The Persecution of Christians and Islamic Sharia Law

In Kosovo and Iraq under the watch of America, the United Kingdom, and other allies, the Christian communities suffered greatly. At no point was their suffering addressed properly and because the Christians of Iraq had no militia to protect them, then over half of the Christian population fled. Likewise, the Orthodox Christian population in Kosovo plummeted alongside the destruction of churches, monasteries and many things connected with the indigenous faith. The same scenario is now happening in nations which are being supported by major Western powers and of course Northern Cyprus is another “cleansed” Christian area. Indeed, Northern Cyprus connects the past with the present anti-Christian policies of Washington, London and other nations which appease Islamist forces.Egypt-Christians-AP

In Egypt the indigenous Christian faith is once more facing another bleak future because of ongoing Islamization. Despite this, and the fact that secular forces face being crushed by the current government of Egypt; the United States, the European Union and Gulf nations are all working together in order to help the Muslim Brotherhood survive financially. Simply put, Christian blood isn’t “only cheap” it doesn’t even enter the radar to any significant degree. Therefore, apartheid Sharia Islamic law is threatening to engulf Egyptian society. Also, the indigenous Christians don’t fit the false history of the Middle East because it was their land which was colonized by invading Islamic armies. This colonialism is forgotten and the same applies to many areas of the Middle East whereby the indigenous Christian faith struggled for survival because of jizya policies, slavery, dhimmitude and enormous discrimination within Islamic Sharia law.

Alarmingly, in the modern world you still have several Islamic Sharia law states which support killing apostates and killing non-Muslim males for merely marrying a Muslim woman. Therefore, while old men in Saudi Arabia can marry young 8 and 9 year old girls legally under Islamic Sharia law; the hatred within this apartheid legal system can be seen by the fact that non-Muslim males face the death penalty for an act of love in several Islamist nations. Of course, if Christian law supported the same barbarity in the modern world then the media would cover this from head to toe. Instead, in Saudi Arabia women must cover-up from head to toe and non-Muslims must stay in the shadows without any holy places to visit.

The latest clash between Coptic Christians and Muslims took place after a Muslim woman named Rana el-Shazali is believed to have converted to Christianity. It appears that a normal romantic relationship is deemed to be a threat to the Muslim community because the reaction was violence and intimidation. While in the West the term “Islamophobia” is being manipulated in order to crush genuine debate. It is noticeable that the same people who cry “Islamophobia” say little about Islamic Sharia law having “a real legal phobia” against atheists, Christians, minority Muslim groups like the Ahmadiyya, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians, Baha’is, Sikhs, and all non-Muslim faiths.

Anti-Christian attacks have taken place in the Beni Suef province where the romance began to flourish in the town of Wasta. AP comments that “Muslims have attacked churches there and forced Christians to close their shops for nearly eight days last month and members of the Christian man’s family have been arrested, including his mother and father, after a prosecutor accused them of collaborating in hiding the woman. The woman’s family issued an ultimatum for the church to bring her back early this month, but when it didn’t, violence erupted anew.”

“On Friday, ultraconservative Salafis distributed flyers accusing the church of “proselytizing Christianity,” according to a copy of the flyer posted on a social networking site. It called on residents to rally inside a mosque located meters (yards) from the church to “rescue a Muslim soul and bring her back from the deviant path.”

Somehow, the Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood are so concerned about this “one Muslim soul” because it threatens their apartheid worldview whereby non-Muslims are unequal in law. Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t mind taking money from major Western nations but equality is out of the question.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism highlights the naivety and duplicity of important institutions in America because James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, commented in 2011 that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular” and that this organization “eschewed violence.”

In the same article it was stated that “Some Islamists, such as Wagdy Ghoneim, who enjoyed close relations with the Council on American Islamic Relations while he lived in the United States, have issued calls for genocide against the Copts.”

“The day Egyptians — and I don’t even mean the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafis, regular Egyptians — feel that you are against them, you will be wiped off the face of the earth. I’m warning you now: do not play with fire!” Ghoneim said in a Gatestone Institute report. “I want to remind you that Egypt is a Muslim country…. if you don’t like the Muslim Sharia, you have eight countries that have a Cross on their flag [in Europe], so go to them. However, if you want to stay here in Egypt with us, know your place and be respectful.”

In the New York Times it was stated by Roger Cohen that “Perhaps the most radical change in U.S. foreign policy under President Obama has occurred here in Egypt, where the Muslim Brotherhood, long shunned as a collection of dangerous Islamist extremists, is now the de facto object of American support….. Not only that: Ultraconservative Salafist politicians, who make the Brotherhood seem like moderate pragmatists, are now regular visitors to the U.S. Embassy and, on the theory that it is better to have them inside the tent than out, they are able to visit the United States to learn how things work in the land of Jeffersonian democracy.”

Modern Tokyo Times meanwhile commented about the recent visit of John Kerry to Egypt by stating that “The only conclusion to come from Kerry’s trip is that you have no unity and that now it is Islamists which welcome Washington in Egypt. After all, important moderate leaders within the National Salvation Front refused to meet Kerry in person — because they seek “a real broad church” within the government of Egypt — and not the chains of a “theocracy.”

In another article published on the Investigative Project on Terrorism it was stated that “In Egypt, the Obama administration is asserting a moral equivalency between actions by government forces and the Coptic Christian minority, said Shea, director of Hudson’s Center for Religious Freedom. She noted that the State Department failed to forcefully condemn the Egyptian government for sending tanks and bullets after Copts protested the burning of their churches in October 2011.”

“The massacre left 24 Copts dead and 272 injured.”

“The U.S government put out a response condemning it and asking for both sides to refrain from further violence,” Shea said.

“Sam Tadros said in NRO at the time that I should tell the military to stand down and tell the Copts to stop dying.”

Gulf petrodollars are spreading militant Islam which hates not only non-Muslim faiths but also religious diversity within the Muslim faith. In Egypt it is clear that the Muslim Brotherhood hopes to usurp power at the expense of pluralism. Therefore, this movement is backing up the “theocratic dream” by manipulating many dark forces including ruling by fear and spreading sectarianism. Given this reality, then why did President Obama openly celebrate when Hosni Mubarak fell but the same leader refrains from tackling anti-Christian forces within the corridors of powers in Egypt?

By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker
Modern Tokyo Times

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