Kashmir: 3,000 Muslims rally for jihad against India

[AFP, thanks to Jihad Watch] Thousands of Kashmiri people observed a “black day” in Pakistani Kashmir on Sunday, rallying at an event organised by Islamists against Indian “brutalities” and occupation of the Himalayan region.

Pakistani Kashmiris protest near the United Nations office in Islamabad on October 27, 2013

Pakistani Kashmiris protest near the United Nations office in Islamabad on October 27, 2013

President of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan (C) sits in a protest along with other leaders outside the United Nation office in Islamabad on October 27, 2013

President of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan (C) sits in a protest along with other leaders outside the United Nation office in Islamabad on October 27, 2013

The rally was set up by the United Jihad Council (UJC), which consists of 16 Islamist groups, militant outfits and political parties, and was attended by jihadi groups including Hizb-ul-Mujahidin and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

Both Washington and New Delhi blame LeT for the 2008 terror attacks on Mumbai, which left 166 people dead and derailed a peace process between India and Pakistan.

A crowd of around 3,000 people shouted “Al-Jihad”, “Allahu Akbar” (God is greater) and “We want Freedom” as they gathered in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, said an AFP reporter at the scene.

“Diplomacy, talks and negotiations spanned over several decades have not worked,” said Syed Salahuddin, chairman of the UJC.

“The only way to liberate Kashmir is jihad and armed struggle because India does not understand the language of dialogue,” said Salahuddin, who also leads Hizbul Mujahedin, a militant group fighting Indian rule in Kashmir.

The protestors waved black flags and shouted: “Our struggle will continue til Kashmir is freed”, and condemned Indian “brutalities”, as Salahuddin appealed to the government and people of Pakistan to fully support Kashmiri independence.

Kashmiri people observe October 27 as “black day” every year to protest the arrival of Indian troops and their invasion of the Himalayan region in 1947.

Kashmir is held in part by Pakistan and India, but claimed in full by both, and has been the cause of two of the three wars the countries have fought since independence from Britain more than half a century ago.

Muslim separatists have fought a 20-year insurgency against New Delhi’s rule in Indian Kashmir. Kashmiris in both Indian and Pakistani administered zones want Islamabad and New Delhi to agree to a referendum on self-determination.

Prime Minister of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, Chaudhry Abdul Majeed also addressed a separate gathering in Muzaffarabad in connection with the “black day”, and urged the international community to stop India from committing serious human rights violations in the mountain region.

“A durable solution to the problem is possible only if Kashmiris are allowed to exercise their right to self-determination under the UN resolutions,” he added.

A spate of cross-border skirmishes this year have raised tensions between India and Pakistan.

A deadly flare-up along the Line of Control (LoC), the heavily militarised de facto border between Pakistan and India in Kashmir, in January stalled peace talks which had only just resumed following a three-year hiatus sparked by the Mumbai attacks.

Delhi blamed that ambush on the Pakistan army, but Islamabad denied the claims and has repeatedly called for restraint and dialogue.

10 thoughts on “Kashmir: 3,000 Muslims rally for jihad against India

  1. Tiananmen Square car fire was terror attack, says China!(ndtv)

    The Chinese Government fears Islamic expansion and “creates” a fake thing to cause repression against the Muslims!!

    This story is completely a ball from Beijing-China. I will prove to you!

    First see the story : “China said today it had caught five suspected Islamist militants after a vehicle burst into flames on Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in what police called a terrorist attack. “His wife and mother were with him in the car, along with devices filled with gasoline, knives and a flag with “religious extremist content” written on it, police said on their official microblog”.

    1. Terrorist :
    Which terrorist carries his mother and wife on a suicide mission????
    Why should he carry knives when he is going to blow up himself and his family?
    Why should he carry a flag in his vehicle when he knew everything is going to be charred?
    Where is the picture of the flag?
    what were those devices “filled with gasoline”?
    Why story appearing on a police microblog and NOT making headlines in the National News Paper?

    2. “The other two people killed were tourists”. If this terrorist had any grudge then it would be against the government…why kill two tourists? Why blowup your mum, wife and yourself just to kill TWO tourists?

    3. “Police said they had seized Islamist militant flags and knives from where they were staying.” Another big, bigger, biggest bull!!

    4. “Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the main exiled Uighur group, warned against believing China’s side of the story. Beijing has always made these kind of accusations, but they refuse to make public the reasoning behind them. They will not make the story behind the accusations transparent,” he told Reuters.””. But who will listen to these innocent guys…we know the “Chinese” torture!!

    5. “Beijing makes these accusations in service of an ulterior motive.”….see what I mean???

