Iran: British women sentenced 20 years for posting jokes on Islam

Beware infidels, if you are in any Islamic country, and planning to post any anti-Islamic joke, post or comment on any social networking site, then you may be sentenced for 20 long years in the toughest jail of that country. A British women was sentenced for 20 years in Iran jail, just for posting jokes on Ayatollah Khomeini.

[IB Times] A British Roya Nobakht, 47, has been jailed for a Facebook post she published while on holiday in the country. It offended hard-line Muslim leaders by bashing former supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini.roya-saberi

Stockport resident Nobakht – who holds dual British/Iranian citizenship, fell foul of strict religious laws and was convicted of putting Iran’s national security at risk and insulting Islam.

Husband Doryoush Taghipoor only found out about his wife’s plight when she failed to show up at Manchester Airport last October. He flew to Iran to find her, scouring places such as hospitals. Since he tracked her down, the couple have spent only 10 minutes together.

Nobakht has been tortured while in captivity, alleged a relative, who said: “Roya is devastated. She is not doing well. She has said she would trather die then be there for 20 years. She has been tortured and the conditions in prison are terrible.”

The authorities sent Nobakht to the notorious Evin prison in north-west Tehran, a mixed facility that has been described as the country’s toughest jail.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are aware that a British national has received a custodial sentence in Iran.”

29 thoughts on “Iran: British women sentenced 20 years for posting jokes on Islam

  1. The shortest Joker about islam:
    An unemployed Muslim arrives at The Gouvernement……
    I am peaceful And i want to work!!!! Hahaha….

  2. Thought of sharing this to all (Warning: don’t watch if you have a weak heart)!!!

    ISIS Beheads Christian Children!!!

    Don’t forget to go thru the comments below the video too.

    • “Don’t forget to go thru the comments below the video too” –> I mean in Youtube page (NOT in these pages) if you view this video in Youtube.

    • And, what is the point of nude Hindu IDOL worship? The world would be better in grace ….less pretentious.AND TO ACHIEVE THAT they should EAT more “COWS”!

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