Non-Muslims feel insecure during Ramazan

(By Kiyya Qadir Baloch) A sense of insecurity prevails among non-Muslims, especially Hindus ahead of Ramadan as this month brings more hardships for them.Ramzaan killing

The residents of the federal capital, while talking to Daily Times, said that they consider the month of Ramazan as a blessing, but for the Hindu community, Ramazan is the time of more hardship since they have to be more careful while eating or drinking in public.
A Hindu leader said that fasting during Ramazan is strictly adhered in the twin cities because of their large Muslim population but most of the Muslims become short-tempered during this month and fights break out when they find us eating or buying foodstuff.
“Non-Muslims, particularly Hindus, when caught eating or drinking during the holy month are badly beaten and sometimes even criminal charges are brought against them but the same severity is not shown to the Muslim violators who are caught breaking the norms during fasting period,” he added.

“There are a number of non-Muslims in the federal capital. However, they are seen with a bad eye and are restricted to practice their daily activities during Ramazan. Thus, for a full month, we are forced to act as Muslims, which is a denial of religious freedom,” the Hindu leader maintained.

He said religious leaders and the police are the greatest threats for non-Muslims during the month of Ramazan. Majority of non-Muslims in the federal capital say they suffer during the holy month of Ramazan as they are refrained from eating, drinking, smoking and practicing their religious norms.

They demanded the authorities concerned to ensure foolproof security arrangements at churches, temples and non-Muslims areas during the holy month.

Meanwhile, religious scholar Maulana Mohammad Saeed said, “The Muslim norms do not allow anybody to eat during daytimes in public in Ramazan so everyone should obey this to respect the culture and the Islamic people.”
A government official said that such warnings or restrictions either from the government or the religious scholars are to ensure that non-Muslims show respect for feelings of Muslims.

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