‘Islamic Jihad’ Summer Camp for Muslim Kids

(By  for The Blaze) For most children, summer camp involves activities like capture the flag and water polo. However, for a group of exploited children in the Gaza Strip, summer camp involves AK-47s and the lesser known game “kidnap an Israeli soldier.

Children at the Islamic Jihad summer camp also took part in weapons use, jumping over fire and crawling under barbed wire. Controlled explosions also reportedly occurred while the kids participated in the so-called camp.

Camp organizers also, of course, offered religious teachings.

Here are some of the unbelievable photos via AFP:AFP0334590-01-08327549_waAFP0334588-01-08327542_waAFP0334583-01-08327541_waAFP0334584-01-08327545_wa“Several photographs released on Wednesday show a young khaki-clad vacationer, his face colored in camouflage, dragged by two gun-toting tykes from an ‘outpost’ adorned with an Israeli flag, in what appeared to be a reenactment of the Gilad Shalit kidnapping,”

AFP0334587-01-08327534_waOrganizers with the Islamic Jihad movement expect thousands of kids between the ages of six and 16 to participate in the camp and receive military and religious “training,” AFP reports.

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