Teacher in Egypt sentenced for ‘defaming’ Islam

world_15564_1 (1)(Morning Star News) A judge in Upper Egypt found a Christian teacher guilty of defaming Islam today and levied a massive fine against her after prohibiting her lawyers from presenting a single witness during the trial.

Dimyana Obeid Abd Al-Nour escaped jail time, but she was fined 100,000 Egyptian pounds (US$14,270), far beyond her ability to pay.

She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, her father, Ebed Abd Al-Nour, told Morning Star News. He said his daughter did nothing wrong.

“I am very upset right now by the sentence,” he said. “My daughter is innocent and should not have been given such a sentence.”

He then became overcome with emotion and declined to comment further.

Al-Nour a 24-year-old, first-year teacher in Egypt, made less than US$300 a month before she lost her position in the wake of the accusations against her. Her family is poor, and she could be sent to jail for failure to pay a court-ordered fine if unable to find the money.

Muslims created a clamor in the courtroom that put intense pressure on the judge, said a human rights advocate who was surprised that the guilty verdict did not send her to prison.

“I personally was expecting a prison sentence, but thank God she was only given a fine,” said Mohammed Noubi, a human rights advocate with the Luxor office of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). “There was a lot of pressure and uproar inside the courtroom.”

On April 10, three elementary schoolchildren at Sheikh Sultan Primary School in the village of Al-Edisat, Luxor Province, along with their parents and some teachers, complained to the school administration that Al-Nour had made blasphemous comments while teaching. Two days earlier, while teaching a class about history and religion, she discussed pharaoh Amenhotep IV, later known as Akhenaten, who did away with all other Egyptian gods in favor of sun worship in ancient Egypt.

Al-Nour also reportedly expressed her admiration for the former head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the late Pope Shenouda III, in class. In some versions of the alleged incident, she also made comparisons between Shenouda and Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. Three students said she made a gesture expressing disgust with Muhammad.

When the complaint was made, a group of head teachers and parents, known as the School Council, conducted an investigation into the allegations. They found there wasn’t any reliable evidence that Al-Nour had committed any offense, according to EIPR sources.

When the students were questioned, three of them said she had said or done something wrong. But the three students’ versions of what gesture Al-Nour allegedly made and what she allegedly said did not match up, according to EIPR. Also, the rest of the students in the class, 10 in all, said Al-Nour was blameless and never even mentioned the late pope or Muhammad.

A survey of the staff at the school revealed that she was widely respected by her colleagues, according to EIPR.

The School Council’s report was turned into the provincial governor’s office and to the legal department of the local office of the national Ministry of Education, which then conducted its own investigation; like the School Council, it found no crime had been committed. By chance, a school inspector happened to be monitoring the class Al-Nour was teaching but found nothing wrong with her instruction.

The case likely would have been dropped, but two attorneys representing the parents of one student went directly to the prosecutor’s office, obligating officials to conduct their own investigation. In what are known as “hisba cases,” Egyptian law allows citizens to file lawsuits against anyone who has transgressed the “exalted right of God.” Many blasphemy cases are filed in such a manner.

In court, Al-Nour’s lawyers were prepared to bring three crucial witnesses, including Mustafa Mikki, principal of the school. In an interview with the Coptic weekly Al-Watani, Mikki, a Muslim, said that those who brought the charges against Al-Nour were “fanatics.”

He also confirmed that none of the stories of the three children who accused Al-Nour matched. But the judge in Al-Nour’s case, Muhammad Al-Tamawy, would not let Mikki or anyone else testify on her behalf.

Noubi, who has helped Al-Nour’s legal team for EIPR, said that in addition to the fine, Al-Nour has now been referred to a civil court, as one of the complaining parents has filed a lawsuit against her. In order for damages to be awarded in the civil case, Al-Nour first must have been convicted of a crime. It is unknown how much money is sought in the civil case.

Al-Nour, who has attended only one of her hearings, remains in hiding. According to EIPR, the courtroom and surrounding area was swarming with conservative Muslims protesting against her during the hearing she attended.

Since then, she has been too sick to attend any of the hearings, according to human rights activists and her family. Al-Nour was arrested and held for two days, until her family was able to post bail with the help from the church.

Noubi said her lawyers plan to appeal.

The accusations against Al-Nour reflect a growing trend in Egypt of disproportionate use of the nation’s blasphemy statutes against members of Egypt’s Christian minority since the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi came into power in June 2012, according to human rights advocates.

