How Pakistan wish India on its Independence Day?

Indian soldiers are busy protecting Red Fort from Islamic JIhadi like Hafiz Sayed, and Indians are busy in making plans for India’s Independence Day. Most of so called secular leaders and activists wish Pakistan on their Independence Day, which is one day before India’s. But does any one know how Pakistan wish India back, here are few examples:


(Thanks to Tribune.Com.PK) Supporters of Pakistan’s hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) torch Indian flags during a protest in Karachi on August 14, 2014. The protest comes at a time when skirmishes between Pakistan and India have flared across the heavily-militarised Line of Control (LoC).

Supporters of Pakistan’s outlawed Islamic hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) torch Indian flags. PHOTO: AFP

Supporters of Pakistan’s outlawed Islamic hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) torch Indian flags. PHOTO: AFP

Supporters of Pakistan’s hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Karachi on August 14, 2014.  PHOTO: AFP

Supporters of Pakistan’s hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Karachi on August 14, 2013. PHOTO: AFP

Supporters of Pakistan’s hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Karachi on August 14, 2014. PHOTO: AFP

Supporters of Pakistan’s hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Karachi on August 14, 2013. PHOTO: AFP

Supporters of Pakistan’s hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) stand on a India flag during a protest in Karachi on August 14, 2014. PHOTO: AFP

Supporters of Pakistan’s hardline Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) stand on a India flag during a protest in Karachi on August 14, 2013. PHOTO: AFP

This is how Muslim dominated our neighboring country wishes us on our Independence day, and our leaders serve Biriyani to their leaders. Shameful.

19 thoughts on “How Pakistan wish India on its Independence Day?

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  5. Maybe, maybe not!! Hey, why were those politicians fighting by shoving each other over the hoisting of a mere flag, in Misourri or whatever, acting like babies…until a two year old baby came and took over the function from them??

    How deep does one sink in shame???


    • Plum,

      Instead of criticizing Pakistan’s act, you are telling me about what happened in India. Once you told me, that your forefathers belong to India if I am right? Still instead of responding the news, you searched some news to counter it. This is simply ridiculous. I know you being a Muslim have lots of affection for Pakistan, but this was not expected that in place of criticizing them, you will come up with some lame news.. I can’t entertain you anymore..


      • Dear Raj, we have some internet problems today…and I hope this goes through. I was just mentioning the news from NDTV and I assure you that these are not my words!

        I love India and all of the Indian people. I cannot and will never condone any terrorist acts committed by Pakistan nor China, through alleged military aid to the militants or whatsoever and would always wish all the countries involved in the hullabaloo to establish better mutual relations.
        It does not matter whether I am a Muslim or not as I have read most religious scriptures and have seen the zeal and also the unnecessary excessive fundamentalism, that remains as the core to militancy and needless deaths.

        Here, I try to reason out fairly and spend my precious time in contributing the much I know. I do not disagree with you on many issues but would like to see the reasoning of others too…real reasoning and not derogatory remarks nor Profanity towards other religions, as that would go even against the constitution of the Land. Reasoning should be allowed and no one ought to be dictated. I read all of your articles, be they short or not with enthusiasm and so do respond and reason out by much scanning of the verses and add a little more from the searches.

        Note that there was no India or Pakistan but Hindustan and that it got divided through some cunning tactics of the well known figures. Since the Partition the whole region has become so volatile that fear remains even merely visiting for site seeing of the most beautiful land of our ancestors, India!

        Next on Siddis of India!!

        Kind regards


      • Dear Raj : Did you know that plenty of Bantus(black indigenous people) from East Africa live in India and Pakistan, who are known as Siddis ? In fact our former East African brothers helped through guerrilla tactics which the Indians had not yet mastered, overthrow the Mughal empire. Imagine that!!!

        They were brought there as Slaves by the Portuguese..(not the Arabs)… mainly from Zanzibar. Why, when there was cheap Indian labour available at random then?. In fact the Indian peasants(muslims, sikhs and hindus) were taken to construct our railway line from Mombasa to Kampala and many were unfortunate to have become a meal by the lions of Tsavo!!

        These Siddis, black people, also sometimes known as Habshi in India, are primarily Muslims but very few are Hindus and some Christians as well!!!! But where do they fit in the Hindu caste system of hierarchy??

        Having said so, it can be noted that in East Africa, from where they originate, there are hardly any black persons who are Hindus though Hinduism has existed here for sometime now. Why???

        “Malik Ambar a prominent Siddi figure in Indian history at large, is sometimes regarded as the “military guru of the Marathas”, and was deeply allied with them. He established the town of Khirki which later became the modern city of Aurangabad, and helped establish the Marathas as a major force in the Deccan. Later, the Marathas adapted Siddi guerrilla warfare tactics to grow their power and ultimately demolish the Mughal empire”.

