67 Indian Muslims celebrates Pakistan victory against India in Cricket

This is the most surprising and disturbing news I have ever read, Indian Muslims, who are born in India, brought up in India, reside in India, eat of India, earn in India, cheers and celebrates the victory of number one enemy of India, i.e. Pakistan.

Representational Image....

Representational Image….

Why would any patriot, a nationalist ever celebrate for an enemy state? As per my understanding the only reason I find for this is that,most Indian Muslims have never considered India as their own country. Their hearts always beat for Pakistan, because its a Muslim majority country. They live in India, because they have no other option, and I sincerely believe that these Muslims should be branded as traitors, which they actually are, and should be prosecuted. Read the complete news from [Hindustan Times]:

A university in Uttar Pradesh has packed off 67 students from Kashmir to their homes for celebrating Pakistan’s victory over India in a cricket match on Sunday, prompting a top official to order an inquiry.

Vice-chancellor of Swami Vivekanand Subharti University (SVSU) Dr Manzoor Ahmad said “he was taken aback by such an unacceptable gesture of a few students”.

“We can`t accept such behaviour from any student,” he said.

The trouble began on Sunday night when a group of local and Kashmiri students were watching India-Pakistan cricket match in the hall of the varsity’s Madan Dhingra Hostel.

A few Kashmiri students clapped every time an Indian player’s wicket fell, and later celebrated the Pakistan win.

“Some students complained that a few students reportedly shouted Pakistan zindabad on way to their rooms,” said Ahmad.

He said the authorities initially decided to suspend only those students who had shouted slogans.

“But a three-tier inquiry finally recommended all 67 Kashmiri students residing in Madan Dhingra Hostel be suspended indefinitely because they didn’t reveal the names of the handful of wrongdoers actually involved in creating trouble,” Ahmad said.

The VC said, “We were expecting the students to apologise. But when that did not happen, we had to suspend them all of them.”

He rejected reports that local students had clashed with Kashmiri students or shouted slogans. The authorities had reported the matter to the police after realising anger was brewing among the local students living in other hostels, which could escalate the tensions.

“These students were dropped at Ghaziabad and Delhi railway stations under police security cover,” said senior superintendent of police Omkar Singh.

More than 200 girls and boys from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir are pursuing various courses in the university.

Meanwhile, district magistrate Pankaj Yadav has asked additional city magistrate Ram Bharat Tiwari to inquire into the incident and submit his findings within a week.

The decision to suspend the students was taken by the varsity authorities without consulting the police or the district administration, the SSP said.

However, the parents of the students have told the media in the valley that a few students had been attacked by their local counterparts.

“There was a big confrontation and non-Kashmiri students had vandalised the rooms of our wards,” a parent told Kashmir’s largest circulated English daily, Greater Kashmir.

Another newspaper, Kashmir Reader, quoted Irfan Ahmad Rather, a BTech student at the varsity, saying, “We clapped when Pakistan won the match. This infuriated the local students and they went on a rampage, damaged the hall, hurled abuses at us and threatened to beat us.”

A group of parents speaking to Hindustan Times however appreciated the colleges move to give the students a safe passage to the valley.

In a signed letter released to the media, the group said that sending the students to Kashmir was a good step as it avoided any untoward incident. “There was a heated argument between some students but most students are innocent, so we think college did a good thing by sending them to valley in order to avoid any clashes,” said a parent.


40 thoughts on “67 Indian Muslims celebrates Pakistan victory against India in Cricket

  1. @Plum thepaki swine said

    >>Quran does NOT support : THEFT, RAPE, Murder of innocent, Falsifying documents…>>

    don’t know paki swines like plum the scum bring qurand here


    I didn’t ask you whether quran support it or not

    you Muslims can’t digest truth when it’s slapped across your face.

    “”second class citizens””

    what do you mean by this?

    where is the proof that Muslims are treated like “”second class citizens””?

    once again paki plum shows lack of mental ability.

    “” Maybe they are jobless in their own country””

    ofcourse they are ..because you breed like pigs…May be the Muslims are having some sort of competition withpigs.

    get ur head checked paki jihadi Islamic-shit-eating swine.

    when you are asked a normal objective question answer objectively……don’t come with sh**tty rant.

