Pakistan: Islamic Terrorist fires on Sunni Mosque, killed 9

On the Holy day of Eid, where Non-Muslims are busy celebrating and wishing each other on behalf of Muslims, true Muslims on other hand are busy completing the work ordained by Allah. Its unbelievable, that even on Eid, Muslims from Islam dominated country like Pakistan, are busy killing each other.  An unidentified gunman fired on Sunni mosque and killed 9, and injuring 20 others. Read the complete news from Indian Express:

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At least 9 worshippers were killed and 20 others injured as unidentified gunmen opened fire outside a Sunni mosque in the Pakistani city of Quetta, a day after suicide bomber killed at least 38 people in the same city. Police said the gunmen opened fire on the people coming out of the mosque in the city’s Eastern Bypass area after offering Eid prayers.

Former Provincial Minister Ali Madad Jatak, a Pakistan Peoples Party leader, was the target of the assailants but he escaped unhurt, police said. The incident occurred a day after a suicide bomber killed at least 38 poeple, mostly policemen, at the funeral of a slain policeman. Nearly 50 others people were injured in yesterday’s attack.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif strongly condemned Quetta firing incident. Deploring the loss of precious lives in the incident he said the nation is facing the monster of terrorism valiantly and expressedthe confidence that the menace of terrorism will be overcome soon. Quetta, the capital city of the troubled Baluchistan province, has been hit badly by militancy and sectarian violence.

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    • Hee…heee..haahaa, but I’m not a killer, brother!!
      Read Quran with a positive attitude and you will find the Truth Ohm-jibhai. You do not even know where Ohm came from and yet you believe in the myths of reincarnation of you becoming even a bacteria in the next life. Come on, don’t be that naive brother!!!


      Mr Plum

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