        “On the way to Deva-dungar is the quaint village of Sirvan, inhabited entirely by Siddis, a tribe of African people”

        Check for verification by DNA Profile and photos confirming my states, here at :


      • Dear Raj, I do not have any affection or love for Pakistan!!!!!.

        1. Once the president comes to power, the poor fellow has to live in fear of being killed by the militants or the opposition. That fear is constant!
        2. President and prime ministers are either assassinated or deposed like to changing of clothes!
        3.1. Mirza, a governor general, was deposed by greedy Ayub Khan.
        3.2. Liaquat killed in 1951- the first PM.
        4.1. Ayub Khan led Pakistan into 1965 war with India. Why??
        4.2 Bhogra replaced Nazmudin as PM…very greedy. Then soon dismissed!
        4.3 And Ali chaudri…soon resigned…what?…conflicts!
        4.4 Suhrawardy and Ibrahim short lived in office.
        5. Yahya becomes the president and leads Pakistan into 1971 war with India…then resigns after Pakistan got thrashed thoroughly!
        6. Now comes the clever Bhutto resigns as the preso and suddenly emerges as the prime minister. He turns the unstable country into a fickle state by starting nuclear armament. For what?? To annihilate India? At the least India had to have nuclear armaments to curb the Chinese encroachment on their land which led to Sino-Indian war of 1962. Himalayas belonged to India. But why Pakistan armed tooth and nail with nuclear armaments????
        7. Zia ul Hak then came and put the noose round Z A Bhutto’s neck and squeezed it very hard through the made up trial, ruthlessly killing the clever man.
        8. Zia was blown to hell in mid-air!!
        9. Ishaq became too much politicking for Nawaz Sharif and got a kick.
        10. Now the Wasim enters the scene and gets the boot in 3 months!!
        11.1 Also, the next to climb the ladder of unknown-destination was Tarar and soon got the hammer of miss-fortune!!
        11.2 Amin and Junejo suffered similar fates
        11.3 Jamali, Shujat and Aziz forgot that this was Pakistan politics and became the namesake infamous legends.
        12. Yes our friend, who came back foolishly and now rotting behind bars did a military coup then the Musharaff Saib or an ass h…!!
        13. So, Sir Zardari popped up and his wings were clipped by an amendment in 2010. thus making him a dodo!
        13.2 The brutality meted to our friend Benazir Bhutto. She was bombed to oblivion!! She was stupid trying to control the frenzied Pakistanis who always pretend to be the best!!!!
        14. Thenceforth, our old friend Nawaz reincarnates once more, who promises so much but does nil!!

        Such turmoils…heh!!…since what Independence??…why was Hindustan divided in the first place???

        To date, thousands have died and have been misplaced because of one sick monk dressed in the colonial’s attire… whom they call Father. If he were alive and seeing the precarious condition in Pakistan politics as well as the country itself, would he have ever divided Hindustan?????????

        So, what love can exist for a Killing-I-stan streaming to poverty???

        Now, explain what you mean by :

        “I can’t entertain you anymore”.


        Mr Plum

      • Grow up, dude. You’re just an Indian who hated Pakistan and then you were brainwashed about Islam and you, because of your prejudice and low mental approach, launched a website against Islam.

        ‘Islam is a false religion.’ Huh? I can prove as well that Islam is a false religion if I begin to interpret it foolishly like you and some Muslims did. Idiot!

        • Modest Muslim,

          Grow up dude, you believe Islam to be true and Allah to be god, because you are born as Muslim. Muslims are brain washed and they are threatened from childhood about Allah’s hell, so they dare not doubt on Islam.

          Yes, even you can prove Islam to be false, all you need is to read the canonical scriptures of Islam rationally, and you will Islam to be religion revealed by demon himself.






    And surely thou hast sublime morals
    (Surat Al-Qalam 68:4).
    Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar
    (Surat Al-Ahzab 33:21).

    Muslims believe that the Koran is the eternal word/laws of god to acts as a divine guidance for mankind about how to live a moral, righteous life. Prophet Muhammad, the highest perfection of human life and the prototype of the most wonderful human conduct in Islamic belief, emulated the guidance of Allah perfectly.


    Muslims and many non-Muslim scholars often portray Muhammad as a poor man, who led a very simplistic life and dedicated his life for the service of God and his followers is an absolute falsehood.

    But it simply cannot be true. During his Prophetic career, Muhammad gathered a vast wealth for him and at the time of his death he was one of the richest men in Arabia. He was not shy to admit that he loved money,

    “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror. The treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand’.” (Bukhari: 4.52.220)

    Terror is Muhammad’s legacy and one of his strongest motivations was money. Another motivation was sex with captured women.
    “The Prophet said, ‘If you live long enough the treasures of Khosrau will be opened and taken as spoils. You will carry out handfuls of gold and silver’.” (Bukhari: 4.56.793)

    “I have been given the keys of the treasures of the world by Allah.” (Bukhari: 4.56.795)

    Ali [Muhammad’s adopted son, son-in-law, and future Caliph] said, ‘Prophet, women are plentiful. You can get a replacement, easily changing one for another.’” (Tabari: VIII. 62, Ishaq: 496).