    Islam this..quran that…..no one cares what is written in your sh!tty books…they are good for nothing but wiping a$$.

    got it you parasitic moron. don’t bite the hand that feeds you you paki pig.

    • Mset the Gutter Maggot, …..Muslims believe that …ONLY Allah feeds… and I’m NOT a Paki…you pig, swine, …you bloody rusty trombone!!

      And I do NOT want to insult any Hindus here though they have bred like rats since Independence…do you get that, microphallus???

      Finally, you are a gnat when it comes to finances, cacafuego! Do you know how rich East Africans are, rodomontade?

      Quran 2:18 Pickthall: Deaf, dumb and blind; and they return not.

  2. >>They live in India, because they have no other option, and I sincerely believe that these Muslims should be branded as traitors,

    You are wrong here , Muslims living in India are not ‘traitors’ – they are enemies. of the Indian state
    a traior is a person who betrays his country by committing treason ..who works for the enemy country.
    the catch word here is “his country” …since Muslims never consider India as their country they are not traitors but enemies.
    Muslims consider India as their “baap ki property” they think India belongs to them.
    you will easily find phrases like “hind ke sultan” or “sultan e hind” on Muslims autorickshaws but Hindus never write “rulers of India” anywhere.

    • MSet, if in a family of Christian of three and one converts to Hinduism or Islam then should that person be killed or ostracised by the remaining ones? That is what happened to the Indians…who were all formally hindus but after the advent of Christianity and Islam, many of them converted to the New religions as they knew that the idols they worshipped did NOT have a heart nor could lift a finger to save them from afflictions!!

      The Idols in the Temples are deadly, semi clad and men do dandiya with other people’s wives and daughters!! This dandiya religion people got fed up with and thus the same Indians converted to other religions. Now why do you hate them?? Remember the Hindus are very few in the world who do NOT even know the origins of Ravana who flew away with Sitaben for 13 years…when GOD Rama kept crying for 13 good years when Sitaben was in her lover’s arms!!! If this Sita was a goddess why couldn’t she kill the Brute and come back flying, who kept her for 13 years…doing what with this young and voluptuous, full breasted woman??

      Huh, imagine Rama’s wife living with the worst ENEMY Ravana for 13 long..longer…longest years!! And did this mytho Rama produce some nice babies from the destroyed womb of this beauty??? Do all the Hindus believe in such myths and put tikla to signify that “good” relationship of Ravana and Sita or Rama and the “used” Sitaben?????

      • Dear Plum,
        I strongly object to the mindless hate you have depicted against my Faith.All your writing speak of a total ignorance of the Vedic Faith and the Vedic Viewpoint.Although I myself come from the Adwait School of thought I can explorate the Visishtadwait and Dwait philosophies to clear up the horrendous idea you have presented of Sakar upasana and of Sri Ramchandra, but that will make this reply unnecessary long still I will say this… When non-muslims wrongly interpret your religion you feel saddened and angered by them then why do the same with people of other faiths? I dont speak or write such ignorant and hateful comments against any religion and accept the viewpoint of the followers of that faith as the true representation of the religion , without filtering it through my mind and making an ill-informed and wrong idea about that religion which is miles away from what the followers believe and practice.

        That being said I would like to add that a muslim , a hindu , a christian or anybody can leave his/her religion and accept any other faith this is the personal choice of the individual and this act does not make any religion superior or inferior to any nor does it gives anyone the authority to attack the individual in any way . I agree that most Indian muslims are not anti India and a distinction should be made between the fanatics pro Pakistani idiots and true indian muslims who are ready to lay their lives for the country like Naik Mohammed Firoz Khan who refused to take the Eid Leave as he thought that his country needed him to remain on duty and laid down his life doing his duty.

        Lastly friend, there are ways to answer a comment even ignorant and hateful comment in a decent manner all I know is that even if a person insults me or my religion I can try to clear up that persons doubt but I dont have the right to insult his faith as a reply to his insults.

        • Lightman, I am sorry to have hurt your feelings…my deepest regrets! Also, kindly note that, attacks on Islam, in the worst derogatory manners, are in plenty over here and character assassination too! Why don’t you advise the same to Lucky and others as well what you have just told me??

