Saudi Arabia: Woman arrested for driving her father to Hospital

[Reuters] A Kuwaiti woman was arrested in Saudi Arabia for trying to drive her father to hospital, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported on Sunday, a week after Saudi women protested against a ban on female drivers.
Kuwaiti women are free to drive in their country and enjoy far more rights than those in Saudi Arabia, who are not allowed to travel abroad, open a bank account or work without permission from a male relative.

The English language Kuwait Times said the woman was driving in an area just over the border, with her father in the passenger seat, when she was stopped by police. Kuwaitis and Saudi locals regularly cross the border and communities living along the frontier are often a mix of people from both countries.

The woman, who said her diabetic father could not drive and needed to be taken to hospital for treatment, is being held in custody pending an investigation, the paper said, citing police.

The paper did not suggest that the woman was protesting Saudi Arabia’s ban on female drivers.

Saudi police in the border town al-Khafji referred calls to the local traffic police, who could not be reached for comment. Officials in the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry said they could not comment on reports of incidents outside Kuwait.

Kuwaiti women gained the right to vote and stand for political office in 2005 after years of campaigning and a push by senior ruling family members.

Conservative members of the Kuwaiti parliament, including some who draw on Saudi Arabia’s austere interpretation of Islam, had previously blocked the reforms, saying that Islamic law prevented women from leadership positions.

In Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah has pushed some cautious reforms to give women more employment opportunities and a greater public voice, but has often faced resistance from senior clergy.

4 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: Woman arrested for driving her father to Hospital

  1. Quran does NOT prevent women from riding donkeys, camels or cars!!!

    And, in the rest of the world including Islamic nations, in spite of that allowance of freedom of driving for women, – there are fewer women who drive buses and taxis all over the world for the fear of sexual harassment.

    Kuwait allowed it’s women to drive personal cars in 2005 yet Saudi Arabia is more careful in exposing its women being prone to predators as public transport drivers thus curbing the daily sexual offences and court cases…punishments..etc..

    Islamic Nations do value the morality of their women folk more than the western nations where prostitution is more rife.

    If that is good or bad is for the family members to decide!

    I would not recommend my daughter, sister, mother or wife to drive buses or taxis from Mombasa to Nairobi..during day or night….sleeping over in lodgings…thus falling into the hands of sexual predators….!!!

    As the King Abdallah has already proposed that the Saudi Govt ought to relax the stringent laws to some degree, by allowing ONLY personal cars, thus leaving the onus of the decision to the family members!

    This article is NOT against but is in favour of Islam!!!!!!!

  2. Women can’t drive? What rubbish! Islam taught them to progress and they’re still living in Middle Ages. These Saudis can never understand what Islam really teaches.

      • Hahaha, Raj, Raj, Raj, who believes in those jerks! Those scholars are the descendants of Abu Jahl and Abu Sufyan. I don’t care what those bastards say. I care what my beautiful religion says. Women are allowed to drive; that’s common sense. If those lewd ‘ulema’_and I hate to call’em ‘ulema’_think that driving is not allowed for women then they have to go to a hospital for psychological checkup.

        That’s pitiful, Raj, dude. You went in depth of Islam and are still living in your world of fantasy that you can understand Islam just after seeing the acts of Muslims and studying Islam in the light of what they think. Study Islam in the light of Islamic teachings. Study Islam in the light of those who actually understood it like Ali, Husain, Jafar Sadiq and in modern world, Allama Iqbal, Imam Khomeini, Javed Ghamidi and half of Zakir Naik.

        Good luck! 😉

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