    The simple reason, Muhammad could not be poor because he maintained a large family. We cannot say exactly, how many times Muhammad got married, but it is generally agreed by all that at one stage he had at least nine wives. Marriages were costly social activities. When Allah allowed Muhammad to marry his daughter-in-law, Zaynab, it is recorded that he celebrated for a week; hundreds of goats were slaughtered to provide lavish meals for the residents of Medina. Throwing such a lavish party for a week for the entire population of Medina can hardly be called a simplistic life style. Today only billionaires can provide such party.

    Secondly, marrying multiple wives was a sign of wealth in Arabia, and still so in these days, which is hardly surprising. An example; King ‘Abd al-‘Aziz of Arabia had 300 wives. Each of Muhammad’s wives had her own house independent of another, maids and slaves to look after them. This is one of the examples of Muhammad’s ‘simplistic’ life-style. On top of this, Muhammad had a good number of slaves, servants, slave girls, personal assistants, and bodyguards. Then there were many mules, horses, donkeys, goats and camels stolen and looted from others. By the way, Muhammad always rode on ‘Yafur’, his legendary donkey (Warraq, 2000, p. 241). He must have appointed a large number of people to look after his livestock, especially for ‘Yafur’. Such a man can be anything but a poor or simple man.

    Muhammad used to take one-fifth share of the booty in Allah’s name which obviously became Muhammad’s wealth at the end. The amount of wealth Muhammad gathered from his raids was not small. As example, the battle of Honein, which was fought on February 1, 630 AD, Muslims captured following booty,

    “24,000 camels, 40,000 sheep and goats, 4,000 ounces of silver and 6,000 prisoners. They were removed to the neighboring valley of Al-jirana and sheltered there” (Shaikh, 1999, p. 20).

    “The Apostle held a large number of captives. There were 6,000 women and children prisoners. He had captured so many sheep and camels they could not be counted.” (Ishaq: 592)

    In another expedition, Muhammad suddenly attacked Banu Mustaliq without warning while they were heedless and their cattle were being watered at the places of water. Their fighting men were killed and their women and children were taken as captives. In this war, Muhammad captured following booty and captives,

    “600 were taken prisoners by the Muslims. Among the booty there were 2,000 camels and 5,000 goats.” (Bukhari: 3.46.717)

    Now, one fifth of the above amount Muhammad earned from each battle. Considering the number of battles Muhammad had fought in his lifetime and countless number of women and children he captured as slaves; no doubt he died as one of the richest man in Arabia. But the sad part is that, even after receiving so much for his valuable service to Allah, Muhammad was not satisfied. He even grasped the property of other Muslims also. As per Sunaan Abu Dawud, 18:2895, Muhammad was the inheritor of those who had no heir. Muhammad had very little respect for his dead companions.

    Muhammad was greedy. When he conquered Khaibar, he enslaved the Jews, executed many of them and stole their property. One of Muhammad’s most brutal acts involved a prisoner named Kinana. When Muhammad wanted him to reveal where some buried treasure was hidden, Kinana refused. Muhammad gave the order, “Torture him until you extract what he has.” This is what the criminals do to obtain people’s money or possessions. How much plunder was sufficient for Muhammad? Muhammad had already gained the possessions of Khaibar. No doubt he had already obtained great wealth. Was it necessary for Muhammad to do this to Kinana?

    Now we will see who all other people benefited from Islam. The character which Ibn Ishaq gave to the companions of Muhammad in ‘Sirat Rasul Allah’ was rarely pleasing. The companions of Muhammad and the early Caliphs gathered large wealth and lived a luxurious life. As example, Muhammad’s cousin Zubair was found to be having estates of total value of fifty million and two hundred thousand dirhams. Fabulous figures are quoted for other companions of Muhammad also. A son of the pious Omar had 1000 slaves at the time of his death. Within short decades after Muhammad’s death Mecca and Medina were transformed from obscure settlements to the religious and political capitals of a mighty empire (Margoliouth, 1914, p. 136-7). Needless to say, huge fortunes were built up out of the plunder which reached Mecca and Medina in camel loads from Persia, Syria and Egypt.

    Narcissists are “interpersonally exploitative”, i.e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends. Muhammad never put his life in danger by fighting a battle. But when it is time for collecting booty or women, he was well ahead of others. His followers died happily for his cause. They thought they were fighting for Allah’s cause, but actually they laid down their lives to fulfill the narcissistic desires of Muhammad.
    Muhammad enjoyed everything whatever he needed in his life. From a destitute orphan to a shepherd to a humble messenger of God to a desert bandit to one of the richest men of Arabia – he slowly transformed himself as opportunities came to him. No doubt he was a man of caliber.

