Jihadists Bombing the Buddhists

the_jihadists bomb the buddhist(By: By Bill Warner for American Thinker) The jihadists — on this occasion the Indian Mujahadeen — are at it again. On a Sunday in July nine bombs went off in Buddhism’s most sacred place, Bodh Gaya in India. The jihadists said the bombing was in retaliation for the Buddhists resisting jihad in Myanmar. This would be the equivalent of bombing the Wailing Wall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Bethlehem or the Kabbah. But, since Buddhists are the least political of all religions, the media barely noticed.

This jihad attack may have long term consequences for jihad, due to favorable attitudes toward and perceptions of Buddhists, and who Buddhists are. Buddhism is the pet religion of the media, Leftists, Progressives and Liberals, and even those who are right of center find it hard to dislike Buddhism. Buddhism is truly the religion of peace, not like that other “religion of peace” with the jihad doctrine and 1400 years of conquest.

But the Left and Liberals are also the apologists for Islam, and one of the ways apologists deny the brutality of Islam is to attack its victims as somehow deserving of the jihadist attacks. When Christians are killed every week by jihadists, the leftist types justify it because of the Crusades and other wars by nations that are primarily Christian. When 30 Christian children are murdered in Nigeria, it is considered payback for the Crusades. (The Crusades lasted for 300 years and the last one was 800 years ago.) And any Jews killed are payback for the purported Israeli persecution of the so-called Palestinians. Put another way, the apologists for Islam figure that most of those who are killed in jihad deserve it.

So, the apologists for Islam are in a quandary. Jihad is hurting Buddhists, but it would be bigoted to complain about it. The denial machine is set to spin — those jihadists were not real Muslims or else they were just a few crazies.

A second problem for the apologists is their theory that if Muslims are treated right, they won’t be violent. This is the “treat the Palestinians right and they will do right” theory of dealing with Islam. This gets expanded to the theory that all Islamic violence is due to how the Palestinians are treated. Well, bombing Buddhists in India has no connection to Palestine.

Many Buddhists are absolute pacifists who hold to the “if you do good, good will come to you” school of politics. The problem is that such Buddhists usually cannot figure out why Muslims believe that being a Buddhist is evil. They may be ignorant of Islamic doctrine that says that the only good that can come out of a Buddhist is submission to Islam.

Buddhist doctrine holds that we need both compassion and wisdom. But the wisdom aspect does not seem to be highlighted when the Dalai Lama says that the attacks are “very sad” while noting that it could be an act of a “few individuals” and “shouldn’t be considered something serious.”

If the Dalai Lama would pick up the clue phone, he would hear this: “Hello, the Buddhism that you practice, Vajrayana Buddhism, came from the Swat Valley in Afghanistan and where is Buddhism now? It has been annihilated from Afghanistan by jihadists. That same doctrine of jihad is annihilating Buddhists in Thailand today. Is that sad enough for you?” Jihad seeks to annihilate all religions in the territory that Muslims enter. And that should be considered as something serious.

But bombing Bodh Gaya has a down side for the jihadists. A few of the usual apologists may decide that if jihad means bombing Buddhists, then maybe, just maybe, there is something fundamentally wrong with Islam. Islam’s apologists have a lot more trouble in justifying the justice of jihad against Buddhists since the jihad is against their own political alliance.

So bombing Buddhists may be a tactical victory, but it could a long-term strategic error but, only if the Buddhists and the apologists pay attention to murder of their own.

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    • Hi, The first of the four canonical books of Hindu belief(folkism or folklores) is Rig Veda(RV) which is a collection of hymns(songs) and poems written by unknown Rishis. They were written in the orthodox language known as Sanskrit – barbaric, that most hindus don’t even understand!! Ask any Hindu at random if he/she understands Sanskrit and the response will be in the negative!!

      RV speaks of fables, many mythological(made-up) legendary accounts of the origin of the world, hymns praising the gods(fake) and ancient(primitive) prayers….and that is enforced as truth in their minds from very early age!
      The animal sacrifice (Bali) among other things “refers to the blood of an animal” and is sometimes known as Jhatka Bali in Hinduism.

      “During the Vedic period, animal sacrifice was a “ubiquitous and extremely frequent occurrence which preceded almost any endeavor for which the outcome was uncertain.”
      Animal Sacrifice is practiced by majority of Hindu Castes in Southern state of Tamil Nadu. It is most notably done in front of Local Deities or Clan Deities. Animal sacrifice is practiced in some Eastern states of India and Nepal. It is also practiced by some Hindus on the Indonesian island of Bali. Kshatriyas practice this too.
      It is a ritual that is practised today and is mentioned in Medieval Hinduism too.. Adherents of the Sakta sect off Hinduism hold this to be a central tenet of their belief”.

      Hindus not only worship penises, they worship vaginas too. It is very true!!
      The erotic parts of Hindu mythology are fascinating but the truth is, like other religions, Hinduism is also a highly man favouring religion. There are many rituals for women to pray for the well-being of their husbands and sons but there is no ritual for men to pray for the well-being of their wives and daughters. Imagine that!!

      They forget that, that in their reincarnated form of having become flies they drown in glasses of beer and die…then what happens to them? Are they reincarnated as drunk dudes..which we see many loitering on the streets of Delhi, rapping young girls?? They also do not remember that in reincarnation they may come in new life in form of bacteria, billions of them, who are killed in the boiling stew and pesticides!! Every bacteria is a hindu come back through born again…rishi stupidity!!

      Hindus, which that is also misnomer, are an ignorant, idiot, filthy religious zealots. If they had adopted their fellow Persian brothers’ faith at least who believed in women’s equal rights, they would not have misogynistic systems like sati, dowry, widow suffering etc. and they would not have continued raping, abusing, murdering children and their own women everyday.

      And they say that Islam is bad…uh…huh…nincompoops!!


      Not concerned


  1. The Dhimmi Revolution

    by Bill Warner (March 2007)

    There are two areas to study in Islam, its doctrine and history—the theory and its results. The history shows the practical results of the doctrine.

    The first principle is that the Koran, Sira and Hadith must be taken as a whole. We call them the Islamic Trilogy to emphasize the unity of the texts.

    Our major intellectual breakthrough is to see that dualism is the foundation and key to understanding Islam. Everything about Islam comes in twos starting with its foundational declaration:

    1. There is no god but Allah and

    2. Mohammed is His prophet.

    Therefore, Islam is Allah (Koran) and the Sunna (words and deeds of Mohammed found in the Sira and Hadith).

    Endless ink has been wasted on trying to answer the question of what is Islam? Is Islam the religion of peace? Or is the true Islam a radical ideology? Is a moderate Muslim the real Muslim?

    This reminds a scientist of the old arguments about light. Is light a particle or is light a wave? The arguments went back and forth. Quantum mechanics gave us the answer. Light is dualistic; it is both a particle and a wave. It is depends upon the circumstances as to which quality manifests. Islam functions in the same manner.

    Our first clue about the dualism is in the Koran, which is actually two books, the Koran of Mecca (early) and the Koran of Medina (later). The insight into the logic of the Koran comes from the large numbers of contradictions in it. On the surface, Islam resolves these contradictions by resorting to “abrogation”. This means that the verse written later supersedes the earlier verse. But in fact, since the Koran is the perfect word of Allah, both verses are sacred and true. The later verse is “better,” but the earlier verse cannot be wrong since it came from Allah and Allah is perfect. This is the foundation of dualism. Both verses are “right.” Both sides of the contradiction are true in dualistic logic. The circumstances govern which verse is used.

    For example:

    (Koran of Mecca) 73:10 Listen to what they [unbelievers] say with patience, and leave them with dignity.

    From tolerance we move to the ultimate intolerance—not even the Lord of the Universe can stand the unbelievers:

    (Koran of Medina) 8:12 Then your Lord spoke to His angels and said, “I will be with you. Give strength to the believers. I will send terror into the unbelievers’ hearts, cut off their heads and even the tips of their fingers!”

    All of Western logic is based upon the law of contradiction—if two things contradict, then at least one of them is false. But Islamic logic is dualistic; two things can contradict each other and both are true.

    No dualistic system may be measured by one answer. This is the reason that the arguments about what constitutes the “real” Islam go on and on and are never resolved. A single right answer does not exist.

    Dualistic systems can only be measured by statistics. It is futile to argue one side of the dualism is true. As an analogy, quantum mechanics always gives a statistical answer to all questions.

    For an example of using statistics, look at the question: what is the real jihad, the jihad of inner, spiritual struggle or the jihad of war? Let’s turn to Bukhari (the Hadith) for the answer, as he repeatedly speaks of jihad. In Bukhari 97% of the references to jihad are about war and 3% are about the inner struggle. So the statistical answer is that jihad is 97% war and 3% inner struggle. Is jihad war? Yes—97%. Is jihad inner struggle? Yes—3%. So if you are writing an article, you can make a case for either. But in truth, almost every argument about Islam can be answered by: “all of the above.” Both sides of the duality are right.

    Our Ignorance

    First, let’s see how ignorant we are about the history of political Islam. How many Christians can tell you how Turkey or Egypt became Islamic? What happened to the Seven Churches of Asia mentioned in Paul’s letters? Find a Jew who can tell you the Jewish history of dhimmitude[1] (second class citizens who serve Islam). What European knows that white women were the highest priced slaves in Mecca? Everyone knows how many Jews Hitler killed, but find an unbeliever who can tell you how many died in jihad over the last 1400 years.

    We are just as ignorant about the doctrine of Islam. An FBI agent gets two hours of training on Islam and most of that is how not to offend the imam. We are fighting in Iraq. Who utilizes the political, military doctrine of Islam to plan strategy? Who can find a single rabbi or minister who has read the Koran, Sira and Hadith? What governor, senator, congressmen or military leader displays a knowledge of the political doctrine of Islam? Try to find a course available in a college about Islamic political doctrine and ethics. Graduates are schooled in Islamic art, architecture, poetry, Sufism, and a glorious history that ignores the suffering of the innocent unbelievers. Graduates read comments about the Koran and Hadith, but do not read the actual doctrine.

    So why are we so ignorant? Let’s start at the beginning. When Islam burst out of Arabia into a decaying Byzantine world, the unbelievers recorded it as an Arabic invasion. Similarly, the invasion of Eastern Europe was by Turks; the invasion of Spain was by Moors. Our scholars were incapable of even naming the invaders.

    Mohammed killed every single intellectual or artist who opposed him. And 1400 years later it was fear, not some imagined sensitivity, that caused the vast majority of the world’s media to not reprint the Mohammed cartoons. Fear is a fabulous basis for ignorance, but that is not enough to explain it all. What accounts for the almost psychotic aversion to knowledge about Islam? Beyond fear is the realization that political Islam is profoundly foreign to us.

    Let’s examine the ethical basis of our civilization. All of our politics and ethics are based upon a unitary ethic that is best formulated in the Golden Rule:

    Treat others as you would be treated.

    The basis of this rule is the recognition that at one level we are all the same. We are not all equal. Any game of sports will show that we do not have equal abilities. But everyone wants to be treated as a human being. In particular, we all want to be equal under the law and be treated as social equals. On the basis of the Golden Rule—the equality of human beings—we have created democracy, ended slavery and treat women and men as political equals. So the Golden Rule is a unitary ethic. All people are to be treated the same. All religions have some version of the Golden Rule except Islam.

    The term “human being” has no meaning inside of Islam. There is no such thing as humanity, only the duality of the believer and unbeliever. Look at the ethical statements found in the Hadith. A Muslim should not lie, cheat, kill or steal from other Muslims. But a Muslim may lie, deceive or kill an unbeliever if it advances Islam. There is no such thing as a universal statement of ethics in Islam. Muslims are to be treated one way and unbelievers another way. The closest Islam comes to a universal statement of ethics is that the entire world must submit to Islam. After Mohammed became a prophet, he never treated an unbeliever the same as a Muslim. Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule.

    By the way, this dualistic ethic is the basis for jihad. The ethical system sets up the unbeliever as less than human and therefore it is easy to kill, harm or deceive the unbeliever.

    Now mind you, unbelievers have frequently failed at applying the Golden Rule, but we can be judged and condemned on its basis. We do fall short, but is our ideal.

    There have been other dualistic cultures. The Klu Klux Klan comes to mind. But the KKK is a simplistic dualism. The KKK member hates all “niggers” at all times; there is only one choice. This is very straightforward and easy to see.