          Islam is the WAY of life for those who follow it. They too get offended and hurt when their religion is insulted. I do NOT make allegations but relate facts…though at times being carried away for unintended remarks on others’ faith.

          I would like to see all the weak points on Islam and maybe rebut them here but NOT to be insulted for the time that I waste over here.

          Once more, my sincerest apologies to you!!

          • Friend, think my comments and the kind of conversation I have had with you and others serves as an example of how decency must be maintained at all costs. I did ask people here in the beginning to refrain from including all muslims in the list of evil doers which the news stories present to us . Even on this topic I clarified that this story has nothing to do with Islam and that it is wrong to say All Muslims behave in such manner……… I dont visit this site much and its just by chance I clicked on the auto email sent to me when you posted your previous reply for which I wrote you back.

            The stories and the mindless altercations here and on other similar sites and YT videos as well, somehow are able depress me greatly and as such I dont visit much often, nor do I read the stories posted here. Frankly I am fed up with trying to change the world and find that it is a futile attempt , Now I am trying to change my self for the better . I really think you are indeed a good person who has the potential to be great as I know an ordinary person would bend backwards before apologizing . Thanks for understanding me and for being a great guy .

      • @Plum the scum
        I always knew you are a retard and can neither read nor understand 2 sentences written in simple English.
        But here you have another low. Congratulations.

        I said Muslims are enemies of India and you started writing nonsense about Ram Sita Ravana and blah…blah…blah…blah…

        What all this has to do it with whatever i wrote?

        You seem to lack mental ability to comprehend things and sorry I am not going to help you.
        As far as conversion is concerned Islam allows killing those who convert outside of Islam.

        Other than that Muslims are retards and your comment prove it.
        Next time write something which is related to my comment. Don’t write B u l l s h i t.

        • Mindset, what a stupid comment you’ve made! If you think that all Muslims are bad, you’re a terrorist then. Please deny that you hate all Muslims. This’ll show that you only hate those Muslims who are bad and indeed most of Muslims are bad (but not as bad as terrorists).

  3. Lucky bin “clever satan”, you said :

    “This is the most surprising and disturbing news I have ever read, Indian Muslims, who are born in India, brought up in India, reside in India, eat of India, earn in India, cheers and celebrates the victory of number one enemy of India, i.e. Pakistan”.

    So, know that you NO longer need to be surprised as all the Pakistanis are Indostanis and they are NOT enemies of each other as you perceive! Through your website you have been trying to wage a war between the West and Arabs. Having failed there, now you want to bring hatred between India and Pakistan….this clearly defines … You as a pathetic moronic Catholic nincompoop!

    You should be unifying the world and NOT dividing it…DUMBIE bum, CRETN!!

    • I do agree that this news article has nothing to do with Islam in general but where did you get the Idea that Pakistan doesn’t hate India? This is a true incident ( this happened so implying that the author is trying to spread hate is incorrect as well ….I know most indian muslims dont do this and will rip any pakistani if he dared to harm India but pro pakistan slogans when their own team has lot to them is alarming indeed no matter how few people were involved.

      • Islam is a religion and NOT a Cult. The constitution of Islam is the Quran. Muslims are supposed to be the believers of the Quran. Being humans they vary in degrees when it comes to adhering to the Principles of the Quran just like the followers of other religions.

        For example, in Christianity the Bible is against Murder, Adultery, etc., yet 90% of the prostitutes in the world are in the non muslim countries.

        Pakistan is a Nation carved out from Indostan, from the “British Raj”, where the Muslim Indians were majority. Pakistanis are hindu converts who converted to Islam after its advent, inception…. is an Islamic Nation but there some Muslims do NOT follow the Quran 100% and a few of them commit horrendous crimes…even killing their own Muslims. Is that what Islam teaches? Certainly not! Quran does NOT teach hatred against any religion…so why blame it on Islam?

        Pakistani Indians (muslims and hindus) have deep roots in India and have all emotional ties related to India. They are supposed to love Indians of India as the majority of muslims refused to part from India and have remained there since the Partition. There should be NO conflict amongst them as they are the feathers of the same bird!

        It is the Babas and the Muftis who have caused rifts and created terrorists on both sides!