    Though Muhammad was one of the richest men of Arabia at the time of his death, the financial conditions of the common Muslims deteriorated with time. Muhammad convinced the Muslims that Allah loves poverty and illiteracy and hates wealth, prosperity, education and the rich people. This is recorded by Imam Ghazali.

    According to Ghazali (al- Ghazali, 1993, p. 2.28, 3.181, 3.201); prayer, a big family and poverty will ensure Paradise. To promote further admiration of poverty among the Muslims, he writes that Allah and His Prophet praised one who remains satisfied with poverty. Ghazali even goes to the extent to exhort Muslims to condemn wealth but praise poverty; poverty is better than wealth. But it never occurred in Ghazali’s mind – if Allah really loves poverty, why Muhammad gathered so much wealth?

    Though, the economy of Mecca and Medina prospered, the living standard of the common Muslims deteriorated. There were large scale deaths in warfare leaving women and children of the dead Muslims helpless, which neither bothered Muhammad nor the early Muslim rulers.

    “I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, ‘Allah guarantees that He will admit the Muslim fighter into Paradise if he is killed, otherwise He will return him to his home safely with rewards and booty’.” (Bukhari: 4.52.46).

    “The Believers fight in Allah’s cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed” (Quran: 9.112).

    What is the difference between ‘Allah’s cause’ and ‘Muhammad’s cause’? If the Muslim fighter dies Muhammad loses nothing, but if he returns back with booty and women; Muhammad takes one fifth share of the booty and the woman of his choice. Muhammad glorified poverty for his self-serving purposes. If Muslims remain poor, then Muhammad and his companions could gather more wealth. Muhammad’s thinking was simple – fight the infidels, gather booty and capture women for me. Allah will give you much more after your death. If you obey me you will enter Allah’s Paradise and if you don’t obey you will go to hell. For Muhammad, the Muslims were mere instruments. Vaknin (1999, p. 115) wrote,

    “A Narcissist sees no reason in dedicating thought to their needs, wishes, wants, desires and fears. He derails their life with easy and benevolent ignorance”.

    The lure of Paradise and fear of hell turned early Muslims into moths eager to cremate themselves on the flame of the ‘Allah’s cause’, i.e., holy Jihad. Muhammad knew this side of human weakness very well. If we make a careful study of the Qur’an and Ahadith, we will find there are umpteen numbers of cases where Muhammad had benefited at the cost of his followers. There were many situations where common Muslims had laid down their lives in the name of Allah, just for a small and minor benefit of Muhammad.
    Muhammad saw those around them as objects, targets, or opportunities or anything but Human being. Most probably, Muhammad had no true friendship with anyone in his band. He had only partners in crime and victims. As it is going to be shown shortly; his accomplices frequently ended up as victims. For Muhammad the ends always justified the means. There is no place for feelings of remorse, shame, or guilt. Muhammad felt justified in all his actions because he considered himself the ultimate moral arbiter. Nothing gets in the way of a malignant Narcissist.

    Muhammad demanded to be recognized as superior without any tangible achievement at any cost. His followers died for him to make him rich and to make his mission successful. Today if a billion plus Muslims adore Muhammad as their Prophet it was possible because of those early brainwashed followers who laid down their lives happily to make Muhammad what he is today. Without them, what was Muhammad’s contribution in the success of Islam?

    But Muhammad did not recognize the individuality or rights of those people. He only recognized himself as human. He never hesitated to tell lie or deceive his devoted followers. Muhammad’s needs were greater than his followers, but he denied it to all. A Narcissist doesn’t know how to feel sorry for what he does. He does not like to put himself in the shoes of his victims. Life was a superficial game for him and his followers are pawns on his board.


    Vaknin (1999, p. 11) wrote

    “Anyone who comes in contact with a Narcissist is bound to be a loser. Narcissism is a mental epidemic and a curse to mankind. It is a destructive, evil and torturous disease, which affects not only the Narcissist, but it also infects and forever changes people who are in daily contact with the Narcissist”.

    One of the very strange things to deal with after being the victim of a Narcissist is that most people will not want to believe what happened to the victim, even if they saw it with their own eyes! This is the height of the manipulative capability of a Narcissist. Narcissists often reverse the role with his victims. The victim is represented as mentally disordered and the Narcissist – the suffering soul.

    The Narcissist is forever the same. It is the victim who changes. They are unable to separate themselves from the Narcissist. There is no place for feelings of remorse, shame, or guilt. On the contrary they scapegoat the followers and blame them. Blame is a powerful reinforcer of passivity and obedience, producing guilt, shame, terror, and conformity in the followers.