    The dualism of Islam is more deceitful and offers two choices on how to treat the unbeliever. The unbeliever can be treated nicely, in the same way a farmer treats his cattle well. So Islam can be “nice”, but in no case is the unbeliever a “brother” or a friend. In fact, there are some 14 verses of the Koran that are emphatic—a Muslim is never a friend to the unbeliever. A Muslim may be “friendly,” but he is never an actual friend. And the degree to which a Muslim is actually a true friend is the degree to which he is not a Muslim, but a hypocrite.

    As mentioned earlier, the other point of profound difference is logic. To reiterate, all of science is based upon the law of contradiction. If two things contradict each other, then at least one of them has to be false. But inside of Islamic logic, two contradictory statements can both be true. Islam uses dualistic logic and we use unitary scientific logic.

    Since Islam has a dualistic logic and dualistic ethics, it is completely foreign to us. Muslims think differently from us and feel differently from us. So our aversion is based upon fear and a rejection of Islamic ethics and logic. This aversion causes us to avoid learning about Islam so we are ignorant and stay ignorant.

    Another part of the aversion is the realization that there is no compromise with dualistic ethics. There is no halfway place between unitary ethics and dualistic ethics. If you are in a business deal with someone who is a liar and a cheat, there is no way to avoid getting cheated. No matter how nice you are to a con man, he will take advantage of you. There is no compromise with dualistic ethics. In short, Islamic politics, ethics and logic cannot be part of our civilization. Islam does not assimilate, it dominates. There is never any “getting along” with Islam. Its demands never cease and the demands must be met on Islam’s terms: submission.

    The last reason for our aversion to the history of political Islam is our shame. Islam put over a million Europeans into slavery. Since Muslims can’t be enslaved, it was a white Christian who was the Turkish sultan’s sex slave. These are things that we do not want to face.

    Jews don’t want to acknowledge the history of political Islam, because they were dhimmis, second class citizens or semi-slaves, just like the Christians. Jews like to recall how they were advisors and physicians to powerful Muslims, but no matter what the Jew did or what position he held, he was still a dhimmi. There is no compromise between being equal and being a dhimmi

    Why should a Hindu want to recall the shame of slavery and the destruction of their temples and cities? After Hindu craftsmen built the Taj Mahal, the Muslim ruler, Shah Jahan, had their right hands cut off so that they could not build anything as beautiful for anyone else. The practice of suttee, the widow throwing herself on the husband’s funeral pyre, came about as a response to the rape and brutality of the Islamic jihad as it sweep over ancient Hindustan.

    Blacks don’t want to face the fact that it was a Muslim who rounded up their ancestors in Africa to wholesale to the white slave trader. The Arab is the true master of the African. Blacks can’t accept the common bond they share with whites: that both Europeans and Africans were slaves under Islam. Blacks like to imagine Islam is their counterweight to white power, not that Islam has ruled them for 1400 years.

    Dualistic logic. Dualistic ethics. Fear. Shame. There is no compromise. These are the reasons we don’t want to know about Islam’s political history, doctrine or ethics.

    Political Islam and Non-political Islam

    Non-political Islam is religious Islam. Religious Islam is what a Muslim does to avoid Hell and go to Paradise. These are the Five Pillars of Islam: prayer, charity to Muslims, pilgrimage to Mecca, fasting and declaring Mohammed to be the final prophet.

    But the Trilogy is clear about the doctrine. At least 75% of the Sira (life of Mohammed) is about jihad. About 67% of the Koran written in Mecca is about the unbelievers, or politics. Of the Koran of Medina, 51% is devoted to the unbelievers. About 20% of Bukhari’s Hadith is about jihad and politics. Religion is the smallest part of Islamic foundational texts.

    Political Islam’s most famous duality is the division of the world into believers, dar al Islam, and unbelievers, dar al harb. The largest part of the Trilogy relates to treatment of the unbelievers, kafirs. Even Hell is political. There are 146 references to Hell in the Koran. Only 6% of those in Hell are there for moral failings—murder, theft, etc. The other 94% of the reasons for being in Hell are for the intellectual sin of disagreeing with Mohammed, a political crime. Hence, Islamic Hell is a political prison for those who speak against Islam.

    Mohammed preached his religion for 13 years and garnered only 150 followers. But when he turned to politics and war, in 10 years time he became the first ruler of Arabia by averaging an event of violence every 7 weeks for 9 years. His success did not come as a religious leader, but as a political leader.

    In short, political Islam defines how the unbelievers are to be dealt with and treated.

    The History of Political Islam

    The history of political Islam starts with Mohammed’s emigration from Mecca to Medina. From that point on, Islam has always offered the world the dualistic option of joining a glorious religion or being the subject of political pressure and violence. After the emigration to Medina, Islam became violent when persuasion failed. Jihad entered the world.

    After Mohammed’s death, Abu Bakr, the first caliph, settled the theological arguments of those who wished to leave Islam with the political action of death by the sword.

    The jihad of Umar (the second caliph, a pope-king) exploded into the world of the unbelievers. Jihad destroyed a Christian Middle East and a Christian North Africa. Soon it was the fate of the Persian Zoroastrian and the Hindu to become the victims of jihad.

    The history of political Islam details the destruction of Christianity in the Middle East, Egypt, Turkey and North Africa. Half of Christianity was lost. Before Islam, North Africa was the southern part of Europe (part of the Roman Empire). Around 60 million Christians were slaughtered during the jihadic conquest.

    Half of the glorious Hindu civilization was annihilated and 80 million Hindus killed.

    The first Western Buddhists were the Greeks descended from Alexander the Great’s army in what is now Afghanistan. Jihad destroyed all Buddhism along the silk route. About 10 million Buddhists died. The conquest of Buddhism is the practical result of pacifism.

    Zoroasterianism was eliminated from Persia.

    The Jews became permanent dhimmis throughout Islam.

    In Africa over 120 million Christians and animists have died over the last 1400 years of jihad.

    Approximately 270 million [see endnote] nonbelievers died over the last 1400 years in the jihad of political Islam. These are the Tears of Jihad, a subject which is not taught in any school.

    Our Intellectuals’ Response
    The basis of all the unbelievers’ world-view has collapsed in the face of Islamic political thought, ethics and logic. We have already mentioned how the Christian intellectuals could not even name the invaders as Muslims. We have no method of analysis of Islam. We can’t agree on what Islam is and have no knowledge about our suffering as the victims of a 1400-year jihad.

    Look at how Christians, Jews, blacks, intellectuals and artists have dealt with Islamic doctrine and history. In every case their primary ideas fail.

    Christians believe that “love conquers all.” Well, love does not conquer Islam. Christians have a difficult time seeing Islam as a political doctrine, not a religion. The sectarian nature of Christian thought means that the average non-Orthodox Christian has no knowledge or sympathy about the Orthodox Christian’s suffering.

    Jews have a theology that posits a unique relationship between Jews and the creator-god of the universe. But Islam sees the Jews as apes who corrupted the Old Testament. Few Jews see any connection between Islam’s political doctrine and Israel.

    7;166 But when they persisted in what they had been forbidden, We said to them, “Be as apes, despised and loathed.” [the Jews were changed into apes.]

    Black intellectuals have based their ideas on the slave/victim status and how wrong it was for white Christians to enslave them. Islam has never acknowledged any of the pain and suffering it has caused in Africa with its 1400-year-old slave trade. On the other hand, blacks make no attempt to obtain an apology and are silent in the presence of Islam. The Arab is the master of the blacks.

    Multiculturalism is bankrupt against Islam’s demand for every civilization to submit. The culture of tolerance collapses in the face of the sacred intolerance of dualistic ethics. Intellectuals respond by ignoring the failure.

    Molestation of the Mind

    Non-Muslims accept violence and threats from Islam without protest. This acceptance of violence is the sign of a profoundly molested psyche. The Free are like the battered wife and molested child of Islam.

    Violent molestation can cause denial.

    Islam’s explosive jihad destroyed half of Christianity, Hinduism, and all of Buddhism along the Silk Route. Now let’s look at what manifests after violent molestation. The YWCA Rape Crisis Counselor Training Manual shows the following reactions are common among victims of rape and child molestation:

    Disbelief: the victim has an incredibly hard time believing that the attacks took place.

    The media reports very little of the jihad around the world and never connects the dots between the violent events.

    Fear: fear is the tool that the abuser uses to control the victim.

    Islam has used fear against the Free since day one. The first person Mohammed had assassinated was an artist who mocked him. Any public critic of Islam lives in fear.

    Fear the attacker will return.

    When and where will the next attack occur?

    Guilt: the victim finds a way to blame himself/herself.

    It is our fault. We have not treated Islam in the right way.

    Branded: the victim does not want others to find out about the crime.

    We do not teach the history of a million Europeans taken as slaves by Islam. We do not teach the history of the jihad against Hindus, Christians, or Buddhists.

    Humiliation: the victim feels shamed. The things that led to the abuse are hard to talk about.

    The victims of jihad in the American immigrant community do not want to talk about the brutality that made them flee to America. Survivors are not bold. They are a beaten people.

    Lack of control: during the attack the victim was helpless. This helplessness extends to dealing with the problem.

    Where is the person who is optimistic about what can be done to deal with political Islam?

    Anger: anger toward the attacker can be healthy. But frequently the anger turns inward.

    Notice the rage and hatred in politics since 9/11. Everything is personal, hateful, mean, and spiteful. We don’t discuss ideas; we assassinate character.

    Powerlessness: things will not get better.

    Pessimism about dealing with Islam is the note of the day.

    The Abuser

    The traits and characteristics of the abuser are well documented.

    Denial: the abuser denies that the abuse ever took place.

    Muslims do not acknowledge any of the crimes committed in the name of Islam. Anyone killed by jihad was killed in self-defense.

    Inadequacy: Abusers are arrogant and overly self-confident.

    Islam is never wrong. Muslims are the best of people according to the Koran.


    The word islam means “submit.” The abuser expects submission on the part of the victim.

    Inability to understand or recognize the problem: the abuser is the last person to admit he has a problem.

    Islam has never accepted any responsibility for its 1400 year history of slavery.

    Manipulation: the abuser wants to make the victim feel guilty.

    Islam is presented as the victim. As an example, all of the Palestinians’ problems are caused by Israel.

    Obsessed with weapons

    Have you ever noticed all the swords on Islamic flags and seals? The AK-47 rifle is a symbol of Islam.

    What is the most divisive issue in today’s politics? The war in Iraq. And what is Iraq really about? Political Islam. The Web has a video claiming that the CIA and Bush planned and executed September 11. Cultural self-loathing is the watchword of our intellectuals and artists.

    We hate ourselves because we have been mentally molested and abused. Our intellectuals and artists have responded to the abuse of jihad just as a sexually abused child or a rape victim would respond. We are quite intellectually ill and are failing at our job of clear thinking. We can’t look at our denial.

    We Must Learn the Doctrine of Political Islam

    Political Islam has annihilated every culture it has invaded or migrated to. The total time for annihilation takes centuries, but once Islam is ascendant it never fails. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct.

    We must learn the doctrine of political Islam to survive. The doctrine is very clear that all forms of force and persuasion may and must be used to conquer us. Islam is a self-declared enemy of all unbelievers. The brilliant Chinese philosopher of war, Sun Tsu, gave us the dictum—know the enemy. We must know the doctrine of our enemy or be annihilated.

    Or put another way: if we do not learn the doctrine of political Islam, our civilization will be annihilated just as Egypt’s Coptic civilization was annihilated.

    Since unbelievers must know the doctrine of political Islam to survive, CSPI has written all of its books in simple English. Our books are scholarly, but easy to read. As an example, anyone who can read a newspaper can pick up A Simple Koran and read and understand it. It is not “dumbed down” and contains every single word of the original. Not only is the language simple, but logic has been used to sort and categorize. Context and chronology have been restored. The result is a Koran that is an epic story ending in triumph over all enemies of Allah.

    Islam declares that we are the enemies of Allah. If we do not learn the political doctrine of Islam we will end up just like the first victims of Islam—the tolerant, polytheist Arabs of Saudi Arabia who became the Wahabbis (a very strict branch of Islam) of today, the most intolerant culture on the face of the earth.

    Where we are today

    We are coming to the end of the first stage of our strategy. Since 9/11 we have had intellectual warriors who have studied Islam, built web sites, blogged and written books. We now know the entire scope of Islamic doctrine and the biggest elements of a repressed and denied history of the dhimmitude, and annihilation of cultures. We now know the enemy and this is a mark of our success.

