Rail terror suspect wants a lawyer who uses Qur’an as reference for his crime.

B821275238Z.1_20130603145917_000_G1P10C4P3.2_Content(The Record) TORONTO — One of the men charged in connection with an alleged plot to attack a Via Rail passenger train says he hasn’t been able to find a lawyer who will use the Qu’ran as a reference for his case.

Chiheb Esseghaier appeared in a Toronto court via video link today for an update on his attempt to find legal aid representation.

Esseghaier says the last potential lawyer he dealt with from prison told him in writing that he was unable to change the reference of his judgment “from the criminal code to the holy Qu’ran”.

Last month the Montreal man told the court he doesn’t recognize the authority of the Criminal Code in judging him.

Esseghaier has been told to continue his search for a lawyer and will next appear in Toronto court on June 25.

Esseghaier and another suspect, Raed Jaser of Toronto, were arrested in April and face several terrorism related charges.

Jaser’s lawyer has denied the allegations against his client.

Authorities allege there was an al-Qaida-directed plan to attack a Via train that runs between Toronto and New York City, but they stressed at the time of the arrests that there was no imminent threat to the public.

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