Indian Muslims demand Shariat Law & protest against PM Modi

London (UK) :Muslims of Indian Origin Protest in London In front of Indian Embassy against Narendra Modi and Hindus and demand for implementation of Shariat in India.

Hindus are warned of dire consequences if they try to disrespect Muslims and also protestors call for Khilafat and unity of Muslims all around the world. Also ask all Hindus to convert to Islam and abide by laws of Quran.

Protestors demand India to move out of Kashmir and should be handed over to Pakistan .

Protestors warn Modi and BJP govt in India and also tell Hindus are cowards who will be put to end in few years.

8 thoughts on “Indian Muslims demand Shariat Law & protest against PM Modi

  1. First lets see them try revoking the constitution of Pakistan and implementing the Sharia there. Fools.

    • Lightman, ALL Pakistanis, just before 1947, were INDIANS. The land on which they live was part of the great Indostan called Hindustan. There was NO Pakistan before 1947.

      Pakistanis are the race of the same Indians of India….but are 100% different from the Arabs of the Middle East. Currently, there is wide spread of evils~ in that country like drugs, prostitution, homoship, killings of the innocent through terrorist acts, sabotages….

      ALL that can be curbed under Sharia Law which will straighten and eradicate the evils ongoing there. That would add up for the betterment of India as well as for the rest of the world. I think, implementing Sharia Law in Pakistan will be the the best thing for us all!

      • No doubts buddy (once again)!
        Why Pakistan? If you google (and notice historical maps), even Afghanistan was part & parcel of India for a long time around 2000 years ago. But that’s not important.
        Whats important is, until & unless humans truly wants + learns to live like humans by breaking the barrier of weird religions, no law in this world can bring true peace 😦 . Sharia-Haria-Fharia can do nothing 😦

        Though muslims in India are a bit lagging behind & have issues, but they purposely deny that their conditions are comparatively FAR BETTER than hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh! Nothing more to say 😦

        Just that, we all are just waiting for the end times/judgement day/Qyamat/etc.,…knowingly or unknowingly!

        • Sunny, YOU are right! That is the reason they supported the party~BJP~ they had faced as their antagonists before. Muslims should appreciate that their status has been raised greatly in India and should fully support their fellow Hindu brothers. They do know that they are NOT Pakistanis and should NEVER support insurgents but defend Kashmir and whole of India tooth and nail FROM ANY FOREIGN ATTACK AND CLAIMS.

          During the partition, a few went away to Pakistan but the majority remained in India. The Partition was a mistake as it divided the great Hindustan which Gandhi paid for dearly.

          India and Pakistan MUST live peacefully with each other though Pakistan faces worst nightmares from the one time friends, the Taliban, who have become a thorn in its flesh.

          It is very difficult to straighten the situation unless Pakistan adopts Sharia Law…her own Sharia Law, NOT as rigid as Saudi one. Then and ONLY then will the Taliban and the Muslim rebels be defeated for good!

          Can YOU suggest of a way out of that situation for Pakistan besides Sharia Law?

      • This has nothing to do with India-Pakistan relationship or who the Pakistanis are? My comment was satirical in nature and was against the foolishness of such a demand. I dont know what effect will sharia have on Pakistan & that’s a different discussion altogether but when these groups do not or cannot demand Sharia for Pakistan , an Islamic nation, I see no sense in their demanding Sharia for a multi-faith , Multi cultural and incredibly complex country like India. I would also like to add that perhaps these groups are ignorant about the Muslim Personal Law Board which indeed handles civil cases according to the sharia for Muslims .

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