Muslim: We Want Schools Closed on Our Holidays

[WND] Muslims in Montgomery County, Md., are petitioning local school officials to add two Islamic holidays that vary from year to year to the school calendar, and if needed, to shorten the “winter break” to make up for the days off.

muslim_school_holiday-340x161“There is no need for any MCPS students to miss classroom instruction time if schools were to close for Eid holidays,” their petition argues. “There is a state law that mandates at least 180 classroom instruction days per year. That won’t change. If schools were to close on Eid holidays the missed days could easily be made up by slightly shortening the lengthy winter or summer breaks.

“Alternatively any of the many pre-existing school closings could be moved to coincide with Eid holidays,” the petition argues.

The Muslims want schools to close on Islamic holidays because they observe the Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas, and the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. The dates of Muslim holidays vary because they are based on the Islamic calendar.

The Muslims argue that the county schools already close on “Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Passover.”

The school calendar, however, notes that Yom Kippur is on a Saturday, and Passover is not mentioned.

Nevertheless, they want recognition of Eid al-Fitr, to mark the end of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha, marking a pilgrimage to Mecca.

“Currently the thousands of Muslim MCPS staff and students have to choose between their education and observing their religious practices,” the coalition argues. “This is not a choice that our Christian and Jewish neighbors face on their holidays.”

According to a report in the local Gazette, the sponsor of the move is the Maryland chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

The Muslim coalition said other school districts that acknowledge their holidays include Burlington, Vt.; Cambridge, Mass.; Dearborn, Mich.; Skokie, Ill.; and Paterson and Trenton, N.J.

The chief operating officer of the district, Larry Bowers, however, points out that state law now allows districts to close only for secular purposes, reports Pamela Geller in her Atlas Shrugs blog.

The report noted the system already recognizes both Muslim holidays by declaring them non-testing days and giving Muslim students excused absences.

“Hamas-CAIR,” Geller commented, “is on the Islamic supremacist march in Maryland.”

“Latest front is the Montgomery County public schools,” she wrote. “They want them closed on Muslim holidays (does that include 9/11)? Of course, they frame this as a civil rights issue. 9/11 is a civil rights issue. I expect Zawahiri to frame Islam’s war on the West as a civil rights issue as well. There is nothing civil about the exploitation of the civil rights issue.

“I couldn’t help but chuckle at the name of the group, ‘Equality for Eid Coalition.’ Considering that there is no equality under the Shariah, it is particularly contemptible. Under the Shariah, non-Muslims are denied basic human rights and forced to live as sub-humans or dhimmis,” she said.


21 thoughts on “Muslim: We Want Schools Closed on Our Holidays

      • Hi MM, how would you reply to 3:110 ? :

        Yusuf Ali: Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it were best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors.



        • Plum, a very nice argument but there’s a question. Was that verse really revealed about Muslims?

          Let’s see how Sunni Muslims interpreted Q. 3:110.

          أخرج عبد الرزاق وابن أبي شيبة وعبد بن حميد والفريابي وأحمد والنسائي وابن جرير وابن أبي حاتم وابن المنذر والطبراني والحاكم وصححه عن ابي عباس في قوله: {كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس} قال: هم الذين هاجروا مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم إلى المدينة.

          ‘Those are Migrants.’

          وأخرج ابن جرير وابن أبي حاتم عن السدي في الآية قال: قال عمر بن الخطاب: لو شاء الله لقال: أنتم. فكنا كلنا، ولكن قال: {كنتم} في خاصة أصحاب محمد، ومن صنع مثل صنيعهم كانوا {خير أمة أخرجت للناس}.

          ‘Those were some specials among the Companions.’

          وأخرج ابن أبي حاتم عن أبي جعفر {كنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس} قال: أهل بيت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم.

          ‘Those were the People of the Household.’

          • Dear MM,

            the verse 3:110 “You are the best Nation produced [as an example] for mankind” puts true believers of Quran ahead of others. Kindly NOTE that there is NO reference to any specific Country. The believers are called the best of “Nation”.
            The Verse 3:110 does NOT say, “you Arabs are…”.

            During olden times, early defined and demarcated borders did not exist and the line of crossing used to be known as “Marchland”. It means that areas used to be recognised from dominance of people in a particular area.

            So, the word “Nation” used to allude to a group of people or a larger community of that area and NOT any “Nation” per say.

            The Quran in the above verse talks specifically to all the believers-a group of people in the world who have accepted the Quran as the Truth and calls that group as a “Nation” in general terms, and NOT meaning Arabs in general!!

            For example, if it would have said, “Nation of pagans” then that would be referring to all the mushriks in the world and not only Indian polytheists, correct?