    Our enemy is the civilization of dualism. The ultimate nature of Islamic civilization is duality. Dualistic Islamic ethics and politics propose one behavior for Muslims toward Muslims and another behavior toward the unbelievers (kafirs). Islam has declared that the civilization of dualism must annihilate that civilization which is based upon a unitary view of humanity—ours.

    We now know that there is no such thing as having Islam as part of our society. It is logically impossible for a civilization based upon a unitary view of humanity to co-exist with a civilization based upon duality.

    History confirms that submitting to Islam means that every aspect of the targeted civilization must cease to exist. And it works 100% of the time. There is no such thing as a culture that is only partially Islamic. The evidence is exquisitely clear. Over enough time, annihilation is the common fate of all cultures that tolerate Islam. A little Islam is like a little cancer. Not a problem now? Just wait.

    For a people who have been raised with an ignorance of political Islam we have made incredible strides. Remember we had only apologies from those who should have been our first line of defense—our artists, intellectuals, media and the educational system. In a sense we have started at less than zero.

    We should all stop, take a deep breath, look at what we have done and congratulate ourselves for completing the first stage: Know the Enemy. Then we need take another deep breath and get back to work.


    Now that we know the enemy, it is time to look at our grand strategy.

    If we are to survive we must have a strategy for war. Our moral purpose for war must be the salvation of our precious civilization. Our war is to save our very selves.

    This cannot be accomplished without the Mind of War. There is a psychology of war that puts everything in a different perspective. We are rich, fat, dumb and happy living in the land that everyone wants to migrate to. It is easy to turn on the Super Bowl, plan the bar mitzvah, work for a promotion and just let Islam have its way. The Mind of War sees that all of what we have is an illusion, that the cancer has started to metastasize. Until we develop the Mind of War, we are doomed. We must have that emergency reserve that war brings out.

    Without war, we will lose all we have. The great civilization of Coptic Egypt of the Pharaohs that lasted thousands of years is gone, a corpse buried beneath political Islam. Liberal democracy is only 200 years old. Political Islam is 1400 years old and exploding in power. Without the Mind of War, our civilization will become extinct under the impact of the civilization of duality.

    Our Dhimmitude

    It’s bizarre. We outnumber the Muslims by four to one. We are afraid of them, they are not remotely afraid of us. Why is this? We are in a psychotic state of fear and shame caused by a past of 1400 years of dhimmitude and slavery. This psychosis is the state of the molested mind. The horror of Islamic politics produces a denial that the deaths, conquests, slavery, rape, humiliation, degradation, suffering and civilizational destruction ever happened. The molested mind denies the history and doctrine of political Islam. That is the mind of dhimmitude.

    Our civilization must acknowledge our status. We are still dhimmis. It has been 1400 years of servitude, slavery, dhimmitude, ignorance and a repressed and denied history. When we understand our history we will see exactly how repressed and in denial we are. The first mark of the dhimmi is ignorance of political Islam.

    We must acknowledge our suffering. We must decide that 270,000,000 of our ancestors did not die in vain. We must gain insight into why we know so little. There is a very deep reason in our collective psyche why we choose to remain ignorant. We are afraid to admit our dhimmitude and slavery to political Islam. A million Europeans were captured and sold into Islamic slavery. If the history of slavery were completely told, whites and blacks could see each other in a new light. Islam has enslaved us both.

    In the past this shame, ignorance and fear could be ignored. But now political Islam is here and has us by the throat. Our future as a civilization depends upon realizing how close to annihilation we are. Only a revolution can save us. We must have a revolt of the dhimmis, a Dhimmi Revolution. After 1400 years it is time we faced our shame and fear with the Mind of War.

    This common suffering must be acknowledged and shared. The history and stories must be told within our groups and shared with the other groups. Once we know about the Tears of Jihad, we will be strong and courageous. Once we remember the suffering of dhimmitude, we can stop being afraid, adopt the Mind of War and be heroes in the war to save our civilization.

    Luckily the cure for dhimmitude is very simple. Once you know the history and doctrine of political Islam, you cease being a dhimmi. Knowledge is the key and the only key to freedom from shame and fear. We shall know the truth and the truth will make us free. Our future depends upon our facing the past.

    The Near Enemy

    The far enemy is political and ethical dualism. Islam is the far enemy but our worst danger is our near enemy, Islam’s apologists. In the end we will win or lose depending on how we deal with our dhimmi leaders in the media, schools and politics. Once we win the Dhimmi Revolution, winning the war with Islam is possible. If we don’t win the revolution, our civilization will become extinct.

    And what is the nature of the near enemy, the apologists? Ignorance about Mohammed and political Islam’s history. Our experience is that when an apologist learns the truth about the doctrine and history of political Islam, the danger is revealed.

    There are basically two kinds of knowledge about Islam—knowledge of doctrine and knowledge of history. The full cure requires both. There is a 1400-year-old history of slavery and dhimmitude, so when you are curing ignorance with the history of political Islam, there is a lot of history to choose from.

    The political doctrine is much simpler. You can hold the doctrine in one hand—Koran, Sira and Hadith. Although a detailed knowledge about the Koran is useful, the most powerful element of the doctrine is Mohammed. Mohammed is Islam, so we must educate others about Mohammed, Islam’s first politician, and its sacred political model.

    The Politics of the Dhimmi Revolution

    But how do we make this knowledge about doctrine and history of political Islam a tool in a political revolution?

    We cannot win by writing another book, putting up another Web site or blog. Those things are individual in nature. We must move to the political phase. This means boots on the ground, people meeting in the same room, people talking to people. Politics. Groups. Meetings. Real people, not just computer screens, or books. We must have action against the near enemy in our town. This is the battleground on which we will live or die as a civilization.

    It is impossible for individuals to win this revolution. Our first step must be to build community. So how do we build community? Of course, there are many ways to go about this. Some people can build within a present group. An example would be forming groups within a church or synagogue. Conventions must be held to form strategies.

    We must also build community out of strangers. We must develop ways to meet others in our city. Larger communities must be formed from the small communities. We need ways for revolutionaries to learn what is going on with other groups to learn from each other’s failures and successes.

    A community should be formed out of those who have similar functions with the revolution. As an example, writers should get to know each other personally. Web site owners have common problems and need to build community to deal with those common problems. People who write letters to the editor should get to know each other. Get the idea?

    We have to start working in groups. A lion or tiger only kills in about 10% of its attempts. Pack animals have a much higher kill rate, about 90%. Do the math. Join the pack.

    Our Divisions

    We must face a fact about getting together in groups. Our civilization may have the Golden Rule as its ideal moral law, but let’s face it, we all fall short. We are endlessly divided with gripes, feuds and sore history. Hindus don’t trust the Christians; blacks have a grudge against whites, and so on. And there are further divisions within each group.

    We must face the political reality today. We either learn to work together on a common political ground or become extinct like Buddhism in Afghanistan. We must have ambassadors between groups. If Protestant Christians get together to deal with political Islam, they should invite Hindus and Orthodox Christians. Their mutual history of suffering at the hands of political Islam can be a starting point of a political community. On this basis we can talk and work together.

    Dealing with Ignorance

    Every columnist, politician, preacher, priest, rabbi, artist, writer, professor, or correspondent who makes a statement, comment or conclusion about Islam and does not make reference to the death of 270,000,000 victims of jihad, to dhimmitude, or to the doctrine of political Islam must be challenged about their ignorance. Every leader in every area must learn the history of dhimmitude, slavery and the life of Mohammed. Once they know this they will start to use the words Mohammed and Allah when they speak about Islam.

    The Dhimmi Revolution must get in all leaders’ faces and confront them with their ignorance. This has to be without blame. Our leaders are not stupid, but ignorant. And the reason they are ignorant is they grew up in a culture where their teachers were dhimmis, who submitted to Islam by remaining ignorant about our history of dhimmitude. These leaders bear the burden of 1400 years of ignorance. Each of them share the psychosis of the molested mind. A mind in denial and fear caused by the violence of dualistic political Islam.

    Our Dhimmi Revolution is about confronting ignorance. We must first educate ourselves and then our political opponents, the near enemy—the apologists.

    Our strategy must deal with three of the near enemy—the universities, the media and politicians. From a strategic standpoint they are similar. They are organizations that have a small number of middle managers and leaders. This means having a small target list to pressure, lobby and persuade. For instance, a letter to the editor at a local paper should not only go to the opinion page editor but up and down the chain of command. Good information should permeate the organization.

    Somewhere out there must be some software people who can help us form community and spread information to the right people. As an example: this type of software could be applied to an ongoing letters-to-the-editor group. Fellow writers could communicate with each other, build community and attract new writers, select targets and have organizational e-mail lists of the managers and leaders of the targeted organizations. Some of this is being done today, but it must become organized, coordinated and ongoing.

    We must utilize the web for community, strategy, and attacks. But we must also be in rooms with other people we recognize, be with groups who visit politicians and others we want to influence and persuade.

    Teaching Ourselves

    Some of us must start teaching those who want to know. CSPI has seen that there are many who don’t want to read about the doctrine or history of political Islam. It is too frightening and depressing. But put them in a group and they love to hear about it and ask questions. There is a change in the air. Some churches are having lectures and classes. The few must teach the many. To take part in the Dhimmi Revolution, you first take the antidote to dhimmitude: knowledge.


    The universities are our number one target. Their influence is felt by the politicians and the media. At present the near enemies own the schools. The state universities offer some special opportunities. They are supposed to be in the business of knowledge and they are supported by our tax dollars. We must make demands that the schools teach the history of jihad and dhimmitude, the Tears of Jihad.

    We can use civil rights law suits that claim discrimination and bigotry in the history departments. Imagine the uproar we can make by insisting that the full history of slavery be taught. We want all of this history taught, not just the West African limited edition. We have to learn the history of white slavery, Hindu slavery, African slavery taught at the taxpayers’ schools. We must know how dualistic Islam enslaved all races, religions and cultures. Arabic has more words for slaves than any other language. We demand the end of ignorance about the history of political Islam. It is our civil right and we must use every means possible to have the right to know our history of dhimmitude, death and slavery, particularly in a state-funded school.

    Universities are a constant forum for Islam. We need to have groups visit the campuses and ask good questions. We must harangue, harass, pressure, and make visits to professors, department heads, deans and pressure for full debate. The department of humanities, women’s studies, history, political science, African and Middle Eastern studies departments are all target-rich environments. We must always push to have the full and true doctrine of political Islam taught.


    That brings us to the politicians. We must use the politicians to pressure the state universities. And that means that we must pressure the politicians.

    Their ignorance will be our point of attack. We must constantly confront our leaders and show them the ways they speak and act like dhimmis. We must show how there is a cure for dhimmitude: it is the knowledge of the doctrine and history of political Islam. Every politician must know that Islam is a political system, the religion is only relevant to Muslims.

    We must repeatedly bring up the lack of actual knowledge. We must demand that all politicians know what Sharia law is and what it means. We must demand that politicians learn the political doctrine of Islam. We must demand they know what a dhimmi is. The duality of Islamic ethics must be put before them. Every politician should know the numbers killed in jihad.

    Mohammed’s politics and character must be known. Once you know who Mohammed was, the next Muslim who bends your ear will be heard in a different tone. Every school board member, council member, legislator, and any other elected official must be visited and asked questions about his/her knowledge of Islam’s first politician, Mohammed.

    Shaming Ignorance

    Any scholar of political Islam will tell you that it is easy to learn about political Islam and Mohammed. What is the most amazing thing about political Islam is the grotesque ignorance of people who are otherwise well-read. We must shame our professors, thinkers, politicians, and media types about this ignorance.

    We must also shame our artists and intellectuals regarding their lack of knowledge about Mohammed’s persecution of artists and intellectuals. Each time Islam kills and threatens another artist or intellectual, we must attack the denial of our effete thinkers. We must show the artists and intellectuals their ignorance and dhimmitude and invite them to join the Dhimmi Revolution and produce art to free their civilization from dhimmitude.

    In the end the near enemy must understand that any statement, comment or opinion made about Islam that does not mention Mohammed or Allah is based upon ignorance. The constant question that every Muslim must answer is, “What did Mohammed do or Allah say?” It is the only question and we must learn to answer it as well.

