Miracle of Seas not mingling with one another

By Ali Sina

Muslims claim that the verses 55:19-20 are proof of the scientific miracle of the Quran

“He has let loose the two seas, converging together, with a barrier between them they do not break through.”

The popular site of Harunyahya claims

“This property of the seas, that is, that they meet and yet do not intermix, has only very recently been discovered by oceanographers. Because of the physical force called “surface tension,” the waters of neighbouring seas do not mix. Caused by the difference in the density of their waters, surface tension prevents them from mingling with one another, just as if a thin wall were between them.

It is interesting that, during a period when there was little knowledge of physics, and of surface tension, or oceanography, this truth was revealed in the Qur’an.”

Then they show the above picture and comment:

“There are large waves, strong currents, and tides in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Mediterranean Sea water enters the Atlantic by Gibraltar. But their temperature, salinity, and densities do not change, because of the barrier that separates them.”

Was the knowledge that waters of different salinity, density and temperature do not mix unknown to anyone prior to Muhammad? Not really. A thousand years before Muhammad Aristotle wrote the following:

The drinkable, sweet water, then, is light and is all of it drawn up: the salt water is heavy and remains behind,”

It is clear that at the time of Aristotle, people knew that waters of different density and salinity do not mix.

The following picture is from the red sea. Obviously the sailors navigating in that sea must have noticed the difference of color between the waters.

Also it seems that Muslims do not understand the phenomenon at all. The sill of Gibraltar, the barrier that separates the Atlantic from Mediterranean is not responsible for not letting the two waters to mix. The waters do not mix because of the difference in their density, salinity and temperature.

Furthermore the separation of these waters are not permanent. The waters of various densities, salinities and temperatures eventually mix. The phenomenon is short lived and is observerabe only when the two bodies of water meet. It is like pouring milk in the cup of coffee. At first one can see that milk creates a current inside the coffee but eventually they mix.

Is Muhammad talking about the Waters of Atlantic and Mediterranean sea? No! There is no such mention in the Quran. It could be any two bodies of water. Was this phenomenon unknown to people at the time of Muhammad? No! This is quite an observable phenomenon. Anyone who has seen a delta where rivers carrying colored sediments enter the sea or where two rivers of different colors or two seas meet, can see that for a long distance the two waters keep apart. Muhammad had not been to many seas. But there is no reason to believe that he had not heard of this curious phenomenon from those who had been. The knowledge was known to all seamen and people loved to share the stories of their adventures. Therefore this verse is not a miracle. It is a casual statement of a curious phenomenon that he had heard and was impressed by it but without understanding the physics behind it. He thought it is the work of a deity called Allah that keeps the waters apart.

As the verse 25:53 makes it clear, Muhammad is talking about two seas one with sweet and palatable and the other with salty and bitter water.

“And He it is Who hath given independence to the two seas (though they meet); one palatable, sweet, and the other saltish, bitter; and hath set a bar and a forbidding ban between them.” [Pickthal translation].

 The water in both Atlantic and Mediterranean are salty. Therefore this verse does not refer to any two seas but to the waters at estuary where an arm of the sea extends inland to meet the river. In this case there is no “forbidding partitions” between the waters as Muhammad said and they eventually mix. On one side we have the fresh waters of the river running into the sea and on the other side we have the salty water of the sea being pushed away. In between the two we have a mixture of the two waters. The Islamic sites claim this water in between, acts as the barrier. This statement is simply asinine to say the least. The waters eventually keep mixing until all the salt water and sweet water become one. The mixed water between the two waters is not the barrier but the reverse. It is the mixture of the two.

One Muslim insisted that despite the fact that the phenomenon was known, at that time it is still a miracle because Muhammad was illiterate and he could not have known this and he insisted that I prove that Muhammad had heard this from someone.

I find this quite absurd. If I write the theory of relativity and claim this is revealed to me and I never heard of Einstein, it is not up to you to prove I have heard of him. It is up to me to prove I have not.

Here what we did is prove that this knowledge existed prior to Muhammad. People knew that waters of different density do not mix and they could observer it. Despite that Muhammad assumes that the waters never mix. Which is obviously incorrect. De states that there is a barrier between the waters, which is of course untrue. These verses point to Muhammad’s ignorance and they are no miracles at all.

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      Sahih Muslim, Vol 4 No 1161:- Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: When there is a call to prayer the devil runs back breaking the wind so that he may not hear the call, and when the call is complete he comes back.

      Malik Muwatta, Book 3 No 6:-Yahya related to me from Malik from Abu’z-Zinad from al-Araj from Abu Hurayra that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “When the call to prayer is made Shaytan retreats, passing wind, so that he will not hear the adhan. When the adhan is completed he comes back, until, when the iqama is said, he retreats again. When the iqama is completed, he comes back, until he comes between a man and his self and says, ’Think of such and such, think of such and such,’ which he was not thinkingabout before, until the man does not know how much he has prayed.”

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      Islam Q & A:


      She passes wind continually; does this mean she cannot go to the mosque?
      Am I not allowed to pray in the mosque, because I suffer from constant emission of wind that does not have a smell? How often do I have to do wudoo’ in order to offer obligatory and naafil prayers?


      Praise be to Allaah.

      Emission of wind invalidates wudoo’, because of the report narrated by al-Bukhaari (135) from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “No prayer will be accepted from one who is in a state of minor impurity until he does wudoo’.” A man from Hadramawt said: What is minor impurity, O Abu Hurayrah? He said: Breaking wind silently or loudly.

      2 WAYS TO FART

      Breaking wind is of two types:
      Where there is a time when it stops, such as if it was coming out, then it stops for a while during which one can do wudoo’ and pray. In this case, you have to do wudoo’ and pray during the time when it stops.

      Where it is continual and there is no time when it stops, rather it may come out at any time. In this case you should do wudoo’ for every prayer after the time for that prayer begins, and pray the obligatory prayer and whatever naafil prayers you want with this wudoo’, and whatever wind comes out will not affect you, even if that is during prayer.


      Volume 1, Book 4, Number 137:
      Narrated Abu Huraira:
      Allah’s Apostle said, “The prayer of a person who does ,Hadath (passes, urine, stool or wind) is not accepted till he performs (repeats) the ablution.” A person from Hadaramout asked Abu Huraira, “What is ‘Hadath’?” Abu Huraira replied, ” ‘Hadath’ means the passing of wind from the anus.”
      Note: Ritualistic cleaning is necessary after farting.

      “Allaah intends for you ease”
      [al-Baqarah 2:185]
      “and has not laid upon you in religion any hardship”
      If what comes out has an unpleasant smell, it is not permissible for you to go to the mosque, because of the annoyance that this will cause to the worshippers and the angels.
      [al-Hajj 22:78].
      End quote.

      BIG FART

      It says in Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah (5/411):
      The basic principle is that emission of wind invalidates wudoo’, but if it comes out of a person constantly, he has to do wudoo’ for each prayer when he wants to pray, then if it comes out of him whilst he is praying, it will not invalidate the prayer and he has to continue his prayer until he completes it, as a concession from Allah to His slaves and so as to relieve them of hardship, as Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

      WHY MUSLIMS CAN’T EAT CABBAGE & BACON (fart, fart, fart)

      Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said:
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      Why is Muhammad making sure with his instruction that the fly gets a full body ablution in your drink, transferring the maximum number of bacteria and diseases into it?

      Here is what the medical world says:
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      … A well fed fly defecates at least once every 5 minutes!

      Another website has this to say about flies:

      … The two-winged flies constitute a larger order of insects and well over 110,000 different species are known throughout the world. This group forms one of the most highly specialized of insect orders and many species are of the utmost significance in regard to human welfare. If there is anything as “harmless as a fly”, it is certainly not the common housefly or any of its relatives.
      Diseases, e.g., malaria, dysentery, sleeping sickness, onchocerciasis, elephantiasis and yellow fever are carried or transmitted from man to man by bloodsucking dipterous flies. Many other diseases are transmitted mechanically by flies due to the habit exhibited by many species of sucking liquid from excreta and other decaying organic matter and then settling on and vomiting on your food.
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      Bukhari Hadith 2:245
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  2. Lucky, hehe… about Plum….hmmmm wrong again!!

    A believer in Islam who believes in the Quran and does the Sunnah of the Prophet like praying, fasting, payment of Zakaat, Pilgrimage is a Muslim which is endorsed by the Quran to be followed is CALLED A MUSLIM.

    Lucky, there are four categories of Muslims but Islam is only ONE since the source of Islam IS the Quran and the practicality of the Quranic adherence came directly from the obedience to the Prophet who showed us how to do the above.

    1st category of muslims : Believers in Quran and followers of Sunnah but NOT hadiths.

    2nd : Believers in Hadiths more than the Quran yet believe in both.

    3rd : Dividers…who go to any length to bring about sects amongst Muslims these are the Egg-Heads who spoil the tranquility and peace that Islam propagates.

    4th : Believers in Quran ONLY and yet they REJECT the Prophet.

    … about Plum…. wrong again!!

  3. Ali Sina is an ignorant and narrow-minded person who studied Islam with the wrong way and, without any proper or complete research, abandoned it. Now he has written many articles (and even a book that has been refuted millions of time) against Islam. This one is also an example. Only two points are notable (because they’re the only points):

    1) Sea waters not always mingle with each other and their mingling is for a temporal period just like the time milk takes to get mixed with coffee.

    2) This phenomenon was not unknown before the Prophet.

    Ali Sina says himself in this article, ‘The waters do not mix because of the difference in their density, salinity and temperature.’ Obviously, this is what actually happens and the result has been announced in Qur’an.

    About Strait of Gibraltar, Wikipedia states:

    ‘The Mediterranean waters are so much saltier than the Atlantic waters that they sink below the constantly incoming water and form a highly saline (…both warm and salty) layer of bottom water. This layer of bottom-water constantly works its way out into the Atlantic as the Mediterranean outflow. On the Atlantic side of the strait, a density boundary separates the Mediterranean outflow waters from the rest at about 100 m (330 ft) depth. These waters flow out and down the continental slope, losing salinity, until they begin to mix…much further out at a depth of about 1,000 m (3,300 ft). The Mediterranean outflow water layer can be traced for thousands of kilometers west of the strait, before completely losing its identity.’

    This boundary is known as Pycnocline Layer.

    Britannica Encyclopedia states:

    ‘Pycnocline, in oceanography, boundary separating two liquid layers of different densities. In oceans, a large density difference between surface waters (or upper 100 meters…) and deep ocean water effectively prevents vertical currents; the one exception is in polar regions where Pycnocline is absent. Formation of Pycnocline may result from changes in salinity or temperature. Because the Pycnocline zone is extremely stable, it acts as a barrier for surface processes. Thus, changes in salinity or temperature are very small below Pycnocline but are seasonal in surface waters.’

    It’s not worth debating whether this separation is temporary or permanent. It exists and this is what Ali Sina couldn’t see because he has worn a veil on his face that keeps him in darkness – the veil of ignorance.

    An article written by a couple of Franks state:

    ‘In a tabletop tank containing a layer of freshwater above a layer of salty water, students observe the formation of a third intermediate-density layer. The third layer, colored with food
    dye, intrudes horizontally between the two original layers, generating an internal wave that moves more slowly and is of larger amplitude than waves at the air-water interface. Subsequent injection of food dye followed by a ‘wind event’ – air blown across the water’s surface – show that the Pycnocline is a surprisingly effective barrier to mixing.’

    It further tells us:

    ‘Most ocean basins have a permanent Pycnocline between about 500 and 1000 m depth and a seasonal Pycnocline that forms during the summer between about 20 and 100 m depth.’

    You can read their full article at: http://www.tos.org/oceanography/archive/22-1_franks.pdf

    Was it not unknown before the Prophet? Aristotle, as Ali Sina says himself, described Pycnocline before the Prophet but there is not a single evidence that an Arab has means to access the scientific research made by Greeks, Egyptians or Babylonians. It is just like saying that Jesus stole something from Buddha. Arabs had their own ways of life and they had no interest in science. Thus, uprising of an Arab and his descriptions of certain scientific facts, is not what we can ignore so casually.

    • Dear MM, he is another crackpot and we shall expose him from his remarks made step by step :

      Sinha : “Incest among cousins, and child rape is regarded immoral by all the people, religious or not. But Muslims practice it and see nothing wrong in them. They have a much lower morality than humanity at large. People who have no religion know that marriage between first cousins is incest”.

      We : Sinha is a former Muslim and is insulting himself and his family by being the products of “Incest among cousins, and child rape”!!!

      But we may save his lowest dignity in that : Incest is sex between mother/father and child/ren, uncles/aunts and nieces/nephews, siblings.

      NOTE : Sex between cousins is NOT incest!!! Also muslims do NOT practice child rape. Did this Sinha dude used to do child rape when he was still a muslim in Iran??

      Muslim women are covered preserving their chastity and their men are more pious, respective towards others and have much higher morality than humanity at large!

      Sinha : “People who have no religion know that marriage between first cousins is incest”.

      We : Who are those “People who have NO religion”??

      And finally he gets the definition of incest wrong!

      • Dear MM, he is another crackpot and we shall expose him from his remarks made step by step(4) : see this Sinha dude advising a Muslim scholar who wants to leave Islam :

        Sinha : “Of course you also need to make money to survive. This needs a little pacification. There are ways to make a living while putting to work your expertise. Apply for a teaching position in a university. You can teach Islamic studies. Maybe this is something you can do even in your country, but most certainly you can do it in a western country, such as UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and USA. You may even find a teaching position where you can teach online. If you have to spend some time to upgrade your diploma it is a time well spent.

        Another way to make a living is to write books. But I don’t think you should rely on books alone for your sustenance. You need a steady source of income. Books may or may not sell enough to support you. If you become a successful writer, you can even make money by giving speeches. Ayan Hishi Ali does that and she is doing quite well. This may require that you migrate to one of the above mentioned countries.”

        We : Sinha dude admits “You can teach Islamic studies” for a living!!!!!!!!! What a hypocrite!!