        Slogans in favouring any team is a whim…a passing cloud,,,then why try to create unnecessary rift for that??????

        • Hmm..what you wrote should be the case in a perfect world where everyone thinks rationally but unfortunately that is not so …..I have been to Pakistan several times and had discussion about this subject with liberal minded people who are professors and writers in that country and they do share your view that they are Indians at heart but unfortunately the common pakistani is brainwashed to hate India and Hindus( I got the see their class 7 history book you wont believe what hate and stupidity it teaches) …My pakistani friends told me that the common pakistani still identifies more with the Arabs than with Indians even when the Arabs themselves dont consider pakistanis to be their equal in any way.

          • That is because, in some Indian-Muslim families their kids are not exposed to and disallowed to integrate with kids of other religions that often. But on growing, now as teenagers or adults, that bias disappears when they come to realise, on their own, whatever the religion, basically they are all humans, with similar wants, desires and tendencies. Those Muslim families that migrated to Africa and NOTE that it were the Muslim families which initially migrated to East Africa, always welcomed and helped in settling their Hindu brothers…todate.

            There has NEVER been communal or religious violencein east Africa and the Muslims living abroad as well as the hindus, remain surprised to see all this silly communal violence existing between Muslims and Hindus in Pakistan and India ONLY. These are the ONLY two countries with some people who promote this violence. Hindus remain fearing that Muslims do not divide their land again and so keep them in minority sect in India and Muslims see Hindus as believers in Idols in Pakistan…which is against the Quran! But they do not kill each other for that!

            Yet I believe, the communal hatred is promulgated by the Politicians there, in both those countries. Excuse my tired language…about to snooze!!!

          • Light Man, both Indians and Pakistanis teach their people (specially kids) to hate the rival state. Problem’s with both states. We need to educate people of both countries. In fact, Indians and Pakistan want peace now. These are some religious extremists like Taliban in Pakistan and Shiva Sena in India. Only they and our armies want enmity.

      • Lightman, when one mentions Pakistan then it is the people, the citizens he is referring to but NOT the politicians. Though I have never visited India or Pakistan my deep roots are entrenched in Hindustan…the great Land before the Partition. Though not born by 1947…yet, I feel saddened by the destruction caused then and subsequently afterwards…seeing bullets flying to date as a result of that.

        Many people misunderstand the fact that the rift between two loving brothers, who fought for Independence from the British Raj together fell apart so differently, is/was due to the Partition and NOT religion.
        Muslims have never hated Hindus for their religion and vice versa in that Hindus have never hated Muslims for their religion. The Partition started due to the fault of one greedy for power person called Jinnah and Gandhi succumbed to his demands, hungry..frail…old…finally paying for that with his life.
        It was the politicians then and politicians now who spread hatred through their hatred speeches and support of the extremists groups, which even led to unnecessary conflicts.

        But the people are the same…all Indostanis in both of these countries. Due to that fact, their population remains deeply attached to each other. This can be witnessed how the Pakistanis favour India to win against any other country when Pakistan is not playing. Outside hindustan, Muslims and hindus have always lived in harmony, with affection and respect of each other.

        But why is it sad for a normal Hindustani who has never set his foot in Indostan ever? It is because the majority of Muslims living there never accepted to be divided and refused to live their motherland and only a few migrated, yet they have been grouped as minority in their own land thus establishing roots to communal violence forever. Result? Pakistan has never seen a stable government.. …executions and more and more murders of its leaders, since the time of Partition. Daily bombings and killings uncontrollable situation..due to infiltration of the extremists. Lahore belonging to the Sikhs was snatched away from them..thus further hatred towards the Muslims!

        Ask yourself, who caused that situation? And, I am not saying India is any better…in the killings of their leaders too! It is the people that jumps to mind when we think of the rivalry but actually for all the negatives between the two, it is the administration, the politicians that govern… ought to be blamed in totality.

        I do NOT think the Pakistan or the Indian public hate each others…as it is instigated by the politicians and extremists ONLY! They are and will remain brothers to each other always!

        • Yes Indeed..the Hate is the result of politics and is not the natural state of relationship between the people of the two countries.

      • Lightman, thank you and I think you are a greater person than I. Let me tell you, though your comments remind me of Raj…who suddenly seems to have disappeared, that my religion, my belief, my tenet is to BE GOOD, DO GOOD…and let everyone believe in his/her faith of choice, period.