    6. “Reuters reporters in Xinjiang were turned back by police at a roadblock outside Lukqun town, and sent back to the nearby city of Turpan”. Why were the world reporters turned away from the scene?

    7. “But many experts, rights groups and exiles say China exaggerates the militant threat to justify its harsh rule, and that there is NO cohesive separatist or extremist movement.”
    These Chinese bastards ARE just making it up!

    8. “It’s perhaps not as sophisticated as it’s made out to be, (by the Chinese Government)”
    ,said Michael Clarke, a professor at Australia’s Griffith University who has studied Xinjiang.

    The whole story IS a FARCE!!

  2. No need to perform jihad against India. We can solve this matter easily with discussions only if India tends to show some softness. India’s claim on Kashmir is void. Kashmir was to go with Pakistan but the ruler of Kashmir who was a non-Muslim, got Kashmir affiliated with India. The people of Kashmir rose in revolt against India and launched a freedom movement. Later Pakistan found it a golden chance to sabotage stability on India and I.S.I altered the freedom movement into a terrorist movement.

    • Dear MM/Raj, the original founder of World’s Most Intolerant Religion IS Robert Spencer and NOT Rahul Raj!! He started his blog similar to this one in 2006 to expose Jihadists but noted the expansion of Islam as the fastest growing religion and greatly feared Islam’s expansion in Americas and then he pounced on the chance to defame Islam by writing articles on The Truth About Muhammad thus the Quran is man made book and so Islam would be curbed!

      He has a venom in his blood against Islam!

      Though he denies but he is a Catholic believing in Jesus who we know as a mere story character and leans with the Jews in spite of knowing the atrocities they commit on innocent Palestinians, by grabbing their land and when fighting the Jihadists. He is anti Islam though he claims he is only against the Jihadists.

      No Muslim favours the Jihadists> though when Islam is provoked (through armed conflicts) that resistant from the Muslims produces a few Jihadists as aggression (by the enemy forces) creates resistance and hatred to avenge the deaths of their parents, sisters, kids, relatives, friends…correct?

      He has also been barred to travel to UK for the financial help he gives to anti Islamic activists there.

      Jihad Watch IS the blog…a website of this dude called Robert Spencer!!!

      Click this and you will see all the similarities between Raj and Spencer :



    • Dear MM/Raj,
      In an October 2010 news article, an investigative report by The Tennessean described Spencer as one of several individuals who “…cash in on spreading hate and fear about Islam.” Tennessean investigation concluded “IRS filings from 2008 show that Robert Spencer earned $132,537 from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and Horowitz pocketed over $400,000 for himself in just one year”



    • Dear MM, ….and this guy chewed a scroll…not a sconce but a SCROLL!!

      A Scroll is a : roll of papyrus, parchment, or paper which has been written, drawn or painted upon for the purpose of transmitting information.

      Revelations 10:10

      I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it.(hahaaa) It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth (paper tasting sugary), but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour. (heeheee)

      Why did he munch a scroll?????????????

  3. Maybe they are right as you, yourself, quoted : “Islamabad denied the claims and has repeatedly called for restraint and dialogue”.

  4. Surj, …may be correct…since Pakistan was formed out of the land of Indostan then, in my opinion, it has no right to any claim on Kashmir. Had Pakistan existed as an independent state before 1947 then…and only then…maybe… the claim would have been valid. As things stand there is never ending rivalry between the two for which Britain stands responsible!

    The Muslims had dominated Indostan for very many years but their population remained less because their breeding is minimal to the Hindus who breed like dogs. This can be claimed as the truth because the hindus are 80% of the total pop., which equals to over a billion and their headcount is almost equal to the combined population of the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan put together!!


    They must stop breeding like puppies especially in Kashmir!!

  5. In 1947 the British dominion of India came to an end with the creation of two new nations, India and Pakistan Each of the 565 Indian princely states had to decide of the two new nations to join, secular India or Islamic Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir , which had majority muslim population , was one of autonomous states , ruled by the Dogra King [ Maharaja ] Hari Singh preferred to remain independent and sought to avoid any stress placed on him by either India and Pakistan.
    Pakistani tribal [ Kubailis ] from North Waziristan entered Kashmir seeking rule over Kashmir through aggression. The Maharaja ,was not able to put up against the invasion. He decided to accede Kashmir to India Thus Indian troops then marched into Kashmir. J
    Just because muslims breed like RATS in Kashmir does not make them the true owners of Kashmir .It has been the integral part of India, even before muslims ever set foot in to India . Kashmiri Pandits have been killed and driven out of Kashmir systematically over seven decades so now muslims can lay claim to Kashmir.

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