            For that matter the Quran came to put Mankind on the right path and gives guidance to do so. It means those who Obey the Quran are the best amongst the people= best among the Nations.

            I hope that satisfies you.



          • Plum, my friend, I quoted our ancient scholars while interpreting Q. 3:110 against what you said while interpreting it. Whom did you quote? Nobody else than you. Pal, it’s not necessary for the speaker to use the words of the language he’s speaking in the sense they’re used for. ‘Race’ is used for running competition as well as ‘a specific group of people’.

            ‘Your ally is none but God and (therefore) His Messenger and those who have believed – those who establish prayer and give alms and they bow (in worship).’

            (Q. 5:55)

            All commentators believe that Q. 5:55 was revealed about Imam Ali it seems to us that God is talking about more than one people.

            ‘The Jews say, ‘Ezra is the son of God’…’

            (Q. 9:30)

            God says that Jews believe in Ezra being son of God however it was actually a little faction among Jews. But God used the term that’s used to denote all adherents of Judaism.

            Similarly, the above verse was not revealed about all Muslims. Moreover, Muslims are, obviously, not the best people ever. Jews and Christians, today, are better than us. I daresay that all non-Muslims are better than Muslims, brother.

            Plum, better understand Qur’an in the light of narrations copied by ancient interpreters of Qur’an.

            Al Tabari says:

            اختلف أهل التأويـل فـي قوله: {كُنْتُـمْ خَيْرا أُمّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ للنّاسِ} فقال بعضهم: هم الذين هاجروا مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم, من مكة إلـى الـمدينة, وخاصة من أصحاب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم. ذكر من قال ذلك:
            6136ـ حدثنا أبو كريب, قال: حدثنا عمرو بن حماد, قال: حدثنا أسبـاط, عن سماك, عن سعيد بن جبـير, عن ابن عبـاس, قال فـي: {كُنْتُـمْ خَيْرَ أُمّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ للنّاسِ} قال: هم الذين خرجوا معه من مكة.
            حدثنا أبو كريب, قال: حدثنا ابن عطية, عن قـيس, عن سماك, عن عكرمة, عن ابن عبـاس: {كُنْتُـمْ خَيْرَ أُمّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ للنّاسِ} قال: هم الذين هاجروا من مكة إلـى الـمدينة.

            ‘Its interpretation’s controversial. Some say that these are Migrants who migrated from Mecca and Medina and are specials among the Companions of the Prophet. Ibn Abbas said that these are Migrants.’


            Moreover, we must read the verse carefully:

            كُنتُمْ خَيْرَ أُمَّةٍ أُخْرِجَتْ لِلنَّاسِ تَأْمُرُونَ بِالْمَعْرُوفِ وَتَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنكَرِ وَتُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّـهِ

            This term ‘best of the mankind’ is followed by ‘forbidding evil and enjoining good’. Thus, if Muslims begin to forbid evil and enjoin good then they can become the best of mankind however, today, it’s non-Muslims who forbid evil and enjoin good and Muslims do the opposite.

          • Dear MM, kindly explain how does this verse refer to Ali :

            Quran 5:55 Pickthall: Your guardian can be only Allah; and His messenger and those who believe, who establish worship and pay the poor due, and bow down (in prayer).

            I have already explained that Shi’ism is a sect that believes in the Twelver School of Practice established by the Sufis called Safavids around 1515.
            Without a belief in the Twelver Imams there would be NO Shi’ism, correct?

            Do you dispute that??

            Initially, after the Messenger left this world, there was a disagreement on who should become the next Khalif. Some argued that Ali should have been appointed but many went along with Abubakr’s appointment. Ali’s turn came as the 4th Kahlif and his son Hassan became the 5th and final- last khalif. The rest were self appointed and should not be recognised as Khalifs.

            Now, those who contested and said that Ali should have been made the khalif were NOT Shias as you wrongly believe!!!

            You further added : “it seems to us that God is talking about more than one people”.

            There is nothing in the Quran left for you or anyone to presume anything and yours “it seems to us” is NOT needed as Quran is very clear and nothing should be distorted or taken out of context :

            Quran 41:3 Yusuf Ali: A Book, whereof the verses are explained in detail;- a Qur’an in Arabic, for people who understand.

            Quran 41:23 Yusuf Ali: “But this thought of yours which ye did entertain concerning your Lord, hath brought you to destruction, and (now) have ye become of those utterly lost!”

            And finally you went against the Quran 3:110 when you preposterously said :

            “I daresay that all non-Muslims are better than Muslims, brother”.

