India: Muslim League Behind ‘Child Trafficking’ of 589 Kids

[Express News] BJP state president V Muralidharan on Monday said that the State Government was trying to sabotage the case pertaining to the alleged trafficking of children from Jharkhand to Kerala, succumbing to the pressure of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML).

Addressing a news conference here, he said that when the child trafficking incident came to light, the League leadership tried to exert pressure on the government by playing the community card. The permission of Child Welfare Committees and the court had not been taken in this regard. Not even the permission of the parents was sought, he said.

Child trafficking under the cover of orphanage had already been brought to the notice of the government. Muslim League and other Muslim organisations had been following a stand supportive of child trafficking, the BJP leader alleged.

Muralidharan pointed out that the investigating agencies had already given report to the government that children were being used for extremist activities, sexual abuse and for conversion. However, the government has taken a stand of ignoring all such reports.

The BJP leader pointed out that when the State Human Rights Commission began conducting a survey of the orphanages, the State Government intervened to stop it.

He said the Muslim League was justifying the  child trafficking by playing the community card. The League’s move is to divert attention, he said.

Muralidharan urged the government to conduct a comprehensive probe into the functioning of the orphanages in the state.

He said it was important to probe the whereabouts of those inmates who had resided here in the past. A comprehensive probe into the child trafficking from Jharkhand was also required, he said. He warned that in the event of the State Government sabotaging the case, the BJP would seek the Centre’s intervention in holding a probe.

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