does the “force” of an atheist come into play here??
          Yes, from a Hindustani (India and Pakistan combined) point of view, It is very sad to date that Hindustan got divided and that the Partition was ill-conceived by the likes of Jinnah, who was a Shia Khoja and the Partition should not have been given in to his tantrums and the “dreams”. I feel, it was very unfortunate, and as to whatever happens, they ought to have lived together and the quagmire, Pakistan and Indian, find themselves in today would not have been there!!
          Pops is my aged and crippled father.
          You admit that Muslims are being put in Indian jails for the life outside has become unbearable, when you said, “Indian prisons are boons for Muslims”!!
          If India is not corrupt then what are those daily protests for?? Are you out of touch of fake companies some Indian politicians own, the likes of Gardhari, and the coal mine schemes, GIPSA and the thousands of etcs??

          Kindly click the following and you will obviously know which is the most corrupt country in the world!!


          Islamic Brotherhood is a spiritual brotherly connection be he/she of any sect and a Muslim suffering in any part of the world is sympathized by al the Muslims the world over. Take for example in today’s news, some 19 innocent Shia pilgrims have been torched alive by some Muslim dissidents in Pakistan!! This is against Quran and a very, very sad day for all Muslims all over the world. The culprits should be apprehended and killed in the likewise manner. The sentiments are from a non Shia!!

          Be honest and Ask yourself, does Quran promulgate finger cutting as a punishment for believers seeking higher education? It is not true and if a Muslim or a non Muslim does commit such atrocities he/she should be punished like wise!!



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