India: Police removed loudspeakers from Temple on Muslims objection

Its pitiful that in a nation where Hindus are in majority could not put a speaker on their temples just because its against the faith of minority Muslims. Hindus must think that, they are committing these atrocities when they are just 14%, think what they will do when they become majority.  Read the news from Indian Express:

[Express News Service] The district administration has invoked prohibitory orders in Kanth area of Moradabad district, after the BJP gave a call for mahapanchayat to protest against the removal of a loudspeaker from a temple by the police last week.

The mahapanchayat has been called on Friday (July 4).

Tension started brewing in the area after police removed the loudspeaker from a temple in Akbarpur Chendri village of the district on Thursday. Protesting against the action, a large number of shops in the local market have remained closed since Friday and a group of locals, including some right-wing organisation members, clashed with the police in Kanth town the same day during a road blockade against the removal of the loudspeaker.

Later, 19 people were booked for attacking the policemen.

Akbarpur Chendri village is situated near the native village of local MLA Aneesur Rahman of Peace Party.

Kanth Circle Officer Rahul Kumar said BJP MP Sarvesh Kumar Singh had visited Akbarpur Chendri village — with over 80 per cent Muslim population — on June 16 and was felicitated near the temple. Kumar said the MP had then told the locals to let the loudspeaker remain at the temple.

The CO said a complaint was later given by some villagers to remove the loudspeaker as it could create disharmony in the area. The administration removed it on finding there was no tradition of using the loudspeaker at the temple during this period.

IG, Bareilly Zone, Zaki Ahmed said the loudspeaker was mounted at the temple only during Shivratri festival. He said there was no tradition of loudspeaker being used on other days so it was removed. However, BJP’s leader Bhupendra Singh claimed the loudspeaker has been at the temple for last 40 years and was removed at the behest of the Peace Party MLA.

He said all BJP MPs from western UP and leaders will attend the mahapanchayat to demand the restoration of the loudspeaker.

4 thoughts on “India: Police removed loudspeakers from Temple on Muslims objection

  1. The Loudspeakers SHOULD BE restored…as every person has a freedom to do so. For harmony to PREVAIL, the loudspeakers should be used at such times as they DO NOT disrupt the HARMONY of each others’ inter-faiths.

    Otherwise, the Quran does NOT talk of any loudspeakers to make it sound as a tradition
    and a monopoly of the Muslims as per say nor do ANY Hindu Scriptures advice its adherents to use them!

  2. i don’t know why hindu Muslims hate each others…. only those peoples do such activities, who are not aware about the teaching of there religion.. all religion teach to live with harmony and love each other….
    media should stop this type of activities. why Indian media always speaks against Muslims….
    hindu Muslims both loves each others… you media don’t create problem between them….

    • Hindus do not hate any person or group or religion. It is the muslims who hate all other religion and people who do not accept Islam. Islam breeds terrorism.

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