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After 2011 Mumbai Bombing, many Islamic scholars came forward to defend Islam, in same way, when Islamic scholars came forward to defend Islam after 9/11. These scholars say, that Islam forbids terrorism and Mass Murder in name of Religion. They further claim, that Prophet of Islam was a holy man, and lived a very simple and pious life. He was best example for Mankind, and he need to be followed.

I was unable to draw any conclusion when for the first time I read the report on World Designated Terrorist Organisations. On one hand Islamic scholars claim, Islam to be the religion of Peace, which forbids Terrorism, and on other hand 90% of world’s terrorist organisation are Islamic. This made me start my research on sources of Terrorist Ideologies and reason behind their Intolerant nature towards Non-Muslims.

The reasons I found was shocking enough which I never expected, because I thought that every religion must be teaching peace, love and Humanity. But after going through Islamic sources I realized, that Islamic does not come under the same roof, in which other religions come.  The summary with which I came up, I have posted in this site with references to authentic Islamic scriptures.

Next, when I heard about Islamic Miracles and Science in Qur’an by Islamic scholars, who practice Taqqyia to convert a Non-Muslim into Islam, I started exposing them too, by going through loads of article present in site, which claims Islam to be the only true religion.

Now I believe that Islam is a death cult of Brain dead people, who are ready to blow themselves up in name of Allah, following their Terrorist prophet. Qur’an commands its believers to do all, which is not only Barbaric but also Inhumane, for instance see this:

[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.” [Qur’an 8:12]

This is not the only command which changes a ignorant Human into Monster. There are many such verses from Qur’an and Narration from Sunnah, which commands the same thing. Being a citizen of this world, I have full right to defend my Family and this world from Islam and its teachings. Anyways, Qur’an already commands believers to not make or have any friendship with NON-BELIEVERS, still I would like to apologize in advance, If this site by any mean have hurt sentiments or feelings of my Muslim mate of this Mother Planet.

Viewers are free to Complain, or Suggest any thing the wish, for that please visit here. Regarding refuting articles in this site, or for inviting for debate, please visit here, or can mail me on thefalseprophet.co.in@gmail.com


‘Ryunen Raj’

122 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey writer, I hope you read this in best of Health and shape:-
    since you’d given us the freedom to criticize and comment, i must say that i’ve found many inconsistencies in your articles above, first and foremost:- to claim or to accuse the clerics of lying without a prove is very subjective and far from professionalism, and the other thing you mentioned is that 90% of world’s terrorist organizations are islamic, is that according to you? and even if it true .. How do label an organization “Islamic” when it is from the beginning denying that the other muslims are Muslims? and even further fights them for the same religion they claim they don’t have? if that is not mad ideology, I don’t know what is.
    and lastly, it is a matter of Basics in religious education that sacred scriptures are not revealed for no reason, the verse you have selected emphasizes the methodology of war in islamic doctrines, and not any type of war it is confined to defensive wars raged against muslim societies, a thing which represents the bare minimum in preservation and protection of Human societies.
    actually, i stumbled upon your website by mistake and i had no intention to comment whatsoever, but the beautiful title upstairs caught my eyes.

    Email me, we gonna have interesting discussions

  2. islam is not only what written in Quran,but the whole lives of all prophets combines and complete islam.every muslim can defeat islam even alone.. but only wrong questions have no right answer.

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