Why Islamic channels are banned in India?

Hate channels which are illegally down-linked and freely available to viewers near the India-Pakistan and north-eastern borders have become important weapons in the psychological war against India.

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has red-flagged 24 “illegal” foreign channels for beaming anti-India programmes.

The potential for mischief by these channels was serious enough for the government to concede in Parliament: “The content of some of these channels is not conducive to the security environment in the country and poses a potential security hazard.”

The government has red-flagged Indian preacher Zakir Naik-run peace TV which is illegally aired in IndiaThe government has red-flagged ‘Peace TV’, which is illegally aired in India and run by preacher Zakir Naik

The government has initiated steps to enhance the penal provisions for beaming such channels.

Amendments to the Cable TV Act, which will include higher fines apart from the existing jail provisions, are ready to be introduced in Parliament.

The government’s move to block the channels follows a spate of communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh, Hyderabad, Assam, Srinagar, Mumbai and other parts of India in recent months following motivated reports.

However, the authorities find it difficult to jam all channels. Encouraged by this lack of control and easily available in the border areas and even elsewhere, these channels are brought into homes via cable TV.

Ajit Doval, former director of the Intelligence Bureau, said, “If these channels are indulging in anti-national and seditious activities which are detrimental to the security of the country, then the government should take suitable legal action and a technological response to counter them.”


Most hate channels focus on news or religious affairs. Pakistani TV channels identified as being stridently anti-India include QTV, Madani TV, ARY TV, the official broadcaster PTV, PTV Home, PTV World, Geo TV, Dawn, Express, Waqat, Noor TV, Hadi TV, Aaj, Filmax and STV.

They are available in Jammu Kashmir and Punjab. Other TV channels that are illegally down-linked into India and are known to spew malicious content include Peace TV (Dubai), Saudi TV, TV Maldives, NTV (Bangladesh), XYZ TV, Nepal TV, Kantipur (Nepal), Ahmedia Channel (UK-based) and Bhutan Broadcasting Service.

These channels are watched in the north-eastern states and in areas bordering Nepal.


Sources said channels like QTV and Indian preacher Zakir Naik-run Peace TV are also available through cable TV operators in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Many cable operators are unaware that it is illegal to air these channels.

Indian viewers are drawn to the illegally shown TV channels because of the entertainment programmes they show.

For instance, Pakistan’s official broadcaster PTV has a dedicated following for its highly popular drama and comedy shows.

But, it is illegal in India. The channel was banned following the Kargil conflict and increased terrorist activities in India a decade ago.

It is the dangerous content that the Intelligence Bureau has opposed. Unverified reports on the desecration of the holy Quran telecast on Iran TV, an illegally downloaded channel, had sparked violent protests in Jammu and Kashmir. The channel is banned in the Valley.

In summary we can say that all most all Islamic channels are preaching what Allah and their Unholy Prophet Muhammad commanded them to preach through the Holy book of Muslims. Following is a verse from Quran which exactly commands Muslims to do what these Islamic channels are preaching.

Quran 9:5:-So when the restricted months have passed, then you may kill the polytheists wherever you find them, and take them, and surround them, and stand against them at every point. If they repent, and they hold the contact prayer, and they contribute towards purification, then you shall leave them alone. God is Forgiving, Merciful.

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73 thoughts on “Why Islamic channels are banned in India?

  1. Guys…..This is for all the confused lot. I appreciate the level of understanding you all have displayed about Islam in particular and other religion in general. The real problem is…there’s a big population who still believe that Islam is a religion of peace only because of ignorance and leftist media propaganda.

    My only one liner here will be ” Study Quran in full” (Forget all other books). Just study Quran for the sake of humanity. I’m dead sure…..you will start hating Islam. This book will open the eyes of all ignorant people about how to kill without any reason, pornography (you will feel really aroused), height of nonsense. I’m fortunate to read it. Its all shit…but fun to read and laugh.

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