    When we shame apologists for their ignorance it must be without rancor, but they must face that their opinions about Islam reveal an ignorance about our dhimmi history and the deaths of 270,000,000 victims of jihad. They are ignorant about the life of Mohammed, the doctrine of political Islam. We must tell them, “You can do better than this.” And when they comment again without mentioning the history of Islam and its doctrine, we must go back to them and say, “You are ignorant. You can do better than this.” We must shame them.

    We must not even address the apologist’s argument. Instead, tell them that they may believe what they say, but if they knew the history of dhimmitude, knew about the deaths of 270,000,000 and knew the doctrine of political Islam, their statements would be different. We don’t ask that anyone change their opinion. We do ask that they form an opinion that includes the knowledge of the doctrine and history of political Islam.

    These are strong objectives. Too strong to be accomplished by individuals. Every politician should look up and see a small group of many different kinds of people. There should not be a single letter to the editor, there has to be a barrage of letters. To win the Dhimmi Revolution, we must work as a community.

    We have to address the frequent hope seen on the Web when someone proposes a great legal solution to our problem about political Islam. But no matter what the idea is or how good it is, doesn’t matter. Let’s say that you feel that the Constitution should be changed so no Muslim can be a citizen. But where will you get a vote in the House or Senate? CSPI is aware of only one Congressman who has the slightest awareness about political Islam. Before we can implement any political ideas we must have a political base. At this time we don’t need great solutions, we need to prepare a trained political base before we can do anything. We must take the Dhimmi Revolution to every Congressman and every Senator and every state legislator before we can get a single bill passed.

    And in the End

    The Dhimmi Revolution is to build community, know the far enemy, attack the near enemy.

    In summary, we have finished the first stage of our struggle to defend our civilization—know the enemy and its dualistic politics and dualistic ethics. The age of individuals is coming to an end and we must enter the phase of grass roots politics. We are too weak and divided to attack Islam, the far enemy. We must first attack the near enemy, our apologists for Islam, who are ignorant about political Islam. The doctrine and history of Islam is the weapon we can use to reveal the near enemy’s ignorance about Mohammed. We must turn to building community so that we can work in groups to do the necessary political work. We must harness existing groups and create special interest groups designed to carry the Dhimmi Revolution to the universities, politicians, artists, intellectuals and the media.

    First the Dhimmi Revolution, then the war.


    These figures are a rough estimate of the numbers the deaths of non-Muslims caused by the political act of jihad.


    Thomas Sowell estimates that eleven million slaves were shipped across the Atlantic and fourteen million were sent to the Islamic nations of North Africa and the Middle East[2]. For every slave captured many others died. Estimates of this collateral damage vary. The renowned missionary David Livingstone estimated that for every slave who reached the plantation five others died by being killed in the raid or died on the forced march from illness and privation.[3] Those who were left behind were the very young, the weak, the sick and the old. These soon died since their main providers had been killed or enslaved. So, for twenty-five million slaves delivered to the market, we have the death of about 120 million people. Muslims ran the wholesale slave trade in Africa.

    120 million Africans


    The number of Christians martyred by Islam is nine million.[4] A rough estimate by Raphael Moore in History of Asia Minor is that another fifty million died in wars by jihad. So to account for the one million African Christians killed in the 20th century we have:##

    60 million Christians


    Koenard Elst in Negationism in India[5] gives an estimate of eighty million Hindus killed in the total jihad against India. The country of India today is only half the size of ancient India, due to jihad. The mountains near India are called the Hindu Kush, meaning the “funeral pyre of the Hindus”.

    80 million Hindus


    Buddhists do not keep up with the history of war. Keep in mind that in jihad only Christians and Jews were allowed to survive as dhimmis (servants to Islam); everyone else had to convert or die. Jihad killed the Buddhists in Turkey, Afghanistan, along the Silk Route, and in India. The total is roughly ten million.[6]

    10 million Buddhists


    There were not enough Jews killed in jihad to significantly affect the totals of the Great Annihilation. The jihad in Arabia was 100 percent effective but the numbers were in the thousands, not millions. After that the Jews submitted and became the dhimmis (servants and second class citizens) of Islam and did not have geographic political power.


    This gives a rough estimate of 270 million killed by jihad.

    [1] A dhimmi is less than a second-class citizen of an Islamic state. They can remain Christian or Jew, but pay a special tax and have very few legal rights. They are forbidden to study the Koran, speak against Islam or proselytize.

    Islam calls this status protected.

    Today a dhimmi is a nonbeliever who defers to Islam, is ignorant of the doctrine of Islam and never challenges it. Dhimmitude is the state of mind of a dhimmi.

    [2]. Thomas Sowell, Race and Culture, BasicBooks, 1994, p. 188.

    [3]. Woman’s Presbyterian Board of Missions, David Livingstone, p. 62, 1888.

    [4]. David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-10.

    [5]. Koenard Elst, Negationism in India, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2002, pg. 34.

    [6]. David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Trends AD 30-AD 2200, William Carey Library, 2001, p. 230, table 4-1.

    • Hi Laila banu/ Raj, provide with substance where you got the proof of, “reasons Mohammed killed every single intellectual or artist who opposed him”. Where the hell you got that from??

      “Islam put over a million Europeans into slavery”, here you have said the opposite. It was the Europeans and the americans who were buying the slaves from the Arabs by providing them with guns and mirrors!!

      We request you to back your blah, blahs with references not mere Numbers. Since when did you mutate to be “we” with the Europeans who still remember their failed colonization policies where they tortured and killed thousands???

      So when did “we” have your precious civilisation, in what Era, when??? Where are your records of that precious civilisation???

      Where did you get the figure of 270 million that the Jihadis have killed from?? Explain with references who killed them, okay? 10 million buddhists killed?? when, where??

      And Europeans have become Dhimmis of Arabs? Wow…….wow

      Are the figures churning in your mind as your gods churned the Oceans of this world to get Amrit?? How can the whites, who have now become dhimmis take revenge against Islam when they themselves follow Islamic principles of honesty??

      And too long an article,


      • YO DUMB PLUM,

        Hi Laila banu/ Raj, provide with substance where you got the proof of, “reasons Mohammed killed every single intellectual or artist who opposed him”. Where the hell you got that from??

        “And too long an article”,



        • Hey, LuckyBornSilverBack/ Raj,

          Despite your foul tongue which Quran prohibits using against guests, I request you, once more: “to provide with substance where you got the proof of, “reasons Mohammed killed every single intellectual or artist who opposed him”. Where the hell you got that from??”

          Yours good friend,
          from Kenya,
          living peacefully
          with Hindu brothers
          and respecting them
          their spouses and
          their children and
          their beliefs
          and not posting shits
          to their revered deities
          as you dumbly
          attack Islam…..why???


    • Hi Laila banu, did you know that the first person to call out the Azan was a Black slave called Bilal?? Islam gave the highest honour to a black man as the Americans have done to another African origin called Obama. Think on that for today, okay??


    • Come on Laila Rasheed. When we explain poetry of William Wordsworth then we give context of the verses. In the case of poetry, you give context and in case of religion, which is sensitive, you become the prey of hypocrisy. Read the Quran completely, it gives the basic message of peace. As far as strict verses are concerned, read their background. All the people, like you, criticize that verses of Quran which came at the time of war. ALLAH says, “I will raise the terror in Non-Muslim’s heart”. That was Ghazva Badar. That was only way to encourage the Muslims. According to you, Jesus is god and He loves and helps his people. When Vishnu, Krishna and Kali Maa can help Hindus then why should ALLAH not help the Muslims? Please do not be hypocrite. History does not tell us about such a big massacre. Do not tell a bundle of lies.


      Go study history – WORLD HISTORY, but FIRST take your head outta your BUM.


      Get some. Bone-in or boneless whatever your preference. Bone-in takes a little longer to cook but are harder to overcook so they might be good to start with. If your boneless pork chops are more than an inch thick, I recommend butterflying them to give you a thinner piece of meat that will cook faster and more evenly.

      DRY RUB

      This will make enough to coat 4 regular sized pork chops. * 1 teaspoon each: mustard seed, thyme, black pepper — grind these together and add: * 1 teaspoon paprika * 1 teaspoon salt.

      Sprinkle about a half- teaspoon of the mix on each pork chop and rub it in. Then flip them over and sprinkle another half teaspoon on the other side. Rub that in. Turn your stove on high heat to preheat your skillet. Add about a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of oil to the pan and let it melt and get all sizzlin’. Put in your pork chops. Arrange them so that the bony side or the thicker side is towards the middle of the pan where it is hottest. Cook them for 2 minutes if they are boneless and thin (if you butterflied them), 3-4 minutes if they are bone-in. Flip them over and turn the heat down to medium-low. Cook them for another 2 minutes for thin ones or 3-4 minutes for the other ones. Turn the heat off. Poke them with your finger. They should feel firm, but not hard. Poke them with a knife. They are good to go if there’s just a little pink tinge to the juices. Consider yourself served… Served a hot and delicious pork chop!


      4 lb of boned loin of pork scored

      Sea salt – 2 cloves of garlic – fresh rosemary, sage or thyme & 3 TABLE spoons of Olive oil

      Dry the shin with paper or leave in fridge overnight

      Preheat oven to 250c

      Throw the olive oil, garlic, and herbs in a food processor and blend them together into a paste–Then use a brush to brush the paste in all the nooks and crannies that you scored into the pork skin—That way the meat gets more of the seasoned flavor, not just the skin….

      Sprinkle Sea salt evenly over joint

      Place the pork in a high self in the oven & leave for 30 min

      After the 30 min, turn the temperature to 195c & continue roasting for another 35min

      Test meat to see if it’s cooked

      Leave to stand for 15min


      UH LA LA

      • Hahaha I do not read such lengthy posts. I am quite simple person and I take decision from my heart and my heart is lover of ALLAH and HAZRAT MUHAMMAD(SAWW). You hypocrite person can do nothing with Islam except jealousy. Hindus claim that Hinduism is older than Islam, then why Muslims are more than Hindus. There are 160 crore Muslims. In your India, Muslims have ruled for about 900 years. Islam is a power. Islam is pricking in your eyes. Your Rahul Raj does not reply me at my email. I gave him a single reference through which he ran by taking his head into his bum. hahaha do not be foolish friends. Recognize Islam as a power.

