Pakistan: Lone women shoppers ‘spreading vulgarity’ says Islamic Clerics

I am really feeling bad for those women(specially Muslims) living in Pakistan, that they may even not be allowed to shop alone in future (with full burka). It is very hard for me to understand, what do Islamic clerics get by torturing Muslim women like this. Let’s read the report:

images (70)(Thanks to Zee News) Peshawar: Islamic clerics on Friday barred women who are not accompanied by a close male relative from entering markets of Karak area in Pakistan’s restive northwest. 

A committee of “ulema” (clerics) in Karak district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province said only women accompanied by a “mehram” or close male relatives like a brother or son would be allowed into markets.

The clerics issued the directive during a meeting held at a mosque in Karak, TV news channels reported. The meeting, chaired by former Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader Hafiz Abne Amin, contended that women roaming alone in markets were “spreading vulgarity” in society.


The clerics met the local administration and police and asked them to implement the decision. However, officials refused to facilitate the implementation of the decision.

The clerics asked shop-owners not to sell goods to women shopping alone in markets. Mir Zaqeem, head of the Khattak Ittehad, told the media that the decision was made because “most unaccompanied women were becoming a source of spreading vulgarity, especially in the holy month of Ramzan”.

He claimed a group of such women were involved in thefts and robberies.

He further said the presence of unaccompanied women in markets went against Pashtun culture and religious norms. Women accompanied by male relatives would not be stopped from entering bazaars, he said.


2 thoughts on “Pakistan: Lone women shoppers ‘spreading vulgarity’ says Islamic Clerics

  1. “He claimed a group of such women were involved in thefts and robberies”.

    Jesse James would have given his right hand to have been able dress up in burqa!

    Can you imagine what the WANTED POSTERS would have looked like? Ha, ha, ha.

    He would never have got caught for any of his robberies.

    People in Europe & America should take heed!

    A burqa is the best camouflage for THIEVES!

    The burqa would have slits & they could have a child underneath putting its hands out stealing, while the woman’s hands are visible.

    The mind boggles!

    • Hi, complete veil covering is not mentioned in the Quran nor in the Islamic Jurisprudence known as Fiqh. Some Muslims cover their wives for their own reasons and some women wear complete burkha for the same. Islam does not enforce that!!

      Remember that Islam has its own attire, a product of culture and context, very different from the western dress code..

      Ghandiji(bapu) too took in to Western code(European lifestyle) initially but later came down to dhoti and stuck to it till his untimely death by a Hindu dude. In fact, he was called as a ” Half Naked Fakir” by your most prominent politician Sir Winston Churchill!!

      His loin-cloth became the most powerful item before the Imperial power. And so do Sikhs have their own Code of dressing, very much different from Hindus, a misnomer of vedantist, as the same goes for Moghuls, Pakistanis, Chinese, Nepalese, etc.

      So, what is wrong with Islam having its own datum in concerns to dress factor??



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