Muslim rape gangs target Sikh girls in United Kingdom

(By Niticentral Staff) Sikh children in UK are being reportedly targeted by Muslim pedophile gangs for sexual abuse, a BBC documentary aired on September 2 has shown.575657_111500545661227_1142098756_n1

Following last week’s jailing of a grooming gang for a number of child sex offences, the BBC’s Inside Out has broadcast a 30-minute investigation into the abuse of Sikh girls.

There is anger among Sikhs living in the Midlands after reports emerged that organised gangs active in the area are operating network of contacts and premises to carry out alleged sexual crimes against youngsters, mainly Sikh youth.

Earlier in January, tensions boiled when a curry restaurant in Leicester was attacked by nearly 50 men, after a 16-year-old Sikh girl was assaulted in a flat attached to the property.

Last week, six men, including five Muslims, were sentenced jail after they were convicted of running a sex racket from the property attached to the restaurant.

The Sikh community in Leicester is angry over the issue of exploitation and that police has failed to properly investigate the case.

The Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) said that Sikh families often felt powerless to know how to deal with grooming. At any one time, the group is helping around 15 victims of grooming. More than half of the cases involves street grooming – where a victim is targeted by an organised gang, says a report published inInternational Business Times.

“Sikhs feel like it’s happening and they don’t have the resources to deal with it. Also, the police don’t have the resources to deal with it,” said SAS coordinator Jagjir Singh.

The society has mainly found Pakistani men indulged in such activities as they easily gel up with Sikh kids as they share common area of origin.


4 thoughts on “Muslim rape gangs target Sikh girls in United Kingdom

  1. Christian man has decided to marry his pet goat after leaving his FOUR wives hahaha(while people say that only Islam allows four wives). He says that women demand for the money for the purpose of shopping. Is sex is only job of women? Should she not demand for money? It is Islam which respects women in all the aspects of life i.e. education, marriage, wealth and property etc. Some people burn alive the women upon the death of their husbands while some marry their goats. Quite funny.

  2. This is nothing than a blatter. Remaining world does not know about what you know. You should care for your own rapeland(India). Indian Ex-prime minister was caught in American court to give answer about massacre of Sikhs. There is really anger between sikhs. You should think that why are only Sikh girls being prey of rape? What is in them? hahaha it is so funny to imagine a person chasing only Sikh girls to rape hahaha.

    • Hi Raj, your means of trying to create a rift between the Sikh community and Muslims has failed for the following notes in relation to the video :

      All Muslim men circumcise and but Sikhs do not!! How could this prostitute from the Sikh community not know the person who used to fuck her? How could a “Muslim”, living in UK or America impersonate another person and that as a Singh??? Impossible. This girl is promiscuous, a sexual pervert and is not even ashamed of revealing her age when she started having sex!!!

      How could she not know that her boyfriend was not a Sikh yet she was a born Sikh??

      It is all a lie from this drug addict sexual pervert which she so ashamedly professes.

      She says she had sex with several older men 18-19…but the number for this hot vagina must have been higher than 100!! How long did that take??

      From the tone of the friendliness the video anchor is associated to her sexually too to break the taboo of “virginity” in the very good and well structured Sikh community. The video is not depicting Islam in the negative light but what sort of dirty girls exist in the Sikh community as well!!

      If she was a victim of blackmail, then why didn’t she report the matter to the police??

      She is lying because she would have easily reckoned from the penetration of the penis whether it was circumcised or not!! if every girl were to succumb to blackmail then all our virtues would go popping out of the windows!! Unknowingly the Sikh community has been dragged into this too…to depict the filth of some of their daughters….as the video begins by speaking of exploitation towards white girls not by Muslims but talks in general about any men be them white too!!

      How could this girl, Jaswinder, meet this anchor and become so friendly in seconds that she moves around alone in the thickset of forests with him??? Do the Sikh women do that??

      In conclusion : The video is to depict Sikh girls in the bad light and has got nothing to do with Islam!! how does one disguise as a Sikh…as Sikhs are very unique people?? The video is nothing but a smear to the good image of Sikh women and this actress is a part of the play…you may watch it once more keeping these overtures stressed in mind!!



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