Muslims raided a Christian colony in Pakistan

GUJRANWALA/LAHORE – A trivial clash between some Christian youth and local Muslims over playing of religious hymns on Tuesday evening conflagrated into a battle between the two communities on Wednesday when Muslims raided a Christian colony in Gujranwala.

Reportedly some Christian youngsters of Francis Abad colony were going home Tuesday night on a motorcycle rickshaw, playing aloud religious hymns on the tape recorder. As the rickshaw approached near a local mosque, the prayer leader of the mosque along with some other Muslims demanded the youth to lower the voice. An argument over the issue was followed by a brawl between the two sides.

On Tuesday, youngsters from the adjoining Naroki locality raided Francis Abad, sparking clashes between the Muslims and Christians.
The Muslim raiders reportedly also hurled stones at the local Church. The Christians later staged violent protests at Francis Abad Chowk, injuring three police officers.

Two passersby, Asad-Ullah and Faisal Iqbal, were injured the firing by the enraged Christian youth, while heavy damage was also done to over a hundred shops, several motorcycles and cars.
CPO ordered to abolish the Francis Abad check post. Talking to The Nation, RPO Amin Vence said that action will be taken against the violence mongers.

Taking immediate notice of the incident, Chief Minister Najam Sethi directed the district administration and police to control the situation in a proper manner and take all precautionary measures for maintenance of law and order in the area.
The chief minister said that strict action should be taken against the persons responsible for the clashes as well as police officials showing negligence in this regard.

He said Islam gives the message of tolerance, forbearance and brotherhood as well as grants freedom to the followers of all religions to lead their life in accordance with the teachings of their religion.
However, some unscrupulous elements want to disrupt peace but their nefarious designs will not be allowed to succeed.

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