        • ALLAH THE LIAR

          Allah approves telling lies

          Muslim scholars will tell us that in Islam telling lies is a serious crime/sin. A Muslim must always be sincere and truthful in whatever he says and does. Based on this assumption, we could never expect the last and the best Prophet of Allah (Muhammad) to unabashedly tell lies or to fervently incite other Muslims to gleefully resort to lies and deception. No Muslim could ever contemplate that Muhammad would had ever denied that He was sent by Allah as His messenger. But wait, Muhammad did exactly that. During the signing of Hudaibiya treaty, the Quraysh insisted that Muhammad erase the title of his name he put in the draft, ‘Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah’. Instead, the Quraysh delegate insisted that his title should read as ‘Muhammad, son of Abdallah’. Muhammad’s comrades, Ali, Umar, Uthman and others vehemently objected to comply with such an odious demand from the despicable Meccan idolaters. But Muhammad coolly agreed with the pagan demand and asked Ali, who drafted the treaty, to point to him the location in the document of his title, ‘Messenger of Allah’. When Ali duly complied with that request, Muhammad unhesitatingly wiped off his title, ‘Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah’. To many of his diehard jihadists, this amounted telling the untruth. In fact, Umar was so disgusted with Muhammad’s lie (or deception) that he even thought of leaving Islam. He (Umar) was so angry that he flatly asked Muhammad if he (Muhammad) still doubted his Apostleship of Allah. Without providing any satisfactory answer Muhammad simply kept quiet and smirked. Thus, if one accepts that Muhammad was indeed the messenger of Allah, then Muhammad had simply lied to the Quraysh. Alternatively, if he was really a pretender, then he must had been telling lies throughout his missionary period.
          Let us read this authentic hadith from Sahih Bukhari on Muhammad’s attempt to tell lies—presumably with Allah’s permission.
          While signing the treaty of Hudaibiya Muhammad rubbed off the title of Messenger of Allah … (Sahih Bukhari, 3.49.862, 863)
          Volume 3, Book 49, Number 862:
          Narrated Al-Bara bin ‘Azib:
          When Allah’s Apostle concluded a peace treaty with the people of Hudaibiya, Ali bin Abu Talib wrote the document and he mentioned in it, “Muhammad, Allah’s Apostle.” The pagans said, “Don’t write: ‘Muhammad, Allah’s Apostle’, for if you were an apostle we would not fight with you.” Allah’s Apostle asked Ali to rub it out, but Ali said, “I will not be the person to rub it out.” Allah’s Apostle rubbed it out and made peace with them on the condition that the Prophet and his companions would enter Mecca and stay there for three days, and that they would enter with their weapons in cases.
          If a diehard believer is perturbed reading the above hadith, then here is more shocking news for him. The Sharia law permits a Muslim to tell lies if and when necessary—for the sake of Islam.
          Here is a law from the Shafii School of jurisprudence.
          Law r8.2
          “Speaking is a means to achieve objectives. If a praiseworthy aim is attainable through both telling the truth and lying, it is unlawful to accomplish through lying because there is no need for it. When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible” (al-Misri, 1999, p. 745).
          When it comes to, war, murder, assassination, plunder and theft, Allah loves those Muslims who will resort to deliberate lies and deceptions. This was what Muhammad did. When a professional killer agreed to murder, upon Muhammad’s request, the Jewish poet K’ab b. al-Ashraf, he (the killer) was a bit hesitant as he had to resort to lies and deception to accomplish his mission. Muhammad, without any compunction allowed the assassin to resort to lies and deception to kill Ka’b b. al–Ashraf.
          Let us read the following hadith to gauge the limit of fraud Allah would allow His dearest prophet to kill his intellectual critics.
          Volume 5, Book 59, Number 369:
          Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdullah:
          Allah’s Apostle said, “Who is willing to kill Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf who has hurt Allah and His Apostle?” Thereupon Muhammad bin Maslama got up saying, “O Allah’s Apostle! Would you like that I kill him?” The Prophet said, “Yes,” Muhammad bin Maslama said, “Then allow me to say a (false) thing (i.e. to deceive Kab).”The Prophet said, “You may say it.” Then Muhammad bin Maslama went to Ka’b and said, “That man (i.e. Muhammad demands Sadaqa (i.e. Zakat)) from us, and he has troubled us, and I have come to borrow something from you.” On that, Kab said, “By Allah, you will get tired of him!” Muhammad bin Maslama said, “Now as we have followed him, we do not want to leave him unless and until we see how his end is going to be. Now we want you to lend us a camel load or two of food.” (Some difference between narrators about a camel load or two.) Kab said, “Yes, (I will lend you), but you should mortgage something to me.” Muhammad bin Maslama and his companion said, “What do you want?” Ka’b replied, “Mortgage your women to me.” They said, “How can we mortgage our women to you and you are the most handsome of the ‘Arabs?” Ka’b said, “Then mortgage your sons to me.” They said, “How can we mortgage our sons to you? Later they would be abused by the people’s saying that so-and-so has been mortgaged for a camel load of food. That would cause us great disgrace, but we will mortgage our arms to you.” Muhammad bin Maslama and his companion promised Kab that Muhammad would return to him. He came to Kab at night along with Kab’s foster brother, Abu Na’ila. Kab invited them to come into his fort, and then he went down to them. His wife asked him, “Where are you going at this time?” Kab replied, “None but Muhammad bin Maslama and my (foster) brother Abu Na’ila have come.” His wife said, “I hear a voice as if dropping blood is from him, (sic)Ka’b said.”They are none but my brother Muhammad bin Maslama and my foster brother Abu Naila. A generous man should respond to a call at night even if invited to be killed.” Muhammad bin Maslama went with two men. (Some narrators mention the men as ‘Abu bin Jabr. Al Harith bin Aus and Abbad bin Bishr). So Muhammad bin Maslama went in together with two men, and said to them, “When Ka’b comes, I will touch his hair and smell it, and when you see that I have got hold of his head, strip him. I will let you smell his head.” Kab bin Al-Ashraf came down to them wrapped in his clothes, and diffusing perfume. Muhammad bin Maslama said. “Have never smelt a better scent than this.” Ka’b replied. “I have got the best ‘Arab women who know how to use the high class of perfume.” Muhammad bin Maslama requested Ka’b “Will you allow me to smell your head?” Ka’b said, “Yes.” Muhammad smelt it and made his companions smell it as well. Then he requested Ka’b again, “Will you let me (smell your head)?” Ka’b said, “Yes.” When Muhammad got a strong hold of him, he said (to his companions), “Get at him!” So they killed him and went to the Prophet and informed him. (Abu Rafi) was killed after Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf.”
          But Allah is not that stupid to allow unfettered lies lest they backfire on Him and on Muhammad. That is why he forbade Muslims to tell lies against Muhammad. Here is a hadith from Sahih Bukhari which warns believers of hell-fire should they dare to lie against Muhammad (Sahih Bukhari, 1.3.106, 107, 108).
          Volume 1, Book 3, Number 106:
          Narrated ‘Ali:
          The Prophet said, “Do not tell a lie against me for whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then he will surely enter the Hell-fire.”

          When Muhammad was weak, Allah was scared of the idolaters
          When Muhammad started out as a professional prophet of Allah, Allah was not fully ready to combat the despicable Meccan pagans who often embarrassed Muhammad with pertinent questions about his claim of Allah’s apostleship. The all-powerful, all-knowing, almighty Allah was actually quite helpless in confronting the barrage of questions that those contemptible idolaters posed to Muhammad. Truly, at this stage Allah was scared of them. He advised Muhammad to maintain a conciliatory and amicable demure when confronting those Meccans. Allah told Muhammad not to curse or insult the idols of the polytheists lest the idolaters, in retaliation, blaspheme and curse Allah (6:108). Allah remained frightful of those Meccan idolaters. In fact, Allah was so much in fear of retaliation from the Meccan unbelievers that He advised Muhammad and his myopic number of followers to forgive the unbelievers (45:14). Allah then assured His Apostle that He would decide on their punishment and/or reward.
          Let us read these two important verses.
          YUSUFALI: Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah, lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance. Thus have We made alluring to each people its own doings. In the end will they return to their Lord, and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did.
          YUSUFALI: Tell those who believe, to forgive those who do not look forward to the Days of Allah: It is for Him to recompense (for good or ill) each People according to what they have earned.
          As expected, when Muhammad migrated to Medina, gathered his army of bandits and profligates, Allah felt militarily strong enough to abandon those two verses. Such is the claim by many Islamist scholars. They contend that those verses have been abrogated by verses such as 9:5 and 9:36.
          The bottom line is: Allah was weak when Muhammad was weak; Allah became powerful when Muhammad became strong militarily—Allah’s strength was totally dependent on Muhammad’s raw muscle power.

