UK students given booklets claiming, “every Muslim should be a terrorist” authored by banned Islamic hate-preacher

British universities students have received a publication entitled, “Answers to Non-Muslims Questions about Islam” by Zakir Naik


Counter-extremism organisation Student Rights has reported that it has been contacted by students after material handed out at an event on a British university campus appeared to endorse terrorism and other discriminatory and offensive viewpoints.

At an event apparently organised by the Islamic Society at Keele University, students were shocked to receive a copy of a booklet called “Answers to Non-Muslims’ Common Questions about Islam” [PDF] which has been authored by the Indian cleric Dr Zakir Naik.

Naik was officially barred from the UK in 2010 due to a number of comments, including a claim that if Osama Bin Laden was “terrorising the terrorist, if he is terrorising America the terrorist, biggest terrorist, I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist”.

Naik has been noted for his views on 9/11 as an “inside job” and has also declared that “homosexuality is forbidden in Islam and the punishment for homosexuality is death”.

Since the event, Student Rights tracked down a copy of the booklet circulated, and revealed a number of deeply concerning ideals found within it. It is rumoured that the booklet was obtained via the UK-based charity, the Islamic Dawah Centre International who this afternoon confirmed via telephone to The Commentator that they do supply the booklet, but they are currently out of stock. When asked as to whether they supply to university campuses, the response was, “of course”.

Student Rights have noted various concerns about the booklet, such as the comments, “If Islamic Shariah is implemented in any part of the world, whether it is America or Europe, society will breathe easier” and “Every Muslim should be a terrorist… every Muslim should be a terrorist for the antisocial elements of society, such as thieves, dacoits [bandits] and rapists”.

More concerns have been raised on the Student Rights blog.

Upon learning of the booklet’s contents, members of the Islamic Society quickly disavowed it and apologised. In discussions seen on Facebook, a number of Muslim students criticised the decision to hand it out, with one committee member stating “I was shocked upon hearing the booklet.”

Rupert Sutton, head researcher at Student Rights told The Commentator, “That material written by a man barred from the UK for his hateful views can be handed out by students at an on-campus event is deeply concerning, and highlights a lack of oversight that must be rectified.

“We do feel however, that the mature response from the Islamic Society after they found out the booklet’s contents, should be applauded. We hope that the university staff will sit down with them to discuss both the source of these booklets, and the importance of checking any material before handing it out.”

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One thought on “UK students given booklets claiming, “every Muslim should be a terrorist” authored by banned Islamic hate-preacher


    I have debated with many Muslims about the facts in the Quran. When they try to call it science, I call that rubbish. There has never been a verse presented to me that was anywhere close to science, and had been taken out of the Quran. So as a rebuttal to my objecting to their artistic interpretation many Muslims have posted videos of Dr. Naik. I have actually sat and watched his videos. Much of them spew lies and hate. It is hard to find all of his speeches in English though.

    I have watched him tell women that due to the infanticide in India and China there are not more baby girls, but that there is twice the population of females as there are males. One quick search of the Internet for the world population told me that the ratio of females to males is even. There may be a few more females, but not close to double. He says that it is good for men to marry more than one because if a female does not get married she becomes community property. I would love it if someone explained to me what this means, because to my ears it says that I have to be a whore for every man. This has not happened, and just for Muslims to understand me well I am not community property. Touching me can get you hurt. Us American women know how to kick ass. For the member of the audience who was unlucky enough to see him spew this garbage, I was very proud to see a woman angry and asking why he justified this. After all women are not second class and they should not have to feel like it.

    I have listened to Dr. Naik talk about the bible and the errors in it, but he has yet to mention the fact that the Quran is very very close to it. There are twists in the Quran. The blessings that went to Isac were supposed to have gone to Ishmael. Who was supposed to be the father of the lineage of the Muslims. Well there is no proof that Abraham ever existed. So people can dispute all day who was supposed to be blessed, the fact it, it is just a fight for fighting sake. Does anyone really care about blessings in this modern age? I guess only if you are stuck back in time.