        MM, sorry I forgot to give you the site : http://alisina.org/blog/2013/09/12/muslim-scholar-leaves-islam/



          • Dear MM, Islam IS increasing and NOT decreasing…as to date ISLAM IS the leading religion because of the original source and that is the Quran…..even Raj will agree with that!!

            Remember that : Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis are NOT Hindus…..in fact African and south American traditionalists combined pulp hindus in numbers.

            For Christianity…the Jews are NOT Christians also Catholics and Protestants are at loggerhead and point daggers to each other. There are thousands of sects in Christianity as it is NOT a unified religion as Islam is. Catholics have their own bible and protestants their own….whereas Quran is ONE!

            How can people with differing Bibles be called the same Christians?

            Even if there 100 sects amongst Muslims yet they all believe in the same Quran and do NOT differ on that!!

            Refer : Muslims “Overtake” Catholics, Become Largest Religion!


            Maybe a few Muslims may have left Islam but many get converted to Islam and that is what this site is about…to stop people converting to Islam!!


        Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said,
        “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed.”
        Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi, Qadi ‘Iyad, p.375

        Entire Legs
        Narrated Abu Juhaifa: By chance I went to the Prophet at noon while he was at Al-Abtah (resting) in a tent. Bilal came out (of the tent) and pronounced the Adhan for the prayer, and entering again, he brought out the water which was left after Allah’s Apostle had performed the ablution. The people rushed to take some of the water. Bilal again went in and brought out a spear-headed stick, and then Allah’s Apostle came out. As if I were now looking at the whiteness of his leg. Bilal fixed the stick and the Prophet offered a two-Rakat Zuhr prayer and a two-Rak’at ‘Asr prayer, while women and donkeys were passing in front of the Prophet (beyond the stick).
        Sahih Bukhari 4:56:767

        Anas (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) set out on an expedition to Khaibar and we observed our morning prayer in early hours of the dawn. The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) then mounted and so did Abu Talha ride, and I was seating myself behind Abu Talha. Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) moved in the narrow street of Khaibar (and we rode so close to each other in the street) that my knee touched the leg of Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him). (A part of the) lower garment of Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) slipped from his leg and I could see the whiteness of the leg of Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him). As he entered the habitation he called: Allah-o-Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)…
        Sahih Muslim 8:3325

        Narrated ‘Abdul ‘Aziz: Anas said, ‘When Allah’s Apostle invaded Khaibar, we offered the Fajr prayer there yearly in the morning) when it was still dark. The Prophet rode and Abu Talha rode too and I was riding behind Abu Talha. The Prophet passed through the lane of Khaibar quickly and my knee was touching the thigh of the Prophet . He uncovered his thigh and I saw the whiteness of the thigh of the Prophet. When he entered the town, he said, ‘Allahu Akbar! Khaibar is ruined…
        Sahih Bukhari 1:8:367, See Also Sahih Muslim 19.4437:1

        Abu Juhaifa reported it on the authority of his father: I came to the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) in Mecca and he was (at that time) at al- Abtah in a red leather tent. And Bilal stepped out with ablution water for him. (And what was left out of that water) some of them got it (whereas others could not get it) and (those who got it) rubbed themselves with it. Then the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) stepped out with a red mantle on him and I was catching a glimpse of the whiteness of his shanks. The narrator said: He (the Holy Prophet) performed the ablution…
        Sahih Muslim 4:1014

        Narrated Al-Muttalib: When Uthman ibn Maz’un died, he was brought out on his bier and buried. The Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered a man to bring him a stone, but he was unable to carry it. The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) got up and going over to it rolled up his sleeves. The narrator Kathir told that al-Muttalib remarked: The one who told me about the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: I still seem to see the whiteness of the forearms of the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) when he rolled up his sleeves. He then carried it and placed it at his head saying: I am marking my brother’s grave with it, and I shall bury beside him those of my family who die.
        Abu Dawud 20:3200

        Narrated Abu Humaid As-Sa’idi: Allah’s Apostle employed an employee (to collect Zakat). The employee returned after completing his job and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! This (amount of Zakat) is for you, and this (other amount) was given to me as a present.” The Prophet said to him, “Why didn’t you stay at your father’s or mother’s house and see if you would be given presents or not?” Then Allah’s Apostle got up in the evening after the prayer, and having testified that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and praised and glorified Allah as He deserved, he said, “Now then ! What about an employee whom we employ and then he comes and says, ‘This amount (of Zakat) is for you, and this (amount) was given to me as a present’? Why didn’t he stay at the house of his father and mother to see if he would be given presents or not? By Him in Whose Hand Muhammad’s soul is, none of you will steal anything of it (i.e. Zakat) but will bring it by carrying it over his neck on the Day of Resurrection. If it has been a camel, he will bring it (over his neck) while it will be grunting, and if it has been a cow, he will bring it (over his neck), while it will be mooing; and if it has been a sheep, he will bring it (over his neck) while it will be bleeding.” The Prophet added, “I have preached you (Allah’s Message).” Abu Humaid said, “Then Allah’s Apostle raised his hands so high that we saw the whiteness of his armpits.”
        Sahih Bukhari 8:78:631, See Also Sahih Bukhari 9.086.108:1:1, Sahih Bukhari 9.089.286:1:1, Sahih Bukhari 9.089.305:1:1, Sahih Bukhari 3.047.769:1:1, Sahih Muslim 20.4511:1, Sahih Muslim 20.4509:1

        Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Malik: Ibn Buhaina, “When the Prophet prayed, he used to separate his arms from his body so widely that the whiteness of his armpits was visible.”
        Sahih Bukhari 1:8:385u, See Also Sahih Bukhari 2:17:141, Sahih Bukhari 1:12:771, Sahih Bukhari 4:56:765, Sahih Bukhari 4:56:766, Sahih Bukhari 8:75:392, Sahih Muslim 4:1000, Sahih Muslim 4:1001, Sahih Muslim 4:1003, Sahih Muslim 4:1004, Sahih Muslim 4:1951, Sahih Muslim 4:1953

        Narrated Abu Musa: When the Prophet had finished from the battle of Hunain, he sent Abu Amir at the head of an army to Autas He (i.e. Abu Amir) met Duraid bin As Summa and Duraid was killed and Allah defeated his companions. The Prophet sent me with Abu ‘Amir. Abu Amir was shot at his knee with an arrow which a man from Jushm had shot and fixed into his knee. I went to him and said, “O Uncle! Who shot you?” He pointed me out (his killer) saying, “That is my killer who shot me (with an arrow).” So I headed towards him and overtook him, and when he saw me, he fled, and I followed him and started saying to him, “Won’t you be ashamed? Won’t you stop?” So that person stopped, and we exchanged two hits with the swords and I killed him. Then I said to Abu ‘Amir. “Allah has killed your killer.” He said, “Take out this arrow” So I removed it, and water oozed out of the wound. He then said, “O son of my brother! Convey my compliments to the Prophet and request him to ask Allah’s Forgiveness for me.” Abu Amir made me his successor in commanding the people (i.e. troops). He survived for a short while and then died. (Later) I returned and entered upon the Prophet at his house, and found him lying in a bed made of stalks of date-palm leaves knitted with ropes, and on it there was bedding. The strings of the bed had their traces over his back and sides. Then I told the Prophet about our and Abu Amir’s news and how he had said “Tell him to ask for Allah’s Forgiveness for me.” The Prophet asked for water, performed ablution and then raised hands, saying, “O Allah’s Forgive ‘Ubaid, Abu Amir.” At that time I saw the whiteness of the Prophet’s armpits. The Prophet then said, “O Allah, make him (i.e. Abu Amir) on the Day of Resurrection, superior to many of Your human creatures.” I said, “Will you ask Allah’s Forgiveness for me?” (On that) the Prophet said, “O Allah, forgive the sins of ‘Abdullah bin Qais and admit him to a nice entrance (i.e. paradise) on the Day of Resurrection.” Abu Burda said, “One of the prayers was for Abu ‘Amir and the other was for Abu Musa (i.e. ‘Abdullah bin Qais).”
        Sahih Bukhari 5:59:612, See Also Sahih Muslim 31:6092, Sahih Muslim 31:6092

        Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: I came to the Prophet (peace be upon him) from behind. I saw the whiteness of his armpits and he kept his arms away from his sides and raised his stomach (from the ground).
        Abu Dawud 3:898

        Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin: The people complained to the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) of the lack of rain, so he gave an order for a pulpit. It was then set up for him in the place of prayer. He fixed a day for the people on which they should come out. Aisha said: The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him), when the rim of the sun appeared, sat down on the pulpit, and having pronounced the greatness of Allah and expressed His praise, he said: You have complained of drought in your homes, and of the delay in receiving rain at the beginning of its season. Allah has ordered you to supplicate Him has and promised that He will answer your prayer. Then he said: Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the Master of the Day of Judgment. There is no god but Allah Who does what He wishes. O Allah, Thou art Allah, there is no deity but Thou, the Rich, while we are the poor. Send down the rain upon us and make what Thou sendest down a strength and satisfaction for a time. He then raised his hands, and kept raising them till the whiteness under his armpits was visible. He then turned his back to the people and inverted or turned round his cloak while keeping his hands aloft. He then faced the people, descended and prayed two rak’ahs. Allah then produced a cloud, and the storm of thunder and lightning came on. Then the rain fell by Allah’s permission, and before he reached his mosque streams were flowing. When he saw the speed with which the people were seeking shelter, he (peace be upon him) laughed till his back teeth were visible. Then he said: I testify that Allah is Omnipotent and that I am Allah’s servant and apostle.
        Abu Dawud 3:1169

        Narrated Al-Bara’ bin ‘Azib: The Prophet was carrying earth with us on the day of the battle of Al-Ahzab (confederates) and I saw that the dust was covering the whiteness of his abdomen, and he (the Prophet ) was saying, “(O Allah) ! Without You, we would not have been guided, nor would we have given in charity, nor would we have prayed. So (O Allah!) please send tranquility (Sakina) upon us as they, (the chiefs of the enemy tribes) have rebelled against us. And if they intend affliction (i.e. want to frighten us and fight against us) then we would not (flee but withstand them). And the Prophet used to raise his voice with it. (See Hadith No. 430 and 432, Vol. 5)
        Sahih Bukhari 9:90:342, See Also Sahih Bukhari 4:52:90

        It has been reported on the authority of Barra’ who said: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) was carrying the earth with us on the Day of Ahzab and the whiteness of his belly had been covered with earth. (While engaged in this toil) he was reciting:
        By God, if Thou hadst not guided us
        We would have neither been guided aright nor practised charity,
        Nor offered prayers.
        Descend on us peace and tranquillity.
        Behold I these people (the Meccans) refused to follow us.
        According to another version, he recited:
        The chieftains (of the tribes) refused to follow us
        When they contemplated mischief, we rejected it.
        And with this (verse) he would raise his voice.
        Sahih Muslim 19:4442

        ‘Amir b. Sa’d reported: I saw the Messenger of Allah (may peace be open him) pronouncing taslim on his right and on his left till I saw the whiteness of his cheek.
        Sahih Muslim 4:1208

        Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas’ud: The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to give the salutation to his left and right sides until the whiteness of his cheek was seen, (saying: “Peace be upon you, and mercy of Allah” twice. AbuDawud said: This is a version of the tradition reported by AbuSufyan. The version of Isra’il did not explain it. AbuDawud said: This tradition has been narrated by Zubayr from AbuIshaq and Yahya ibn Adam from Isra’il from AbuIshaq from AbdurRahman ibn al-Aswad from his father from Alqamah on the authority of Abdullah ibn Mas’ud. AbuDawud said: Shu’bah used to reject this tradition, the tradition narrated by AbuIshaq as coming from the Prophet (peace be upon him).
        Abu Dawud 3:991

        Narrated Al-Azraq ibn Qays: An imam of ours, whose kunyah (surname) was AbuRimthah, led us in prayer and said: I prayed this prayer, or one like it, with the Prophet (peace be upon him). AbuBakr and Umar were standing in the front row on his right and there was a man who had been present at the first takbir in the prayer. The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) offered the prayer, then gave the salutation to his right and his left so that we saw the whiteness of his cheeks, then turned away as AbuRimthah (meaning himself) had done. The man who has been present with him at the first takbir in the prayer then got up to pray another prayer, whereupon Umar leaped up and, seizing him by the shoulders, shook him and said: Sit down, for the People of the Book perished for no other reason than that there was no interval between their prayers. The Prophet (peace be upon him) raised his eyes and said: Allah has made you say what is right, son of al-Khattab.
        Abu Dawud 3:1002

        Chapter 26 of Sahih Muslim on the USC-MSA website is entitled,
        Jurairi reported: I said to Abu Tufail: Did you see Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him)? He said: Yes, he had a white handsome face. Muslim b. Hajjaj said: Abu Tufail who died in 100 Hijra was the last of the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him).
        Sahih Muslim 30:5777, See Also Sahih Muslim 30:5786


        Narrated Anas bin Malik: While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: “Who amongst you is Muhammad?” At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, “This white man reclining on his arm.” The an then addressed him, “O Son of ‘Abdul Muttalib.”…
        Sahih Bukhari 1:3:63

        Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Dinar: My father said, “I heard Ibn ‘Umar reciting the poetic verses of Abu Talib: And a white (person) (i.e. the Prophet) who is requested to pray for rain and who takes care of the orphans and is the guardian of widows.” Salim’s father (Ibn ‘Umar) said, “The following poetic verse occurred to my mind while I was looking at the face of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) while he was praying for rain. He did not get down till the rain water flowed profusely from every roof-g utter: And a white (person) who is requested to pray for rain and who takes care of the orphans and is the guardian of widows . . . And these were the words of Abu Talib.”
        Sahih Bukhari 2:17:122