          Allah loves to frighten and terrorize infidels; Allah is a terrorist
          Allah loves to torment the infidels with sickness, murrain, ill fortune, pestilence, hurricane, violent storm, earthquake and what not. As if this is not enough, Allah sets them to the intense torture of terror. In fact, Allah is some kind of a dreadful terrorist, such as Osama b. Ladin or Musab al–Zarqawi.
          In the Qur’an (17:60) we read that Allah showed Muhammad a vision of ordeal of mankind and the accursed tree (Zaqquum); it was to put terror in the minds of people (unbelievers).
          Let us read the verse.
          YUSUF ALI: Behold! We told thee that thy Lord doth encompass mankind round about: We granted the vision which We showed thee, but as a trial for men,- as also the Cursed Tree (mentioned) in the Qur’an: We put terror (and warning) into them, but it only increases their inordinate transgression!
          In Sunaan ibn Majah we read that Allah demands fear from us.
          Sunaan ibn Majah is not available online, so I shall quote from the print version of it.
          Sunaan ibn Majah Vol. v, Hadith Number 4299
          Anas b. Malik (Allah be pleased with him) is reported to have said that Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) read out (or recited) this verse: “He is the fount of fear. He is the fount of Mercy (74:56).” Then he said, “Allah, the Mighty and Glorious has said, “I deserve that I am feared and no other god is appointed with Me. So he who fears that no other god is appointed with Me, then I am competent to forgive him.
          Abul–Hasa b. Qattah related to us, who said: Ibrahim b. Nasr related to us; Hudba b. Khalid related to us; Suhail b. Abi Hazm related Thabit to have said on the authority of Anas that Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said regarding this verse (74:56), “He is fount of fear. He is the fount of forgiveness.” Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Your Lord says: I deserve to be feared, therefore, associate naught with Me other than I; and I am competent for him who fears to associate with me anything besides Me, to forgive him.”
          Allah is particularly interested in committing acts of terror, plunder and murder early in the morning. No wonder then that we note a striking similarity in the timing on perpetration the Islamic terror: many of them were really committed early in the morning, when the infidels are ready to go to work.
          Allah also exhorts the jihadists to offer prayers before setting out on a terrorist mission.
          Here are a few ahadith which tell us about Allah’s obsession with prayer timing and terror acts. It looks as if Islamic prayer and acts of terrorism are intertwined—they are simply inseparable.
          The best time to go plundering and terror is in the morning…(Tirmidhi, 1086)
          Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas
          The Prophet (peace be upon him) sent Abdullah ibn Rawahah with a detachment and that happened to be on a Friday. His companions set off in the morning, but he decided to stay behind and catch up with them after saying the prayer along with Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him). When he did so he saw him and asked him what had prevented him from going out in the morning with his companions. He replied, “I wanted to pray along with you and then catch up with them.” Whereupon he said, “If you were to contribute all that the earth contains you would not attain the excellence of their going out in the morning.”
          Tirmidhi transmitted it. (Hadith quoted from ALIM CD ROM)
          Pray, then fight, then pray, then fight—the wind of victory blows with every prayer offered…(Tirmidhi, 1087)
          Narrated an-Nu’man ibn Muqarrin
          Qatadah quoted an-Nu’man ibn Muqarrin as saying: “I went on an expedition with Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him), and when dawn came he waited till the sun rose and when it rose he fought. Then when midday came he stopped till the sun passed the meridian and when it had done so he fought till the afternoon, when he stopped till he prayed the afternoon prayer, and then fought.” Qatadah told that it used to be said that the winds of victory blew at that time and the believers made supplication for their armies during their prayer.
          Tirmidhi transmitted it. (Hadith quoted from ALIM CD ROM)
          Allah gets sadistic satisfaction by feeding infidels with the fruit of the Zaqqum tree
          Here are a few verses which say how much satisfaction Allah derives by feeding the infidels with the bitter fruit of the Zaqqum tree.
          Zaqqum, the bitter tree in hell is for the unbelievers…37:62
          Allah has made the Zaqqum tree for the unbelievers…37:63
          Zaqqum springs out of the bottom of hell fire…37:64
          Zaqqum fruit stalks are like heads of devils…37:65
          Sinners (unbelievers) are to eat the bitter Zaqqum fruit…37:66
          The tree of Zaqqum (a bitter fruit) will be the food for the sinners…44:43-44
          They will taste the tree of Zaqqum (a bitter and pungent tree)…56:52
          Allah is stingy in bestowing His bounty to His slaves
          Despite so much talk about the unfettered bounty of Allah, we read in the Qur’an that Allah, after all, is not really that rich. He is actually quite miserly and stingy—to say the least. The reason why Allah is stingy with His slaves is also explained in this (42:27) verse. If Allah gives more to all his slaves then there will be more transgression. That is why Allah is very careful in bestowing His bounties (i.e., Allah is stingy).
          Let us read this verse.
          YUSUF ALI: If Allah were to enlarge the provision for His Servants, they would indeed transgress beyond all bounds through the earth; but he sends (it) down in due measure as He pleases. For He is with His Servants Well-acquainted, Watchful.
          Allah loves commitment of adultery by His slaves (Muslims)
          No crime in Islam is more heinous than adultery or sex between two adults, whether consensual or not. The act of such expression of love is the ultimate depravity, according to Islam. The punishment for engaging in such love act is also extremely harsh and barbaric—stoning to death. We might expect Allah to be very strict on this dreadful sexual indulgence to prevent his slaves from such extreme harsh punishment. But Allah’s mind is not that simple and easy. Instead of discouraging adultery or fornication, Allah, in reality, encourages his subjects to commit such ‘odious’ act. In fact, Allah proclaims that He has already fixed for a person the act of adultery, so that he could never escape from it.
          Let us read the following ahadith to gauge the incredible mind and temperament of Allah.
          The act of adultery is destined by Allah; adultery of the eye and the tongue…(Sahih Bukhari, 8.77.609)
          Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 77, Number 609:
          Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:
          I did not see anything so resembling minor sins as what Abu Huraira said from the Prophet, who said, “Allah has written for the son of Adam his inevitable share of adultery whether he is aware of it or not: The adultery of the eye is the looking (at something which is sinful to look at), and the adultery of the tongue is to utter (what it is unlawful to utter), and the innerself wishes and longs for (adultery) and the private parts turn that into reality or refrain from submitting to the temptation.”
          To confuse the ummah further, Allah even proclaims that adultery could be done with look and tongue (quite similar to what the Bible writes!).
          Let us read the following hadith from Sahih Muslim.
          Allah has fixed the portion of adultery a man would indulge out of necessity; there is the adultery of the look and the tongue … (Sahih Muslim, 33.6421)
          Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6421:
          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) as saying: Verily Allah has fixed the very portion of adultery which a man will indulge in, and which he of necessity must commit. The adultery of the eye is the lustful look, and the adultery of the tongue is the licentious speech, the heart desires and yearns, which the parts may or may not put into effect.
          Allah does not forgive so easily
          The almighty, omniscient, oft-forgiving, merciful Allah is not that forgiving after all–if we are to read the following verses in the Qur’an.
          Verse 9:113 was revealed when Muhammad prayed at the grave of his uncle Abu Talib (Abu Talib had supported Muhammad during his childhood and adult life), to seek forgiveness from Allah for whatever sin he had committed in his life. But the all–merciful, oft forgiving Allah was displeased with Muhammad and upbraided him for requesting such a favour for his dear uncle. Allah rudely told Muhammad that He will never forgive his uncle Abu Talib. The reason?—even at his death Abu Talib had steadfastly refused to accept his nephew’s new religion.
          Let us read this verse.
          YUSUFALI: It is not fitting, for the Prophet and those who believe, that they should pray for forgiveness for Pagans, even though they be of kin, after it is clear to them that they are companions of the Fire. [009.113]
          Another verse (28:56) tells Muhammad that he could not guide anyone unless Allah guides that person. This verse also refers to Abu Talib, Muhammad’s beloved uncle and an ardent protector of Muhammad during his troubled times.
          YUSUFALI: It is true thou wilt not be able to guide every one, whom thou lovest; but Allah guides those whom He will and He knows best those who receive guidance. [028.056]
          Ibn Kathir, the foremost exegete of the Qur’an asserts that Allah revealed verse28:56 when Muhammad wanted to pray for forgiveness for his uncle Abu Talib. Other verses which relate to this event are 2:272 and 12:103
          Allah did not even forgive Abraham’s father—Allah could be that un-forgiving. Let us read verse 19:47.
          YUSUFALI: Abraham said: “Peace be on thee: I will pray to my Lord for thy forgiveness: for He is to me Most Gracious. [019.047]
          Allah did not approve Abraham’s prayer for the forgiveness for his father because his father was a pagan; so Abraham dissociated himself from his father.
          Verse 9:114 explains this peculiar temperament of Allah.
          YUSUFALI: And Abraham prayed for his father’s forgiveness only because of a promise he had made to him. But when it became clear to him that he was an enemy to Allah, he dissociated himself from him: for Abraham was most tender-hearted, forbearing. [009.114]
          The peculiarity of Allah’s mentality knows no bound. He even severely scolded Abraham for committing the mistake to seek forgiveness for his father. Then Allah exhorted: He has divided mankind into two camps—Dar al–Harb (the house of warfare) and Dar al-Islam (the house Islam). Allah then declared a perpetual war against the infidels (non–Muslims). Let us read verse 60:4
          YUSUF ALI: There is for you an excellent example (to follow) in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their people: “We are clear of you and of whatever ye worship besides Allah: we have rejected you, and there has arisen, between us and you, enmity and hatred for ever,- unless ye believe in Allah and Him alone”: But not when Abraham said to his father: “I will pray for forgiveness for thee, though I have no power (to get) aught on thy behalf from Allah.” (They prayed): “Our Lord! In Thee do we trust, and to Thee do we turn in repentance: to Thee is (our) Final Goal. [060.004]
          Muhammad did pray to Allah to forgive Amina, his mother. But Allah did not forgive her. If we understood the previous verses 9:114 and 60:4 which say that Allah rejected Abraham’s importune for the clemency and mercy for his father, then how could Allah approve Muhammad’s petition to Allah to forgive his mother?
          Here is a hadith from Sahih Muslim which tells us that Allah did not even forgave Muhammad’s mother though He permitted Muhammad to visit her grave…(Sahih Muslim, 4.2129, 2130)
          Sahih Muslim, Book 004, Number 2129:
          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger, (may peace be upon him) as saying: I sought permission to beg forgiveness for my mother, but He did not grant it to me. I sought permission from Him to visit her grave, and He granted it (permission) to me.
          Another hadith in Sahih Bukhari confirms verse 9:113 which told us that Allah does not forgive so easily—not even in the case of Abu Talib, Muhammad’s uncle.
          Muhammad and the Muslims should not pray for the forgiveness of pagans even though they may be close relatives (9:113); background to this verse is Abu Talib’s death (this is a lengthy hadith, read it here: Sahih Bukhari 6.60.295).
          The Compassionate, merciful, oft forgiving Allah has unbound wrath for the unbelievers (non–Muslims). In verse 47:34, 4:167 Allah sternly commands that He will never forgive them if they die as infidels; instead of forgiveness, Allah will subject them to intense torture and humiliation and throw them in hell to live there permanently. Verses 4:168–169 confirm such a strange mentality of Allah. Fearing that Muhammad might vex Allah for their forgiveness, Allah warned Muhammad that even when he pleads for their forgiveness—seventy times, Allah would not forgive the despicable non–Muslims. Allah advised Muhammad (9:84) not to waste his time seeking Allah’s forgiveness for them. Then Allah declared that He had set very strict conditions to receive His forgiveness (33:35) Please read the following verses to gauge the limit of Allah’s mercy and compassion.
          Unbelievers will face torment in place of forgiveness…2:175
          Allah will not forgive those who reject faith…4:167
          Allah will neither forgive nor guide the disbelievers; Allah will send them to hell to abide there forever…4:168-169
          Even if apostle (Muhammad) asks seventy times for the forgiveness of the hypocrites, Allah will not forgive them; so do not ask for their forgiveness…9:80
          Men and women are to receive forgiveness from Allah but He has set strict conditions for forgiveness…33:35
          Those who die as unbelievers, Allah will never forgive them…47:34
          Allah will not forgive the hypocrites even if Muhammad prays for their forgiveness…63:6
          The unbelievers will confess their sins but Allah will not forgive them…67:11

          Allah forgives His killer apostles but He kills the homosexuals
          Allah loves His Apostles who resort to felony and genocide. In many verses of the Qur’an we read this bizarre state of mind of Allah—an obsession to instruct His representative on earth to murder, plunder and commit pogrom. But He has unlimited wrath for those who commit sexual deviation, for example: homosexuals, whether gays or lesbians. Here are a few verses from the Qur’an to comprehend the bizarre mentality of Allah.
          Moses killed a man for no reason, attributed that killing to Satan and asked for Allah’s forgiveness and Allah forgave him…28:15-16
          Punishment for adultery or fornication (both man and woman) is one hundred lashes in front of the believers; show no mercy to them…24:2
          Allah destroys the homosexuals with a shower of brimstones…7:80-84
          Allah destroys homosexuals…26:165-173.
          Please read the following Islamic laws on how merciful Allah’s punishment is meted out to the homosexuals.
          Here is what Abdur Rahman Doi writes on the punishment for sodomy:
          Kill both—(Doi, 1998, p. 243)
          All Muslim jurists agree that sodomy is a sexual offence but they differ in its punishment. According to Imam Abu Hanifa, the act of sodomy does not amount to adultery and therefore there is no punishment by Hadd to be given to the offender except Ta’azir. According to Imam Malik the hadd punishment will be applied whether the offender is married or not. He relies on the following Hadith:
          It is reported by Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) said: “If you find someone who is committing an act of commitment of Lut (that is homosexuality), “kill the one on top and one below” and in another statement says: “kill the doer and the one with whom the act is committed.”
          “Abu Hurairah reports: That the Prophet (S.A.W.) said, “Imam Shafi’I, Abu Yusuf and Muhammad have said that if the offender is married the hadd of stoning to death will be applied, but if he or she is unmarried, only punishment by Ta’azir will suffice.
          No backside—(Ibid)
          It is also a crime to have sex with one’s wife in an unnatural way, that is, through the back (anus). The majority of the jurists believe that Ta’azir will apply since this is the case surrounded by doubt (shubuhat) and wherever there is a doubt, the hadd will not be applied.
          Kill both (al-Misri, 1999, p. 665)
          Law p17.3 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
          (1) “Kill the one who sodomizes and the one who lets it be done to him.”
          (2) “May Allah curse him who does what Lot’s people did.”
          (3) “Lesbianism by women is adultery between them.”
          Here is more terrible news from Hedaya (Hamilton, 1994, p. 185) for those who indulge in sodomy and hope for Islamic mercy:
          And no likewise sodomy, committed with a strange woman—IF a man copulate with a strange woman in ano—(that is, commit the act of sodomy with her), there is no stated punishment for him, according to Haneefa; but he is to be corrected by Tazeer. The Jama Sagheer directs an aggravation of the Tazeer or correction in this case, and says that the offender must be kept in a place of confinement until he declares his repentance. The two disciples have said that as this act resembles whoredom, the person committing it is subject to the stated punishment for whoredom; and there is one opinion of Shafei to this effect; but another opinion of his is that the parties should be put to death, of whatever description they may be—that is whether they be married or not—because the Prophet has said, “Slay both the ACTIVE and the PASSIVE” (or according to another tradition, “Stone both the AGENT and the SUBJECT)”—The argument of the two disciples is that the act in question has the property of whoredom as that is defined to be an “act of lust committed in that which is the subject of passion, completely and under such circumstances as to be purely unlawful, and where the design is the injection of Semen.” Haneeffa, on the other hand argues that his conjunction is not actual whoredom, because the companions of the Prophet have disagreed concerning their decrees upon it, for some of them have said that offenders of this kind should be burnt, some that they should be cast headlong from some high place, such as the top of a house and then be stoned to death—and so forth; moreover, the conjunction to question has not the property of whoredom, as it is not the means of producing, offspring so as (like whoredom) to occasion any default in birth or confusion in genealogy;–besides, this species of carnal intercourse is of less frequent occurrence than whoredom, because the desire for it exists only on the part of the active and not the passive, whereas in whoredom the desire exists equally on both sides. As to the tradition cited by Shafei, it probably relates to a case where an extraordinary and exemplary punishment is requisite; or where the perpetrator inculcates and insists upon the lawfulness of the act.

          Allah will not spend for you if at first you do not spend for Him
          We are continuously brainwashed by the Islamists living in the western countries with the picture of an all bountiful, extremely rich and a munificence Allah. Whatever you want, you pray earnestly to Allah and you are sure to receive—these impeccable scholars of Islam will tell you. But, when we search the core books of Islam, we get a totally contradictory picture of Allah. Allah, after all, is not that generous. He is very strict in spending and bestowing His largesse to his slaves. In reality, He sternly says before we could receive even a cent from Allah that we must at first spend for Him. That is, if you do not spend for Allah you get nothing from Him—it is as simple as this. Mind you Allah is a strict, careful spender—just like an astute businessman.
          Let us read the following hadith from Sahih Muslim which tells us that even though Allah’s hand is full, He is not going to spend for us unless we expend for him first …(Sahih Muslim, 5.2178).
          Sahih Muslim, Book 005, Number 2178:
          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying that Allah, the Most Blessed and High, said: O son of Adam, spend. I will spend on you. The right hand of Allah is full and overflowing and in nothing would diminish it, by overspending day and night.

