Imran Firasat; I am going to be killed soon

The Spanish government approves Imran Firasat´s extradition to an Islamic country

I am going to die, or I should better say that I am going to be killed soon. The enemy who is going to kill me is not any Muslim but he is a powerful man of the Spanish government who is persecuting me nonstop since last several months and now he is going to kill me any time by abusing his diplomatic power.The-Innocent-Prophet

Revealing the danger of radical Islam to our free and modern society has become a curse for my life. Before it were only Muslims who used to threaten me of killing but now it is the minister of interior of the Spanish government who is taking all the aggressive, unjust and unnecessary steps to eliminate me.

First he revoked my refugee status without taking in consideration my arguments in defence. Then the minister used his political influence and made the judicial authorities to prosecute me for the hate crime. But the truth was with me, that is why I won that case. Even a single hearing didn´t take place and the judge said there has been no crime committed.

The minister found no other way to persecute me in order to appease Muslims, and then today he has approved my extradition to Indonesia, the biggest Muslim population on earth which 3 years ago fabricated false murder charges against me and asked for my extradition to the Spanish authorities.

It is very important to note here that Indonesia never had intention to prosecute me for that alleged crime but they charged me in absentia just after 8 days of deporting me by themselves back to Spain. Even though my extradition to Indonesia was refused but the Spanish high court judges provided Indonesia an opportunity to prosecute me in Spain. But no surprise, Indonesian authorities never appeared again. They never even appealed the decision of high court to refuse my extradition.

“The international covenant on civil and political rights” was violated by the Indonesian authorities by not giving me a fair chance to defend myself, by trying me in absentia without waiting for a proper time period and by not respecting my right of “Presumption of innocence”. Even a single physical proof was not provided against me such as fingerprint or DNA proof. They did all this with the hidden motives of wanting to kill me for my critics on Islam.

Since the Spanish minister has approved my extradition to Indonesia, I don´t know how long I am going to be alive more. I may be detained soon, I may be extradited soon or I may be killed soon within Spain as the Spanish Minister of interior can´t bear my existence in Spain anymore. For him respecting my right to freedom expression is not that important as it is important to keep happy the Muslims who make riots, burn embassies, kill innocent soldiers etc. in order to intimidate the western world and depriving us from our rights and freedom.

In the moment when my government should have stood beside me for protecting me, they are preparing to handover me to the death by Islamic hands. In the time when I needed the support of my country, the Minister has stabbed me on my back.

I have proven my innocence in past. All the signs show that the Indonesian authorities never respected the law and they are simply looking for a chance to execute me for blasphemy. But why should the Spanish minister care about it? For him it is important to eliminate all those who oppose Islam so that he can give a free way to those who want to convert Spain in “Al Andalus” and then go forward to capture whole Europe.

I know that the countdown of my life has begun. But I let you all know that if I get hurt or killed, the responsible will be the Spanish minister of interior and the stains of my blood will remain forever on the national flag of Spain. You will only remember me when Islam will finally rule on Spain. Then some people may say that we have lost a brave soldier who could play an important role in the fight against radicalism and terrorism of Islam.

As long as there are people like the Spanish interior minister, we can´t get rid of the Islamic terrorists. Because people like him encourage the Islamic terrorists by stopping people like me who dare to fight against Islamic Jihad.

Thank you very much. Hope to see you again if I stay alive. Please keep fighting against the violent teachings of Muhammad and never give up. Thanks for all the love and support. Good bye.

Yours sincerely
Imran Firasat
(A proud ex Muslim)

2 thoughts on “Imran Firasat; I am going to be killed soon

  1. Foreigner Wanted for Gruesome Murder in Indonesia Arrested by Spanish Police

    Spanish Police have detained a Pakistani man accused of stabbing a man to death in Indonesia and then chopping his body into pieces, the interior ministry said on Thursday.

    Police arrested the 32-year-old father of two as he was about to enter a metro station in central Madrid, it said in a statement.

    They identified him only by his initials but Spanish media gave his name as Imran Firasat Sulaeman, who in 2006 was given permission to live in Spain on humanitarian grounds after claiming he faced the death penalty in Pakistan for marrying a non-Muslim and criticising Islam.

    Indonesian authorities had issued an international arrest warrant for his arrest following a kidnap-murder in Karawang, about 60 kilometers east of Jakarta, in June 2010.

    Sulaeman and his wife are accused of contacting the victim with the pretext of hiring him to create a web page, and then kidnapping him for ransom, the interior ministry said.

    “The crime culminated in a lethal knife stabbing and then dismemberment, with different parts of the body placed in bags and suitcases within refrigerators and then dispersed around Karawang,” it said.

    Sulaeman’s Indonesian wife Jenny Setiawan, a Buddhist, was arrested in Indonesia over her suspected involvement in the murder but he returned to Spain at the end of September.

    In interviews granted to Spanish media while the couple’s asylum request was being considered, Sulaeman said Pakistan police had amputated the thumb on his left hand and raped his wife as punishment for their relationship.

    They fled to Germany but after their asylum request there was turned down they moved to Spain.

    The couple settled in Cantabria in northern Spain where they opened several restaurants and where the local press dubbed them “heroes for love.”

    They left Spain in 2007 after being accused of defrauding their business partner in the restaurant business and leaving behind hefty debts.

    Sulaeman returned to Spain at the end of September 2010 and got a job at a restaurant in Cordoba but after one week he attacked the owner with a knife and stole 6,000 euros ($8,000) from him, according to the ministry statement. He then moved to Madrid.

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