        Narrated Isma’il bin Abi Khalid: I heard Abii Juhaifa saying, “I saw the Prophet, and Al-Hasan bin ‘Ali resembled him.” I said to Abu- Juhaifa, “Describe him for me.” He said, “He was white and his beard was black with some white hair. He promised to give us 13 young she-camels, but he expired before we could get them.”
        Sahih Bukhari 4:56:744

        Abu Tufail reported: I saw Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and there is one amongst the people of the earth who (are living at the present time and) had seen him except me. I said to him: How did you find him? He said: He had an elegant white color, and he was of an average height.
        Sahih Muslim 30:5778, See Also Sahih Muslim 30:5778

        Narrated Rabia bin Abi Abdur-Rahman: I heard Anas bin Malik describing the Prophet saying, “He was of medium height amongst the people, neither tall nor short; he had a rosy color, neither absolutely white nor deep brown; his hair was neither completely curly nor quite lank. Divine Inspiration was revealed to him when he was forty years old. He stayed ten years in Mecca receiving the Divine Inspiration, and stayed in Medina for ten more years. When he expired, he had scarcely twenty white hairs in his head and beard.” Rabi’a said, “I saw some of his hairs and it was red. When I asked about that, I was told that it turned red because of scent.”
        Sahih Bukhari 4:56:747
        Narrated Anas: Allah’s Apostle was neither very tall nor short, neither absolutely white nor deep brown. His hair was neither curly nor lank. Allah sent him (as an Apostle) when he was forty years old. Afterwards he resided in Mecca for ten years and in Medina for ten more years. When Allah took him unto Him, there was scarcely twenty white hairs in his head and beard.
        Sahih Bukhari 4:56:748

        Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet was neither conspicuously tall, nor short; neither, very white, nor tawny. His hair was neither much curled, nor very straight. Allah sent him (as an Apostle) at the age of forty (and after that) he stayed for ten years in Mecca, and for ten more years in Medina. Allah took him unto Him at the age of sixty, and he scarcely had ten white hairs on his head and in his beard.
        Sahih Bukhari 7:72:787
        Anas b. Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) was neither very conspicuously tall nor short-statured, and his color was neither glaringly white nor brown; his hair was neither very curly nor very straight; Allah commissioned him (as a Prophet) when he had reached the age of forty years, and he stayed in Mecca for ten years and for ten years in Medina; Allah took him away when he had just reached the age of sixty, and there had not been twenty white hair in his head and beard.
        Sahih Muslim 30:579
        1. ↑ Sahih Muslim Book 30, Chapter 26
        • Jurairi reported: I said to Abu Tufail: Did you see Allah’s Messenger (Sallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam)? He said: Yes, he had a white handsome face. Muslim b. Hajjaj said: Abu Tufail who died in 100 Hijra was the last of the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (Sallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam).
        (Book 030, Number 5777)
        • Abu Tufail reported: I saw Allah’s Messenger (Sallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam) and there is one amongst the people of the earth who (are living at the present time and) had seen him except me. I said to him: How did you find him? He said: He had an elegant white color, and he was of an average height.
        (Book 030, Number 5778)


        Sahih Bukhari 9:89:256
        Volume 9, Book 89, Number 256:
        Narrated Anas bin Malik:
        Allah’s Apostle said, “You should listen to and obey, your ruler even if he was an Ethiopian (black) slave whose head looks like a raisin.”
        Sahih Muslim 5:2334
        “The most hateful among the creation of Allah was one black man among them (Khwarij). One of his hand is like the teat of a goat or the nipple of the breast.”
        Ishaq 243
        I heard the Apostle say: ‘Whoever wants to see Satan should look at Nabtal!’ He was a black man with long flowing hair, inflamed eyes, and dark ruddy cheeks…. Allah sent down concerning him: ‘To those who annoy the Prophet there is a painful doom.” [9:61] “Gabriel came to Muhammad and said, ‘If a black man comes to you his heart is more gross than a donkey’s.’
        Ishaq 450
        “It is your folly to fight the Apostle, for Allah’s army is bound to disgrace you. We brought them to the pit. Hell was their meeting place. We collected them there, black slaves, men of no descent.”
        Ishaq 374
        The black troops and slaves of the Meccans cried out and the Muslims replied, ‘Allah destroy your sight, you impious rascals.’
        Mishkat, v. iii, p. 117
        “Abu Darda reported that the Holy Prophet said: Allah created Adam when he created him (sic). Then He stroke (sic) his right shoulder and took out a white race as if they were seeds, and He stroke (sic) his left shoulder and took out a black race as if they were coals. Then He said to those who were in his right side: Towards paradise and I don’t care. He said to those who were on his left shoulder: Towards Hell and I don’t care. – Ahmad”
        Ibn Musa al-Yahsubi, Qadi ‘Iyad, p.375
        Ahmad ibn Abi Sulayman, the companion of Sahnun said, “Anyone who says that the Prophet was black should be killed.
        Tabari II:21
        “Ham [Africans] begat all those who are black and curly-haired, while Japheth [Turks] begat all those who are full-faced with small eyes, and Shem [Arabs] begat everyone who is handsome of face with beautiful hair.
        Nasīr al-Dīn al-Tūsī, Shia Muslim Scholar (1201-74), Tasawwurat (Rawdat al-taslim):
        “If (all types of men) are taken, from the first, and one placed after another, like the Negro from Zanzibar, in the Southern-most countries, the Negro does not differ from an animal in anything except the fact that his hands have been lifted from the earth -in no other peculiarity or property – except for what God wished. Many have seen that the ape is more capable of being trained than the Negro, and more intelligent.”
        Muhammad’s first wife was a wealthy Meccan widow named Khadija, who had hired Muhammad to manage her business. After some time, she sent her maid, Nafisa, to propose marriage to him on her behalf, He was twenty-five years old, she was forty. Muhammad’s marriage to Khadija assured him of prestige among his tribe, the tribe of Quraysh.
        Subsequently, Khadija’s cousin, Bishop Waraka Ibn Nofal, who was the Ebionite Christian Bishop of Mecca, officiated at the marriage ceremony. Muhammad lived with Khadija in Mecca and she provided for him a constant source of support and a comfortable lifestyle.
        After Muhammad’s marriage to Khadija, Bishop Waraka Ibn Nofal befriended him and set his mind to train and disciple Muhammad to succeed him as the Ebionite Bishop of Mecca. Muhammad’s prosperous union with Khadija gave him time for solitude at the cave of Mount Hira in a suburb of Mecca. It was there that Bishop Waraka began to teach and train him.
        Bishop Waraka taught Muhammad many of the Old and New Testament stories of the Bible. These stories are mentioned in the Quran with great distortion. He also taught Muhammad about Jesus according to the Ebionites’ belief, who denied the deity of Christ.
        Shortly thereafter, Muhammad had the cave encounter…
        -I’ve think I have pretty much proven anything I need to prove here. The big question is, are you going to listen. I have done my homework. I know what I am talking about. Time for you to do yours. Research for yourself and you will learn what I have shown you is 100% accurate. Hopefully you have the fortitude to listen to that which I have shown you…

        Anti-Gaddafi jihadists are slaughtering black migrant workers, even if they are Muslims, simply because they are black, because Arab Muslims hate blacks.
        The al-Qaeda rebels in Libya are killing black Africans because of the anti-black, racist and innate hatred for black Africans by Arab Muslims. In Arabic, the word for ‘ black’ and ‘slave’ is the same word.
        In the Arabic language even before Muhammad, the word Slave/ Abd was – and still is – associated with BLACK AFRICANS.
        “Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message):’I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them’” (Qur’an 8:12).
        “Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them)… Thus (are ye commanded): but if it had been Allah’s Will, He could certainly have exacted retribution from them (Himself); but (He lets you fight) in order to test you, some with others. But those who are slain in the Way of Allah,- He will never let their deeds be lost” (Qur’an 47:4).
        “…he [Muhammad] said [to Abu Sufyan],‘Isn’t it time that you should recognize that there is no God but Allah?’
        He answered, ‘You are dearer to me than father or mother. How great is your clemency, honour, and kindness! By God, I thought that had there been another God with God he would have continued to help me.’
        He said, ‘Woe to you, Abu Sufyan, isn’t it time that you should recognize that I am God’s apostle?’
        He answered, ‘As to that I still have some doubt.’
        I said to him,‘Submit and testify that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the apostle of God before you lose your head,’ so he did so” (Ishaq, 547).
        Does Allah “encourage hatred”?
        Why, yes:
        “the Messenger of Allah … would say:’ Fight in the name of Allah and in the way of Allah. Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war…. When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action…. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them…. If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them …’” (Muslim Book 19, Number 4294).
        “fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)… ” (Qur’an 9:5).
        “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth,(even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (Qur’an 9:29).
        “Allah’s Apostle said:’I have been ordered (by Allah) to fight against the people until they testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah’s Apostle …’” (Bukhari Volume 1, Book 2, Number 24).
        “It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. Ye desire the lure of this world and Allah desireth (for you) the Hereafter, and Allah is Mighty, Wise” (Qur’an 8:67).
        “Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans; and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, “We are Christians”: because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant” (Qur’an 5:82).
        “And well ye knew those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: We said to them: “Be ye apes, despised and rejected” (Qur’an 2:65).
        “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say, “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him”‘” (Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177).
        “… We were (sitting) in the mosque when the Messenger of Allah … came to us and said:(Let us) go to the Jews. We went out with him until we came to them. The Messenger of Allah … stood up and called out to them (saying): O ye assembly of Jews, accept Islam (and) you will be safe.
        “he killed their men, and distributed their women, children and properties among the Muslims, except that some of them had joined the Messenger of Allah … who granted them security. They embraced Islam. The Messenger of Allah … turned out all the Jews of Medlina. Banu Qainuqa’(the tribe of ‘Abdullah b. Salim) and the Jews of Banu Haritha and every other Jew who was in Medina.
        “It has been narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah … say: I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim” (Muslim Book 19, Number 4363-4366).”
        “Abu Burda reported on the authority of his father that Allah’s Apostle … said: No Muslim would die but Allah would admit in his stead a Jew or a Christian in Hell-Fire.’Umar b. Abd al-’Aziz took an oath: By One besides Whom there is no god but He, thrice that his father had narrated that to him from Allah’s Messenger …” (Muslim Book 37, Number 6666).
        “Those who disbelieve, neither their possessions nor their (numerous) progeny will avail them aught against Allah: They are themselves but fuel for the Fire” (Qur’an 3:10).
        “Yahya related to me from Malik that he heard that Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz gave a decision that when a [J]ew or [C]hristian was killed, his blood-money was half the blood-money of a free muslim.
        “Malik said,’What is done in our community, is that a muslim is not killed for a kafir unless the muslim kills him by deceit. Then he is killed for it.’
        “Malik said,’The blood-monies of the Jew, Christian, and Magian in their injuries, is according to the injury of the muslims in their blood-moneys. The head wound is a twentieth of his full blood-money. The wound that opens the head is a third of his blood-money. The belly-wound is a third of his blood-money. All their injuries are according to this calculation’” (Muwatta Book 43, Number 43.15.8b).
        “O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust” (Qur’an 5:51).
        “Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the Shaitan. Fight therefore against the friends of the Shaitan; surely the strategy of the Shaitan is weak” (Qur’an 4:76).
        “Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures” (Qur’an 98:6).
        “Muhammad – the messenger of GOD – and those with him are harsh and stern against the disbelievers, but kind and compassionate amongst themselves” (Qur’an 48:29).
        In Mohammedan Islam, all human beings are the SLAVES/ ABEED of Allah.
        The relationship between Allah and Humanity is like that of a Master and his Slaves. It is based on FEAR of Allah and NOT on LOVE.
        In the Arabic language even before Mohammad, the word Slave/ Abd was – and still is – associated with BLACK AFRICANS.
        The Arabs looked upon the Black people as inferior beings. Mohammedan Islam and the exegetes of the faith propagated the same image.
        Sura Al-i-Imran, 3:106-107 “On the day when some faces will be whitened and some faces will be blackened, say to those whose faces will be blackened, ‘Did ye reject faith after accepting it? Taste then the penalty for rejecting faith.’ But those whose faces will be whitened, they will be in Allah’s mercy: therein to dwell.”
        #432 The “face” (wajh) expresses our Personality, our inmost being. White is the colour of Light; to become white is to be illumined with Light, which stands for felicity, the rays of the glorious light of Allah. Black is the colour of darkness, sin, rebellion, misery; removal from the grace and light of Allah. These are the Signs of heaven and hell. The standard of decision in all questions is the justice of Allah#
        The question to be asked is why is white equated with goodness and black equated with evil?
        As a researcher, I am very puzzled at the lack of balanced historical reports by Muslims concerning the African people.
        And consider this: Africa produced great thinkers like Augustine of Hippo (Algeria), Clement and Athanasius of Egypt, and Tertullian of Carthage (Tunis), while Ethiopia had the first African church totally independent of Europe (Acts 8).
        In fact, I find it most interesting that an African church was planted first before there was ever a church in Britain, Canada, the USA or Spain, or any other European state. So why do we not hear of this African church, and why do we not continue to see any remnants of it today?
        Perhaps we need to go to the Quran again to find the clue. Consider this verse –
        Sura Tauba, 9:5: “Fight and slay [those who associate another with Allah (Shirk)], and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war.”
        It fits the pattern of Mohammedan Islam which fights against all those who choose to follow their own beliefs, that is beliefs not compatible with those of the followers of Mohammad; an idea we find well expressed in the following verse –
        Sura Imran, 3:28 “Let not the believers take disbelievers [Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc] for their friends in preference to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security. Allah biddeth you beware (only) of Himself.
        In North Africa we know that the whole Saharan region of Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Egypt to the Sudan and Ethiopia used to be Christian, before Islam came and destroyed the local churches. Why do we not hear about it in Muslim literature?
        We can examine the history of the Sudan as a case in point. Before the Muslim invasion of 1275 A.D. by the Islamic Mamluks of Egypt, the Sudan had three mini-Christian states called:
        NOBATIA in the north, the capital of Qustul
        MAKURIA, the capital of old Dongola, and
        ALODIA or ALWA, the capital of Soba.
        These three African Christian states, from 300 A.D. to 1500 A.D. had their own written language, great centers of learning, international commerce with Egypt, Ethiopia and other Middle East states, and sent out missionaries to other African states.
        (Read K. Milhalowski,Faras, vol.2, Poland, 1965 for extensive archaeological and historical documentation on these states).
        Even the Arab, ibn Selim al-Assuani, was impressed when he saw Soba, describing it as having, …fine buildings, roomy houses, churches, and the land is more fruitful than Makuria…[and it has] much meat, and good horses.
        All this was wantonly destroyed by Muslim invaders in 1275 A.D., not by European Imperialism.
        The historical records show that the same type of massive destruction, slaughter, subjugation, forced conversion and enslavement happened all over Africa, yet we never hear anyone holding the Mohammedan Muslims – both Arab and African Muslims – in any way responsible.
        No Arab or Muslim country has ever admitted fault or offered any kind of apology while the Europeans and Americans have.
        Why have Christian countries who traded in slavery offered apologies and not a SINGLE Muslim one?
        Arab Muslim RACISM is just as evil and obnoxious as that of the Europeans, so why is it allowed to continue unchallenged?
        Mohammedan Muslim racism continues unabated and unchallenged in Africa.
        In the 1990′s, the Sudan in north-east Africa has been suffering a Muslim jihad-war, whereby thousands of Christians and unbelievers have died, many by crucifixion, or have suffered by having their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off. Is it only coincidental that we find in the Quran, the sanction for this very practice?
        Sura (the Table Spread) 5: 33 “The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and his Messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off…”
        While this is going on, Muslim states have never once told off the Islamic government of Khartoum.
        The silence is DEAFENING. Why?
        Yet there has always been an enormous amount of noise about the apartheid of the old South Africa. Why the double standard?
        That then brings me to the question of slavery. Muslims – the best people on earth at the BLAME GAME – say it is only a Christian phenomenon.
        Let us now examine some facts. Because most of the Black people, in Africa were animists in general, the Mohammedan Muslims labeled them KUFFAR/ UNBELIEVERS from which is the derived the white South African derogatory term for the individual Black as ‘KAFIR’.
        Even in this 21st century, in the ordinary language of the Arabs, Black people are still called ‘ABEED/ SLAVES’.
        This is why according to the Quran, SLAVERY was not PROHIBITED but in fact ENCOURAGED especially the enslavement of UNBELIEVERS.
        It was the British Empire after all, who in the 1850′s who initiated the moves to abolish and stop African Slavery in the first place under pressure from British Christians like David Livingstone and William Wilberforce, and hunted the Arab Muslim slave ships in the Indian ocean and around the African coasts who were continuing their hellish business till recently.
        Have you not read about the islands of Zanzibar and Pembe in East Africa, during the nineteenth century?
        Have you not asked the question as to why Muslim countries have never been involved in the movements for the abolition of slavery?
        Let’s set the record straight. While Europeans were involved with the slave trade for a few hundred years, the existence of the traffic of African slaves had been well established among the Arabs one-thousand years earlier.
        The Muslim position which places the entire blame for the invention and practice of black slavery at the door of Christian Europe is OBSCENELY HYPOCRITICAL and simply not historically tenable.
        Both the Grecian and Roman societies were slave states, yet most of their slaves were Caucasian. In fact, the word slave meant a person who was of Slavic origin.
        Robert Hughes, in his essay on The Fraying of America in the February 3, 1992 issue of Time magazine corrects this false impression when he says:
        “The African slave trade as such, the black traffic, was an Arab invention, developed by traders with the enthusiastic collaboration of black African ones, institutionalized with the most unrelenting brutality, centuries before the white man appeared on the African continent, and continuing long after the slave market in North America was finally crushed.
        …. Nothing in the writings of the Prophet [Muhammad] forbids slavery, which is why it became such an Arab-dominated business. And the slave traffic could not have existed without the wholehearted cooperation of African tribal states, built on the supply of captives generated by their relentless wars.
        The image promulgated by pop-history fictions like Roots – of white slavers bursting with cutlass and musket into the settled lives of peaceful African villages – is very far from the historical truth. A marketing system had been in place for centuries, and its supply was controlled by Africans. Nor did it simply vanish with Abolition.
        Slave markets, supplying the Arab Emirates, were still operating in Djibouti in the 1950′s; and since 1960, the slave trade has flourished in Mauritania and the Sudan. There are still reports of chattel slavery in northern Nigeria, Rwanda and Niger.”
        The argument by some Muslims that slavery was Allah’s way of converting Africans to Islam, is much the same argument suggested by certain misguided Christians in the 19th century who said that, bringing Africans to America gave them the opportunity to hear the Gospel; an argument which holds no credibility in the Bible, and dishonours the character of God.
        Unfortunately Islam still hasn’t learned, as today the slavery of foreign nationals still exists in the heartland of Islam: Saudi Arabia.
        (UN Report on Slavery, 1994)
        Continuing the BLAME GAME, Mohammedan Muslims claim that the Christian West wishes to control Africa. Yet why is it that Africans must not like the Coca Cola culture of the West, but are obliged to start wearing seventh century Arab dress once Islam is taken on?
        What’s wrong with the native beautiful African cultural dress?
        Is it also not RELIGIOUS IMPERIALISM that Black African Muslims are obliged to pray facing a Saudi Arabian city: Mecca?
        Why not face any number of African holy towns instead?
        Why should Africans be forced to believe in an Arabian prophet, Mohammad and in a previously Arabian Pagan god, Allah?
        Who wants to dominate whom?
        Is not Allah supposed to be everywhere, and that prayers should be directed to Him who is the whole Universe?
        Furthermore, why are people who convert to Mohammedan Islam required to read Allah’s word and speak to Him only in Arabic? Does Allah only speak Arabic? Is He not capable of understanding Swahili, Tutsi, Amazigh, and other African languages?
        Based upon the historical records of Slavery in Africa, it was not the WHITE MAN who went into Africa to gather the Black people and take them unto their ships and into slavery.
        In reality, the White Slavers awaited their cargo on the Western and or Eastern coasts of Africa while it was ARAB and BLACK MUSLIMS who raided African communities, massacred, pillaged, raped and rounded the remaining unfortunate humanity and walked them to the shores of Africa for transport to the Americas and elsewhere.
        It is estimated that for every slave that arrived ALIVE to be sold, TEN others perished in the most inhuman and horrible manner possible. The figures are mind-boggling and ranging from 140 million to 180 million human beings.
        Even as you are reading this TODAY, in Darfour, Sudan (meaning land of the Blacks), the Arabized Sudanese are massacring, raping and pillaging other Muslims of the Sudan just because they are of the darker African skin.
        This is a purely ETHNIC/ RACIAL war and is just a continuation of 1450 years of the most obscene oppression of Blacks at the hands of the Arabs and Islam.
        1 Segal, Ronald: Islam’s Black Slaves; Atlantic Books, London 2002.
        2 Azumah, John Alembillah: The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa; Oneworld, Oxford,2001.

