Muslim father rapes daughter for twelve years, has a 8-year-old child with her

[By Indian Express] Mumbai:  The Malwani police on Wednesday arrested a 50-year-old man [Ibrahim Shaikh], who had been allegedly raping his daughter, who is now aged 26, for the past 12 years. The police said the victim had also given birth to a child, eight years ago, whose biological father was the accused.

Cops arrested the woman’s father after his wife spoke to a social worker about the atrocities he inflicted on the daughter

Cops arrested the woman’s father after his wife spoke to a social worker about the atrocities he inflicted on the daughter

The incident came to light when a social worker from the area found the victim’s mother crying outside her residence in Malwani. “The victim’s mother told her that her husband had been sexually assaulting her elder daughter,” the police said.

He had not let the girl get married and regularly raped her till she got pregnant, the victim’s mother told the police.

Police officers said the case was reported to them on Tuesday by a member of the ‘Mahila Dakshta Samiti’, a squad of women that works with the police. After the information was received, a team of police officers went to the house of the victim and arrested the father. They rescued the victim and her mother, who had been locked in a room.

The police also learnt that the accused had brought a 14-year-old girl from Kolkata and kept her captive in another room. Police officers rescued the girl. The man has now been held on charges of rape, confining two women and the girl, and under several sections of the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses Act.

(Faces have been blurred to protect the woman’s identity)

(Faces have been blurred to protect the woman’s identity)

The 26-year-old victim allegedly told the police that when she was 14 years old, her father had convinced her that she would have to learn about the human body. “He had then allegedly raped her and regularly committed the crime. When the victim’s mother tried to stop him, he allegedly beat her up and locked the two in a room, starving them. The accused did not let the victim get married, and when she got pregnant, he took her to Bhagwati Hospital and got the baby delivered under a false name for the father,” the police said.

Officers added that until recently, the victim had complied with her father’s wishes, but could not bear the thought of her younger sister too getting victimised. “Six months ago, she had finalised her sister’s wedding, but was afraid that the accused would tell her would-be in-laws nasty things about her and manage to break the marriage. The victim said her father had scuttled her marriage in a similar manner,” the police said.

“The victim and the 14-year-old girl have been sent for medical examination,” said Inspector Bhaskar Sawant of Malwani police station.

[DNA India Reports]

A 50-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly raping his daughter for nearly 11 years and fathering a child with her, police said today.

The accused identified as Ibrahim Shaikh was arrested yesterday after the 26-year-old victim claimed in her complaint that he is the biological father of their eight-year-old daughter, they said.

Realising that her father was even preparing to tie the knot with her, the woman garnered courage and approached police along with a social worker.

According to Malwani police, the victim began facing the ordeal when she was only 15 years old.

“On the pretext of teaching her human anatomy, the accused raped his daughter on several occasions. He thrashed his wife, when she objected to this after she got wind of the activities,” police said.

The accused sexually assaulted the victim at their residence in suburban Malwani (Malad) over the years after threatening to kill her and the wife, if they showed resistance.

Shaikh shuttles between Jaipur and Mumbai for work.

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