Imran Firasat Being Prosecuted or Persecuted for Speaking the Truth about Muhammad?

By Imran Firasat

While I am writing this letter today, I don’t know how to describe my feelings. I do not know if I am sad, afraid, surprised, shocked or confused.

As you all know that because of producing a movie, “The Innocent Prophet”, on what I thought was the reality of Prophet Muhammad’s life, I was deemed a threat to the national security of Spain. As a result, the Spanish government revoked my refugee status, and currently I am on the risk of being deported to an Islamic country, where I will definitely be killed for blaspheming Islam and Prophet Muhammad.

Thanks to the Legal Project, Middle East Forum, Discourse Institute UK, and many other individuals, who supported me, I have appealed to the Spanish High Court against the Spanish Ministry of Interior’s decision to revoke my refugee status, and expect to get the justice from one of the most transparent and political-influence-free judicial system in the world.

But revoking my status and leaving me in a legal limbo, it seems, was not enough for the Spanish government. So, they have decided to prosecute me further for speaking out against the sexual tainted and violent warrior life of Prophet Muhammad.

Yesterday, I received a shocking news that the Madrid’s court nº 50 has formally accused me of inciting or provoking hatred and violence according to Article 510 of Spanish Penal Code, and have decided to prosecute me for the crime of criticizing Islam and hurting the feelings of Muslims living in Spain. This is the same judge, who had asked me to present myself in the court before him four months ago in a highly confidential declaration and interrogation, which was recorded, but neither me nor my lawyer was given a copy of that declaration, as it was done in secret by the orders of higher authorities. At that time, after hearing my version, the judge decided to not charge me with anything. I was only ordered to remove my YouTube account, which I did. But now the same judge has decided to accuse me and the case has been forwarded to the Public Prosecutor, so that there can be the formal charges against me and prosecution may proceed.

The funniest part of this, as has been revealed to me, is the fact that a Madrid-based Islamic organization is behind all this. A man named Helal Jamal Abboshi Khaledi, who is the General Secretary of “Union de Comunidades Islamicas en España”(Union of Islamic Communities in Spain), lodged complaints against my website, my movie and my activities concerning Islam. It is actually the complaint of this Islamic organization that has brought all these troubles for me.

It may be pointed out that for past 8 years, I have given more than a hundred interviews in the Spanish media, criticizing Islam because of its violent ideology and discriminatory social system, I have written a biography on Prophet Muhammad’s life in Spanish, I have made several cartoons of Muhammad, I have formally petitioned the Spanish government for banning the Quran, which the Spanish parliament even admitted for consideration. And despite of all these, I was never prosecuted nor asked to stop doing the same. Even if it is about the movie “The Innocent Prophet”, I formally informed all important institutions of the government about my plan prior to its production. And I never received a response to my letters, presumably because they had not found anything in the project that would violate the law. They were fully aware that what I was doing was within my right to freedom of expression.

But after this Islamic organization complained about my opinions on Islam, the entire government jumped on its feet. This shows how powerful or menacing Muslims have become in Spain and in the wider western world. Just a complaint from them against someone seems to spur major government departments of western countries into action. Those ministers, who were previously busy with their fiestas and never cared about my movie or opinions on Islam, suddenly jumped into action for prosecuting me, despite the fact that I have done everything within my right to freedom of expression without breaking any Spanish law. They are ready to abuse their power to influence the judicial system against me just to make Muslims happy.

Friends, governments in western countries do not care about our right of freedom of expression anymore, when comes to Islam. For appeasing Muslims, they seem prepared to do anything at whatever sacrifice of our western values and human rights.

After it was revealed that the complaint of this Islamic organization has spurred the Spanish authorities to get on its toes for prosecuting me, I have arrived at the conclusion that the government is trying to attack on me from every angle they can for the following possible reasons:

  1. To ensure the revoking of my residency status and deporting me from Spain, so that no one in this country dare to criticize Islam. This way the government will be able to keep Muslims happy, who want to convert Spain into Al Andalus of the Middle Ages.
  2. If their plan to deport me fails, they will at least be able to detain me under the pretext of Article 510 of the Spanish Penal Code. This way they will be able to keep my mouth shut, at least for a few years, from speaking about the truth on Muhammad and Islam.
  3. To put maximum pressure on me so that I leave this country voluntarily.

The latest legal notice issued against me by the Madrid court says in clear words that I am accused of threatening to burn the Quran on my website, and of producing a movie on Prophet Muhammad’s life, which has caused great discomfort to the Muslim community of Spain. The point to be noted here is that my movie may have caused discomfort to Muslims, but the judge certainly didn’t try to investigate whether or not my claims on Muhammad were true. He doesn’t care about my constitutionally preserved right to freedom of expression, a principal value of western societies. All that the judge seems to care is to make Muslims happy and comfortable.

On the other hand, the first complaint lodged by Mr. Khaledi on behalf of Islamic organization on 27 November 2012 says:A Pakistani (Me) is doing propaganda against Islam and its prophet. Muslims have objection on the content of my website and that my activities against Islam and Quran can bring a violent reaction by Muslims in Spain. He is trying to calm Muslim anger which is already boiling up and that reaction can be a very dangerous one.

The second complaint lodged on 29thof December 2012 says that: my plans of releasing the movie on Islam’s prophet which shows Prophet Muhammad as womanizer, homosexual and child abuser which is completely false, defamatory and very offensive for the believers of Islam. He said that my movie plan is provoking the Muslim community which can result in a violent reaction.

Through these complaints, Mr. Khaledi clearly threatened the Spanish authorities of an upcoming violence by Muslims. And the Spanish authorities got duly intimidated and took all the actions what he wanted.

Right now, I am facing double persecution. On one hand, my refugee status has been revoked and my residence card has been seized, which has put me in a dubious legal situation. On the other hand, they want to prosecute me for causing discomfort to Muslims, which may result in my detention for criticizing Islam, despite it is within my right to freedom of expression.

The Spanish government has just not revoked my status or wants to prosecute me, they are also doing a sting operation on me. My phone calls are being tapped; I am being spied upon and photographs are taken of every place I go. All these show how determined they are to come hard on me in order to appease Muslims. This is a treatment a hardcore terrorist is supposed to get. I am being treated like a terrorist, just because of speaking against terrorism. My only fault is that I have dared to speak the truth that the Quran spreads Jihad, terrorism, discrimination and hatred. My crime is that I have put Muhammad’s life in true light—that he initiated many aggressive wars, killed innocent people, married several women, and yes, he was a child molester because he married a six-year-old girl. All these are truths, I will stay firm on my opinion on Islam and Muhammad, come what may.

However hard the Spanish government comes at me, I will not deter from telling that you may submit to Islam for any reason you want, but I will never get intimidated by Islam or its cunning conspiracies. I will fight hard against whatever prosecution the Spanish government brings against me in order to prove that I haven’t committed any crime by speaking the truth about Islam and its war-mongering and sexually deviant prophet.

Most of all, I will stand my ground on defending my freedom of expression and western values, which must not be sacrificed in the face of threats of violence from Muslims.

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