Should India Give up Kashmir

By Ali Sina


What are your views on the Kashmir issue? We have had numerous wars, spent extremely valuable resources, and we’ve got nothing in return. Because of it being Muslim-majority state, there is so much of extremism and insanity. We lose soldiers every day. Just yesterday 5 CRPF Jawans were killed. Its citizens are also not loyal to the country. When a Pakistani militant beheaded a Jawan from the Indian Army (his head is still missing) they were no protests from Kashmiris. Pakistan also has a part of Kashmir. But when a terrorist named Afzal guru (who attacked the Indian Parliament) was hanged, these people took to the streets and attacked the police and threw stones at them. Kashmir is also provided with some special privileges that no other state enjoys. In a poor country as ours, how practical is it to be spend so much for some citizens whose minds are so corrupted and distorted that freedom and liberty are an alien concept to them? Kashmiri youth engage in jihad against the country actively.

I understand if India gives away Kashmir, the other states with high concentration of Muslims will also make similar demands. But why on earth should we do anything for a people who want separation and are disloyal to the nation? What can be done of these people? How long should our soldiers keep dying for these bastards who don’t recognize freedom that we have given them? Shouldn’t we just hand them over to the Taliban and let them live the Islamic life that they so covert to live?

How can we counter this issue? The Jawans who die are usually the sole-earning members of their families who live in extremely pathetic conditions in rural India. When these youths are killed their family is destroyed. Besides, India has too many poors. We have a whopping 68% of our people living below 2 US $ a day. How does it make sense to spend so much on these people who do not identify themselves as Indians but rather as our enemies? Besides, they commit atrocities on Hindus in the Valley. About 400 Pandits were murdered and 400,000 forced to leave. Why should we be sustaining all this bullshit?

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Dear Krish,

This is not an easy question to answer. So please bear with me as I am going to use an analogy in the hope to make myself clear.

If you have a headache, sometimes all you need is an aspirin pill and you’ll feel fine again. But if you have a major health problem such as cancer, a pill will not do the trick. The cure is neither cheap nor guaranteed. Cancer changes the the cells is a way that they turn against the body. Good healthy cells, once become cancerous, start working against the body. They infect other cells and grow until the individual can no longer live.

Think of Islam as a cancer in the body of humanity and of every Muslim as a cancerous cell. Muslims cannot be loyal to any country that does not practice the Sharia law or they would be going against their own faith. Like cancerous cells they work against their country. And like the cancerous cells that spread by infecting the neighboring cells, every Muslim proselytizes and tries to convert others.

The countries of the world suffer in direct proportion to the percentage of Muslims in their population. Where Muslims are more there are more problems. Where they are the majority, life is hell, for everyone, including for Muslims themselves. Look at Islamic countries. You can’t say they are healthy. All of them suffer from all sorts of social ills, such as dictatorship, corruption, lawlessness, violations of human rights, abuse of women, discrimination against minorities, lack of individual freedom, lack of productivity, poverty, terrorism, and a myriad other ills. They are all dying societies. If left to themselves, they will annihilate each other.

So what shell we do? There are no easy answers. But cancer is curable and so is the Islamic problem. To cure cancer first we have to understand what causes it. Cancerous cells grow when the body is not enough oxygenated. Cancer is caused by an anaerobic fungus. There are two forms of lives, aerobic and anaerobic. The cells that make us humans and other animals are aerobic. They need oxygen to survive. Anaerobic organisms are very primitive form of life and they don’t need oxygen for their survival. They may even die when exposed to oxygen. Many varieties of fungi are anaerobic. They grow in damp places where there is little flow of fresh air. When a person’s body is not oxygenated properly, it becomes a fertile ground for the growth of a special microscopic fungus that causes cancer. The cells react to this fungus and mutate. The tissue then is deformed and becomes cancerous.

The cure for cancer, suggested by orthodox medicine is expensive and debilitating. The patient goes through chemotherapy, radiology, bone marrow transplant, surgery and sometimes amputation and the rate of recovery is also very low.