    Even after all the above miseries caused to the victims, still there is something more terrible. Narcissism is a contagious disease. It spoils the lives of the victims even when their Narcissist leader is no more. The influence is really that much. Slowly, the victims absorb the Narcissist’s way of destructive thinking. It means, though the Narcissist leader is dead or has abandoned his victim, the force of narcissism will still haunt the followers. The Narcissist is still alive deep inside the traumatic memories waiting for an opportunity to act out. The victims of a Narcissist are modified and they are not even aware of it, as we read in the science fictions of alien snatching the human bodies. As a summary, any sane person who has put a single grain of trust on his Narcissist leader is destined to suffer.

    In case of Muhammad, almost anyone who came in contact with him had suffered. The seventh century Arabs, though illiterate, hotheaded and superstitious; were generally innocent. They had high sense of self respect and they were ready to die for it. But when they came within the narcissistic grip of Muhammad, they became murderous and greedy. Now they are ready to die for Allah’s cause instead of dying for the preservation of self-respect. Now they are the mental slaves of their leader. A slave has no honor, no self-respect.

    With the deterioration of their character, the early Arabs had suffered miserably in every possible way. Those early companions of Muhammad not only lost their property and self-respect but the lives of their children, relatives even their own lives. At the end of the day they returned with empty hands, disappointed and disillusioned. All of them were pathetic losers. Almost all of them died a dog’s death. And this had happened only because they had blindly trusted Muhammad, their Narcissist leader and followed his guidance. Muhammad had changed their mind and attitude completely. They were completely modified by the powerful force of narcissism of Muhammad, so much so that now they are nothing but a shadow of their former selves. Now they have contracted the disease of narcissism. They have been infected and poisoned. They have been branded.
    I cannot say for sure when demoralizing influence of Muhammad’s teaching began to be felt, but in all probability it started when Muhammad became the head of a criminal gang. It was then that Muslims who had never broken an oath were convinced that they might evade their obligations, and to those Muslims to whom the blood of their clan had been as their own, began to shed it with impunity in the “cause of Allah”. Also, lying and treachery in the cause of Islam received Divine approval. Muslims learnt that raiding innocents, murdering them, enslaving them and raping their wives were Divine acts which please God. Muslims also learnt from their Prophet that by committing all these brutal acts they would enter Paradise.

    This is distortion of reality. No doubt, initially many of his followers became suspicious about the true Divine origin of the revelations, but slowly they absorbed Muhammad’s way of destructive thinking. The mindset of the Muslims changed as they lost their self-worth and honor.

    Booty is always easy money. When the Muslims were addicted to this source of easy money, they lost their productivity and the sense of ethical values. Their moral faculty was so much deteriorated that even after Muhammad was dead; the force of his narcissistic maneuverability was still conning his followers. Muhammad, the malignant Narcissist was still alive deep inside the traumatic memories of his early companions waiting for an opportunity to act out. In sum, the early victims of Muhammad were modified even without being aware that they were victimized by their master.

    Here I want to discuss about some prominent companions of Muhammad, namely; Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali and Fatima, to show how the force of Muhammad’s narcissism was still acting strongly in them causing all of them to be completely ruined. They lost their happiness, distrusted each other, conspired and fought with each other violently, caused death and destruction not only to others but their families also. Because of their closeness to Muhammad; they were more open to Muhammad’s narcissistic grips. No doubt, they were most devoted Muslims and put their complete trust on Muhammad but neither Allah nor Islam had given them anything in return.

    Allah wrote in the Qur’an,

    “He is the one who has strengthened you and the believers with His help through putting affection in their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have so united their hearts; but Allah has united them. He is Mighty, Wise. O Prophet! Allah is all-sufficient for you and for the believers who follow you” (Q: 8. 61-64)

    But in reality, in spite of uniting these people God had cursed them by bringing them division and hatred. Abu Bakr, the closest male friend of Muhammad, was the first of the so-called four “rightly guided” Caliphs. He ruled for two years then died. Other three Caliphs; namely, Utman, Umar and Ali were murdered. Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad, died some six months after Muhammad. When Muhammad died, he left a huge wealth which he had earned by plunder, extortion, murder and all sort of criminal activities. Greed overcame all the above people and the thought of Islamic faith or Allah never appeared in their mind.

    Before death, Muhammad proclaimed that he would not be leaving inheritance to his family members (Muslim: 19.4355). But the very next day of Muhammad’s death, nasty and hateful events began to transpire. Fatima, Ali and Al-Abbas came to Abu Bakr to demand share in the inheritance. But Abu Bakr refused to give any thing to Fatimah (Muslim: 19.4349). This made her very angry and she left and did not talk to him till her death (Tabari: 9.196, 197). Abu Bakr died two years after assuming the caliphate and Umar became caliph. But, Ali and Ibn Abbas had never allowed the dispute to die out – they still wanted the money. Greed was equally displayed by Muhammad’s wives also (Muslim: 19.4351).

