India: Hindu boys beaten to death by Muslims in Uttar Pradesh

(Posted by: Preeti Panwar for One India News) In an inhumane act of violence, two Hindu boys were beaten to death by a group of Muslims last Thursday in western Uttar Pradesh.x06-uttar-pradesh-map-600.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ePoiirrNP-

According to reports, two Hindu boys, Sachin and Gaurav, were brutally beaten up by a Muslim Mob in the Muzzafarnagar district of western Uttar Pradesh.

The inhumane incident happened after both boys opposed molestation of a girl by a Muslim boy named Shahnawaz. One of them was reportedly the brother of the girl and other was her relative.

Both Sachin and Gaurav where chased and gruesome attack continued on them for at least 25 minutes till they breathed their last.

Another report said that three people have been killed and many injured in the western UP town after an alleged sexual harassment of a girl led to communal clashes.

Yesterday, the police arrested 54 people in connection with a clash that erupted in Shamli district of UP, in which a youth was killed. The western UP has witnessed several such communal clashes in the recent past.

This is not the only act of violence against Hindus in Muslim majority part of India. Many of the cases are not reported, and government fear to take action against Muslim. Specially in Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party government can do anything to appease Muslims. Recently the Uttar Pradesh government detained Hindu Leaders trying to take out religious yatra (Rally).

Hindu Leaders Detained in Uttar Pradesh to appease Muslims

In July, 2013 two more Hindus were killed in Uttar Pradesh for just playing their devotional song in temple. It was reported that the violence began when groups of local Muslims were upset that a Hindu temple was playing Hindu devotional songs (bhajans), and they started beating people inside the temple leaving two people dead, including a woman. 

India: Muslims kill two Hindus and injures many for playing music in temple

Muslims in Uttar Pradesh not even left Hindu Children, and attacked them for singing Vande Mataram, as they claim Indian National song un-Islamic. This is the condition of Hindus in Hindu majority India, under rule of pseudo-secular,Muslim appeasing government, like of Uttar Pradesh.




35 thoughts on “India: Hindu boys beaten to death by Muslims in Uttar Pradesh

  1. dear plum, “killed for simply touching hands of a girl” & “beautiful country under mughal”. Have you ever studied history (not the shit available in our school history books, the actual history is different) stop reading Koran & start reading history. Can I touch your sister?

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