The problem is that even when these methods cure the cancer in one place, it may recur in another part of the body in a few years. The reason is that these protocols do not address the underlying problem that causes the cancer. The focus of the orthodox medicine is on removing the symptoms. As the result the cancer will recur.

To make the body resistant to cancer it has to be oxygenated. This can be done in a variety of ways. Eating raw, fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables makes the body more alkaline. Alkalinized bodies are more oxygenated. Meat, dairy and all sorts of animal products, and wheat make the body acidic and less oxygenated.

There are several remedies that cure cancer, such as oxygen peroxide, cesium chloride, bicarbonate, and many other cheap natural remedies, that are often found in any household. These remedies make the body alkalized, rather than acidic. When the body is slightly more alkalized, anaerobic organisms can’t grow in it. Hence, the cancer causing fungi and the cancerous cells die and the cancer is cured, sometimes in matters of weeks.

The orthodox medicine does not recognize this therapy. Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to test new drugs. Then they recover 100 fold when the drugs seem to work partially. Trillions of dollars are made through drugs. Cancer is a lucrative business. Patients often spend their life savings on medicines. Considering that four out of every ten people may develop cancer sometimes in their life, you can imagine the money that the drug companies maker from this disease. But how can they recover their investment when they prove that cancer can be cured with some cheap, not patentable household products? So there is no interest in testing these products. In fact they stand to lose hugely. These alternative cancer remedies work, because people get cured and the logic behind them is simple and sound. You oxygenate your body and the cancer cells die. Of course the best remedy is prevention. So eating more alkaline foods and less acidic foods is the best way. Exercise also increased the oxygen in your body. Remember that processed foods, like canned foods become acidic even if they were alkaline in their raw state.

How this analogy applies to your question? If Islam is the cancer and Muslims are the cancerous cells, the cancer casing fungi represent the lies that are told to promote Islam and oxygen represents the truth. Where truth is suppresses and freedom of speech is curtailed, lies can spread fast. I was in UK last month and I saw buses carrying big ads saying Muhammad the Prophet of Mercy. But in UK you can go to jail if you say this is not so. How can a mass murderer be called the prophet of mercy? In UK, lies are allowed and truth is suppressed. It’s the same in most countries where criticism of Islam is banned and punishable by law. Austria, Netherlands and several other European counties have the same anti truth policies, only when it comes to Islam.

India is worse. India was the first country to ban the book of Salman Rushdie and the speeches of Taslima Nasrin. Indians are terrified of speaking against Islam. Some Indians tell me they would like to support my sites, but they are afraid of sending donations to my Paypal account. This fear is entirely baseless. However, it shows how they have been intimidated.

What happens when truth is suppressed? Reduced oxygen in the body makes it a fertile ground for the growth of anaerobic fungi which in turn convert healthy cells into cancerous cells. Likewise, suppression of truth gives lies a ground to grow. With lies, good people are deceived and become attracted to Islam and this cancer becomes more widespread.

I hope this analogy makes thing clear. India is besieged by the Islamic cancer. Sooner or later Kashmir has to be amputated because it is no longer viable to hold onto it. The secession of Kashmir will embolden Muslims all over the world, and not just those of India. There will be a renewed wave of terrorism worldwide. Any victory for Islam, anywhere, boosts the morale of all the Muslims who will then join the jihad to hasten Islam’s world domination.

So what shall be done? Just as we have to oxygenate our body to prevent the growth of cancerous cells. We have to spread the truth to prevent people falling into the trap of Islam. Truth will not only inoculate non-Muslims against Islam it also helps Muslims to recover and become loyal citizens again. Millions of Muslims have left Islam in recent years thanks to the spread of truth through the Internet.

