Al-Qaeda linked webmaster arrested for ‘provoking’ terror online

(France 24) The 26-year-old webmaster of an Al Qaeda-linked website has been arrested by French security forces in Normandy, northern France, on charges of “provoking” terrorism.

dcriFrance has arrested the webmaster of a jihadist site on charges of “provoking” terrorism, prosecutors said Thursday, just as the government warned that hundreds of homegrown Islamist militants were signing up to fight in Syria.

The 26-year-old, identified as “Romain”, was detained Tuesday for his role as administrator of the Ansar al Haqq website, a “reference” for the radical Islamist movement, and as a translator of magazines put out by militant group Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Paris prosecutors said.

The announcement comes as French Interior Minister Manuel Valls warned that more than 300 French nationals or residents were either fighting in Syria’s devastating civil war, planning to go or had recently returned from there.

Most of them were young men, often with a delinquent past, who had become radicalised, he said.

“This is a phenomenon that worries me because they represent a potential danger when they return to our soil,” Valls said. “We have to be extremely attentive.”

Detained by intelligence officers in his native Calvados, a region in northern France, Romain said he converted to Islam when he was 20, prosecutors said.

The Ansar al Haqq website that he manages “has more than 4,000 members including 685 that are active” and Romain published statements from Al Qaeda’s north African branch AQIM on it, they added.

They said an investigation also found that the suspect had “an active role in the translation into French and the distribution of the 10th and 11th editions of the magazine Inspire.”

Inspire is an English-language propaganda magazine published by AQAP that offers theological support and praise for jihadists.

Romain’s wife told France Inter radio on Friday that she could not understand why her husband had been arrested.

“He was simply giving people the other side of the story, which the mainstream media don’t provide,” said the woman, who was not named in the broadcast.

“He’s not a radical Islamist, and in any case there is no difference between moderate Islam and radical Islam. There is only Islam,” she added.

7 thoughts on “Al-Qaeda linked webmaster arrested for ‘provoking’ terror online

    • Dear MM, all people who believe in Allah as God are called Muslims, whereas those who believe in Mohammed’s divinity, making him a deity are called Mohammedans.
      As you know ALL muslims believe in ONE Allah but NOT Mohammed, as God!!

      From the records of current history it can be seen that though the USA every time supports the Sunni who are 7/8 of the Muslims, yet the same Sunnis blow up their consulates, ambassadors.

      The USA supported and sided by Iraq against Iran who are only 1/8 of the muslim population, during Iraq-Iran war and later had to fight the same regime that it had supported ,.suffering losses.. rolling in trillions of dollars deficit!!

      Whereby, Iran has not attacked any country on it’s own volition!! Yet Sunnis kill the innocent Iranian pilgrims but the USA and the world at large does NOT condemn the attacks!!!! Why??????

      I think the Iranians are very good people in their nature and do not deserve to be sectioned by anybody, for simple religious differences or otherwise.

      The USA due to depletion of its own energy resources and the support of Israel, it has eventually become a “Saudi Maid”…closing its eyes to the real truth that Iran has the largest oil reserves and that all future marriages should be with Iranian “Mullahs” and not Saudi “Kings”!!!

      Saudi controls the USA in the Middle East and so the Sanctions on Iran…for NO reason
      save for nuclear plant allegations…which Iran has vehemently denied!!

      I am extremely sorry for the loss of lives of innocent Iranian pilgrims and extremely condemn the atrocities committed by the few evil “sunnis”.

      Quran prohibits taking of any life!!!



      • Dear Plum, US Government doesn’t see Shia/Sunni. It’s us who think like that. US Government only knows that both Shia and Sunni are Muslims and US Government has a disfigured image of Muslims (because of evil deeds done by Muslims); it hates every sect of Islam, thinking that all of’em are terrorists and religious fundamentalists.

        We have Iran as an example of a proper Muslim country. We have Turkey as well as an example of a true Muslim country. We can bring Malaysia on the second number. UAE is in the list too.

