Al-Qaeda threatens ‘jihad’ in Gujarat

Al-Qaeda has called for new ‘Jihad’ in the state of Gujarat in the latest edition of its English Magazine, Inspire.

Kill the Hindus of Gujarat, says Al-Qaeda


Speaking about ‘Hindu aggression’ in the state ruled by BJP’s Narendra Modi, the edition also mentions Kashmir and describes the atrocities committed by Hindus in the conflict-ridden state.

The 58-page latest edition of Inspire magazine titled “We are all Usama” talks of waging Jihad. It speaks about torching cars and causing road accidents as a new means of so-called al-Qaeda’s jihad.

The magazine is printed by the Islamist movement’s most active branch al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP.

The magazine also asks France to pull back its forces from Mali.

Dailybhaskar obtained the copies of the latest edition of the Inspire magazine. The magazine cover page shows the image of a young man and boy under the title- “We are all Usama”.

It goes on to say- “America you have passed on the message Shiekh Usama that you are truly the enemy of Islam.”

The magazine is known for its inflammatory content. The magazine was used to misguide young students to become part of several terror modules in the country, the interrogation reports of intelligence agencies were quoted on Indian Express.0154_3

According to the report, 18 youths were arrested in connection s with terror related activities. The arrested youths were radicalised by the combination of material, including Inspire magazine.

Inflammatory literature, asking young men to wage ‘Jihad’ against India and several western nations has become an effective tool for the al-Qaeda organisation.

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