    So, Muhammad’s dead body was barely cold and here they were demanding their share of inheritance. There was no real period of mourning, no spiritual reflection or drawing close together of Muhammad’s near and dear ones. Instead of all these, people were moving on the money right away as if they were waiting for Muhammad to die. Their minds were completely filled up by greed and hatred. With deep hatred they started calling each other a “sinful, treacherous, dishonest, liar!” (Muslim: 19.4349). No doubt; a number of dark and powerful negative sentiments were at work there. The hatred continued for a long time and ultimately it resulted in bloodshed.
    There was another dispute. At the time of his death, Muhammad did not declare a successor. There was strong disagreement about who should become the next ruler (Warraq, 2003, p. 40). On Muhammad’s death, his most intimate friends, Abu Bakr and Umar abandoned the corpse of their dead master, and left it without a burial place, in a hurry to ensure his political succession (Warraq, 2000, p. 182). This resulted in strong arrogance and rebellion. At the time of Muhammad’s death, the Muslim community was not at all unified; rather, they were nearly at each other throats!

    After Muhammad’s death; Ali wanted to be the Caliph but Abu Bakr became a Caliph because Umar supported him. Seeing this, Al-Zubayr drew his sword, saying, “I will not put it back until the oath of allegiance is rendered to Ali.” (Tabari: 9.188, 189). However Abu Bakr became Caliph without bloodshed. Ali was compelled to give a token pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr. In his heart he rejected Abu Bakr.

    When Abu Bakr became Caliph, Abu Sufyan was very unhappy. He deeply hated Abu Bakr, because Abu Bakr was coming from a lowly clan of Mecca. Sufyan even agreed to a future bloodshed if it would be required to rid this perceived wrong (Tabari: 9.199). Abu Bakr was inferior to him, but Sufyan would have to take orders from this lowly nobody. Sufyan was a shrewd politician and had his eye on power.
    After deep hatred and greed, which came next, was ambivalence, moral corruption and murder. After Abu Bakr, Umar became the Caliph but he was murdered by one of his slave who claimed to have been cheated by Umar.

    Uthman was chosen as the next Caliph. Under his leadership, life became more difficult for Muslims. There were charges of clan partiality, financial mismanagement, corruption and elitism against Uthman. This made him very unpopular (Tabari: 15.143, 162, 167). Soon a large Muslim army rose up in arms against him and three large bodies of men, from Egypt, Kufa, and Basra, moved against Uthman and marched on Medina (Tabari: 15.186,187). Even Uthman’s own adopted son rose against him. The dark attitudes that were implanted in the Muslim’s hearts and minds by Muhammad’s force of narcissism found an opportunity to grow, spread roots, and more blooms of Islam’s real fruit started blossoming.

    Uthman called for help from his various governors, but nobody came. The tribesmen of Uthman, did little or nothing to defend their Caliph. They knew that if he fell, they could possibly become the Caliph (Tabari: 15.185). Ultimately Uthman was murdered and one of his murderers was Muhammad b. Abi Bakr (Abu Bakr’s son). Tabari recorded how cruelly Uthman was killed,

    “He came over to him with a broad iron headed arrow and stabbed him in the head with it…. They gathered round him and killed him.” (Tabari: 15.190, 191).

    Uthman was stabbed nine times, throttled and one of his hands was severed. After killing him, one of the murderers rejoice declared,

    “By Allah, I have never seen anything softer than his throat. By God, I throttled him until I saw his soul shaking in his body like the soul of a jinn”. (Tabari: 15.205).

    So at each progressive step in the history of Islam, the picture becomes darker and darker. Within a generation of Muhammad’s death, the true fruit of Islam ripen. Now the most precious Islamic blood is being spilt, and that at the hand of the best Muslims.

    Muhammad’s companions were now murdering each other. Men that fought side by side in the most difficult early days of Islam now turned their swords upon each other. The Islamic empire was now beset with moral, political, and financial corruption from Medina to its outskirts. Muhammad’s best friend’s son has just murdered the forth person to believe in and follow Muhammad. The supreme ruler of the Islamic empire has just been butchered in his own home, and the Islamic community was no where to be found. They had turned a blind eye, or turned their backs on their ruler, indulgent as he was.
    What should we say about Qur’anic Sura 8:61-64 now?

    The Islamic community’s heart had become so full of sin that their emotions were now giving way to brutal actions. The top Muslim was just cut down. And this was not a one man affair. Several of Muhammad’s companions moved against their former friend and murdered him. The Muslims who should have been defending Uthman walked away from him and left him to his fate and in less than 15 years the Islamic community began to become corrupt. Muslims that had stood with Muhammad through thick and thin, had fought side by side with him, now clashing against each other. They desired power, wealth, and vainglory, and for this they hated, betrayed and murderrd each other. In less than one generation the Islamic community had become a pack of dogs set on devouring each other. Spiritual corruption had established itself from the Caliphate on down and now this spiritual death bore its fruits in the physical realm.

