Malaysia: Islamic organization raid Hindu wedding & arrest Bride

[Free Malaysia Today] The NGO Hindraf has accused the Selangor Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jais) of conducting an unlawful and unconstitutional raid on a wedding reception that was being held in a Hindu temple.JAIS-raid-hindu-wedding

“This action by Jais clearly shows disrespect to the sensitivities of non-Muslims and their place of worship. They clearly crossed the boundaries of their jurisdiction,” said Hindraf chief, P Waythamoorthy.

“The overzealous attitude by the Jais officers shows that they are given a free hand to interfere into the personal life of a non-Muslim individual and they seem to have impunity from the law.

“The absolute arbitrary power of these Jais officers to interfere into the non-Muslim affairs needs to be stopped immediately.

“There is a clear infringement of Article 11 of the supreme law of this country as seen in this matter.”

Yesterday Jais stopped a Hindu wedding in Petaling Jaya and detained the 32 year old bride.

Jais are investigating the case under the 1988 Enactment (Control of Propagation Amongst Muslims), which cites it as an offense to persuade, influence or incite any Muslim to change their faith.

According to a Jais official, the bride’s identity card identifies her as a Muslim.

“The woman did not know that her father had registered her and three of her siblings as Muslims.

“She only found out when a relative saw their birth certificates,” the unnamed Jais official was quoted as saying in a Malay news daily yesterday.

Her father, who had abandoned her a long time ago, had been responsible for registering her as a Muslim but she was raised and grew up as a Hindu.

She said that she had gone to the National Registration Department (NRD) to make a change on the religious status in her MyKad, once in 2007 and again last April.

She failed on both attempts as she was unable to obtain her father’s signature.

One thought on “Malaysia: Islamic organization raid Hindu wedding & arrest Bride

  1. Hi,

    What kind of CULT is this?

    Do these people know anything about Free Will?

    If one is forced to accept this CULT, just because their parents say they have to, then it is a Fascist Cult!

    It shows total insecurity on behalf of those in this CULT, because they know that, if their children were free to choose whatever religion they wanted, their CULT would die.

    FEAR is what holds this CULT together!

    This is something you would see on the PLANET OF THE APES.


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