3 thoughts on “Teacher in Egypt sentenced for ‘defaming’ Islam

  1. Muslims,

    You are a pathetic spectacle. Non muslims are so tired, just to the point of disgust, with your violently psychotic reaction to any perceived or actual criticism of your ‘profit’ or any aspect of your religion. What can be behind some pathological mass behavior? Why do tens or hundreds of thousands of muslims take to the streets in violent, homicidal mobs at the mere hint of criticism of your profit , disrespect to your Q’uran, etc.? On the one hand, you claim to be the ‘religion of peace’ (the sickest of all absurdities..) and on the other hand, you are very violent. This is psychosis, schizophrenia. Mental Illness on a mass scale. Oh .. you don’t believe you’re mentally ill as a religion? Check out this Freudian Defense Mechanism and then ask yourselves if it describes you:

    (from Wikipedia)
    Projection: Projection is a primitive form of paranoia. Projection also reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the undesirable impulses or desires without becoming consciously aware of them; attributing one’s own unacknowledged unacceptable/unwanted thoughts and emotions to another; includes severe prejudice, severe jealousy, hypervigilance to external danger, and “injustice collecting”. It is shifting one’s unacceptable thoughts, feelings and impulses within oneself onto someone else, such that those same thoughts, feelings, beliefs and motivations are perceived as being possessed by the other.

    Nicely explains why Muslims go insane with psychic pain and take to the streets in murderous mobs when they perceive insult to M. or the Q. You’re manifesting the Freudian Defense mechanism of Projection.

    You are barbaric and primitive beyond belief! Islam today is the end result of 1400+ years of ‘The Religion of Peace’.. 1400 years and this is the best you can do? I’d call it a failure. The West has buried you. Your only hope is to spitefully strike out at The West and try to drag us down to your 7th century mindset to make yourselves feel better. This can only end in blinding flashes over Islamic cities and holy places. Please keep being yourselves.. keep the daily spectacle of Islamic barbarity in the front pages for years to come. It’ll make the ultimate decision to terminate your civilization all the easier when the time inevitably comes.

  2. To muslims reading this — why are you here? To defend your faith, or are you actually interested in finding out why so many non-muslims are putting up websites such as this site, http://www.jihadwatch.org/ , http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/ , http://www.danielpipes.org/ , and a thousand others? Let me ask you: aren’t you tired of the hatred and violence that have been the defining, endemic characteristic of Islam since it’s inception? Aren’t you tired of the misogyny, the gang rapes, the wife beating, the selling and raping of child brides, the stoning to death of women?
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    If you can’t do that, then there’s no hope for you, and there might not be any hope for the human race if enough MUSLIM countries acquire nuclear weapons.



    Aysha and Hufsa were involved in assassination of Mohammed

    There are a number of traditions from the Shi’ah and Bakri sources concerning the involvement of Aysha and Hafsa in assassination of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him and his pure family) as previously stated by the Sheikh in many lectures. However, in order for us to cite the sources of these traditions, it might be useful to look at the following verse first.

    “And Muhammad is no more than a messenger; many were the messengers that passed away before him; if then he died or is killed will you then turn back upon your heels? And whoever turns back upon his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah; and Allah will reward the grateful.” (003:144).

    If we pay a closer attention to this section: “if then he died or is killed.” We find that it confirms that the Prophet (peace be upon him and his pure family) would not die a natural death. Rather, it confirms that he would be killed. For the reason that the conjunctive (or) in this verse means “Rather” In Arabic, sometimes (or) indicates uncertainty and probability. In other contexts, it imparts correction.

    We hereby understand that the Prophet was to be killed and his assassination was to be followed by turning back and apostasy. This actually happened, and turned in favour of the rebels who seized power, i.e. Abu Bakr and Umar. Thus, it was particularly addressed to figures who were followers of Islam at the time of the Prophet and not to the Jews who were no longer a threat in Medina as the Bakries believe.

    How then was the prophet killed? And who were those involved in such a heinous crime? Was it really, as Aysha narrates, the Jewish woman Zainab Bint al-Harith who invited the Prophet (peace be upon him and his pure family) and his companions after gaining victory over the Jews in the battle of Khaibar to a banquet; when she poisoned the meat she cooked causing the Prophet to die four years later!

