Hindu family protected 70 Muslims in Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh

(India Today) Even as savagery and hatred blinded people in Muzaffarnagar and neighbouring districts over the last weekend, all does not seem to be lost. As two communities bayed for each others’ blood, many examples of compassion, sane thinking and brotherhood stand out in the violence that killed 43, injured more than 90 and left a staggering 43,000 homeless.
In reports collected from the countryside of western Uttar Pradesh by the special task force (STF) and the local intelligence unit (LIU) of the police, there were many village seniors who prevailed upon the “young and the mad” that spilling blood was no solution to any problem.
A Jat family in violence-hit Fugna village gave shelter to seven Muslim families in their home, despite overpowering protests by others, and asked its family members to keep a watch by positioning themselves on roof tops, armed with lathi’s and axes. The family of village head Brijendra Singh Malik, police officials said, protected 70 Muslims and warned rioters to keep off the men, women, children and elders who had taken refuge in their house.
He also informed the district administration of the refugees and ensured that they were escorted to safety by police personnel. In the same village, the former village head, Choudhary Vedpal Malik, transported 50 people to safety Monday.
Officials said that in the Gadh-Muzaffarnagar-Shamli area of the Baliyan Khap, made famous by the panchayats of late farmer leader Mahednra Singh Tikait, only a few stray incidents of violence were reported from Purbaliyan.
“The fact that the Hindu-Muslim population in this area is almost equal and anything could have happened in the spur of the movement but better sense prevailed is incredible” Additional Director General of Police Arun Kumar said.
Saluting the spirit of the people to ensure peace and calm, intelligence reports cite the example of Sanjeev Baliyan, village head of Dulheda village who, alongwith 20 others who hold arm licenses, held fort for more than four hours and did not allow 200 rioteers to enter the village. By his act of compassion and sheer bravery, he saved 40 lives.
Another case of patience and maturity was in Muhammadpur Sakist, where despite the killing of a Hindu youth, the villagers saved the sole Muslim family in the village and safely took it to a relief camp. Officials said that while Shamli was largely peaceful, it sat on a powderkeg of rumours for a long time. Despite this, in Peerkheda, the village seniors ensured that the 400 Muslims among the 3,000 residents were safe.
And the examples of compassion and humanity did not end with the Hindu population as many Muslims too showed exemplary courage and doused the fires of communal rage that threatened to engulf the long-standing harmony in the area.
In Shahpur, Sanavar Mohammad responded to the pleas of a mechanic Devendra Singh, caught in the middle of a rioting mob of Muslims near a mobile tower and took him to safety.
Amid gutted shops, abruptly abandoned homes and the errie silence in these areas, in Badagaon on the Muzaffarnagar-Badhana road, the 80-year-old village head ensured with the help of the madarsa staff that police reinforcements rushed to the village and the army was allowed in.
In Meeranpur, villagers of both communities took out a peace march on Thursday and appealed to people to give up hatred and let life limp back to normalcy.
Life in Budhana area of Meerut similarly was brought back to normal at the initiative of the village elders, after which the shops were opened and commercial activities started after a five-day break.
Locals said the blame squarely lay with politicians and the government. While the leaders went around delivering incendiary speeches at public meetings, the state government looked the other way, a village elder in Fugna alleged.

6 thoughts on “Hindu family protected 70 Muslims in Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Raj, something weird in India : A mad Muslim man beheads his wife!!

    BAHRAICH: A 30 year old man beheaded his wife and roamed in the village with her head in his hand on Saturday night. He came back home and had dinner.

    The man told the police about his wife’s illicit relationship and the horrible food she cooked for him.

    The villagers told Dehat Kotwali police that Shareef is mentally ill for the last two years and he is under treatment. A case of murder had been registered. He has been arrested.
    (the Times of India)

    Their comment : Sensational. An opportunity for the Islam bashers, though the guy would have been beheaded for the crime in the Islamic court of law.



  2. Its the time to take final action from hindus, secularism is just another name of cowardice,
    lets fight and only the winner live in india

    • Son of Men!?! ,

      Final action like what?? You also said, “let’s fight and the only winner live in India”, correct?

      Since Hinduism(misnomer) is based on funny mythos and orthodox barbaric philosophies and their practices, and due to that the Hindus amongst their own brethren converted to Islam and other religions, then you should ask yourself :

      “what if the Indian Muslims win?”

      If then, should the Hindus be kicked out of their ancestral land of India???

      I humbly ask you to contribute some good things about hinduism and what the religion has done for humanity and what transformation it has brought to the lives of people rather than cocooning yourself in the web of fantasy… as the whole Hindu philosophy is!!



    • Hi Son of Men, Read the headlines and the subsequent remarks. I quote a few here :

      Pressured to marry her alleged rapist, 12-year-old commits suicide!!

      comments : This child has paid the price for having born in INDIA.
      What sick country we are living in!! Our species (INDIANS) really do deserve to rot in hell. We have developed so many ways to cover up our mistakes. We do it everyday, every single one of us! Including myself!!! It is in our blood now. Wishing our forthcoming generations forgive us for this mistake….NOT proud to be an INDIAN.

      poor child..what mistake she has done other than born as a girl in this country?

      this things can stop at least 10-20 percent by stop showing all rubbish item dances, n naked pictures n actressess in movies. This days directors are making films in that way so that men are getting more inspired day by day. Industrialists and celebrities doesn’t have any fear or problem to face, they always move under bodyguards and securities, and when the time comes they just simply give lectures in several way, but not aware of that how a normal public face in daily life. Activities are showing in such a way , nudely , people can’t even watch with family even, & shame of the producers & directors & actors /heroines who are the part of all this in making such kind of movie, & shame for their dressing senses too.Shame on bollywood Industry!!!
      We should have strong law against rape. Punish the culprit to death. Then only it will give strong signs to the society. That crimes like this have no space in our country.

      I feel so much pain when a small ant/insect bites my little 3 year old daughter. Can’t even imagine the pain and sorrow the family and girl’s parents in particular.



  3. I salute the spirit of jaat people who protect them from rioters they ll be symbol of peace in their village or all our india… really rioters have no religion they ll be respectble in the village .. their bravery ll be alive among people for centuries. .. once I also seen my father also protect a our neighbour house from rioters… hindustan ko kisi ki nazar lg gai hai jiski waja se chain o sukin khatre me pad gaya hai..

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