List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days:

Here is the List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days:


Without any useless expense of words lets see the date, country, place and casualty details.


Date Country Place Casualties Description
2012.04.25 Thailand Pattani 2 Two middle-aged men are machine-gunned in their pickup truck by Religion of Peace militants
2012.04.24 Pakistan Bara Qadeem 1 A child dies from splinter injuries suffered from a Mujahideen grenade attack.
2012.04.24 Nigeria Gwa-Rim 5 Suspected Boko Haram attack a village and massacre five residents
2012.04.24 Nigeria Jos 1 Fundamentalists bomb a bar where locals gather to watch a soccer match. One person is killed.
2012.04.24 Pakistan Lahore 3 Islamic militants bomb a train station, killing three bystanders, including a 9-year-old child.
2012.04.23 Iraq Tikrit 2 Two children are machine-gunned to death in their school by Jihadis.
2012.04.23 Iraq Baghdad 2 A young girl is among two Iraqis killed by terrorists with silencers.
2012.04.22 Pakistan Adezai 4 Four cousins are ambushed and murdered by machine-gun wielding Islamists.
2012.04.21 Pakistan Quetta 2 Two religious minorities are killed for their faith by Wahhabi gunmen.
2012.04.21 Iraq Baghdad 3 Sunni bombers take out three people near a Shiite place of worship with bombs planted on a
2012.04.21 Pakistan North Waziristan 2 Two grandchildren of a tribal elder are kidnapped and brutally executed by Sunni
2012.04.20 Iraq Baghdad 1 A mosque imam is assassinated by sectarian rivals
2012.04.19 Israel Jerusalem 1 An orthodox Jewish pilgrim is stabbed outside a tomb by two Arabs.
2012.04.19 Afghanistan Lagrai 4 A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends four Afghan souls to Allah.
2012.04.19 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 Five day laborers at a bakery are brutally shot to death by Boko Haram.
2012.04.19 Iraq Baghdad 11 Terrorists murder at least eleven Iraqis in five separate bombings.
2012.04.19 Pakistan Shawa 5 A woman is among five villagers killed during a massive Taliban assault
2012.04.19 Iraq Ramadi 8 Eight Shiites are exterminated by a pair of al-Qaeda car bombers.
2012.04.19 Iraq Taji 5 A Shahid suicide bomber sends five souls to Allah.
2012.04.17 Somalia Baidoa 1 A security guard is murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.04.17 Yemen al-Bayda 6 An al-Qaeda suicide bomber takes out five local soldiers and a civilian.
2012.04.17 Pakistan Karachi 1 A Shia school principal is assassinated by Wahhabi gunmen.
2012.04.17 Iraq Bagdhad 4 Four civilians are disassembled by a well-placed Mujahideen bomb
2012.04.17 Pakistan Asharey 1 A woman is strangled by her relatives on suspicion of a sexual affair.
2012.04.16 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 Two people are shot to death by Boko Haram extremists.
2012.04.16 Pakistan Korangi 2 Two cousins are shot to death in a targeted sectarian attack by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.04.16 Iraq Rashidiya 4  Four Shiite farmers are picked off by Sunni snipers.
2012.04.16 Pakistan Khazana 1 A 6-year-old child is killed by a grenade thrown into a school by religious hardliners opposed to mixed education.
2012.04.16 Dagestan Makhachkala 1 Muslim car bombers take out a woman and injure her husband.
2012.04.16 Pakistan Quetta 1 Sunni gunmen murder a Shia civillian.
2012.04.15 Yemen Hadramawt 3 Three young children, all siblings, are disassembled by al-Qaeda explosives while on their way to school.
2012.04.15 South Sudan Mayom 7 Seven civilians are killed as a result of a Sudanese bombing.
2012.04.15 Iraq Baqubah 4 A woman and four children, ages 5 to 15, are sent to Allah by an al-Qaeda bomber.
2012.04.15 Pakistan Sheikhupura 1 An 80-year-old man is assassinated after being acquitted for blasphemy.
2012.04.15 Iraq Hawija 1 A boy riding in a car is murdered by suspected al-Qaeda bombers.
2012.04.15 Iraq Kirkuk 1 A bomb near a university kills one.
2012.04.15 Afghanistan Kabul 12 At least a dozen civilians and police are killed during a wave of Fedayeen suicide assaults by the Taliban.
2012.04.15 South Sudan Bentiu 2 A pregnant woman is among two people killed during a bombing by the Islamic Republic of Sudan.
2012.04.15 Iraq Iraq 3 A Shiite family home is blown up by Sunni radicals, leaving three members dead.
2012.04.15 Pakistan Mohmand 2 Tehreek-e-Taliban militants attack and kill two local cops.
2012.04.15 Yemen Lawder 3 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out three civilians at a checkpoint.
2012.04.15 Egypt el-Arish 2 Islamists machine-gun two policemen to death at an airport.
2012.04.15 Afghanistan Mahmud-i-Raqi 4 All four people riding in a police vehicle are torn apart by a Taliban bomb.