    The Battle of Khaibar took place in the 7th year of Hijra, while Mohammed died in the 11th year. Is it really likely for a person to die because of a poisoned food he had consumed 4 years ago! The effect of poison is immediate and even if it takes time it cannot exceed a few months in which the health condition deteriorates gradually; In addition to the fact that the prophet had no unusual health complaints and would participate in the battles throughout that intervening period!

    If we look at the following hadith reported by Bukhari from Aysha regarding the prophet’s death, She relates:

    “Allah’s Prophet told me on his death bed, ‘Aysha, since I consumed that poisoned food after the Khaibar Battle, I have been in pain. Now it is the time for my heart to stop beating because of that poison.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol V, Page 137).

    Regardless of the fact that the Quran described Aysha and Hafsa as sinful wrongdoers whose hearts deviated from the true path in Chapter (66:04), we cannot trust Aysha’s tradition about poisoning the Prophet for three important reasons.

    The first of which is because Aysha was an infamous liar.

    “Allah’s Prophet was eating honey at Zainab Bint Jahsh place. So Hafsa and I agreed to tell him, upon his return that he smelled of Maghafeer”.

    (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol 6, Page 68. Maghafeer is a substance extracted from a tree. It has a sweet taste but very foul smell.)

    Aysha knew that the Prophet had taken honey from his wife, Zainab Bint Jahsh. Being jealous of her, she agreed with her friend, Hafsa, to hurt the Prophet by claiming that he smelled foul when he consumed that honey. Thereby, he would stop eating it, & consequently stop visiting his wife, Zainab. That was a lie. A woman, who would not abstain from lying to the noblest prophet, would not abstain from lying to ordinary people, either. The Hadiths reported by her cannot be trusted.

    The second of which is because the Prophet had described Aysha as “The spearhead of disbelief and the horn of Satan”. Ahmed Ibn Hanbal and other famous scholars of Bakri Sect related:

    “The Prophet, (Peace be upon him), emerged from Aysha’s room saying this is the spearhead of disbelief! It is from here that Satan’s horn emerges”! (Musnad Ahmed, Vol II, Page 23). Hence, we cannot trust her Hadiths.

    We should not believe in Aysha’s Hadith about poisoning the Prophet is because Aysha contradicts herself in another Hadith. She claimed that the Prophet did not die because of the Jewish woman’s poison. Rather, the cause of his death was because of another disease! According to Abu Yoalla, Aysha also said that: “Allah’s Prophet, died of an ailment Dhatul Janb”! (Masnad Abu Yoalla, Vol. VIII, Page 258. Dhadul Janb is an internal tumour that forms on man’s side.)

    Ali Ibn Ibrahim Al-Qummi, relates a Hadith as reported by the Imams regarding the assassination of the Prophet.

    “The Prophet said to Hafsa: ‘I will tell you a secret. If you divulge it, Allah, His Angels & people will curse you.’ ‘So, what is it?’ wondered Hafsa. The Prophet said: ‘Abu Bakr will be able to seize the Caliphate & power after me, & will be succeeded by your father, Omar.’ Hafsa wondered: ‘Who informed you of this?’ ‘Allah, the Omnipresent, the Omniscient informed me.’

    “On the same day, Hafsa divulged the secret to her friend, Aysha. In turn, Aysha divulged the secret to her father, Abu Bakr. So, Abu Bakr came to Omar and said: ‘My daughter Aysha told me a secret reported by Hafsa, but I cannot always trust what Aysha says. So, you ask your daughter Hafsa, make sure and tell me.’

    “Omar went over to Hafsa, and asked her. In the beginning, she was startled and denied it. But, Omar said to her: ‘If you have indeed heard this secret, then, tell us so we can immediately seize power and get rid of Muhammad’. So, Hafsa said: ‘yes, he told me that.’ At this point, those four got together and conspired to poison the Prophet” (Tafseer al-Qommi, Vol II, Page 367, Bihar-ul-Anwar by Allama al-Majlisi, Vol XXII, Page 239).

    Muhammad Ibn Massoud al-Ayashi narrates that:

    “Imam al-Sadiq was sitting with a group of his followers, & asked them: ‘Do you know whether the Prophet died a natural death or was murdered? Allah the Almighty says: “if then he died or is killed”. The truth is that the Prophet was poisoned in his last days before he died. Aysha and Hafsa administered poison in his food.’