        • Lucky, you quoted …“Be ye apes, despised and rejected”.

          Actually the verse is referring to uncle Hanuman’s likes ….otherwise … ask yourself what made them turn to Apes?? Wasn’t it god who transformed them giving better looks than humans???? Isn’t that the reason why Hindus worship those unique human-apes as gods????????????????


    • Dear MM, Sinha is another crackpot and we shall expose him from his remarks made
      step by step(2) :

      Sinha : “The reason Muslims stick to their faith is for the fear of hell. This fear has paralyzed their minds to such an extent that they are unwilling to entertain the thought that Muhammad may have been a liar. They won’t even consider reading a book or an article written against him that may open their eyes.”

      We : People convert to islam because they find that it is the simplest of all the religions and is better than others on morality and it has equality of all races. The Quran has simple instructions to abide by and all muslims stick to it for the simple reason of love but not “for the fear of hell” as this Sinha dude claims.

      There is NO fear that “has paralyzed their minds”. Muslims adore the Prophet and worship Allah the ONLY ONE true God. Muhammad was NOT a liar as stated in the Quran itself.

      Many Muslims DO “read book or articles written against him and open their eyes” to see how much of falsehood is attributed to him via hadiths and Islamic haters. But they believe in him as a messenger more as a result of that. The Prophet is NO more with us today but his Ummah is!!

    • Dear MM, Sinha is another crackpot and we shall expose him from his remarks made
      step by step(3) … hehe this is interesting!

      Sinha : “If you don’t want to give up on her(wife) who has converted to Islam yet, here is what I suggest. Tell her that since differences in religions are causing tension and since she has plugs in her ears and is not interested in truth, you(husband) have decided to convert to Islam. However, you are not going to be a wishy-washy lukewarm Muslim. You want to be a real Muslim. So the very day you convert, you will take your leather belt out and give her a good beating. As long as you don’t break her bones, you are within the Sharia law. If she asks you the reason for the beating, read to her this hadith.

      Narrated Umar ibn al-Khattab: “The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife.” (Dawud: 11: 2142)

      You can also tell her why you beat her if you like. Quote the quranic verse 4:34. “As for
      those from whom ye fear disobedience, admonish them and banish them from the bed, and beat them.” So all you need as an excuse to beat her is the fear that she may be thinking of disobeying you. She does not have to disobey you or even think of it. Your suspicion that she may be thinking of disobeying you is enough to beat the crap out of her. The good part is that you don’t have to answer to anyone. Allah u Akbar! Don’t forget to say that when you beat her”.

      We : Dawud: 11: 2142 is a fake hadith as well as all others. This Sinha is advising his friend make a false conversion to Islam just to beat her for converting to Islam by relating a false hadith and misquoting a verse of the Quran! What an evil friend he is!

      Q 4:34 “…But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them.

      So here,… according to Sinha the husband will say, “now that I’m a muslim I am beating you for disobeying me”. But this Sinha dude forgot that his friend will have converted to Islam and he is NOT allowed to beat her according to Quran and Islamic sharia for converting to Islam. In fact Sinha dude has put his friend’s life in double jeopardy…one being false conversion as a hypocrite and also makes him commit a crime against his wife with two kids of his!!!!

      Sinha never understood Islam in the first Place!!

      • Ali Sina says that he was a Shia Muslim and left Islam after reading Bukhari. 😀 Idiot! Shia Muslims don’t believe in Bukhari in the first place. I think I must have to ask Ali Sina, the world’s greatest jester, ‘how many Shia Islamic books have you studied and if you’ve studied any of’em, why don’t you refer to even one of’em in your articles?’

    • Dear MM, and finally Ali Sinha has accepted that there IS God the creator!!!!!!

      Sinha : “God is the creator of the laws that govern the universe”

      We : First it is confirmed when I told you that this dude is NOT an atheist remember?

      He has written a very interesting article why he believes in God:

      Click this : http://alisina.org/blog/2013/08/28/why-i-believe-in-god-and-afterlife-now/

      Since Sinha has accepted the concept of God we need NO further arguments against him as this suddenly concludes and diminishes everything written against Islam by him!


      When a young Muslim tells his father he wants to get married, his father tells him to “come out back & I will teach you a few tricks”!
      He cuts a branch off a tree & gathers a pile of rocks.
      “Now son, on your wedding night, when she comes on all “lovey dovey”, give her the Mother of All Beatings”. She will begin to cry,
      “But I didn’t do anything wrong”!
      But you tell her, “That’s in case you EVER think of doing anything wrong”!
      The father tells him, “Son, in Islam we marry the VAGINA, THE PUSSY & its to be always ready for us to “play” with:

      Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri
      w45.0 A WIFE’S MARITAL OBLIGATIONS (from m5.I, end)
      w45.1 (Abu Ishaq Shirazi:) A woman is not obliged to serve her husband by baking, grinding flour, cooking, washing, or any other kind of service, because the marriage contract entails, for her part, ONLY THAT SHE LET HIM ENJOY HER SEXUALLY, and she is not obligated to do other thar. that. (A: Rather, it is considered sunna in our school for the wife to do the housework, and the husband (who is obliged to support her) to earn the living, since this is how the Prophet (Allah bless him and give.
      him peace) divided the work between Fatima and ‘Ali (Allah be well pleased with them)) (alMuhadhdhab fi fiqh ai-Imam al-Shafi’i (yI25), 2.68).
      w45.2 (Nahlawi:) The wife’s serving her husband at home-by cooking, cleaning, and baking bread-is religiously obligatory for her, and if she does not, she is committing a sin, though it is not something that she may be forced to do by the court (al-Durar al-mubaha fi ai-hazr wa ai-ibaha (y99),I72).

      “Now son, if you tell her you want to “play” with PUSSY, then she has to drop everything, especially her knickers & get up them stairs”.
      “If she doesn’t, then give her a couple of wallops of the stick & that will teach her manners.”
      “And what are the rocks for Dad?”
      “Well son, there might come a time when she feels like running away & you have to defend your HONOR. This is were the rocks come in handy.
      Dig a big hole in the backyard; put her into a sack & hop the rocks of her head. She won’t run away again”!
      “Women have a knack of having a “headache”, when you want your “iron”!
      “Well, just show her the stick & rocks & tell her,
      “I’ll give you all the headaches you want, if you don’t behave yourself!
      Get up them stairs & warm the bed. I’m feeling horny just thinking about it”!


      • Lucky….hahaa…very interesting….funny indeed…tears of laughter came out from my eyes!

        “Now son, on your wedding night, when she comes on all “lovey dovey”, give her the Mother of All Beatings”….heheee..

        Today we examine some nice verses where Jesus duped the world :

        Numbers 23:19 (KJV)
        God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of Man, that he should repent.
        But Matthews says Jesus was the son of Man….does “Man” sound or means god???
        Matthew 20:28 (KJV) Even as the Son of Man came.

        Jesus caught duping the world in three places!!

        A. John 5:31 If I bear witness of myself, my witness is NOT true.
        John 8:14 I bear witness of myself, my witness IS true.