        Anyways, thank you for your remarks!!

          • Lightman, the English expressions you use, the humble explanations you give, the refined etiquette you have and using the word “DEAR” before Plum…he is the only one to do that!!!

            Yet, I respect you, whatever pseudo you use.

    • Kashmiri students booked for sedition for shouting in favour of Pakistan today on 6-3-2014! Politics in sports in India?? (ndtv)

      That is very surprising in the Land of the “most Democratic country”!!!

      • The Old Cockerel Caught LYING!

        MODI’S TRACK RECORD IN GUJARAT IS A LIE. People in the Kutch area of Gujarat are the poorest in the world. Kejirwal is going to expose the Old Cockerel even further in his visit there…to show the people of India that the Old cockerel just doodle-doos!!


        INDIA, be careful of this RSS dude….who is NOT good for India!!

        • I dont think Modi, Kejri or Pappu bhai are any good Both Modi and Kejri are liars and autocrats and both see corruption everywhere except in their own actions Pappu as an individual is good but I think the Congress of today will sell of the entire country to western corporations if it could ..I think we should make Ms Banerjee the PM ..and also She is the CM of my home state…so that would be good for WB…on second thought I dont think that would be good for India ….This is so confusing

          • Nitish Kumar would have been the better choice…as the alliance with his party would have been strengthened the bond of BJP. Modi is NO good for India as nobody in India knows this dictator properly.

            I have watched this Nitish dude and I appreciate his demeanor, with all that experience in various ministerial positions he deserved the ticket to become the next PM of India. With Modi…the BJP is going to lose because this Old dictatorial Cockerel knows nothing about economics but just doodle-doos and divides the people of India!

            He says he is the son of a chai walla…oh yeah?…How come NOW, as at today, this Modi Cock is a billionaire? Did he get those billions through chai selling??? He is an absolute cheat…trying to portray as a poor man…but look at his eyes deeply and you will surely see the devil in him…a very evil person this OLD Cockerel!!!

            Modi is NOT a good leader and “grabbed” the chance of Nitish becoming the next PM.
            This Old Cockerel is NOT good and Indians should NOT be deceived by his political rhetorics and dress dramas or by the false euphoria created by the BJP as it is an equally if not more corrupt party…though there is a lot of positiveness from the Congress that India has seen at least!

        • @Plum the scum
          Modi’s record is very bad..yeah and what about Muslims record….over-representation in crime, riots and terrorism but under-representation in anything pro social activity.
          You maggots are good for nothing..fu***ken waste of oxygen.

          • MSet, I will not call you scum because you are the “gutter-scum”…maybe that is being more polite.

            You, the gutter scum said : “Muslims record….over-representation in crime, riots and terrorism but under-representation in anything pro social activity.
            You maggots are good for nothing..fu***ken waste of oxygen.”, correct???

            Can you give some examples of where Muslims in India have : “over-representation in crime, riots and terrorism”?

            What representation does one expect from the people who are under mined and taken as second class citizens in their own country???

            I know you are a bloody gutter maggot, good for nothing…fu***king waste of space and time responding to shit like you. Did you get that…gutter maggot?????

          • @Plum the jihadi swine
            got irritated when he was slapped with reality.
            here is a link which says while you jihadi pigs make only 20-24% of population you make up 48% of jail inmates.

            and this is after Muslims pigs are getting all sort of “minority welfare” benefits although you jihadi pigs are 17 crore.

            that’s a Muslim website by the way ..so don’t complain about it
            you filthy ugly gutter loving paki swine

          • Bhai I dont think its proper to address ALL MUSLIMS as bad people . We have to make a distinction between true religion and society .

            . I have learned Islam through the current masters of the Chisti Order ( Baba Farid and Nizamuddin Aulia’s order)and find their Interpretation to be a lot different, and its not that they just interpret it differently their whole outlook towards the world and life is poles apart from what most fanatics preach & practice ..

            This happens with every religion some people understand it completely while most of the common population understands it in parts . So its clear “Islam the Religion” cannot be blamed for the actions of anyone ..Even if 99% of muslims turn to crime even then it would be the fault of those individuals and not their faith. I received a lot of love and respect from the Chistis and hence wrote this to defend their faith . Bhai Please dont group every one in the same box .

