Mangalore: Aysha’s terror link result of govt’s failure to act on love Jihad

[Daiji World] “Despite several warnings by Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) and Bajrang Dal about Hindu girls in the state who are getting trapped in ‘love Jihad’ and pushed into terrorist activities, the government so far has not taken any action,” said Sharan Pumpwell, local convener of Bajrang Dal.Aysha BanuAddressing reporters on Tuesday November 12, he said, “The truth is out with the arrest of Aysha Banu for her involvement with terrorists in Patna blasts. She was a Hindu earlier. It is a sign of danger for our community as several Hindu girls are trapped by love Jihad and converted to Islam and later they are made to involve themselves in terrorist activities,” he alleged.

“Hence, the government should soon raid Ponnani center in Kerala where more than 500 Hindu girls are being converted to Islam and should rescue them. All the girls and women of our society should be careful about love Jihad and they should not fall prey to Muslim youths who try to fool them with promises of love,” he added.

Jagadish Shenava, district working president of Vishwa Hindu Parishat said “We are alerting the government right now through the media and if it fails to take action, we will hold a protest.

“The central government should play a major role in preventing terrorist activities and a special team should be formed by the government to tackle love Jihad incidents.”

“It is a serious concern that a girl from Mangalore was involved in Patna blasts. Mangalore is coming to limelight these days in connection to terrorist activities and if this continues, soon it will be a terrorist hub,” he said, urging the government to prevent such activities.

Gopal Kuttar, district secretary of VHP, Bhujanga Kulal, district convener, Bajrang Dal, Puneeth Kumar among others were present.

The team investigating the recent blasts in Patna ahead of Narendra Modi’s rally reportedly found that Aysha Banu, a resident of Panjimogeru had supplied money to terror suspects belonging to Indian Mujahideen who allegedly carried out the attack. Aysha is also said to run a hawala racket linked to Pakistan.

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