        B. John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.
        Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

        C. 2 Kings 2:11 As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind.
        John 3:13 No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.

        • THE WISDOM OF MUHAMMAD Muhammad humiliates Satan the genie by choking him with his bare hands Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet once offered the prayer and said, “Satan came in front of me and tried to interrupt my prayer, but Allah gave me an upper hand on him and I choked him. No doubt, I thought of tying him to one of the pillars of the mosque till you get up in the morning and see him. Then I remembered the statement of Prophet Solomon, ‘My Lord! Bestow on me a kingdom such as shall not belong to any other after me.’ Then Allah made him (Satan) return with his head down (humiliated).” Sahih Bukhari 2:22:301 Water mixed with dead dogs and menstrual clothes still clean Narrated AbuSa’id al-Khudri: The people asked the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): Can we perform ablution out of the well of Buda’ah, which is a well into which menstrual clothes, dead dogs and stinking things were thrown? He replied: Water is pure and is not defiled by anything. Abu Dawud 1:66 , See Also Abu Dawud 1:67 Fever comes from the heat of Hell The Prophet said, “Fever is from the heat of Hell, so abate fever with water.” Sahih Bukhari 7:71:621, See Also Sahih Bukhari 7:71:619, Sahih Bukhari 7:71:620, Sahih Bukhari 7:71:622 Wicked wigs Narrated Abdullah (bin Mus’ud): Allah’s Apostle has cursed the lady who uses false hair. Sahih Bukhari 6:60:409 Divinely cooked and delivered pot of meat fixes Prophet’s performance problems in bed Waqidi said: “The prophet of Allah used to say that I was among those who have little strength for intercourse. Then Allah sent me a pot with cooked meat. After I ate from it, I found strength any time I wanted to do the work.” Ibn Sa’d’s Kitab Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Volume 8, Page 200 Comments: World renowned Chefs Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have converted to Islam in hopes of Allah sending them the recipe. One-shoe walks outlawed Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “None of you should walk, wearing one shoe only; he should either put on both shoes or put on no shoes whatsoever.” Sahih Bukhari 7:72:746 Sheep owners are humble while horse and camel owners are arrogant Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The main source of disbelief is in the east. Pride and arrogance are characteristics of the owners of horses and camels, and those bedouins who are busy with their camels and pay no attention to Religion; while modesty and gentleness are the characteristics of the owners of sheep.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:520 Let’s get to know each other first “When the Prophet went to her he found her to be an old woman, so he divorced her.” al-Tabari vol.9 p.139 Say no to green jars and white jars Narrated Ash-Shaibani: I heard ‘Abdullah bin Abi Aufa saying, “The Prophet forbade the use of green jars.” I said, “Shall we drink out of white jars?” He said, “No.” Sahih Bukhari 7:69:501 Straighten prayer rows to avoid plastic surgery Narrated An-Nu’man bin ‘Bashir:The Prophet said, “Straighten your rows or Allah will alter your faces.” Sahih Bukhari 1:11:685 A drink that gives you wings Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said “If a house fly falls in the drink of anyone of you, he should dip it (in the drink), for one of its wings has a disease and the other has the cure for the disease.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:537 Holy ride on smelly donkey causes massive shoe fight and obvious Qur’an revelation Narrated Anas: It was said to the Prophet “Would that you see Abdullah bin Ubai.” So, the Prophet went to him, riding a donkey, and the Muslims accompanied him, walking on salty barren land. When the Prophet reached ‘Abdullah bin Ubai, the latter said, “Keep away from me! By Allah, the bad smell of your donkey has harmed me.” On that an Ansari man said (to ‘Abdullah), “By Allah! The smell of the donkey of Allah’s Apostle is better than your smell.” On that a man from ‘Abdullah’s tribe got angry for ‘Abdullah’s sake, and the two men abused each other which caused the friends of the two men to get angry, and the two groups started fighting with sticks, shoes and hands. We were informed that the following Divine Verse was revealed (in this concern):– “And if two groups of Believers fall to fighting then, make peace between them. (Qur’an 49:9)” Sahih Bukhari 3:49:856 (duplicated in Sahih Muslim 19:4433) Sinning with silverware Narrated Um Salama: (the wife of the Prophet) Allah’s Apostle said, “He who drinks in silver utensils is only filling his abdomen with Hell Fire.” Sahih Bukhari 7:69:538 Comment: If wearing gold or silver is acceptable in Islam, why should eating with silver or gold utensils be an issue? Inanimate objects awaken from their slumber Come back!!! Stone stole my clothes Abu Huraira reported that Moses was a modest person. He was never seen naked and Banu Isra’iI said: (He was afraid to expose his private part) because he had been suffering from scrotal hernia. He (one day) took bath in water and placed his garments upon a stone. The stone began to move on quickly. He followed that and struck it with the help of a stone (saying): O stone, my garment; O stone, my garments, O stone….. Sahih Muslim 30:5850, See also:Sahih Bukhari 4:55:616 A crying tree misses the Prophet’s sermons Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah: The Prophet used to stand by a tree or a date-palm on Friday. Then an Ansari woman or man said. “O Allah’s Apostle! Shall we make a pulpit for you?” He replied, “If you wish.” So they made a pulpit for him and when it was Friday, he proceeded towards the pulpit (for delivering the sermon). The date-palm cried like a child! The Prophet descended (the pulpit) and embraced it while it continued moaning like a child being quieted. The Prophet said, “It was crying for (missing) what it used to hear of religious knowledge given near to it.” Sahih Bukhari 4:56:784 “La Ilaha Illa Allah,” sadomasochistic food glorifies Allah while being eaten Narrated ‘Abdullah: We used to consider miracles as Allah’s Blessings, but you people consider them to be a warning. Once we were with Allah’s Apostle on a journey, and we ran short of water. He said, “Bring the water remaining with you.” The people brought a utensil containing a little water. He placed his hand in it and said, “Come to the blessed water, and the Blessing is from Allah.” I saw the water flowing from among the fingers of Allah’s Apostle , and no doubt, we heard the meal glorifying Allah, when it was being eaten (by him). Sahih Bukhari 4:56:779 Trees as informers Narrated ‘Abdur-Rahman: “I asked Masruq, ‘Who informed the Prophet about the Jinns at the night when they heard the Qur’an?’ He said, ‘Your father ‘Abdullah informed me that a tree informed the Prophet about them.’” Sahih Bukhari 5:58:199 A saluting stone or a delusional Prophet? Jabir b. Samura reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: I recognise the stone in Mecca which used to pay me salutations before my advent as a Prophet and I recognise that even now. Sahih Muslim 30:5654 Hellfire complains to Allah Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The (Hell) Fire complained to its Lord saying, ‘O my Lord! My different parts eat up each other.’ So, He allowed it to take two breaths, one in the winter and the other in summer, and this is the reason for the severe heat and the bitter cold you find (in weather).” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:482 Prophet shows how to profit Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: A man mentioned to the Prophet that he had always been cheated in bargains. The Prophet said, “Whenever you do bargain, say, ‘No cheating.\'” Sahih Bukhari 9:86:94 Abdomen contradicts Allah Narrated Abu Said: A man came to the prophet and said, ‘My brother has got loose motions. The Prophet said, Let him drink honey.” The man again (came) and said, ‘I made him drink (honey) but that made him worse.’ The Prophet said, ‘Allah has said the Truth, and the abdomen of your brother has told a lie.” Sahih Bukhari 7:71:614 One sneeze, two sneeze, three sneeze, four Malik related to me from Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr from his father that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “If a man sneezes, invoke a blessing on him. Then if he sneezes, invoke a blessing on him. Then if he sneezes, invoke a blessing on him. Then if he sneezes, say, ‘You have a cold’.” Abdullah ibn Abi Bakr said, “I don’t know whether it was after the third or fourth.” Al-Muwatta 54 2.4 Allah likes sneezing but hates yawning Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Allah likes sneezing and dislikes yawning, so if someone sneezes and then praises Allah, then it is obligatory on every Muslim who heard him, to say: May Allah be merciful to you (Yar-hamuka-l-lah). But as regards yawning, it is from satan, so one must try one’s best to stop it, if one says ‘Ha’ when yawning, satan will laugh at him.” Sahih Bukhari 8:73:242 Allah, rain there, not here! Summary: People’s livestock were dying because of lack of water. On request, Muhammad prayed to Allah who instantly brought so much rain that that caused livestock to die due to excess of water. Then Muhammad told Allah to rain around them, not on them and the rain stopped. Narrated Sharik: Anas bin Malik said, “A person entered the Mosque on a Friday through the gate facing the Daril-Qada’ and Allah’s Apostle was standing delivering the Khutba (sermon). The man stood in front of Allah’s Apostle and said, ‘O Allah’s Apostle, livestock are dying and the roads are cut off; please pray to Allah for rain.’ So Allah’s Apostle (p.b.u.h) raised both his hands and said, ‘O Allah! Bless us with rain. O Allah! Bless us with rain. O Allah! Bless us with rain!” Anas added, “By Allah, there were no clouds in the sky and there was no house or building between us and the mountain of Silas’. Then a big cloud like a shield appeared from behind it (i.e. Silas Mountain) and when it came in the middle of the sky, it spread and then rained. By Allah! We could not see the sun for a week. The next Friday, a person entered through the same gate and Allah’s Apostle was delivering the Friday Khutba and the man stood in front of him and said, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! The livestock are dying and the roads are cut off; Please pray to Allah to withhold rain.’ ” Anas added, “Allah’s Apostle raised both his hands and said, ‘O Allah! Round about us and not on us. O Allah!’ On the plateaus, on the mountains, on the hills, in the valleys and on the places where trees grow.’ ” Anas added, “The rain stopped and we came out, walking in the sun.” Sharik asked Anas whether it was the same person who had asked for rain the previous Friday. Anas replied that he did not know. Sahih Bukhari 2:17:127 Fight polytheists by trimming moustache Ibn Umar said: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be opon him) said: Act against the polytheists, trim closely the moustache and grow beard. Sahih Muslim 2:500, See also: Sahih Muslim 2:501 Allah loves sneezes (aacchoo!) Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Allah loves sneezing but dislikes yawning; so if anyone of you sneezes and then praises Allah, every Muslim who hears him (praising Allah) has to say Tashmit to him. But as regards yawning, it is from Satan, so if one of you yawns, he should try his best to stop it, for when anyone of you yawns, Satan laughs at him.” Sahih Bukhari 8:73:245 3x Assalaamu ‘alaykum, may I enter? (Abu ‘Eesa said: a saheeh hasan hadeeth, 2614) Abu Sa’eed said: Abu Moosa sought permission to enter upon ‘Umar. He said, Assalaamu ‘alaykum, may I enter? ‘Umar said, That was once, then he kept silent for a while. Abu Moosa again said, Assalaamu ‘alaykum, may I enter? ‘Umar said, That was twice, then he kept silent for a while. Abu Moosa again said, Assalaamu ‘alaykum, may I enter? ‘Umar said, That was three times. Then Abu Moosa went away. ‘Umar asked the doorkeeper, What happened? The doorkeeper said, He went away. ‘Umar said, bring him back. When he came back, ‘Umar said, What is this that you have done? Abu Moosa said, It is the Sunnah. ‘Umar said: is it? Then he said, I did not know this… http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/fundamentals/hadithsunnah/adheringtosunnah.html Interpretation of dreams Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri: Allah’s Apostle said, “While I was sleeping I saw (in a dream) some people wearing shirts of which some were reaching up to the breasts only while others were even shorter than that. Umar bin Al-Khattab was shown wearing a shirt that he was dragging.” The people asked, “How did you interpret it? (What is its interpretation) O Allah’s Apostle?” He (the Prophet ) replied, “It is the Religion.” Sahih Bukhari 1:2:22 Allah takes away Prophet’s knowledge Narrated ‘Abdullah: The Prophet said, “Abusing a Muslim is Fusuq (an evil doing) and killing him is Kufr (disbelief).” Narrated ‘Ubada bin As-Samit: “Allah’s Apostle went out to inform the people about the (date of the) night of decree (Al-Qadr) but there happened a quarrel between two Muslim men. The Prophet said, “I came out to inform you about (the date of) the night of Al-Qadr, but as so and so and so and so quarrelled, its knowledge was taken away (I forgot it) and maybe it was better for you. Now look for it in the 7th, the 9th and the 5th (of the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan).” Sahih Bukhari 1:2:46 Pus better than poetry Abu Sa`id Khudri reported: We were going with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him). As we reached the place (known as) Arj there met (us) a poet who had been reciting poetry. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Catch the satan or detain the satan, for filling the belly of a man with pus is better than stuffing his brain with poetry. Sahih Muslim 28:5611 Spit on the left for protection against bad dreams Narrated Abu Qatada: The Prophet said, “A good dream that comes true is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan, so if anyone of you sees a bad dream, he should seek refuge with Allah from Satan and should spit on the left, for the bad dream will not harm him.” Sahih Bukhari 9:87:115 Genetics 101 Narrated Abu Huraira: “A bedouin came to Allah’s Apostle and said, “My wife has delivered a black child.” The Prophet said to him, “Have you camels?” He replied, “Yes.” The Prophet said, “What color are they?” He replied, “They are red.” The Prophet further asked, “Are any of them gray in color?” He replied, “Yes.” The Prophet asked him, “Whence did that grayness come?” He said, “I think it descended from the camel’s ancestors.” Then the Prophet said (to him), “Therefore, this child of yours has most probably inherited the color from his ancestors.” Sahih Bukhari 8:82:830 Death be upon you, too Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle said, “When the Jews greet you, they usually say, ‘As-Samu ‘alaikum (Death be on you),’ so you should say (in reply to them), ‘Wa’alaikum (And on you).” Sahih Bukhari 8:74:274 Prophetic buttocks Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The Hour will not be established till the buttocks of the women of the tribe of Daus move while going round Dhi-al-Khalasa.” Dhi-al-Khalasa was the idol of the Daus tribe which they used to worship in the Pre Islamic Period of ignorance. Sahih Bukhari 9:88:232 Stating the obvious Narrated AbuSa’id al-Khudri: I heard the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) as saying: The best places to sit are those which provide most room. Abu Dawud 41:4802 The almighty wind Narrated Anas: Whenever a strong wind blew, anxiety appeared on the face of the Prophet (fearing that wind might be a sign of Allah’s wrath). Sahih Bukhari 2:17:144 Could someone please lick my hands? Thank you Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: The Prophet said, ‘When you eat, do not wipe your hands till you have licked it, or had it licked by somebody else.” Sahih Bukhari 7:65:366 The art of dealing with a fart Narrated Ali ibn Talq: The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: When any of you breaks wind during the prayer, he should turn away and perform ablution and repeat the prayer. Abu Dawud 1:205 Narrated ‘Abbas bin Tamim: My uncle asked Allah’s Apostle about a person who imagined to have passed wind during the prayer. Allah’ Apostle replied: “He should not leave his prayers unless he hears sound or smells something.” Sahih Bukhari 1:4:139 Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Allah does not accept prayer of anyone of you if he does Hadath (passes wind) till he performs the ablution (anew).” Sahih Bukhari 9:86:86 Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Zam’a: The Prophet forbade laughing at a person who passes wind. Sahih Bukhari 8:73:68 And Allah taught Adam all the names as follows: He taught him the name of everything, down to fart and little fart. Tabari I 267 Hey Muhammad, need a beer? Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle was presented a bowl of milk and a bowl of wine on the night he was taken on a journey (Al-Mi’raj). Sahih Bukhari 7:69:508 Also see: Muhammad Drank and Performed Ablution with Wine Allah curses tatooed women Narrated Ibn Mas’ud: Allah has cursed those women who practise tattooing or get it done for themselves, and those who remove hair from their faces, and those who create spaces between their teeth artificially to look beautiful, such ladies as change the features created by Allah. Why then shall I not curse those whom Allah’s Apostle has cursed and who are cursed in Allah’s Book too? Sahih Bukhari 7:72:826 Angel Gabriel said hello Narrated ‘Aisha: that the Prophet said to her, “Gabriel sends Salam (greetings) to you.” She replied, “Wa ‘alaihi-s-Salam Wa Rahmatu-l-lah.” (Peace and Allah’s Mercy be on him). Sahih Bukhari 8:74:270 Note: Did he use voicemail or SMS? Dye your hair because Jews and Christians don’t Narrated Abu Huraira : The Prophet said, “Jews and Christians do not dye their hair so you should do the opposite of what they do. Sahih Bukhari 7:72:786 Comment: What if they use soap and brush their teeth? Izar dragging causes endless descent Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle said, “While a man was dragging his Izar on the ground (behind him), suddenly Allah made him sink into the earth and he will go on sinking into it till the Day of Resurrection.” Sahih Bukhari 7:72:681 Greeting order Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “The young should greet the old, the passer by should greet the sitting one, and the small group of persons should greet the large group of persons. ” Sahih Bukhari 8:74:250 Comment: Who says hello first if a small group of elders meets a larger group of younger people? Well hello, hello, hello Narrated Anas: Whenever Allah’s Apostle greeted somebody, he used to greet him three times, and if he spoke a sentence, he used to repeat it thrice. Sahih Bukhari 8:74:261 Poke the Peeping Tom Narrated Anas: A man peeped into one of the dwelling places of the Prophet. The Prophet got up and aimed a sharp-edged arrow head (or wooden stick) at him to poke him stealthily. Sahih Bukhari 9:83:38 Narrated Abu Huraira: Abul Qasim said, “If any person peeps at you without your permission and you poke him with a stick and injure his eye, you will not be blamed.” Sahih Bukhari 9:83:39 p7S.22 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: (1) “Were a man to look at you without permission and you threw a rock at him and knocked out his eye, you would not have committed any offense. ” (2) “Whoever peeps into a house without its people’s leave, they may put out his eye.” Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, Edited and Translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller Allah prefers odd numbers Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah has ninety-nine Names, i.e., one hundred minus one, and whoever believes in their meanings and acts accordingly, will enter Paradise; and Allah is Witr (one) and loves ‘the Witr’ (i.e., odd numbers). Sahih Bukhari 8:75:419 Overweight omen Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “On the Day of Resurrection, a huge fat man will come who will not weigh, the weight of the wing of a mosquito in Allah’s Sight.” and then the Prophet added, ‘We shall not give them any weight on the Day of Resurrection’ Sahih Bukhari 6:60:253 Searching for the meaning in life… and 3 stones Narrated Abdullah: The Prophet went out to answer the call of nature and asked me to bring three stones. I found two stones and searched for the third but could not find it. So I took a dried piece of dung and brought it to him. He took the two stones and threw away the dung and said, “This is a filthy thing.” Sahih Bukhari 1:4:158, See Also Sahih Bukhari 1:4:157, Sahih Bukhari 1:4:162, Sahih Bukhari 1:4:163 Travel under giant tree for 1 hour by horse, or 10 minutes on a Corvette Narrated Sahl bin Sa’d: Allah’s Apostle said, “In Paradise there is a tree so big that in its shade a rider may travel for one hundred years without being able to cross it.” Sahih Bukhari 8:76:559t Economical dry-cleaning in tough times Yahya related to me from Malik from Muhammad ibn Umara from Muhammad ibn Ibrahim that the mother of the son of Ibrahim ibn Abd ar-Rahman ibn Awf questioned Umm Salama, the wife of the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and said, “I am a woman who wears a long skirt and (sometimes) I walk in dirty places.” Umm Salama replied, “The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, ‘What follows (i.e. clean places) purifies it.’ ” Al-Muwatta 2 4.16 Annoying in-laws, a universal phenomena Narrated ‘Uqba bin ‘Amir: Allah’s Apostle said, “Beware of entering upon the ladies.” A man from the Ansar said, “Allah’s Apostle! What about Al-Hamu the in-laws of the wife (the brothers of her husband or his nephews etc.)?” The Prophet replied: The in-laws of the wife are death itself. Sahih Bukhari 7:62:159 Genies like bones and animal dung Narrated Abu Huraira: That once he was in the, company of the Prophet carrying a water pot for his ablution and for cleaning his private parts. While he was following him carrying it(i.e. the pot), the Prophet said, “Who is this?” He said, “I am Abu Huraira.” The Prophet said, “Bring me stones in order to clean my private parts, and do not bring any bones or animal dung.” Abu Huraira went on narrating: So I brought some stones, carrying them in the corner of my robe till I put them by his side and went away. When he finished, I walked with him and asked, “What about the bone and the animal dung?” He said, “They are of the food of Jinns. The delegate of Jinns of (the city of) Nasibin came to me–and how nice those Jinns were–and asked me for the remains of the human food. I invoked Allah for them that they would never pass by a bone or animal dung but find food on them.” Sahih Bukhari 5:58:200 Incantations while having sex Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: The Prophet said, “If anyone of you, when having sexual relation with his wife, say:’In the name of Allah. O Allah! Protect us from Satan and prevent Satan from approaching our offspring you are going to give us,’ and if he begets a child (as a result of that relation) Satan will not harm it.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:493 Cover all your bases Narrated ‘Amr bin Salama: We were at a place which was a thoroughfare for the people, and the caravans used to pass by us and we would ask them, “What is wrong with the people? What is wrong with the people? Who is that man?. They would say, “That man claims that Allah has sent him (as an Apostle), that he has been divinely inspired, that Allah has revealed to him such-and-such.” I used to memorize that (Divine) Talk, and feel as if it was inculcated in my chest (i.e. mind) And the ‘Arabs (other than Quraish) delayed their conversion to Islam till the Conquest (of Mecca). They used to say.” “Leave him (i.e. Muhammad) and his people Quraish: if he overpowers them then he is a true Prophet. So, when Mecca was conquered, then every tribe rushed to embrace Islam, and my father hurried to embrace Islam before (the other members of) my tribe. When my father returned (from the Prophet) to his tribe, he said, “By Allah, I have come to you from the Prophet for sure!” The Prophet afterwards said to them, ‘Offer such-and-such prayer at such-and-such time, and when the time for the prayer becomes due, then one of you should pronounce the Adhan (for the prayer), and let the one amongst you who knows Qur’an most should, lead the prayer.” So they looked for such a person and found none who knew more Qur’an than I because of the Quranic material which I used to learn from the caravans. They therefore made me their Imam ((to lead the prayer) and at that time I was a boy of six or seven years, wearing a Burda (i.e. a black square garment) proved to be very short for me (and my body became partly naked). A lady from the tribe said, “Won’t you cover the anus of your reciter for us?” So they bought (a piece of cloth) and made a shirt for me. I had never been so happy with anything before as I was with that shirt. Sahih Bukhari 5:59:595 Narrated Sahl bin Sad The people used to offer the prayer with the Prophet with their waist-sheets tied round their necks because of the shortness of the sheets and the women were ordered not to lift their heads till the men had sat straight. Sahih Bukhari 2:22:306 Devils on a leash Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “When the month of Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of the (Hell) Fire are closed, and the devils are chained.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:497 Allah’s advice to his prophets Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “Once while a prophet amongst the prophets was taking a rest underneath a tree, an ant bit him. He, therefore, ordered that his luggage be taken away from underneath that tree and then ordered that the dwelling place of the ants should be set on fire. Allah sent him a revelation:– “Wouldn’t it have been sufficient to burn a single ant?” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:536 Prostitutes can stay out of Hell by helping a thirsty dog Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “A prostitute was forgiven by Allah, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allah forgave her because of that.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:538 Bodyguard job: Females need not apply Narrated Abu Musa: Thy Prophet (p.b.u.h) said, “A time will come upon the people when a person will wander about with gold as Zakat and will not find anybody to accept it, and one man will be seen followed by forty women to be their guardian because of scarcity of men and great number of women”. Sahih Bukhari 2:24:495 Looking at genitals or talking during intercourse may cause disabilities for child Narrated by Abi Hurairah that the prophet PBUH said: If one of you got engaged in intercourse, they shouldn’t look at the genital for that inherits blindness, and not talk too much for that inherits aphonia (lack of the ability to talk). Hadith translated by FFI forum member Say “Allah willing” during intercourse to give birth to Islamic militants Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “Once Solomon, son of David said, ‘(By Allah) Tonight I will have sexual intercourse with one hundred (or ninety-nine) women each of whom will give birth to a knight who will fight in Allah’s Cause.’ On that a (i.e. if Allah wills) but he did not say, Allah willing.’ Therefore only one of those women conceived and gave birth to a half-man. By Him in Whose Hands Muhammad’s life is, if he had said, “Allah willing’, (he would have begotten sons) all of whom would have been knights striving in Allah’s Cause.” Sahih Bukhari 4:52:74i Dirty teeth can invalidate a fast Swallowing bits of food that may be left between the teeth is regarded as eating, so it invalidates the fast… Ibn Qudaamah (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in al-Mughni, 3/260: If a person has food between his teeth, one of the following two scenarios must apply: 1 – It is a small amount that he cannot spit out, so he swallows it. This does not invalidate his fast, because it cannot be avoided. It is like saliva. Ibn al-Mundhir said: The scholars are unanimously agreed on that. 2 – It is a large amount and he can spit it out. If he spits it out there is no sin on him, but if he swallows it deliberately, his fast is invalidated according to the majority of scholars, because he has swallowed food that he could have spat out willingly when he is mindful of his fast. So this breaks the fast just as if he deliberately started eating. End quote. Islam Q&A – Fatwa #78438 “This Muhammad of yours is a dwarf and fat” Narrated AbuBarzah: AbdusSalam ibn AbuHazim AbuTalut said: I saw AbuBarzah who came to visit Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad. Then a man named Muslim who was there in the company mentioned it to me. When Ubaydullah saw him, he said: This Muhammad of yours is a dwarf and fat. The old man (i.e. AbuBarzah) understood it. So he said: I did not think that I should remain among people who would make me feel ashamed of the company of Muhammad (peace be upon him). Thereupon Ubaydullah said: The company of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a honour for you, not a disgrace. He added: I called for you to ask about the reservoir. Did you hear the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) mentioning anything about it? AbuBarzah said: Yes, not once, twice, thrice, four times or five times. If anyone believes it, may Allah not supply him with water from it. He then went away angrily. Abu Dawud 40:4731 The fact that the old man AbuBarzah ‘understood it’ implies that Ubaydullah’s description of Muhammad as a fat dwarf was accurate. Watermelons and cucumbers “If a man makes a hole in a watermelon, or a piece of dough, or a leather skin, or a statue, and has sex with it, then this is the same as what we have said about other types of masturbation [i.e., that it is halaal in the same circumstances given before, such as being on a journey]. In fact, it is easier than masturbating with one’s hand”. “If a woman does not have a husband, and her lust becomes strong, then some of our scholars say: It is permissible for the woman to take an akranbij, which is a piece of leather worked until it becomes shaped like a penis, and insert it in herself. She may also use a cucumber”. Bada’i al-Fuwa’id of Ibn Qayyim (Islamic scholar), page 129 A Muslim Shia website notes: “Maybe this is another reason why ‘Umar the Khalifa never went on jihad: somebody had to stay behind and organize the cucumber distribution.” Companions of Muhammad masturbated during Jihad “If a man is torn between continued desire or releasing it, and if this man does not have a wife or he has a slave-girl but he does not marry, then if a man is overwhelmed by desire, and he fears that he will suffer because of this (someone like a prisoner, or a traveller, or a pauper), then it is permissible for him to masturbate, and Ahmad (ibn Hanbal) is explicit on this. Furthermore, it is narrated that the Companions of the Prophet (s) used to masturbate while they were on military expeditions or travelling”. Bada’i al-Fuwa’id of Ibn Qayyim (Islamic scholar), page 129 Don’t flash Allah Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet had forbidden: (A) the Mulamasa and Munabadha (bargains), (B) the offering of two prayers, one after the morning compulsory prayer till the sun rises, and the others, after the ‘Asr prayer till the sun sets (C) He also forbade that one should sit wearing one garment, nothing of which covers his private parts (D) and prevent them from exposure to the sky; (E) he also forbade Ishtimal-as-Samma’. Sahih Bukhari 7:72:709 Doodling is a sin! The scholars of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas said: Whatever is images of animate beings such as insects and other living beings is not permissible, even if it is drawn on a blackboard or on paper, and even if the purpose of it is to help in teaching, because it is not essential and because of the general meaning of the evidence concerning that. (Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 1/685) What is prohibited is making images of animate beings, whether that is engraving or painting on walls or fabric or paper or woven cloth, and whether it is done with a feather or a pen or other equipment, whether the thing is drawn as it is or whether some imaginary element is introduced, so it is made smaller or larger or more beautiful or more ugly, or it is drawn as a stick figure. (Fataawa al-Lajnah al-Daa’imah, 1/696) Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem (may Allah have mercy on him) said: One of the most serious of evils is making images of animate beings and keeping them and using them. There is no difference between that which is three dimensional and that which is on paper, whether it is produced by machines or otherwise. This meaning was mentioned by al-Nawawi in Sharh Saheeh Muslim, and he mentioned that it is the view of the four imams. The hadeeths which emphatically warned against that are well known. (Fataawa Rasaa’il Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem, 13/173) Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen said: Making images of animate beings, whether they are human or otherwise, is undoubtedly haraam and is a major sin, because it is proven that the one who does that is cursed by the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). This is clear, whether they are three-dimensional or drawn by hand. (Majmoo’ Fataawa wa Rasaa’il Ibn ‘Uthaymeen 2/288) Islam Q&A – Fatwa No. 129446 Animals and living things Muttaqi (God-fearing) monkeys See a video of a cleric talking about this event here. Narrated ‘Amr bin Maimun: During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them. Sahih Bukhari 5:58:188 According to `Amr b. Maymûn : I was in Yemen. Amongst the female goats of my people, I saw that at a heightened place, a male monkey brought along a female monkey and slept while keeping her hand beneath his head. During this time, a young monkey came and signaled the female monkey. She softly removed her hand from beneath the male monkey’s head and went with the young monkey. She fornicated with him and I was watching it. After that, the female monkey returned and was softly trying to put her hand back under the male monkey’s head that he woke up bewildered and smelled her and then screamed. All the monkeys gathered thereafter. He would point towards her and scream constantly (i.e. she has committed adultery). At last the other monkeys went towards the right left and brought along that young monkey whom I recognized. They dug a hole for this young monkey and the female one and stoned them to death. So I saw monkeys stoning to death too besides the human race. Taiseer-ul-Baari, volume 2, Page 626 This is consistent with the Qur’an in its claim that Jews (who at one time practiced stoning) were turned into apes: “And you know well the story of those among you who broke Sabbath. We said to them: “Be apes—despised and hated by all. Thus We made their end a warning to the people of their time and succeeding generation, and an admonition for God-fearing people.” Qur’an 2:65 Unpaid debt to turn into talking snake on Judgement Day Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “On the Day of Resurrection the Kanz (Treasure or wealth of which, Zakat has not been paid) of anyone of you will appear in the shape of a huge bald-headed poisonous male snake and its owner will run away from it, but it will follow him and say, ‘I am your Kanz.\'” The Prophet added, “By Allah, that snake will keep on following him until he stretches out his hand and let the snake swallow it.” Allah’s Apostle added, “If the owner of camels does not pay their Zakat, then, on the Day of Resurrection those camels will come to him and will strike his face with their hooves.” Sahih Bukhari 9:86:89 Monkeys and pigs are humans who once played music Narrated Abu ‘Amir or Abu Malik Al-Ash’ari: that he heard the Prophet saying, “From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse, the wearing of silk, the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful. And there will be some people who will stay near the side of a mountain and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with their sheep and ask them for something, but they will say to him, ‘Return to us tomorrow.’ Allah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and He will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so till the Day of Resurrection.” Sahih Bukhari 7:69:494 Zoophilia pardonable but not homosexuality Abu Dawud 38:4448 prescribes the death sentence for an unmarried man who commits sodomy but there is no prescribed punishment for having sex with an animal: Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: There is no prescribed punishment for one who has sexual intercourse with an animal. Abu Dawud 38:4450 Sheeps prefer female babies Narrated Umm Kurz: I heard the Prophet (may peace be upon him) say: Let the birds stay in their roosts. She said: I also heard him say: Two sheep are to be sacrificed for a boy and one for a girl, but it does you no harm whether they are male or female. Abu Dawud 15:2829 Have flu? Try fresh camel urine The climate of Medina did not suit some people, so the Prophet ordered them to follow his shepherd, i.e. his camels, and drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they followed the shepherd that is the camels and drank their milk and urine till their bodies became healthy. Sahih Bukhari 7:71:590 Women can woof too Narrated ‘Aisha: The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” I said, “You have made us (i.e. women) dogs… ” Sahih Bukhari 1:9:490 Goat ate my Qur’an ‘Aisha: “The verse of the stoning and of suckling an adult ten times were revealed, and they were (written) on a paper and kept under my bed. When the messenger of Allah expired and we were preoccupied with his death, a goat entered and ate away the paper.” Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal. vol. 6, p. 269; Sunan Ibn Majah, p. 626; Ibn Qutbah, Tawil Mukhtalafi ‘l-Hadith (Cairo: Maktaba al-Kulliyat al-Azhariyya. 1966) p. 310; As-Suyuti, ad-Durru ‘l-Manthur, vol. 2, p. 13 Holy cocks and devil donkeys Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “When you hear the crowing of cocks, ask for Allah’s Blessings for (their crowing indicates that) they have seen an angel. And when you hear the braying of donkeys, seek Refuge with Allah from satan for (their braying indicates) that they have seen a satan.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:522 The speaking cow Narrated Abu Huraira: Once Allah’s Apostle; offered the morning prayer and then faced the people and said, “While a man was driving a cow, he suddenly rode over it and beat it. The cow said, “We have not been created for this, but we have been created for sloughing.” On that the people said astonishingly, “Glorified be Allah! A cow speaks!” The Prophet said, “I believe this, and Abu Bakr and ‘Umar too, believe it, although neither of them was present there. While a person was amongst his sheep, a wolf attacked and took one of the sheep. The man chased the wolf till he saved it from the wolf, where upon the wolf said, ‘You have saved it from me; but who will guard it on the day of the wild beasts when there will be no shepherd to guard them except me (because of riots and afflictions)? ‘ ” The people said surprisingly, “Glorified be Allah! A wolf speaks!” The Prophet said, “But I believe this, and Abu Bakr and ‘Umar too, believe this, although neither of them was present there.” Sahih Bukhari 4:56:677 More horse dung and urine equals more heavenly rewards Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “If somebody keeps a horse in Allah’s Cause motivated by his faith in Allah and his belief in His Promise, then he will be rewarded on the Day of Resurrection for what the horse has eaten or drunk and for its dung and urine.” Sahih Bukhari 4:52:105 Lost camels can be returned to their owners but not sheep Narrated Zaid bin Khalid Al-Juhani A man asked the Prophet about the picking up of a “Luqata” (fallen lost thing). The Prophet replied, “Recognize and remember its tying material and its container, and make public announcement (about it) for one year, then utilize it but give it to its owner if he comes.” Then the person asked about the lost camel. On that, the Prophet got angry and his cheeks or his Face became red and he said, “You have no concern with it as it has its water container, and its feet and it will reach water, and eat (the leaves) of trees till its owner finds it.” The man then asked about the lost sheep. The Prophet replied, “It is either for you, for your brother (another person) or for the wolf.” Sahih Bukhari 1:3:91 A house may be set on fire by a mouse This hadith has been reported on the authority of Jabir through another chain of transmitters but with a slight variation of words:” The mouse may set the house on fire over its inhabitants.” Sahih Muslim 23:4994 Yahya related to me from Malik from Abu’z-Zubayr al-Makki from Jabir ibn Abdullah that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Lock the door, tie the waterskin, turn the vessel over or cover it, and put out the lamp. Shaytan does not open a locked door or untie a tied knot, or uncover a vessel. A mouse may set fire to people’s houses about them.” Al-Muwatta 49 10.21 Israelites turned into rats The Prophet said, “A group of Israelites were lost. Nobody knows what they did. But I do not see them except that they were cursed and changed into rats, for if you put the milk of a she-camel in front of a rat, it will not drink it, but if the milk of a sheep is put in front of it, it will drink it.” I told this to Ka’b who asked me, “Did you hear it from the Prophet ?” I said, “Yes.” Ka’b asked me the same question several times.; I said to Ka’b. “Do I read the Torah? (i.e. I tell you this from the Prophet.)” