Pakistan, school textbooks teach its okay to kill Christians

[Asia News] In a report by the Middle East Media Research discriminatory books are widespread in all public primary schools . By law, Christians are forced to study these texts.

PAKISTAN_(f)_1019_-_ScuoleIslamabad – The text-books of Pakistani schools pose the killing of Christians as “goal to be sought” that would help the same members of the minority to seek martyrdom for the faith. This is shown by a report published in late September by the Middle East Media Research ( MEMRI ) .

According to research, the texts are common in most public primary schools and even Pakistani Christians and members of other minorities are forced to read and study them. The authors of the books led by the religious leaders have changed the meaning of the term “minority”, which is now perceived with negative meaning .

The problem of education in Pakistan emerged strongly in 2011, the year that the government dedicated to the promotion of this issue. In one year, several studies were published which showed that thousands of non-Muslim students are “forced” to study Islam and elements of the Muslim religion, for fear of discrimination. In 2012 the Catholic Church National Commission for Justice and Peace published a report denouncing the law passed by the Punjab Parliament that makes study of the Koran mandatory.

In an interview published by AsiaNews in 2011, Msgr . Lawrence John Saldanha , archbishop emeritus of Lahore ( Punjab ) , said that Pakistan has become a state for “only Muslims.” Non-Muslims do not enjoy equal rights.

I would like to know, what would Muslims reaction be, if every Non-Islamic state start preaching that all Muslims are terrorists and its a Holy Act to kill Muslims?

4 thoughts on “Pakistan, school textbooks teach its okay to kill Christians

  1. BTW who’re you to fulminate us with these baseless accusations? Rahul Raj! How about you wrote something about your religion? We have seen how black magic is openly practiced in Hinduism. How they drink up the blood of cows. How Muslims are treated in India. How your extremist groups openly call for Muslim-slaughter. How they cannot withstand a Pakistani singer/cricketer in their country. Why don’t you go and make a website “Exposing the violent and satanic nature of Hinduism” rather than hurling scathing attacks on a religion you don’t even follow!

  2. I’ve just passed my HSSC-II. All those years I’ve failed to encounter any book bearing any text that could serve as a source of spreading hatred or inciting violence against christianity or any other religion in one or the other way! Such baseless and non-sensical allegations are natural to be coming from your side hence the name “most intolerant religion” – Do you have any proof pertaining to such books being taught at primary level? Mind quoting a single line?

    • Hamza,

      You failed to encounter any such book which is spreading hatred against Non-Muslims is because you are Muslim. Muslims are incapable of seeing flaws, violence, hatred and errors in Islam and its practice and preaching. This report is not baseless.. There are many such reports which claims that Pakistani text book preach hatred against Christians and other Non-Muslims..

      Read this report: Text books in Pakistani schools foster hatred and intolerance of minorities, the Hindus in particular and teachers view these groups “as enemies of Islam,” a US government report has said.

      “Pakistan and Social Studies textbooks are rife with negative comments regarding India and Great Britain, but Hindus are often singled out for particular criticism in texts and in interview responses,” said the report.

      This intolerance and prejudice also extends to other minorities like the Christians and Ahmadis, who consider themselves Muslims but are not considered so by the Pakistani constitution.” [By Indian Express:

      There is also a wikipedia report, read this:


      • Raj, man, who listens to books? There’s only one book and that’s Qur’an. Show us any hatred against non-Muslims written in Qur’an.

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