        Well, these are not Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims fighting and killing each other. It’s another group/alliance of sects that incite terror and violence among these two major sects in Islam. It’s the terrorists among Wahhabi-Deobandi Muslims who are trying to destroy Shia Islam first. Then they’ll take care of Sunni Islam. Then innocent Wahhabi-Deobandi Muslims will be their next target.

        Saudi Arabia is involved in the mass massacre of Muslims everywhere in the world. It’s that filthy King Abdullah, his family and his ancestors who have occupied the holy land of Arabia where the Prophet walked. We have to liberate Mecca and Medina from their najis hands.


        • Hi MM, the USA has always looked from the panoramic view of the Saudi…always. Without the USA defence Saudi regime will come tumbling like the flakes of clouds.
          Ask yourself, how could a Muslim accept to be called a King when the only King is Allah?? Today, we give briefing on Saudi and Iran, okay??

          A. Saudi Arabia does NOT mean South Arabia but actually “Saudi” was the name of a person by Abdul Aziz al Saudi. The region existed in relative obscurity and isolation before the advent of Islam and later became an important place for only Muslims because of hajj. In 1920’s Oil was discovered and since then has become the focus of USA and Britain, to replenish their own depleting energy resources.

          Just for oil and control of Middle East by not allowing the Chinese and the Russians joining in the grabbing of the Oil reserves, the USA has given all the military support to the Saudi regime, which in turn abides by every condition set and propagated directly by the USA.

          Al Saud : were(tribe) from mountainous Nejd area of central Arabia, and used to loot the pilgrims, kill or take their men as war captives, their women, girls and booty and thus became very powerful, eventually dominating all other tribes by waging wars and trouncing them, establishing a dictatorial private household like Kingdom in 1932. Britain and UK for their own self interests accepted and took in charge of the newly established regime, giving military aid to suck Oil, prevent the communists countries from exploiting the Oil, help in establishing the Zionist state, and installing puppet regimes. The USA is the voice of Saudi King as long the KIng says nothing about Israel’s atrocities being committed on the palestinians and other areas.

          B. Iran is ‘home to one of the world’s oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating back to 4000 BCE’.

          The Safavid dynasty(sufi) established “Shia Islam” in 1515 as initially it was a Sufi dynasty.
          Repeat : They started the Twelver school in 1515 but Islam itself was already there 900 years before!!!!!!!! Shiasm was formed in 1515, After 900 years from the time of the Prophet, the Safavid dynasty formed Shiasm….the Twelver School. Why?????

          Sufism was enforced by Mr Safi Ardabili somewhere in 1300 AD, after 500 years from the time of Prophet.

          “The Iranian Islamic Republic has harassed Shia Sufi, reportedly for their lack of support for the government doctrine of “velayat-e faqih” (i.e. that the supreme Shiite jurist should be the nation’s political leader).
          In most other Muslim countries, attacks on Sufis and especially their shrines has come from some Muslims from the more puritanical schools of thought who believe Sufi practices such as celebration of the birthdays of Sufi saints, and Dhikr (“remembrance” of God) ceremonies] are Bid‘ah or impure innovation, and polytheistic (Shirk)”.

          Iran had been a monarchy ruled by a shah, or emperor, almost without interruption from 1501 until the 1979’s Iranian revolution, when Iran officially became an Islamic Republic on 1 April 1979, a theocratic state(religious state).

          But this Theocratic State is ruled by a “Mulla” called Ali Khamenei, who took over from the revolutionary Mulla Khomeini who died in 1989, who was chosen by the later on his death-bed!!!

          Iran believes and practices what the Safavid Dynasty started the Twelver School, later called Shiasm. Today, hardly any Iranian knows how Shiasm came into existence!!



          • Plum, sorry to know that you’re still unaware of the history of Shia Islam. It’s an idiotic theory that Shia Islam came into existence 900 years after the proclamation of the Prophet.