          • MSET “gutter maggot”, …a maggot eats filthies scum…and that is why you have a rotten mind!

            You have completely misunderstood the whole message of the link that you gave : http://twocircles.net/2012dec05/muslims_comprise_48_jail_inmates_wb.html

            :- POINT to NOTE :

            The report lacks details of the “charge” why they are in the jails, as it should have added “that most were doing time for theft, falsifying documents, drug dealing, raping, murder, resisting arrest, etc.

            Of those convicts, if anyone falls under one of the above charge, then the “gutter maggot” should make an opinion whether it is Islamic or NOT…meaning, does the Quran support those crimes?

            Quran does NOT support : THEFT, RAPE, Murder of innocent, Falsifying documents…

            It should be a matter of grave concern to find out that first rather than dwell on “cooked-up” figures. If a Muslim population in a particular area is 25% but Muslim Jail mates are 40%…that makes NO SENSE…a there could be various reasons of keeping the “second class” citizens in confinement. Maybe they are jobless in their own country because of the status given to them by the First class Hindus….or maybe they cannot raise enough money to hire a lawyer…etc.

            I am NOT a Pakistani..nor a Jihadist….you Idol worshipping caste based swine!!!!!

      • Oh…Well let me assure you that I am not Raj . If I were Raj would I respond to MM’s post by agreeing with him? I believe Raj is the moderator of this site and he has never agreed to any comment which challenges his decision to upload certain news stories as examples of Islam.I dont know if you remember but we had a little chat on this site some months back as well . I dont recall what news story started it but I do remember both of us ending the discussion with mutual respect . That is the reason I replied YOU back , if it were anybody else I wouldn’t had even bothered. That is also the reason I agreed with and replied to MM’s comment because I remember him being a part of our earlier discussion as well.

        • Light Man, Plum thinks of everyone as Raj. But that’s his fault. Most of people here know nothing about Islam, just like Raj, the moderator of this Website. I don’t think it’s sane to believe you’re Raj but Plum has proofs about Lucky being Raj.

          • Ha..Ha..I wonder why I found your reply funny?? Thanks for making me smile 🙂 …anyway I have nothing against Plum, I know he overreacts but overall he’s a cool guy.

          • “ISLAMIST MILITANTS” KILL 10 people in Pakistan.

            A bomb blast on Friday killed 10 people and wounded 31 others in Pakistan’s restive southwestern city of Quetta, officials said.

            The province is also plagued by sectarian bloodshed and Quetta has been hit by numerous bomb attacks in recent years, including two devastating blasts early last year targeting minority SHIITE Muslims.

            “Ten people were killed and 31 injured. Around eight are in critical condition,” Cheema told AFP, adding that eight to 10 kilos of explosives were used in the bomb.


            The Question remains:- why do those dudes kill fellow Muslims???

          • Hate sees no religion. Thats why I say Ignorant people are just that Ignorant.( being born into a Muslim family does not make them muslim , the same goes for people of other faiths as well) ..Today they will hate people of other religion tomorrow the same group will begin hating people with a different opinion or views within their own group.

          • one more thing …Ofcourse these people are Political Muslims( they mention Islam as their religion in various Govt forms etc). but are far away from being true spiritual muslims

    • Dear MM, my view of the future world IS, which should start NOW, thus : There should be ONE principle and ONLY ONE Principle to be followed by every person in the world and that should be : BE GOOD, DO GOOD!! That should be our religion and Mode of Conduct.

      Let every person follow his/her tradition, culture…when it comes to marriages, death, dress code, naming a baby, …but some other community’s rites and rituals should NOT be imposed on others. Since every person will BE GOOD, DO GOOD, in his/her original form, the world will become more moral and the true virtues will come to the fore.

      I do not believe there is some big DADDY sitting in some place in the heavens, WITH SOME FUNNY CREATURES WITH WINGS!!!!! Ask yourself…where is that daddy??? Why follow Arab, Indian, Africa,…other people’s culture and traditions and kill your own????????

      There are NO flying Angels…have seen one???

      So I say : BE GOOD, DO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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