    Up to this point we’ve seen the evil seeds of greed, hatred, envy, and discord grow from deep within the hearts of several prominent Muslims. Following Uthman’s murder, confusion began to spread in the Islamic community, and the search was on for a new leader. Eventually, in Medina, Ali was recognized as the Caliph. But Aisha, Muhammad’s most beloved wife moved against Ali. She gave a passionate speech in Mecca, heating the desert blood within the Muslim’s hearts. She cried for justice and vengeance (Tabari: 16.41, 43, 51, 53). Implicitly, she implicated Ali in Uthman’s murder, and the people knew that fighting for justice would be fighting against Ali.

    Finally, Ali marched towards Basrah and Aisha and her followers gathered their strength to meet him. Soon the battle started and it was violent and neither side yielded much ground. Men from both sides were fierce, brave warriors. They did not fear death that day and fought like lions. In Islamic history, this battle is known as ‘Battle of Camel’. The various accounts of the casualty count were very high.

    “Those killed at the Battle of the Camel around the camel numbered 10,000, half from Ali’s followers, and half from Aisha’s. …. It was said that in the first battle 5000 Basrans were killed and a further 5000 in the second battle [there was a pause during the battle], totaling 10,000 Basran fatalities and 5,000 Kufans”. (Tabari: 16.164).

    In battle of camel, two prominent Muslims Talha and Zubayr died, both of them were most beloved of Muhammad’s companions. However, more bloodshed lay in store for Ali after battle of camel ended. The long underlying conflict between Muhammad and Abu Sufyan re-appeared and the bitterness revived. Ali and Mu’awiyah – Abu Sufyan’s son, play the opposing roles. Mu’awiyah’s father was a shrewd politician and he taught his sons well. Sufyan secretly desired to achieve political power.

    When Mu’awiyah came to know that Ali is on his way to confront him, he gave order,

    “In that case, Oh Abu Abdallah, prepare the men!” (Tabari: 17.2)

    In the history of Islam, this battle is known as ‘Battle of Siffin’, which continued for a long time. It was actually a series of day by day battles. Ali tried to negotiate with Mu’awiyah to end the battle, but he received much humiliation. Negotiators from each side started insulting, cursing and vilifying each other by quoting Qur’anic passages and hurling them against each other (Tabari: 17. 92). In this battle, one notable person Ubaydallah, the son of the second “rightly guided” Caliph Umar was murdered (Tabari: 17. 63). After Uthman was murdered, he joined up with Mu’awiyah. After Ali’s humiliation, Mu’awiyah turned to Egypt, where Muhammad b. Abi Bakr (Uthman’s murderer and Abu Bakr’s son) was appointed as governor. Soon Muhammad bin Abu Bakr was captured and murdered by Mu’awiyah.

    Slowly Mu’awiyah gained in power. By seeing Ali in a miserable condition, his hand picked governors, his own relatives and friends rebelled against him (Tabari: 17.210, 211). Eventually Ali was murdered. By hearing the news about Ali’s death, Aisha rejoiced.

    “And she threw down her staff and settled upon her place of abode, like the traveler happy to return home” (Tabari: 17.224).

    After Mu’awiyah died his son Yazid claimed the Caliphate. But Ali’s son and Muhammad’s grandson Husayn opposed Yazid and likewise claimed the Caliphate. This again led to war. At this point Yazid was very powerful. Husayn encountered Yazid’s force near Karbala. During this time he had with him about 45 horsemen and 100 foot soldiers. In the battle, Husayn was beheaded and his severed head was sent to Yazid (Tabari: 19.167, 176).

    It was just a dark Shakespearian tragedy unfolded in front of us. Hatred, jealousy, and bitterness, are rooted in the hearts of the leaders of the Islamic community. Some foresaw civil war down the road even before the death of Muhammad. The Allah of Islam had failed to “knit together” the hearts of the Muslims. There was absolutely no brotherly love between all of these leading Muslims. The seeds of narcissistic wickedness ran deep within the hearts and minds of these, the best Muslims, from the beginning.
    So, this is the type of brotherhood and fellowship practiced by Muhammad’s followers after his death. All the seven deadly sins (shamelessness, magical thinking, arrogance, envy, entitlement, exploitation and bad boundaries) of a Narcissist were prominently present in the early followers of Muhammad. It was possible because, they were very close to Muhammad and came in contact with him more often than others. Muhammad’s narcissism infected them and changed them completely. Not only they were changed, but it even changed their sons also. Even the sons of the so-called, “Rightly Guided” Caliphs of Islam were striving to kill each other! The greed and lust for power was so strong that even Muhammad’s wives could not come out from this.