          Allah is pleased when a Muslim commits a sin
          Please do not laugh. There are many reasons, if we had not already noticed, why Allah has a weird, wacky, and peculiar mentality. Allah reminds His slaves the dreadful provisions He has reserved for those who indulge in sinful activities. But wait a minute; Allah’s proclivity is not so straightforward. He has a madcap temperament. In the following hadith Allah confirms that He likes those slaves who commit sins. Why is it so? That question is also answered by Allah. Allah just loves attention. He is exceedingly pleased when a person commits calumnies and begs Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. Imagine how Allah would have felt if no one committed any sins. Allah would have none to seek His attention. Allah is in so much love with the sinners that He even says that if we did not commit any sins he would have replaced us with those who commit sins and transgression. Could it be the main reason why the number one corrupt country in the world (Bangladesh) is an Islamic Paradise?
          Let us read this hadith from Sahih Muslim to comprehend the strange mindset of Allah.
          Sahih Muslim, Book 037, Number 6622:
          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) having said: By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if you were not to commit sin, Allah would sweep you out of existence and He would replace (you by) those people who would commit sin and seek forgiveness from Allah, and He would have pardoned them.
          Another hadith says that Allah has created sinners on purpose. Let us read this gem from Sahih Muslims:
          Allah purposely created sins so that he can forgive the sinners…37.6620
          Book 037, Number 6620:
          Abu Sirma reported that when the time of the death of Abu Ayyub Ansari drew near, he said: I used to conceal from you a thing which I heard from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as sayirig: Had you not committed sins, Allah would have brought into existence a creation that would have committed sin (and Allah) would have forgiven them.
          In fact, Allah loves sinful acts; sins are His pastures. Let us read this hadith from Sahih Bukhari:
          Sins are Allah’s private pastures and whoever pastures (his sheep) near it, is likely to get in it at any moment…3.34.267
          Volume 3, Book 34, Number 267:
          Narrated An-Nu’man bin Bashir:
          The Prophet said “Both legal and illegal things are obvious, and in between them are (suspicious) doubtful matters. So who-ever forsakes those doubtful things lest he may commit a sin, will definitely avoid what is clearly illegal; and who-ever indulges in these (suspicious) doubtful things bravely, is likely to commit what is clearly illegal. Sins are Allah’s Hima (i.e. private pasture) and whoever pastures (his sheep) near it, is likely to get in it at any moment.”

          Allah does not like this world, a dead donkey is more important to Him
          In the Qur’an and ahadith there are incredible stories of how Allah had created this universe (particularly the earth) and everything in it. Naturally, we would expect Allah to be extremely vigilant and mindful of His creation. We would certainly expect Allah to value His creation and expend all His efforts to care, preserve, maintain and nurture this earth—the one and the only abode of His creation. None the less, we are awestruck when we learn from none but Allah, the creator of us, that He, after all, does not like this earth. In His eyes this earth is a petrified, despicable, loathsome and utterly putrid place—filled with the acrid smell of decayed animal carcasses. First, let us read the following verse from the Qur’an which undoubtedly motivates today’s suicide bombers to abandon this contemptible earth which Allah had created with His own hands.
          The true believers forsake his world in favour of hereafter; a jihadist, whether martyred or not gains victory and will be sent to paradise (it is a bargain from Allah, it motivates the suicide bombers)…4:74

          YUSUF ALI: Let those fight in the cause of Allah Who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fighteth in the cause of Allah, – whether he is slain or gets victory – Soon shall We give him a reward of great (value). [004.074]
          Now, let us read the following hadith from Sahih Muslim. This hadith tells us how much Allah hates this earth and its inhabitants!
          This world is more insignificant in the eyes of Allah than a dead donkey… (Sahih Muslim, 42.7059).
          Sahih Muslim, Book 042, Number 7059:
          Jabir b. Abdullah reported that Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) happened to walk through the bazaar coming from the side of ‘Aliya and the people were on both his sides. There he found a dead lamb with very short ears. He took hold of his ear and said: Who amongst you would like to have this for a dirham? They said: We do not like to have it even for less than that as it is of no use to us. He said: Do you wish to have it (free of any cost)? They said: By Allah, even if it were alive (we would not have liked to possess that), for there is detect in it as its ear is very short; now it is dead also. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: By Allah, this world is more insignificant in the eye of Allah as it (this dead lamb) is in your eyes.

          Allah has an infantile temper, he is furious and raises tantrum if you do not pray or praise him
          That is correct. Previously, we saw how Allah demands, fear, obedience and affection from His slaves. If His slaves fail to please Allah with those emotional needs of Allah, Allah gets furiously angry. He becomes childlike, gets mad and fires His outburst. Uncontrolled, Allah then proceeds to destroy His slaves who made Him angry, as Allah, in verse 20:81explicates His great vengeance.
          Let us read this verse.
          Allah destroys whomever He is angry with…20:81
          YUSUFALI: (Saying): “Eat of the good things We have provided for your sustenance, but commit no excess therein, lest My Wrath should justly descend on you: and those on whom descends My Wrath do perish indeed! [020.081]
          Verse 3:28 tells us that Allah gets so vengeful when the Muslims get friendly with the infidels (the Jews and the Christians included) that He has promised to inflict great torment to those Muslims who dare to show friendliness to them.
          Here is verse 3:28 declaring Allah’s great vengeance for the Muslims who extend friendship to the kafirs.
          YUSUFALI: Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution, that ye may Guard yourselves from them. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah [003.028]
          Let us read a hadith from Sahih Bukhari which tells us that just like a small child, Allah is desperate to be praised.
          Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 93, Number 500:
          Narrated ‘Abdullah:
          The Prophet said, “There is none having a greater sense of Ghira than Allah, and for that reason He has forbidden shameful deeds and sins (illegal sexual intercourse etc.) And there is none who likes to be praised more than Allah does.” (See Hadith No. 147, Vol. 7)
          Commenting on this hadith, the Islamic scholars, Drs Al–Hilali and Muhsin Khan explains the meaning of Ghirah as a feeling of great fury and anger when one’s honor and prestige are injured or challenged (Hilali and Khan, 1999, p. 82).
          We will read another hadith from Sunaan Abu Dawud which tells us that Allah gets angry if you do not supplicate to Him. He is that much desperate for human’s attention!
          Sunaan ibn Majah Vol. v, Hadith Number 3827:
          Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “If anyone did not supplicate to Allah, Hallowed be He, Be becomes angry with him.”
          If you anger Muhammad you will become childless; you will have no descendants
          The funny mind of Allah curses those who are not happy with Muhammad, Allah’s best friend and the only confidante. Muhammad claimed that his beloved Allah has neither ascendants nor descendants, as if Allah had no desire or liking for such a family tree. Never mind, if only Allah is true to his (i.e., Muhammad’s) claim. The queer mind of Allah then promised the detractors of Muhammad that He would make them childless—confirming that Allah does indeed value the maintenance of descendants—very much an Arab custom.
          Here is a verse from the Qur’an (108:3) which says that whoever angers Muhammad will have no descendants and will face Allah’s wrath.
          PICKTHAL: Lo! it is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity.
          The great Tafsir writer, Ibn Kathir writes that Allah revealed this verse about Al-`As bin Wa’il. Whenever Muhammad would be mentioned in his presence he would say, `Leave him, for indeed he is a man who is cut off having no descendants. So when he dies he will not be remembered.’ Therefore, to counter his claim Allah revealed this verse.
          In the Arab society during Muhammad’s time, sons were highly prized. Sons in a family carried aloft the family tree Though Muhammad had three sons with Khadija, all of them died prematurely, and hence as per the prevailing custom Muhammad left no descendant. In reality, it was Allah who felt insulted when the Arabs became fed up with Muhammad’s constant diatribe against their tradition, custom and religion. In their effort to avoid him they preferred to stigmatise Muhammad for having a life without any posterity. This meant Muhammad lacked a male inheritor. In return, Allah cursed the Arabs with their loss of descendant whoever dared to condemn His dearest friend, Muhammad.

          Allah does not like people to laugh, He prefers smiles
          Muhammad never laughed, he only smiled. His biography tells us this truth. Strangely, though we find that Allah too, does not like to laughs, He just smiles, if only occasionally.
          Let us read these two ahadith to gauge this peculiar disposition of Allah. It seems that Allah decided to follow Muhammad’s habits.
          Muhammad does not laugh; he only smiles…(Sahih Muslim 30.5742)
          Sahih Muslim, Book 030, Number 5742:
          Simak b. Harb reported: I said to Jabir b. Samura: Did you have the privilege of sitting in the company of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him)? He said: Yes, very frequently, and added: He did not stand up (and go) from the place where he offered the dawn prayer until the sun rose, and after the rising of the sun he stood up, and they (his Companions) entered into conversation with one another and they talked of the things (that they did during the Days of Ignorance), and they laughed (on their unreasonable and ridiculous acts). Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) smiled only.
          The translator of Sahih Muslims writes:
          It is an established fact that the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) did not laugh loudly, he was very sober, and smiled only to express his delight (Siddiqi, 2004, vol. iv, p. 1496, foot note 2635)
          Another controversial hadith in Sunaan ibn Majah tells us that Allah laughs only occasionally—on just three occasions. Here is the hadith on this peculiar disposition of Allah.
          Sunaan ibn Majah, vol. i, Hadith 200
          Abu Sai’d al-Khudri (Allah be pleased with him reported that Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Verily Allah laughs at three things: a rank in the prayer, a man who says prayer at mid-night and a man who fights (I think he said) after the cavalry (has won the victory).”
          Ibn Majah then says that there is some controversy in the isnad (chain of narrators) of this hadith but does not reject the hadith as daif (weak) or Mauda (fabricated).

          Allah loves to curse, plot and avenge; Allah is an efficient schemer
          Here are few verses from the Qur’an to analyse the abnormal mindset of Allah. When we read these verses we have the impression that Allah, after all, is not really that powerful—He has to resort to scheming—just like humans, to destroy the infidels. In reality, Allah is simply copying the humans.
          Allah is a swift plotter because the messengers (angles) records all the sinister plots of the unbelievers…10:21
          Let the unbelievers do whatever they can; Allah will do His part too (i.e., Allah is a plotter)…11:121
          Allah is the ultimate plotter; He knows what everyone is planning and plotting…13:42
          Allah is a greater avenger…43:79
          Allah will avenge with a mighty strike…44:16
          Allah plans a scheme for those who plot a scheme against Him; Allah is great schemer…86:15-16

          Allah is offended when one claims Muhammad was a mad man
          When Muhammad started to preach to the pagans his claim that Allah’s postman, Gabriel had visited him and delivered him the messages from Allah, they were incredulous of this claim. They knew Muhammad occasionally had epileptic seizures. In fact, they were so perturbed with his mental illness that their leader had even suggested to Muhammad’s guardian and protector, Abu Talib (Muhammad’s uncle) that they were willing to bear the medical cost of Muhammad’s treatment for his epileptic seizures. Those, days, in Arabia this type of sickness was believed to be caused by jinni or evil spirits. In fact, Benjamin Walker writes that the ancient Arabs considered epilepsy a sacred disease which sometimes afflicted a person with divine blessing (Walker, 2004, p. 98). So, Muhammad was dubbed to be possessed, probably by spirits—a sort of mental madness. When the pagans described Muhammad’s new religion as the utterances of a mad man, it was Allah who was greatly offended. He vehemently cursed the Meccans for resorting to such sobriquet for his dearest companion. Allah steadfastly refused to accept the derision of Meccans. Here are a few verses from the Qur’an which tell us about Allah’s stand on the madness (read epilepsy) of Muhammad.
          Muhammad is just a warner and a bringer of glad tidings to the believers; he is not a crazy (possessed or mad) man…7.184
          Muhammad (Allah) is not mad or possessed…15:6
          Allah knows that the unbelievers thought Muhammad was a crazy (mad) man…17:47
          Muhammad is not possessed but brought the truth, but most people hate truth …23:70
          The wicked said that Muhammad was a man bewitched (possessed)…25:8
          Muhammad is not possessed but he is only a warner…34:46
          The pagans thought Muhammad was a mad poet, but Muhammad is not a poet possessed; he confirms the messages of apostles (scriptures) sent before him…37:36-37
          The pagans thought that Muhammad was a man possessed, tutored by others…44:14
          Muhammad is not a vulgar soothsayer, nor is he possessed…52:29
          Muhammad is not possessed…68:2
          Soon the unbelievers will know who is mad—they or Muhammad…68:5-6
          Muhammad is not possessed…81:22
          Interestingly, Rashad Khalifa, the modern day charlatan, the preceptor of the Qur’an-only Muslims, claims that he is the replacement of Muhammad. In fact, Rashad Khalifa is so adamant that in his English translation of this verse he wrote it this way:
          [81:22] Your friend (Rashad) is not crazy.
          The readers might find this completely incredulous. Not surprisingly, the Saudi authorities also found this too preposterous. No wonder then Rashad Khalifa, the modern clone of Muhammad was assassinated in his mosque. Allah does really have peculiar temperament. He could never tolerate anyone who tries to impersonate His greatest love, Muhammad.