The cure for cancer is simple and so is the cure for Islam. But the truth about both is suppressed. Pharmaceutical companies stand to lose their lucrative business if people learn the truth about cancer. The politicians can’t go against them as these companies finance their campaigns and provide huge taxes. The truth about Islam is also suppressed and the governments are accomplices. Politicians depend on Muslims vote. In India, without the Muslims’ vote most politicians can’t hold to their seat.

We know how to defeat Islam and how to do it fast. Islam is founded on lies. Tell the truth and lies dissipate. Without lies Islam will fall. It is that simple. However, as it turns out telling the truth is not that easy. People don’t want to hear the truth. They have been brainwashed with political correctness. Even non-Muslims can be vicious in preventing you from speaking the truth about Islam. Laws are put in place to suppress any criticism of Islam. You can be charged with spreading hate and even go to jail for telling the truth. This is the problem, not defeating Islam.

I have dedicated my life to spread the truth about Islam and there are others that do the same. We have collectively raised the veil on Islam for millions. But it is not enough. We need to take this truth to masses. People who read our blogs are those who already know there is something wrong with Islam. Now we have reached a point that we are preaching to the choir. We need to get our message to the kids in colleges, to the factory workers, to office workers and to soccer moms. We need a medium that can reach the people who otherwise will not heed to us and are not interested in this topic.

I have thought about that for many years and since a couple of years I have been working on it. Now the draft is ready. We need to make an epic movie about Muhammad. There are already a couple of very good movies on Islam, such as Obsession and Fitnah. But that is not the kind of movie I am talking about. Those are documentaries that interest only a certain people. The average people don’t watch documentaries. They want to be entertained. That is the kind of movie I have in mind.

I have condensed the life of Muhammad in five hours. (can be be shown in parts) I have picked the most salient episodes of his life. It contains humor, tragedy and love story. It makes you laugh and it makes you cry. It makes you mad and it makes you sad. It plays with your emotions. It has songs that have to be done masterfully so they can be played in radios, like the songs of Les Miserables, because they are just beautiful. If we make this movie with good cinematography and good acting, I think we will have tens of millions of viewers, not just because of its historic value, not just because of the controversy that will inevitably surround it, but because it is a work of art. I want people to come and see it for its artistic and entertainment value and be informed meanwhile.

This is how to defeat Islam. We need to tell the truth and tell it so loud that no one can pretend he did not hear it. A movie like that will create a worldwide debate. An honest debate about Muhammad will put an end to Islam. He is not portrayed as a devil, but as a human being with the strength and weaknesses that we all share. I want people to empathize with him and more than anything else understand him.

That is the key. Many people have heard about Muhammad, much of what they have heard are lies. Muslims have read a lot about him, but they don’t understand him. Once he is understood and the veils of mystery that enshroud him are removed, Islam can no longer exist. It will vanish in just a few years. It is not foolhardy to say Islam can become extinct in our own lifetime.

How many trillions of dollars we spend to fight Islamic terrorism? How many lives are being lost every day, month and year? The solution is not in military or in aids to Muslim countries. The solution is in telling the truth.

The government of India, like governments in most non-Muslim countries with a sizable Muslim population, has adopted appeasement policies towards Muslims. It makes more concessions to Muslims than it makes to other citizens. The Indian government even subsidizes the hajj of Muslims when no Islamic country does that. This costs the Hindu tax payers more than $150 million dollars annually. That money can feed half a million poor children, clothe them and educate them. Muslims see this as weakness and increase their demands. It is clear to anyone that Indian government is afraid of its Muslim population. Pouring more money to Islamic provinces will only make the cancer of Islam grow faster.

I have not found enough financing to produce the movie yet. I am not giving up. I know this is the solution. I know there are no other solutions. Telling the truth to the world is our only option and nothing can tell it better than a well written and well-made movie.

If you know of someone who can help, tell them about it. The project will also produce money for the investors. It could be one of their best investments. Considering the subject matter, it is possible that it could become one of the most seen movies ever made. This is a golden opportunity that should not be missed.

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