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:524 Race relations, the Islamic way Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, “Listen and obey (your chief) even if an Ethiopian whose head is like a raisin were made your chief.” Sahih Bukhari 1:11:662 In a dream, Satan cannot imitate the Prophet Narrated Anas: The Prophet said, “Whoever has seen me in a dream, then no doubt, he has seen me, for Satan cannot imitate my shape. Sahih Bukhari 9:87:123, See also Sahih Bukhari 9:87:124, Sahih Bukhari 9:87:125, and Sahih Bukhari 9:87:126 Don’t be late, the angels are watching Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “On every Friday the angels take heir stand at every gate of the mosques to write the names of the people chronologically (i.e. according to the time of their arrival for the Friday prayer and when the Imam sits (on the pulpit) they fold up their scrolls and get ready to listen to the sermon.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:433 Allah wants to see you…naked Narrated Ibn Abbas: The Prophet said, “You will meet Allah barefooted, naked, walking on feet, and uncircumcised.” Sahih Bukhari 8:76:531, See also Sahih Bukhari 8:76:532, Sahih Bukhari 8:76:533, and Sahih Bukhari 8:76:533 People are just like camels Narrated ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “People are just like camels, out of one hundred, one can hardly find a single camel suitable to ride.” Sahih Bukhari 8:76:505 Flag fixed behind the buttocks It is narrated on the authority of Abu Sa’id that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: On the Day of Judgment there will be a flag fixed behind the buttocks of every person guilty of the breach of faith. Sahih Muslim 19:4309 Satanic influences Satan ties three knots at back of our head while we sleep Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “During your sleep, Satan knots three knots at the back of the head of each of you, and he breathes the following words at each knot, ‘The night is, long, so keep on sleeping,’ If that person wakes up and celebrates the praises of Allah, then one knot is undone, and when he performs ablution the second knot is undone, and when he prays, all the knots are undone, and he gets up in the morning lively and gay, otherwise he gets up dull and gloomy. ” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:491 Satan urinated in my ears Narrated ‘Abdullah : A person was mentioned before the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and he was told that he had kept on sleeping till morning and had not got up for the prayer. The Prophet said, “Satan urinated in his ears.” Sahih Bukhari 2:21:245 Devil sleeps in our what? Abu Huraira reported: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) said. When any one of you awakes up from sleep and performs ablution, he must clean his nose three times, for the devil spends the night in the interior of his nose. Sahih Muslim 2:462 Satan tries to interrupt Muhammad Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet offered a prayer, and (after finishing) he said, “Satan came in front of me trying persistently to divert my attention from the prayer, but Allah gave me the strength to over-power him.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:504 Satan gets unlimited hospital passes Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “When any human being is born. Satan touches him at both sides of the body with his two fingers, except Jesus, the son of Mary, whom Satan tried to touch but failed, for he touched the placenta-cover instead.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:506 Satan LOL’s at yawning Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Yawning is from Satan and if anyone of you yawns, he should check his yawning as much as possible, for if anyone of you (during the act of yawning) should say: ‘Ha’, Satan will laugh at him.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:509 Man talks to Satan for 3 nights and Satan steals his food Narrated Abu Huraira Allah’s Apostle deputed me to keep Sadaqat (al-Fitr) of Ramadan. A comer came and started taking handfuls of the foodstuff (of the Sadaqa) (stealthily). I took hold of him and said, “By Allah, I will take you to Allah’s Apostle .” He said, “I am needy and have many dependents, and I am in great need.” I released him, and in the morning Allah’s Apostle asked me, “What did your prisoner do yesterday?” I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! The person complained of being needy and of having many dependents, so, I pitied him and let him go.” Allah’s Apostle said, “Indeed, he told you a lie and he will be coming again.” I believed that he would show up again as Allah’s Apostle had told me that he would return. So, I waited for him watchfully. When he (showed up and) started stealing handfuls of foodstuff, I caught hold of him again and said, “I will definitely take you to Allah’s Apostle. He said, “Leave me, for I am very needy and have many dependents. I promise I will not come back again.” I pitied him and let him go. In the morning Allah’s Apostle asked me, “What did your prisoner do.” I replied, “O Allah’s Apostle! He complained of his great need and of too many dependents, so I took pity on him and set him free.” Allah’s Apostle said, “Verily, he told you a lie and he will return.” I waited for him attentively for the third time, and when he (came and) started stealing handfuls of the foodstuff, I caught hold of him and said, “I will surely take you to Allah’s Apostle as it is the third time you promise not to return, yet you break your promise and come.” He said, “(Forgive me and) I will teach you some words with which Allah will benefit you.” I asked, “What are they?” He replied, “Whenever you go to bed, recite “Ayat-al-Kursi”– ‘Allahu la ilaha illa huwa-l-Haiy-ul Qaiyum’ till you finish the whole verse. (If you do so), Allah will appoint a guard for you who will stay with you and no satan will come near you till morning. ” So, I released him. In the morning, Allah’s Apostle asked, “What did your prisoner do yesterday?” I replied, “He claimed that he would teach me some words by which Allah will benefit me, so I let him go.” Allah’s Apostle asked, “What are they?” I replied, “He said to me, ‘Whenever you go to bed, recite Ayat-al-Kursi from the beginning to the end —- Allahu la ilaha illa huwa-lHaiy-ul-Qaiyum—-.’ He further said to me, ‘(If you do so), Allah will appoint a guard for you who will stay with you, and no satan will come near you till morning.’ (Abu Huraira or another sub-narrator) added that they (the companions) were very keen to do good deeds. The Prophet said, “He really spoke the truth, although he is an absolute liar. Do you know whom you were talking to, these three nights, O Abu Huraira?” Abu Huraira said, “No.” He said, “It was Satan.” Sahih Bukhari 3:38:505t Satan farts to the sound of the Adhan Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “When the Adhan is pronounced Satan takes to his heels and passes wind with noise during his flight in order not to hear the Adhan. When the Adhan is completed he comes back and again takes to his heels when the Iqama is pronounced and after its completion he returns again till he whispers into the heart of the person (to divert his attention from his prayer) and makes him remember things which he does not recall to his mind before the prayer and that causes him to forget how much he has prayed.” Sahih Bukhari 1:11:582 Babies cry at birth because Satan touches them Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “When any human being is born. Satan touches him at both sides of the body with his two fingers, except Jesus, the son of Mary, whom Satan tried to touch but failed, for he touched the placenta-cover instead.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:506 Narrated Said bin Al-Musaiyab: Abu Huraira said, “I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, ‘There is none born among the off-spring of Adam, but Satan touches it. A child therefore, cries loudly at the time of birth because of the touch of Satan, except Mary and her child.” Then Abu Huraira recited: “And I seek refuge with You for her and for her offspring from the outcast Satan.” (3.36) Sahih Bukhari Book 55 No. 641 Call of nature related to offensive and wicked things Narrated Anas: Whenever the Prophet went to answer the call of nature, he used to say, “Allah-umma inni a’udhu bika minal khubuthi wal khaba’ith i.e. O Allah, I seek Refuge with You from all offensive and wicked things (evil deeds and evil spirits).” Sahih Bukhari 1:4:144 Islamic Heaven: “appetizing vaginas” and “ever-erect” penises Abu Umama narrated: “The Messenger of God said, ‘Everyone that God admits into paradise will be married to 72 wives; two of them are houris and seventy of his inheritance of the [female] dwellers of hell. All of them will have libidinous sex organs and he will have an ever-erect penis.’ ” Sunan Ibn Maja, Zuhd (Book of Abstinence) 39 “Each time we sleep with a Houri we find her virgin. Besides, the penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one [i.e. Muslim] will marry seventy [sic] houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetizing vaginas.” Al-Itqan fi Ulum al-Qur’an, p. 351 Allah punishes Muhammad for Safiyah’s capture by making him fall off a camel Safiyah bint Huyay was a woman that Muhammad captured and married, after killing her husband. Narrated Anas bin Malik: We were in the company of the Prophet while returning from ‘Usfan, and Allah’s Apostle was riding his she−camel keeping Safiya bint Huyay riding behind him. His she−camel slipped and both of them fell down. Abu Talha jumped from his camel and said, “O Allah’s Apostle! May Allah sacrifice me for you.” The Prophet said, “Take care of the lady.” So, Abu Talha covered his face with a garment and went to Safiya and covered her with it, and then he set right the condition of their shecamel so that both of them rode, and we were encircling Allah’s Apostle like a cover. When we approached Medina, the Prophet said, “We are returning with repentance and worshipping and praising our Lord.” He kept on saying this till he entered Medina. Sahih Bukhari 4:52:318 Tortured in the grave for peeing on himself Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: Once the Prophet, while passing through one of the grave-yards of Medina or Mecca heard the voices of two persons who were being tortured in their graves. The Prophet said, “These two persons are being tortured not for a major sin (to avoid).” The Prophet then added, “Yes! (they are being tortured for a major sin). Indeed, one of them never saved himself from being soiled with his urine while the other used to go about with calumnies (to make enmity between friends). The Prophet then asked for a green leaf of a date-palm tree, broke it into two pieces and put one on each grave. On being asked why he had done so, he replied, “I hope that their torture might be lessened, till these get dried.” Sahih Bukhari 1:4:215 Faeces radiates towards Allah Narrated Abu Aiyub Al-Ansari: Allah’s Apostle said, “If anyone of you goes to an open space for answering the call of nature he should neither face nor turn his back towards the Qibla; he should either face the east or the west Sahih Bukhari 1:4:215 Black dogs are devils Abu Dharr reported: The Messenger of ‘Allah (may peace be upon him) said: When any one of you stands for prayer and there is a thing before him equal to the back of the saddle that covers him and in case there is not before him (a thing) equal to the back of the saddle, his prayer would be cut off by (passing of an) ass, woman, and black Dog. I said: O Abu Dharr, what feature is there in a black dog which distinguish it from the red dog and the yellow dog? He said: O, son of my brother, I asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) as you are asking me, and he said: The black dog is a devil. Sahih Muslim 4:1032 Playing chess is evil Buraida reported on the authority of his father that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) said: He who played chess is like one who dyed his hand with the flesh and blood of swine. Sahih Muslim 28:5612 Aminah and her vagina light According to accepted sirat, Muhammad’s mother had light coming out of her vagina when giving birth to him. When the prophet came out of his mothers vagina, the light covered the east and the west which reached all the way to Sham (Syria today) sirat ibn hisham 166 Free a Muslim slave, and save your private parts Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “If somebody manumits a Muslim slave, Allah will save from the Fire every part of his body for freeing the corresponding parts of the slave’s body, even his private parts will be saved from the Fire) because of freeing the slave’s private parts.” Sahih Bukhari 8:79:706 Don’t ever raise your head The sin of raising your head before the imam is so great, your face will transform into a donkey. Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Isn’t he who raises his head before the Imam afraid that Allah may transform his head into that of a donkey or his figure (face) into that of a donkey?” Sahih Bukhari 1:11:660 He pees like a woman Narrated Amr ibn al-‘As: AbdurRahman ibn Hasanah reported: I and Amr ibn al-‘As went to the Prophet (peace be upon him). He came out with a leather shield (in his hand). He covered himself with it and urinated. Then we said: Look at him. He is urinating as a woman does. The Prophet (peace be upon him), heard this and said: Do you not know what befell a person from amongst Banu Isra’il (the children of Israel)? When urine fell on them, they would cut off the place where the urine fell; but he (that person) forbade them (to do so), and was punished in his grave. Abu Dawud 1:22 If you disagree with the Qur’an you should go hang yourself Whoso is wont to think (through envy) that Allah will not give him (Muhammad) victory in the world and the Hereafter (and is enraged at the thought of his victory), let him stretch a rope up to the roof (of his dwelling), and let him hang himself. Then let him see whether his strategy dispelleth that whereat he rageth!. Qur’an 22:15 Drunk water while standing up? Puke it out! Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: None of you should drink while standing; and if anyone forgets, he must vomit. Sahih Muslim 23:5022 Two things the Prophet loves: perfume and women Al-Hasan al-Basri wrote: “The Messenger of God said, “The only two things I cherish of the life of this world are women and perfume. Ibn Sa’d’s Kitab Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Volume 1, Page 380 Aisha said “The Prophet of God liked three things of this world: Perfume, women, and food; he had the [first] two, but missed food.” Ibn Sa’d’s Kitab Tabaqat Al-Kubra, Volume 1, Page 380 Don’t look up! Jabir b. Samura reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: The people who lift their eyes towards the sky in Prayer should avoid it or they would lose their eyesight. Sahih Muslim 4:862 Abu Huraira reported: People should avoid lifting their eyes towards the sky while supplicating in prayer, otherwise their eyes would be snatched away. Sahih Muslim 4:863 Masturbation leads to a pregnant hand and too much sex leads to death 15. Harm No. 14: Leads to Masturbation . . . Just as it is unlawful and forbidden to commit sexual intercourse with a strange man or woman, it is likewise forbidden to masturbate. Unfortunately, this sin has become widespread in this day and age. In some narrations of Hadith there are severe warnings against this sin. It has been mentioned that the person who masturbates shall be resurrected on the Day of Judgment with a pregnant hand. It has also been mentioned that the ناکح الید (the one who masturbates) is under the curse of Allah. Fulfilling one’s sexual desires in an unlawful manner is obviously impermissible. But one should also be cautious of excessive permissible sex. Too much sexual intercourse spoils the health and drains one’s strength. Spiritually, one does not get enjoyment in worship and Zikr. If also causes the child to be born weak and frail. It is for this very reason that the Buzurgs have advised to preserve the semen. After 15 to 30 days when there is a strong urge to have sex, only then should one fulfill one’s desire. The lion copulates once a year and from that it breeds offspring. Similarly, those people who have intercourse after long intervals of time produce strong and healthy children. Therefore, moderation is necessary in sexual relations with one’s wife, otherwise excessive sex can even lead to death. My Shaikh, Hazrat Phoulpoori (رحمۃ اللہ علیہ) narrated to us the incident of an Alim who had a very beautiful wife. Whenever he would come home from running errands and would see his wife, then he would not be able to control himself. He used have so much sexual relations that after six months, instead of discharging semen, blood started to ejaculate from his penis. This eventually led to a severe fever after which he died. Beauty was the cause of his death. This is why I advise to have moderation in permissible things as well. As for the unlawful, then my advice is not to even go near Haraam. May Allah Ta’ala grant us the ability to practice upon what has been said. Amen The 14 Harms Of Casting Evil Glances Shaikh ul Arab wal Ajam Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb Muhammad the inadvertent trend-setter has a temper tantrum Narrated Ibn. ‘Umar: Allah’s Apostle wore a gold ring or a silver ring and placed its stone towards the palm of his hand and had the name ‘Muhammad, the Apostle of Allah’ engraved on it. The people also started wearing gold rings like it, but when the Prophet saw them wearing such rings, he threw away his own ring and said. “I will never wear it,” and then wore a silver ring, whereupon the people too started wearing silver rings. Ibn Umar added: After the Prophet Abu Bakr wore the ring, and then Umar and then ‘Uthman wore it till it fell in the Aris well from ‘Uthman. bin ‘Umar : Allah’s Apostle wore a gold ring, then he threw it and said, “I will never wear it.” The people also threw their (gold) rings. Sahih Bukhari 7:72:756, See also: Sahih Muslim 24:5210, and Sahih Bukhari 7:72:755 Wanna have an affair and steal things? Go ahead! Narrated Abu Dhar: The Prophet said, “Gabriel said to me, ‘Whoever amongst your followers die without having worshipped others besides Allah, will enter Paradise (or will not enter the (Hell) Fire).” The Prophet asked. “Even if he has committed illegal sexual intercourse or theft?” He replied, “Even then.” Sahih Bukhari 4:54:445 Prophet Muhammad’s BO-scented perfume, anyone? Narrated Thumama: Anas said, “Um Sulaim used to spread a leather sheet for the Prophet and he used to take a midday nap on that leather sheet at her home.” Anas added, “When the Prophet had slept, she would take some of his sweat and hair and collect it (the sweat) in a bottle and then mix it with Suk (a kind of perfume) while he was still sleeping. “When the death of Anas bin Malik approached, he advised that some of that Suk be mixed with his Hanut (perfume for embalming the dead body), and it was mixed with his Hanut. Sahih Bukhari 8:74:298 Moses slaps the Angel of Death Narrated Abu Huraira: The angel of death was sent to Moses and when he went to him, Moses slapped him severely, spoiling one of his eyes. The angel went back to his Lord, and said, “You sent me to a slave who does not want to die.”….. Sahih Bukhari 2:23:423, Eat dirty food and lick your fingers clean to starve the devil Jabir reported: I heard Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) as saying: The Satan is present with any one of you in everything he does; he is present even when he eats food; so if any one of you drops a mouthful he should remove away anything filthy on it and eat it and not leave for the devil; and when he finishes (food) he should lick his fingers, for he does not know in what portion of his food the blessing lies. Sahih Muslim 23:5046, See Also: Sahih Muslim 23:5049
      • Lucky, Sunni Muslims do consider Shiites as Muslims. There are some Salafi-Deobandi Muslims who hate Shiites. Shia-Sunni Muslims have finally recognized themselves as brothers. Plum is a Muslim and he who is a Muslim, is a Muslim and nobody has right to call him a non-Muslim.