    What about Apostasy? Well Dr. Naik thinks as long as you convert and never speak badly of the Muslim religion it is fine, but if you utter one word against Islam, then you should be guilty of treason, and put to death. It might not be worth the mention, but so many Muslims turn to him like he is a champion of the religion. Which makes it scary, because he is a convert, and quickly becoming highly influential among Muslims. Especially those who are not educated. He talks so fast and so smooth, if you were unaware of the truth, you might not see how wrong he is.

    Dr. Naik has some strange power over people. Perhaps it is the fact he quickly spews out his words, and sounds like a scholar. People should always question what he is saying. After all he talks one thing in English, and Muslims who speak Urdu have told me, that he speaks another in Urdu. Stating that his stance is people should be killed for apostasy. He wants Muslims to stay among other Muslims, and supports stoning. He is one of the most dangerous men in the Muslim world, since he owns a TV station, writes booklets and teaches, speaks, and debates on Islam.

    I have written him in the past to ask questions, only to get no reply. Which was to be expected, since I am a Liberal Atheist Woman. I might as well be satan to him. Dr. Naik does not like it when people confront him with facts, especially ones about evolution. I pulled this from Wikipedia. Which if you know me, I am not a fan of Wikipedia, but it was hard to come by a lot of info on Dr. Naik.

    Naik has said that the theory of evolution is “only a hypothesis, and an unproven conjecture at best”.[26]According to Naik, most scientists “support the theory, because it went against the Bible – not because it was true.‘ “

    Dr. Naik has a very narrow mind here, if this is how he truly feels. Because we all know by now Evolution is a fact, and a hypothesis. Evolution is a fact. We did evolve, the part that is a hypothesis is how. It can be altered if proven wrong, but it has yet to be proven wrong. Dr. Naik must have skipped biology 101 on his way to becoming a DR. We don’t support it because it goes against the bible. I could care less if it goes against the bible. I care that it is true. Simple. I am not here to white wash science. We are on a fact finding mission, anything but the truth has no value. We don’t ask how we can prove the bible and Quran wrong, we ask how we can make the world better by finding out how it works. Obviously science is doing something right, because it works.

    Dr. Naik has it so wrong.

    He is like a man selling holistic medicine. He has a nice package, and he sells it so well, but inside is some water, and a drop of oil. Just enough to fool you, and that is all he is doing to people. As an atheist I have done my job. Ask me how a watch got here I will tell you this. A watch is not organic. It could not randomly come together, though Physics might be able to give statistics on the random event of it. But the reality is, we have to work on it, but we never have to work on growing. We don’t have to think about breathing. Our cells do not need us to command digestion, it is done by signals. What we have to do is just be. That is organic nature, which is nothing like mechanical operations. A real doctor should know that.
    Dr. Naik is nothing more than a prop for Islam. He is the same old dogmatic mind I have encountered many times, just repackaged and sold. He brings nothing new to the debate. Science just created self replicating DNA. I saw in today we found a protein that silences genes. We keep learning and growing. Dr. Naik and his crew are stuck back in history about fourteen hundred years. A time when women were property and men did knot know near the science as they do now.
    I am offended by Naik. His stance on women is barbaric, and shameful. No one should hold that kid of pride when being a pig towards women, and calling that liberation. I don’t have half the mind as a man. I am responsible for my self. I am not community property. No man will ever own me, and my own father would not have it that way. I don’t have to cover my self head to toe or be seen by you and your barbaric thugs as a whore who deserves to be raped. I hope there comes a day when I get to debate a man like Naik, or even him. Because it would be an honor for me to trash him in front of thousands. I was not made by any god, I don’t need to be under the thumb of a man. I don’t subscribe to being beaten and treated as second class. If you think so Dr. Naik I challenge you to face me.

    Rachael Johnson

    I am a student of Cell Biology. I am a blogger, women’s rights, and equal rights feminist.

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