          Allah does not like His creatures to enjoy this world, He prefers them to die and take pleasure in the next world
          Allah’s mind is truly bizarre. Previously, we noted how Allah dislikes this world (I mean the earth) even though, in the first place, He took such painstaking effort to create it. Not only that Allah hates this earthly life, He also commands his slaves (i.e., Muslims) to renounce this world and proceed for the next world (i.e., death and then the next world) pronto. Allah promises nothing to those who want to live and enjoy the earthly life. Allah prefers that Muslims die as soon as they are born, so that they will enjoy the life after death. We might wonder that only mad person will do such act—be born and then die soon after it. Why then Allah created His slaves? –if we are commanded to die soon after our birth? Please read the following verses from the Qur’an and wonder at Allah’s obsession with eschatology—a penchant with death and after life. Once we thoroughly comprehend these verses we will understand what motivates the Islamist suicide bombers to die willingly, with smiling faces. Yes, they just hate this world, and with absolute passion they simply want to enjoy the life after death. With so much glory, passion, attraction and a magnetic pull to enjoy death, why should not the suicide bombers do what they are doing? In essence, they are embracing death in the way of Allah—to meet Allah in person and to lead a happy, comely and rich life in Paradise in the company of Allah.
          Hereafter is the best; short is the enjoyment of this world…4:77
          The life of this world is vague and illusory; life hereafter is far better for the righteous…6:32
          Those who desire the life of present will get nothing in the hereafter…11:15-16
          Reward for the hereafter is better for the Allah-fearing believers…12:57
          There is a harsh punishment for those who love this world in preference to the life hereafter…14:3
          Allah prefers one person above another (i.e., Allah is discriminatory); hereafter is better than this world…17:21
          Life in this world is only amusement and play; life in the hereafter is the real life…29:64
          The temporal life is fleeting, life hereafter is permanent…40:39
          For the believers hereafter (life after life) is better than the material life…43:35
          Hereafter is better and enduring…87:17

          Ridicule Hijab or a Muslim and you ridicule Allah.
          Look around you and you will notice how those Muslimahs (Muslim females) wearing such odious Arabic Bedouin garb vaunt their attire—as if it is from Allah. They consider that they are the chosen women of Allah; all other women who do not wear such repulsive, hideous and disgusting dress are sluts, prostitutes and fair games for Islamic rape. The ancient history of Arabia tells that before the advent of Islam Arab women enjoyed much freedom with respect to dress and managing their own lives. It was Muhammad and his Islam which forced the Arab women to be imprisoned in such vile dress. Muhammad claimed that Allah instructed him to compel all Muslim women to be put inside black (head to toe) cassocks whenever they venture outside their homes. He instituted the provision of Hijab and Burka in verses 24:31 and 33:59.
          Shamed and embarrassed with such insidious Islamic slavery of women, many Muslimahs (and their counterpart Muslims) are crying foul. They will resort to all kinds of funny and laughable logic and arguments to defend Islam. There are also a number of educated and impeccably qualified Muslimahs who will not hesitate to claim that the Burka and Hijab are not mandated by Allah. We must feel sorry for these well–intentioned modern Muslimahs.
          Here is what the most revered Imam of Saudi Arabia says about those women who do not accept Hijab or those who ridicule Hijab. According to the standing committee on fatwa in Saudi Arabia, ridiculing Hijab is ridiculing Allah. This confirms that Hijab is the dress for women mandated by Allah.
          Ruling Concerning Ridiculing a Woman who wears the Proper Hijab and Covers Her Face
          The beginning of quote:
          Question 236: What is the ruling concerning one who ridicules those who wear the proper hijab and cover their faces and hands?
          Response: Whoever ridicules a Muslim woman or man for sticking to and applying the teachings of Islam is a disbeliever. This is regardless of whether it is concerning women’s hijab or any other matter of the Shariah. This is based on the following narration from ibn Umar: At a gathering during the Battle of Tabuk, one man said, “I have not seen anyone like our Qur’anic readers who is more desirous of food, more lying in speech and more cowardly when meeting the enemy.” A man said, “You have lied and you are a liar. I shall definitely tell the Messenger of Allah about that.” That news was conveyed to the Messenger of Allah and the Quran was revealed. Abdullah ibn Umar added, “I saw the man holding on to the bag of the camel of the Messenger of Allah and the dust was striking him while he was saying, “O Messenger of Allah, we were just joking and playing .” The Messenger of Allah was simply saying the verse of the Quran: “Was it Allah, and His Signs and His Messenger you were mocking? Make no excuse, you have disbelieved after you had believed. If We pardon some of you, We will punish others among you because they were sinners.” (al–Tauba 65–66).
          So ridiculing believers has been equated with ridiculing Allah, His signs and His Messenger. (Al–Musnad, Abdul Aziz, 1996, p. 259)
          That’s right, we must be careful; when the world sans the Islamists ridicule hijab, it ridicules Allah, and Muhammad. This is tantamount to blasphemy and, according to the Sharia law punishable by death. When the French government bans hijab from her public schools, the French government ridicules Muhammad and Allah. Therefore, France becomes a legitimate Islamists’ target to Allah’s punishment; the killing of all the citizens of France becomes lawful. We already witnessed large–scale riot and unrest by the large Islamist community in France. Prepare yourself to witness more such carnage in future.

          Allah judges a person by his name
          This is also an interesting topic to demonstrate the eccentric mind of Allah. In Islam, naming a person Islamically is a very serious matter. Deviate a little from the Islamic rule and we are bound to face the ire Allah, the ultimate owner of any Islamic names. Illustrated in the previous topic was how Allah and Muhammad are seriously hurt when hijab is ridiculed, we should not be surprised that we might, unwittingly hurt and offend Allah (and Muhammad) if we do not name a Muslim child in accordance with the names liked by Allah. Allah do really discriminate a Muslim based on his name. Let us read a few ahadith on Allah’s partiality with names.
          The names dearest to Allah are: Abd Allah and Abd al-Rahman…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.41.4931)
          This hadith is not available online. So, I shall quote from the print version of Sunaan Abu Dawud.
          Sunaan Abu Dawud, vol.iii, Hadith Number 4931:
          Ibn ‘Umar reported: the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) as saying: Your names which are dearest to Allah are ‘Abd Allah and ‘Abd al–Rahman.
          The names dearest to Allah are ‘Abdullah’ and ‘Abdal-Rahman’. The most distasteful name in Allah’s sight is Malik-al-Amidh (king of kings)…(Sahih Muslim, 25.5338, 5339)
          Book 025, Number 5338:
          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The vilest name in Allah’s sight is Malik al-Amidh (King of Kings). The narration transmitted on the authority of Shaiba (contains these words): There is no king but Allah, the Exalted and Glorious. Sufyan said: Similarly, the word Shahinshah (is also the vilest appellation). Ahmad b. Hanbal said: I asked Abu ‘Amr about the meaning of Akhna. He said: The vilest.
          Book 025, Number 5339:
          Abu Huraira reported from Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) so many ahadith and one of them was this that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The most wretched person in the sight of Allah on the Day of Resurrection and the worst person and target of His wrath would of the person who is called Malik al-Amlak (the King of Kings) for there is no king but Allah.

          Allah is hungry for love from human beings, He is very jealous with love
          With so much power, wealth and influence, it is utterly unbelievable that Allah hankers for human love. He is not satisfied with all the love from animals, trees, mountains, rocks, rivers, oceans, ships, camels….He just craves for undying love from humans. This strange idiosyncrasy of Allah is pretty easy to comprehend when we read in many ahadith that Allah commands His faithful servants to dote Muhammad more than their own sons, daughters, parents, spouses and even more than their own lives. Allah considers that having such a crushing love for Muhammad is truly a sign of unfettered love Him. Let us read the following ahadith to gauze the depth of Allah’s hunger for human love and affection; He is literally dying for such love.
          In a hadith in Sahih Muslim we read that anyone to whom Allah and Muhammad is dearer than all else, who loves a person for Allah’s sake alone and who does not apostatise is the best Muslim…(Sahih Muslim, 1.0067, 0068).
          Book 001, Number 0067:
          It is reported on the authority of Anas that the Prophet of Allah (may peace and blessings be upon him) said: There are three qualities for which anyone who is characterised by them will relish the sweetness of faith: he to whom Allah and His Messenger are dearer than all else; he who loves a man for Allah’s sake alone; and he who has as great an abhorrence of returning to unbelief after Allah has rescued him from it as he has of being cast into Hell.
          Let us read verse 10:62 to note Allah’s assurance of security to His friends.
          YUSUF ALI: Behold! verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve [010.062]
          On the implication of this verse, Sunaan Abu Dawud says that Prophets and martyrs will envy those people who, without having any mutual kinship love each other for the spirit of Allah and the Qur’an and give property to each other…(Sunaan Abu Dawud 2.23.3520)
          Sunaan Abu Dawud, Book 23, Number 3520: Narrated Umar ibn al-Khattab:
          Reported the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) as saying: There are people from the servants of Allah who are neither prophets nor martyrs; the prophets and martyrs will envy them on the Day of Resurrection for their rank from Allah, the Most High.
          They (the people) asked: Tell us, Apostle of Allah, who are they? He replied: They are people who love one another for the spirit of Allah (i.e. the Qur’an), without having any mutual kinship and giving property to one. I swear by Allah, their faces will glow and they will be (sitting) in (pulpits of) light. They will have no fear (on the Day) when the people will have fear, and they will not grieve when the people will grieve.
          He then recited the following Qur’anic verse: “Behold! Verily for the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
          In another hadith in Sunaan Abu Dawud we read that Allah loves jealousy and hatred on certain matters. Let us read this hadith.
          Sunaan Abu Dawud, Vol.ii, Hadith Number 2563:
          Jabir b. ‘Atik reported that Prophet (may peace be upon him) as saying: There is jealousy which Allah loves and jealousy which Allah hates. That which Allah loves is jealousy regarding a matter of doubt and that which Allah hates is jealousy regarding something which is not doubtful. There is pride which Allah hates and pride which Allah loves. That which Allah loves is a man’s pride when fighting and when giving sadaqah and that which Allah hates is pride shown by oppression. The narrator Musa said: “by boasting.”
          Here is the ultimate proof that Allah craves for praise and remembrance. He even promises to forgive all sins if you praise him one hundred times after every prayer…(Sahih Muslim, 4.1243)
          Book 004, Number 1243:
          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: If anyone extols Allah after every prayer thirty-three times, and praises Allah thirty-three times, and declares His Greatness thirty-three times, ninety-nine times in all, and says to complete a hundred:” There is no god but Allah, having no partner with Him, to Him belongs sovereignty and to Him is praise due, and He is Potent over everything,” his sins will be forgiven even If these are as abundant as the foam of the sea.

          As long as they fear Allah, even a fornicator and a thief will have two paradises
          In Islam there is no crime more serious and damning than the sexual activity between unmarried men and women. There is severe punishment for indulging in pre-marital sex and adultery, whether such sex is consensual or not. The concept of sex as a natural and fulfilling desire of all human being is totally absent in Islam. Allah truly hates those who indulge in such un-Islamic sex. But wait a minute. Allah’s mind is not that straight forward as we might think. The truth is: what Allah really cares is whether one fears him or not. A Tirmidhi hadith tells us that you will be in paradise even when you had indulged in un-Islamic sex, provided you fear Allah. The sex offender will face the dreadful punishment in this world but Allah will send him to paradise because of his fear of Allah. This obviously means: as long as you are a Muslim, you will be in paradise even after you have committed Islamic sexual offences. In fact, Allah promises two paradises to such Islamic thieves and fornicators.
          Let us read this hadith: Narrated AbudDarda
          The Prophet (peace be upon him) was delivering a discourse on the pulpit and he said, “He who fears standing before his Lord will have two Paradises.” He (AbudDarda) asked, “Even if he commits fornication and even if he steals, Messenger of Allah?” But he said a second time, “He who fears standing before his Lord will have two Paradises.” He asked a second time, “Even if he commits fornication and even if he steals, Messenger of Allah?” And he said a third time, “He who fears standing before his Lord will have two paradises.” He asked a third time, “Even if he commits fornication and even if he steals, Messenger of Allah?” to which he replied, “Even in spite of AbudDarda.'”
          Ahmad transmitted it.
          [Tirmidhi hadith number 755, quoted from ALIM CD ROM]

          • It is no need to waste time in writing such a lengthy posts. Give logic in 4,5 lines and do not lie. That’s it.I have read many books and I do not find what you write in this website. Please tell me the art of writing false stories. I’ll be thankful to you.

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