            That is an absurd and asinine statement from you…



          • Plum, you’re a good person. Q. 5:55 was revealed about Imam Ali and all commentators agree that when he gave a beggar his ring while he was offering prayers, God revealed the verse under consideration in his appraisal. Kindly refer to your own major books of interpretation, dear.

            If you want it this way then I’m a Twelver Muslim. Is it satisfactory for you now? If you believe that Shia Islam was established 1000 years after the Prophet then you can call me a Twelver Muslim.

            Those who insisted that Imam Ali should have been the caliph instead of Abu Bakr, were Shia Muslims. What’s the basic doctrine of a Shia Muslim? He believes that Imam Ali was the first successor of the Prophet. Moreover, the term ‘Shia’ was in use even in the time of the Prophet. Even the Prophet used it. You doubt authenticity of hadiths. ‘Shia’ has been used by God Himself in Qur’an as an honorable label.

            Qur’an hath been made clear. If it weren’t so, we would’ve been unable to understand even a word. Qur’an is not enough. Hadiths are important as well because without’em, we can’t grasp the real and proper meaning of the verses.

            I said:

            “I daresay that all non-Muslims are better than Muslims, brother”.

            Dude, kindly guide me how I went against the Qur’an? How I went against Q. 3:110 when its meanings are opposite to what you’re making it look like? I don’t agree with your interpretation of that verse, brother. Moreover, the Prophet was sent for the whole mankind. That makes even the non-Muslims a part of his ummah. And yes, you can now say that his ummah is the best because non-Muslims are part of his ummah as well.

            With lots of love!

          • MMbinRaj, now that is clearly established!

            Those few of the earlier Muslims who differed from Abu bakr’s appointment were certainly not called Shias then! Also, there were NO Sunnis then but they were all Muslims. I personally believe that those people who were later called Kharijites must have fled to Oman, Yemen and Egypt to escape the brutality that would ensue from the defiance of the Caliphates of Abu Bakr, Omar and Osman.

            Later, by the time of Ali’s appointment as Caliph, these guys may have become older and changed their allegiance from Ali.

            I also presume that the word “Khoja” denoting Ismailia may have come from Kharijites…”Khwaja” which later on Persians may have adopted- as kharijites believe that the Quran was “created” just the way Shi’as and Ismailis believe.

            But I would like you to refer to some earlier writers of the Sira and Hadiths of the Prophet and why their ‘works’ is doubtful.

            Ibn Ishaq(704-770AH). – relied partly on Shihab(app. 680-741AD) :
            Reliability of Shihab : “Ibn Shihab would give many contradicting statements, when we would meet him. While if any one of us would ask him something in writing, he, in spite of being so learned, would give three contradictory answers to the same question”.

            Continue with Ishaq : “After his return to Medina, based on one account, he was ordered out of Medina for relating a false hadith from a woman he did not meet”.

            Ibn Ishaq disputed with the young Malik ibn Anas, famous for the Maliki School of Fiqh. Leaving Medina (or forced to leave), he traveled .. into Iran…. Eventually he settled in Baghdad. There, the new Abbasid dynasty, having overthrown the Umayyad caliphs, was establishing a new capital. That is where he wrote the Sira of the Prophet.

            The original text of the Sīrat Rasūl Allāh by Ibn Ishaq did NOT survive.ALL MAJOR scholars do NOTrely on any of his narrations(HOW COULD ISHAQ BE TRUSTED?)

            Ibn Hisham(app.770-828) also “abbreviated, annotated, and sometimes altered” the text of Ibn Ishaq.

            Al Tabari-( 838–923AD) : Persian scholar-from now Iran-founded his own fiqh known as “Jariri” in Iran. He studied Ibn Ishaq’s works under Al Zahiri(app.823-883) whose religious views were and are considered controversial! A perusal of Tabari shows that in fact he relied on a variety of historians and other authors.
            (Tabari’s works cannot be relied because he was considered “CONTROVERSIAL”)

            That is the reason why I ask you to quote from the Quran!!



          • Dear Plum, call Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims whatever you want. Muslims were present before the Prophet as well. The name was different. Islam was present before the Prophet as well. The name was different.

            No, dear Plum, I daresay that I don’t agree with that personal opinion of yours. Shia Muslims came into being just after the Prophet died. Same is for Sunni Muslims. Then both Shia and Sunni Muslims split into many branches.

            Shia Muslims were never Kharijite Muslims! That’s a baseless theory. There were Sunni Muslims in alliance with Imam Ali as well in the time of his caliphate but they believed in him to be the fourth.

            Indeed, no book is 100% authentic except for Qur’an but no book is 100% false as well, dear brother. We have to check the authenticity of a narration.