    I cannot see any type of love and brotherhood amongst them; instead I can see war, hatred, envy, lies, deceit, bitterness and massive bloodshed in the lust for power. Also, there were wholesale slaughter, cruel brutalities and bitter oppression and absolutely no spiritual fruit worth mentioning. In stead of spiritually building them up, Muhammad’s narcissistic force had poisoned them, ruined them and completely destroyed them. Little by little, Muhammad’s narcissistic poison worked in the spiritual bloodstream of these Muslims, degraded them and demonized them. They would have been better if they did not have sold their soul to a Narcissist like Muhammad.

    Where is the root of all these negative qualities that poisoned them? If we make a careful study of Muhammad’s biography, we can see that all these evils originated from Muhammad. The greed, last for power, hatred, envy, lies, deceit, bitterness, shamelessness, exploitation, bloodshed – practically all the evil actions were the trademarks of Muhammad.

    In every community, there are good and bad people. The tragedy is, Islam’s poison strengthens the wicked side of a good man and subdues their moral faculty. Each of the players of early stage of Islam shed the blood of tens of thousands of Muslims only to secure what they thought they were entitled for. But at the end they got nothing and most of them died miserably like stray dogs on the streets.

    • Oh shut up! I’m a Shia Muslim. Imam Husain (peace be upon him) never claimed caliphate. You were born misguided. You never left Islam. Yeah, you were never a Muslim (literally speaking). You goofball! You rely on Tabari and Bukhari. Tabari has declared in the prelude of his book that he’s written what he heard. Bukhari was a nasibi and a nasibi is a hypocrite.

    • Lailabanuji/Raj, You said, “In every community, there are good and bad people.
      The tragedy is, Islam’s poison strengthens the wicked side of a good man and subdues their moral faculty. Each of the players of early stage of Islam shed the blood of tens of thousands of Muslims only to secure what they thought they were entitled for. But at the end they got nothing and most of them died miserably like stray dogs on the streets.” So let us verify the truth of your hasty statement :

      1. “In every community, there are good and bad people”. Correct, including you.

      2. “The tragedy is”. Yes true, Islam is a tragedy in the hearts and minds Islam haters.

      3. “Islam’s poison”. Again true, as the strength of Islam diminishes the gigantic polytheist to a dwarf size pigmy, as that strength converts into a poison in the vision of the Islam haters. It is a real arsenic as it takes them away from their mytho gods for good leaving that archaic concept to oblivion!

      4. “strengthens the wicked side of a good man and subdues their moral faculty”. Wrong first time!! Islam in actual fact diminishes the weaker side of a good man and woman and strengthens the good side.

      5.” Each of the players of early stage of Islam shed the blood of tens of thousands of Muslims”. Wrong again!! It should be, each of the players of early stage of Islam shed their OWN blood to get tens of thousands of Muslims.

      6. “But at the end they got nothing” : Once more wrong! They eventually got over a billion followers who recite five times daily, the name of Allah and His Messenger Mohammad whom you rummage constantly by citing fake tales of Hadiths.

      7. “most of them died miserably like stray dogs on the streets”. Absolutely erroneous. Where the hell did you get the…”died miserably like stray dogs on the streets”, from???? kindly furnish!!

      Now read what Quran says about Mohammad : 1. He is Nur (Sacred Light) (5:15)
      2. Allah blesses him (33:56)
      3. Mercy for all the worlds (21:107)
      4. His name is Muhammad (Meaning the Most Praised One) (47:2)
      5. Allah has exalted his Zikr (remembrance) (94:1-4)

      Remember the call to prayers, the Adhan, where his name is recited more than any person in history!! 15 : 87 Pickthall: We have given thee seven of the oft-repeated (verses) and the great Qur’an.
      62 : 2 Pickthall: “He it is Who hath sent among the unlettered ones a messenger of their own, to recite unto them His revelations and to make them grow, and to teach them the Scripture and wisdom, though heretofore they were indeed in error manifest”. Here take note of the words,..”and to make them grow”.
      ask yourself, hasn’t Islam grown??

      Preacher to all humanity (4:170) (25:1) (34:28)
      Brings people from the darkness (of Ignorance) to the Light (of Islam) (65:11)
      Believe, honour and respect him (48:9) (61:11)
      Allah asks him to seek peace (8:61)


      Mr Plum

    • Oh!! Really.. Don’t you see what Muslims in Pakistan are doing and you are accusing me of inciting terrorism. he He, this was funny..

      Keep entertaining me…


      • You are a terrorist. Some terrorists are Muslims. Some terrorists are non-Muslims. Jews, Hindus and Christians; there are terrorists in every nation.

        If you accuse Islam of being an evil religion just because of bad Muslims then you should convert to Islam because of good Muslims.

        Now if you think that Muslims are good as well then you should convert to Islam.

        But if you insist that there are no good Muslims then you’re an extremist.

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