        Who is an unbeliever? Unbeliever or infidel is the one who knows the truth but rejects it. Mohammedans in Mecca? An ignorant and narrow-minded man like you who lacks average mental approach, is determining what Islam says! It’s funny.

        According to Q. 2:177 and the Hadith of Gabriel, Sunnis and Shiites and both Muslims. Thus, begone with your idiocy.

        • Dear MM, whoever believes in the Quran and the Prophet IS a muslim and the religion propagated in the Quran is Islam. Sects is a human creation but there are NO sects in the Quran. The Prophet was neither a Sunni nor a Shi’ite, a Baha’i or Sufi.

          Q 103:3 Pickthall: And hold fast, all of you together, to the cable of Allah(Quran), and do not separate. And remember Allah’s favour unto you: How ye were enemies and He made friendship between your hearts so that ye became as brothers by His grace.

          Q 5:3 This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.

          What sects does the Quran talk of???????

    • Raj, I was mentally tortured in BJP, says Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s niece!

      A day after resigning from the Bharatiya Janata Party, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s niece Karuna Shukla today alleged that she had been “mentally tortured” by the party in Chhattisgarh.

      Nitish Kumar is the right person to PM but now BJP will suffer because of the choice of the OLD Cockerel…very crafty dude…Delhi rape, etc…orchestrated as it seems..maybe….linked to the Old Cock…!! Where the Old cock wants the treasury of India… oh NO..the blast again… all politically narrated. This old Dude is NO good…believe me…he tries to follow Mr Rahul the youngster and reverses… attacks calls it dynasty of Gandhi… only Cock’s wild dreams of winning!!!.

      Who runs the youth of Shiv Sena?? Every way it is the Old Cock…cock….but india is the land of poor… land of caste politics…how come the Cock who played communal politics lead India??????… and needs the unifying figure of Nitish Kumar or Rahul…but NOT this crook Modi!!

      Welcome Raj…..to Kenya…!!!!!!!!!!

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