Hindu temple attacked by Muslims, set on fire in Pakistan

[Press Trust of India] A Hindu temple has been desecrated and set on fire by unidentified persons in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, two weeks ahead of an annual fair at the holy site. The caretaker of the temple of Hindu deity Hanuman, in Latifabad town told police that three men came on Friday to offer prayers.

fire-480“But after offering prayers they first broke a statue of Hanuman and then sprayed kerosene oil and set it on fire,” said a police official. Darshan, the interim caretaker of the temple, said the attackers ran away when he called for help.

The miscreants had covered their faces, thus could not be identified, he added. The attack came weeks ahead of the April 14 fair organised at the temple every year. Around 500-600 scheduled caste Hindu families inhabit the locality the temple is situated in. They staged protests at several places in the city.

The initial investigations suggest the attack is not related to any communal strife. The local Deputy Superintendent of Police and Station House Officer have been suspended and an FIR has been lodged against three unidentified attackers, said DIG Sanaullah Abbassi.

On March 15, a frenzied mob had set on fire a temple and a ‘Dharamshala’ in Larkana over alleged desecration of a holy book, prompting authorities to impose a curfew in the area. Hindus are the largest minority in Pakistan, but make up only about two per cent of the country’s 180 million population.

Most Hindus live in Sindh province, where there have been several instances of alleged abduction and forced conversion of women from the minority community.

20 thoughts on “Hindu temple attacked by Muslims, set on fire in Pakistan

    • Couldn’t understand whether you are criticizing with the word “false”!!! If yes, then ok else the news is true!

  1. IT IS a very sad thing to see…to see Temples, Mosques, Churches, Buddha’s statutes… being destroyed, in ANY country.

    These places of worship are built for gathering of people in a particular area of those who adhere to certain faith. They cost a good sum of money, just to give the believers of that faith a higher morality and NOBODY has ANY right of destroying such structures.

    This dirty and vicious tactic is extremely condemnable and that is what the Government of Pakistan fights to stop such Acts. Nothing about razing the Temples is mentioned in the Quran…luckily NOBODY was killed.
    The report says : “Three men came on Friday to offer prayers.” Muslims DO NOT offer prayers in the Temples.
    “The miscreants had covered their faces.” Were their faces “covered” when they were praying….praying with the masks on?

    Now look at the Muslim Government of Pakistan and what they have done :
    1. IT allowed “They staged protests at several places in the city.”
    2. IT said : “The initial investigations suggest the attack is not related to any communal strife.”
    3. It suspended : “The local Deputy Superintendent of Police and Station House Officer have been suspended.”
    4. A FIR has been lodged against three unidentified attackers.

    This is all politically motivated and is NOT communal!

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  2. Sunny Pseudo, you said << "Pakistan itself is surviving 50% on US dollars for the past 3-4 decades?". Where did you get these bogus figures from??

    What form of "surviving" are YOU talking of? Is it :

    1. FCI~the USA capital inflows to Pakistan?…what are they?
    2. Foreign Aid~ USA to Pakistan…give the site from where you allege that.
    3. Economic Development dependency of Pakistan on USA .inter-national dependency.
    4. Foreign Economic Assistance~ of the USA to Pakistan
    5. Official Development Assistance~ which every country in the world gets.
    6. Foreign Debt Burden Aid and Growth…from the internal sources of Pakistan.

    We also ask YOU to give the details of the Trends and Structure of Aid received and its Effectiveness for the past 3-4 decades to SHOW how Pakistan utilised that USA Aid.

    Since you are another pseudo of the same…we ask you NOT to dodge our questions, okay?

      • Sunny, so now show us how the USA aid, inclusive of Military assistance equates to 50% of Pakistan’s National Budget. Pakistan’s Budget Outlay is app. 3 Trillion and the total Aid given to Pakistan Economically and Military-wise is US $ :

        40428.39 + 25470.01 + 21299.1+ 9273.57 = 96471.14million = Aid given to Pakistan in 60 YEARS App. = 97 Billion

        Per annum that would be => 97/60 = $1.6 Billion . Convert that to Rupees ( PR > $=rate 96.28)

        1.6 Billion x 96.28 = PR 154 Billion

        So now let us see what % is that to the total Budget Outlay =>

        Budget Outlay => 3 Trillion = 3’000 Billion

        Now get the % of USA Aid to Budget Outlay.

        154/3000 x 100 = 5.1%.

        That means if the USA Aid is spread over 60 years, in total…inclusive of military Aid, then the total is 5 Percent and NOT 50 Percent as falsely alleged over here. And you, another pseudo of the same, agreed with those incorrect figures?

        The Pakistan dependency on USA Aid is ONLY 5%….FIVE PERCENT and NOT 50%.

        • Yes, you MAY be correct. I just wanted to see whether you are an Indian, a Pakistani, a Bangladeshi or a from Saudian sub-continent. Just curiosity. (I’m not from Pakistan). May Allah/God/Ishwar/Bhagwan guide you to the right path.
          Don’t blindly follow Islam, but follow the teachings of Allah. ALL scriptures of ALL religions have been more or less corrupted/modified/subdued for selfish purposes. NO need to believe it now…just wait and you will come to know when time comes. ALL religions are in bad shape!!!

          BTW, Khajur too is a pseudo 😉

          • Sunny, I do NOT follow teachings of any religion….as I believe in Humanity first. Life is too short to appease any religious leader who are there to hoodwink us through their cheatings and deceit. The best way out is to BE GOOD, DO GOOD. Let me explain that in brief, okay?

            To Be Good is to become good to YOUR own self first. Do NOT go for illicit stuff in any manner or form. Just become a person with the highest Moral and Conduct…however shaky the situation turns into…YOU should NOT waver from your integrity. So FIRST BE GOOD to YOURSELF. Then and ONLY then you BE GOOD to others. Help people in any FORM that YOU can. There, in that realm, you will receive happiness…the actual happiness, when YOU see that YOU made somebody happy you will be gratified from within.

            Do NOT go after money…that thing becomes your own enemy. Of course everybody needs to work for money…and that YOU do but in the MOST honest way, which I have done…in trust and humility.

            I contribute towards Islam as this is ONE of the Anti-Islamic sites and thus enjoy to integrate with others….as meeting with like minds~which are very few in this world~ achieves certain bliss! I DO NOT have any hard feelings towards anybody!

          • Sunny, I am a Kenyan Indostani…descendant of great parents since 1850’s, who migrated to East Africa, before any independence wars in the world and before the Partition. We love Indian culture and can speak, read and write in Hindi, Gujarati without having been taught ever! It is a natural flow…and wish for PEACE to prevail the world over, especially in Hindustan.

            There has NEVER been any communal conflict between the Hindus and Muslims in East Africa…in fact we have helped settle various families from India in disregard to their religious affiliations!

          • Noida student beaten, stripped, blackmailed, allegedly by seniors(ndtv)

            This is what the world is coming to….with these homo dudes…and they are students or criminals??

            A first year student of a college in Noida was thrashed, stripped and sexually abused allegedly by three of his seniors who also recorded a video of the torture and then blackmailed him for money. The incident reportedly took place at the hostel of an animation institute in Sector 46 of Noida adjoining Delhi.

            Principal killed with knives, sickle on campus; 3 students arrested

            The principal of a private college in Tamil Nadu was killed on campus this morning with knives and a sickle, allegedly by three students who had been suspended for indiscipline.

    • Jesus was an Israeli, with a link to DAVID through genealogy. What is the POINT of giving his ancestor list in details if he was GOD the SON?

      Huh, imagine a “JEW” dying for the world’s SINS!!

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