Pak reporter gets threatening letter for covering minorities

[ANI] A reporter in Pakistan has received a threatening letter for covering minorities.pakistan2

The Express Tribune Chief Reporter Rana Tanveer received a one-page letter, with stamps of a Multan post office and Lahore Garden Town post office.

Tanveer was termed as ‘apostate’ by accusing him of favouring minorities, especially Ahmadis and Christians.

According to the Daily Times, the letter started with “Allah-o-Akbar” read: “Rana Tanveer enough is enough. Your favour to Ahmadis and Christians is increasing and now it is my firm belief that you are not a Muslim. You have turned to be an apostate by writing against Islam and in favour of ‘anti Islam’.”

“We know your purpose of doing such but now it is better for you to stop writing ‘against’ Islam and in favour of Qadianis or else you will be killed”.

The letter, which was written in the name of ‘Mard-e-Mujahid’, said that in defiance ‘you will be hit from where you cannot even imagine’.

The letter was sent on the newspaper’s official address and was written in Urdu.

Rana Tanveer said that he always observed objectivity during his professional duties. He said being a Muslim, he cannot even think of writing against Islam.

He added that whatever he writes is based on facts and being a professional journalist it is his duty to do factual reporting.

3 thoughts on “Pak reporter gets threatening letter for covering minorities

  1. oh come on, Muslims are God’s Gift To Mankind – they are so peaceful people, it must be RAW, CIA,FBI,KGB.MI6 OR MOSSAD doing all these bad things, Muslims are really peaceful guys

    No, this can’t be true, remember that Salman Taseer guy, he killed himself and blamed his boduguard…oops..something is wrong here

    • Mindset, I think I explained the difference between Islam and Muslims. Did you read that?

      Islam is a belief where a believer surrenders to the Will of only ONE God called Allah and follow the Quran which is the Word of that God.

      You know from our quotations that all other religions were meant for people of specific areas, but the Quran is for the whole Mankind. This Quran had a beginning from Arabia as it had to have a beginning in the first place. Many Lohana muslims converted straight away to Islam when they visited Arabia to do trade.

      They found that it was the simplest and the most peaceful and the easiest religion to follow…a religion that gave honour to women…their mothers, daughters, wives, sisters….not to remain at the mercy of Babas, caste system and Brahminic loops.

      Ask yourself, how many Hindus do know their scriptures save for legendary and mytho Mahabharata and Ramayana?

      What you see of the turmoil in the Islamic countries is not communal violences but for injustices and corruption caused by the ruling elites and to save their elite dictatorial or authoritarian rule and their conjoining with outside forces against the wishes of the people.

      But finally, somebody is to pay the price for their misdeeds and atrocities against the citizens of those countries. Unfortunately the Islamic people are being targeted but things do turn around and justice has to prevail.

      It is Islam that is a gift to mankind and but not Muslims as they are human elements!!

      Get your facts right!!!

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