    Upon hearing this, the Imam Sadiq’s followers said that they & their fathers were among the worst villains ever created by Allah.” (Tafseer al-Ayashi, Vol I, Page 200; Bihar-ul-Anwar, by Allama Al-Majlisi, Vol XXII, Page 516)

    Al-Ayshi relates another Hadith attributed to Imam Al-Sadiq (Peace be upon him) in which he says: “al-Hussein Ibn Munther asked Imam Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) about Allah’s words “if then he dies or is killed will you turn back upon your heels”. Does it mean that the Prophet died a natural death or was murdered? Imam Al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) said: In this verse, Allah refers to the Prophet’s companions who committed the misdeed”. (Tafseer Al Ayash, Vol I, Page 200; Bihar-ul-Anwar, By Allama Al-Majlisi, Vol XX, Page 91)

    These Hadiths confirm beyond doubt that the Supreme Prophet (Peace be upon him and his pure family) was killed by poison administered in his last days and not which was allegedly given four years prior to his death. They also confirm that the crime was an act of treachery by his two wives and their fathers. Meaning that Jews had no involvement.

    There are also evidences in the Bakries’ books of Hadith, that support the Shi’ahs’ Hadiths and demonstrate involvement of the Prophet’s two wives in the crime. One of which is a Hadith reported in Sahih al-Bukhari, Muslim and others from Aysha who confesses that when the Prophet was asleep during his illness she put a strange substance into his mouth with the help of the other wives.

    Aysha did it intentionally despite Prophet’s prohibition. When the Prophet woke up, he saw the residuals of the substance that they had put into his mouth. He angrily asked what it was and who had disobeyed his orders. Aysha and her collaborators justified their action saying that it was just a medication.

    Following that, they accused the Prophet’s uncle, Al-Abbas Ibn Abdul Muttalib. However, the Prophet acquitted his uncle and ordered that those who were with him in the room should be punished by having the same substance put into their mouths. Aysha narrates:

    “When Allah’s Prophet contracted the terminal disease, he told us: ‘Don’t put the medicine in my mouth.’ But we disobeyed him on the ground that every patient dislikes medication! So, we put the substance in his mouth. When he regained his senses, he wondered: ‘Who did that? Have I not admonished you not to do that?’
    “So, we said: ‘It is your uncle Al-Abbas who thought that you might have contracted a lateral tumour!’ The Prophet said: ‘This disease is caused by the Devil. I cannot contract it.’ The Prophet ordered that everyone in the house must put the same substance into their mouths, except Al-Abbas, as the Prophet said: He was not with you”. (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol VIII, Page 42; Sahih Muslim, Vol VII, Page 42; Masnad Ahmed Ibn Hanbal, Vol VI, Page 53; Prophet’s Biography by Ibn Kathier, Vol. IV, Page 446).

    As I have previously mentioned, the Quran predicted ,as stated by Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him), that the Prophet’s companions would turn against him. The Prophet had also predicted in his several Hadiths that most of his companions would go to hell. One of which is a Hadith reported by Bukhari who narrates that the Prophet (peace be upon him and his pure family) said:

    “On doomsday, when I will be at the water pond delivering water to those who will be thirsty among my followers, a group of my followers will come to drink but the angels will drive them away and take them to Hell! And I’ll say: Oh, God! They are my companions! But God will tell me: You do not know what they did after your death. They degraded themselves to apostasy ….. Thus, only small number of my companions will escape like deserted camels in the desert.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Vol VII, Page 206).

    No one can claim that Abu Bakr for example cannot be among those who will be driven to Hell, since the Prophet himself did not exempt him from that. Malik Ibn Anas, relates that the Prophet prophesied to the Muslim martyrs of Uhud that they would go to Heaven.
    “So, Abu Bakr wondered: “Aren’t we their brothers who have submitted to Islam just as they did, and fought in jihad just as they did; so, why don’t you give us the good news that we will go to heaven? The Prophet said: “It is absolutely true that you are their brothers, but I do not know what you will do after my death”. (Al Muatta of Malik Ibn Anas, Vol II, Page 642).

    Therefore, we should not exempt Abu Bakr and Omar from the crime of having taken the life of the Prophet, especially when they had tried that once before when the Prophet was on his way back from the city of Tabuk. (Refer to Al Mohalla of Ibn Hazm, Vol. IX, Page 224).

    In conclusion we say that we can now be sure that Abu Bakr and Omar indeed wanted to kill the Prophet. Though, their plan after Tabuk failed, their next plan succeeded by collusion with their daughters Aysha and Hafsa who administered poison to the Prophet during his sleep in order to hasten the seizure of power by their fathers, while ousting the rightful successor, Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib.

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