            Take a look at this:


            Here Shia Muslims have proved that a certain verse was revealed about Imam Ali and the chains of narrations are all perfect. How do you like this?

          • DearMM/Raj, Do you know what our basic MOTTO of life should be?

            BE GOOD, DO GOOD!

            That is my philosophy of life!!

            Every human should first become GOOD to himself by NOT involving in Immorality, Deceit and Hypocrisy. He should be GOOD to his BODY by taking the RIGHT foodstuff in correct measure………….exercising for healthy mind building Positive Energy.

            Then BE GOOD to others….GOOD in reflecting practical Positive Energy!

            Help others if not financially – otherwise by contributing Ideas. Assist where asked others achieve their GOALS, their Targets of Life, through imparting of knowledge. and financial assistance where possible.

            DO GOOD in everything that you DO!

            First, We should BE GOOD to our own selves and then DO GOOD to others……irrespective of personal beliefs in regards to Philosophy of religion and others.

            That should be our PHILOSOPHY…..”BE GOOD, DO GOOD”….Copy paste THAT!!!!



          • Do not Fear They.

            During my school days I was an introvert.
            In my mind trivia – unimportant things- would trickle to become monstrous issues. I used to get ‘hurt’ easily and could not express myself fluently. Somehow, inferiority complex had set in.
            In academics my graph kept plunging swerving my career into disarray just because I dreaded criticism from they!
            I believed that my ideas would never be accepted and felt others ridicule me. The preoccupation with the ‘hurt’ would surmount any other activity by stagnating the body and the mind.
            Then, one fine day, I asked myself,
            “why do I fear They?”
            They stands for only those whose mere images in our thoughts, let alone their physical presence, disturb and provoke the mind.
            From this single positive principle my whole mode of approach, conduct and thinking changed overnight! The principle is,
            Do not Fear THEY ,

            Do not Fear THEY ,
            Do not Fear THEY ,
            Do not Fear THEY ,
            and Do not Fear T H E Y.


          • How to become THE BEST!!

            Hard work alone is NOT a guarantee to success.

            It is simple: use your “MIND”, too.
            You must visualise your actions !
            First, ‘In-Put’ as much knowledge in your mind as you can.
            Grasp the Tiger by the tail and do not let go of it, until you have ‘got’, the subject matter, ‘inside-out’.
            Then, Visualise. ‘See your next step and next and next’. Be a person of vivid vision.

            Then, as the Best, keep up strict working ethics and integrity.
            Remember, success has NO easy solutions.
            Work very hard and smartly, with a lot of zeal, determination, and devotion to your Field. Become result oriented.

            Work smart!


  1. “I am not afraid that my name tops the Maoist hit-list: Mamata Banerjee”.

    Aren’t the Maoists the Hindu terrorists?

    So this Mamta Lady wants to enter the “den” of the lions? Why?

    NDTV says :West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said though her name topped the Maoist hit-list, she would keep visiting their former stronghold of junglemahal as she was unafraid of them.

    Is it true that she is unafraid of them?


  2. Fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream’: Narendra Modi at Bhopal rally.
    What a bull from this Modi guy!!

    Didn’t Gandhi shatter India into tiny fragments? Isn’t it because of him that bullets fly up to date when 12 of “our Jawans” have been killed in Jammu Kashmir??

    “Mahatma Gandhi wanted to end the Congress organisation and the BJP should help fulfill that dream, said Narendra Modi”.

    Modi wants the “dream” of dividing India be fulfilled. This dude is old and an old rooster just cock-a-doodle-do’s! When did Gandhi want to “end” his own party that he founded? Why does Modi lie?????

    Now look at the sly fox :

    Mr Advani, who had opposed Mr Modi being named the party’s presumptive PM earlier this month, looked away as Mr Modi touched his feet on stage. But when Mr Chouhan did the same, he offered blessings.

    Even Advani knows the fox!!!


  3. Oh , the camel has started protruding its head only into the tent. Time will not be far off for the entire camel to enter into the tent and lift it out fully. The camal man will soon be in doldrums.

    • Oh yeah! As they say, give a finger and they will want the whole hand!! What an equality democratic State…where all citizens are equal but some are “more equal than others”!!

      Beware!! O ye who heed to harken the words of the wise…the camel man is already there!!!

      • “I was sacked over a multi-faith prayer, says Chennai teacher”.

        “What’s wrong in an all religion prayer? We teach children about secularism and democracy. First, I said Hindu prayer, then a Christian prayer, and then an Islamic prayer. The same day they issued me suspension order on false charges of manhandling a colleague,” Ms Abirami said. (ndtv)

        That happened where?…in Chennai -India!!!

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