Please Sign the petition to not revoke the refugee status of Imran Firasat

Request to: Jorge Fernández Díaz

Home Minister of the Government of Spain, Jorge Fernandez Diaz: Keep the city’s refugee status Imran Firasat

Imran Firasat is a citizen of Pakistani origin living in Spain to the Spanish government granted political refugee status in 2005.

Following the announcement of a film critical of Islam which is an author, Firasat is undergoing a process of prosecution by the Spanish state, which has revoked his work permit and has threatened to extradite. This persecution is based on an alleged threat to the national security of Spain and the alleged violation of Article 510 of the Spanish Penal Code, which provides for the offense of “hatred inicitación” religious.

The withdrawal of refugee status and possible extradition to Pakistan could result either Firasat serious consequences, as the prosecution of religious hatred and blasphemy is still a crime punishable by death in many countries.

As a signatory to the international human rights treaties, including Article 18 of the Universal Declaration states the freedom to “change his religion or belief,” we think that the Spanish state has a moral obligation to protect the lives of Firasat. We also recall that the Human Rights Committee of the UN recently adopted a declaration which established the incompatibility of the blasphemy laws and the doctrine of human rights.

The January 14, 2013, Irene Lozano Domingo, deputy of Union, Progress and Democracy, made a number of parliamentary questions regarding the status of Firasat Spain’s government has not responded.

The silence of the government of Spain adds uncertainty to a dramatic situation. We call upon politicians, religious leaders and private citizens, regardless of their beliefs, to support freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and threatened the safety of all in the person of Imran Firasat.


Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Minister of the Interior of the Government of Spain
Keep Imran refugee status Firasat
[Your name]

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