            The Safavids established Shia Islam as the state religion of Iran. They didn’t originate it.

            Both Shia Islam and Sunni Islam came into being just after the death of the Prophet in 632 AD. They disputed on the matter of his succession. Sunni Muslims (majority) paid allegiance to Abu Bakr as their Caliph while Shia Muslims (minority) insisted that it’s Ali who should rule the Muslims; they believed in him to be their Imam.

            Read these:

            Imam Khomeini was a great Muslim leader who struggled for propagation of Islam, betterment of Muslims and unity among Muslims. He was a man of piety and honesty. He brought a historical revolution in Iran and even his enemies revere him.

            Ayatollah Khamenei isn’t a mullah. Please, Plum, go and see how our Ayatollah becomes an Ayatollah. An Ayatollah is the one who is a good human and a pious Muslim. He’s trained to learn Islam and adopt it. An Ayatollah is a great scholar who reminds us of our pious ancestors.

          • Dear MM, thanks for your reply : Kindly go over this following comment of mine :

            Let us ask ourselves : Was Ali a Shia or a Sunni???? Answer : He was neither, correct???

            When Ali was not chosen as the first Khalif, just after the passing of the Prophet, there were some Muslims who were “disgruntled” and did not recognise the khalifat of Abubakr, Omar and Osman. Those “disgruntled” Muslims were NOT called Shias as there were no “Twelve” Imams yet to be followed.

            In Shi’ism people believe in the Twelver Imams as there would be no Shi’ism without those imams, correct??

            Thus an early seed of the division and rivalry was sowed amongst those muslims. Many remained supporting the choice of Abubakr but a few decided to part ways. Still Shi’ism was NOT born up to that stage.

            Repeat : Yet there was neither a Shia nor a Sunni upto this point. We may pause here and ask : As to date, do the “Sunnis” love the grandsons of the Prophet??? Do they love his first cousin Ali, who was also his son-in-law?? The “Sunnis” regard Hassan as the 5th Caliph!! And Ali?? The 4th in line of the Khalifs! I have used the word in speech mark as there were no sunnis or shias till then.

            The answer to both is : YES, Sunnis do love the grandchildren of the Prophet, in particular, Hassan and Hussein. They also respect and love Ali for all his closeness to the Prophet.

            In fact, the person who betrayed Osman the 3rd khalif(656) was the son of Abubakr called Mohamed who also happened to be the adopted son of Ali, to the Egyptians who eventually assassinated Osman. Thus further divisions amongst those early muslims.
            Thereafter, Ali became the 4th Khalif but was soon assassinated by a Kharijite called Abd Rahman in 661. Kharijites were different from other muslims at that time and their beliefs died with them later. Still the Twelver was not born yet!

            Hassan became the 5th and the last Khalif for the “Sunnis” as well as for those disgruntled people. Yet Shi’ism was not born yet nor Sunnism!!

            Muawiya son of Osman became governor of Syria and made agreements with Hassan which he later did not honour(680). He started Ummayad dynasty. Muawiya died and Marwan 1 came into power declaring himself the khalif! He appointed Yazid his son as Khalif before dying in 681. Still Shi’ism was not born!

            Hassan refused to accept Yazid as a Khalif but was killed in the battle of Karbala by Yazid. But those ‘disgruntled” muslims became powerful and overthrew the Umayyad (who had invited Hussein, the other grandson of the Prophet betrayed and killed him) established Abbasid Dynasty(750). Still the Shi’sm was not born!

            Then came Fatimid Dynasty followed by the Safavid dynasty, who
            ruled the Persian empire and ESTABLISHED THE TWELVER SCHOOL of Shi’ism, as the official religion of their empire, marking one of the most important turning points in Muslim history.
            The Safavids ruled from 1501 to 1722.

            Now click this link :

            In conclusion, the religion of Shi’ism came into being when the School of The Twelvers was established after 1501, by the Safavids!!!

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