2012.04.14 Pakistan Shal Kot 1 A man loses his life to sectarian Jihadis.
2012.04.14 Pakistan Quetta 8 Eight members of a Shia minority community are shot to death by Sunni radicals in two attacks.
2012.04.14 Yemen al-Jawalah 5 A sudden al-Qaeda attack on a checkpoint leaves five local soldiers dead.
2012.04.14 Pakistan Ghaniur Rehman 1 An excise inspector is killed by a remote-controlled bomb.
2012.04.14 Iraq Baiji 1 One person is killed by a sticky bomb attached to a vegetable cart.
2012.04.13 Pakistan Bajri 1 A man is beheaded by Religion of Peace rivals.
2012.04.13 Pakistan Quetta 1 Sunni militants shoot a Shiite to death outside a shop.
2012.04.13 Afghanistan Khanabad 5 Women and children are among five victims of a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.04.13 Iraq Samarra 5 Sunni gunmen block buses carrying Shia pilgrims and open up at point-blank range, killing five.
2012.04.13 Iraq Baghdad 2 Two Shiite pilgrims are shot to death by Sunni militants.
2012.04.12 Thailand Pattani 3 Three villagers, including a woman, are gunned down in cold blood by Muslim ‘separatists’.
2012.04.12 Afghanistan Garmser 2 A Taliban bomber takes out two teenagers and injures three other children.
2012.04.12 Yemen Moudia 3 Three tribesmen lose their live to an al-Qaeda ambush.
2012.04.12 Pakistan Quetta 1 A Shiite minority is assassinated in a Sunni drive-by outside a tea shop.
2012.04.12 Pakistan Quetta 2 Two more Shiites are shot to death by Sunnis in a second attack on the same day.
2012.04.12 Nigeria Maiduguri 5 Boko Haram radicals shoot five traders to death at a market.
2012.04.12 Iraq Kirkuk 5 ‘Insurgents’ murder three civilians and two cops in a drive-by.
2012.04.11 Mali Timbuktu 1 A Christian leader is beheaded shortly after Islamic forces take control of the city.
2012.04.11 Philippines Carmen 3 A bus bomb, linked to Muslim ‘rebels’, leaves three people dead and injures many children.
2012.04.11 Afghanistan Dawlat Shahi 1 A schoolteacher is among two casualties of a Taliban roadside bomb.
2012.04.11 Iraq Mosul 2 Muslim militants murder two workers at a construction site.
2012.04.11 Iraq Baqubah 5 Five members of a Shiite family are demolished along with their own home by Sunni bombers.
2012.04.10 Afghanistan Musa Qala 8 A Shahid suicide bomber takes out eight Afghans.
2012.04.10 Afghanistan Guzara 14 A 4-year-old girl is among fourteen innocents blown up by a Fedayeen suicide bomber wearing a burqa.
2012.04.10 Yemen Abar 8 al-Qaeda militants machine-gun eight local soldiers at point-blank range.
2012.04.10 Pakistan Speen Qabar 7 Lashkar-e-Islam tortures and kills seven former member for leaving the group.
2012.04.10 Nigeria Banki 5 Boko Haram assault on a village leaves five dead.
2012.04.10 Algeria Kabylie 1 A fundamentalist roadside blast leaves a local soldier dead.
2012.04.10 Philippines Sumisip 1 One person is killed by an Abu Sayyaf landmine.
2012.04.09 Nigeria Dikwa 3 A civilian and guard at a church are among three people shot to death by Boko Haram.
2012.04.09 Yemen Loder 20 An Ansar al-Sharia assault leaves twenty local soldiers and tribesmen dead.
2012.04.09 Pakistan Quetta 6 Six minority Shiites are machine-gunned by Lashkar-i-Jhangvi at close range as they are sitting outside a shop.
2012.04.09 Nigeria Potiskum 1 A 6-year-old girl is murdered by Islamic terrorists.
2012.04.09 Somalia Baidoa 12 A dozen women and children are sent to Allah by al-Shabaab bombers at a marketplace.
2012.04.08 Nigeria Kaduna 41 A suicide car bomber detonates outside a church celebrating Easter. Nearly forty people lose their
lives in the carnage.
2012.04.08 Pakistan Khapiyanga 2 Islamic militants kill two people at a checkpost.
2012.04.07 Pakistan Karachi 1 A prayer leader is murdered by sectarian rivals in a drive-by shooting.
2012.04.07 Turkey Bahcelievler 1 Radicals rush into a church and assault a pastor when he refuses to embrace Islam.
2012.04.07 Iraq Khan Bani Saad 3 ‘Insurgents’ kill three Iraqis with a roadside bomb.
2012.04.07 Lebanon Jusiyeh 7 Seven Shiite pilgrims are killed by a mortar attack on their bus.
2012.04.07 Iraq Karrada 2 Two passengers on a minibus bleed to death following a Mujahideen bomb blast.
2012.04.06 Azerbaijan Ganja 1 A police officer is killed when an Islamic militant blows himself up.
2012.04.06 Afghanistan Kunar 2 A peace envoy and his son are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2012.04.06 Pakistan Karachi 1 A 55-year-old seminary teacher is shot five times by sectarian rivals.
2012.04.06 Yemen Mansoura 1 A civilian is killed instantly by an al-Qaeda suicide bomber.
2012.04.06 Dagestan Khasavyurtovsky 1 Suspected Islamists gun down a local cop.
2012.04.05 Pakistan Karachi 1 A 22-year-old Shiite is shot to death by suspected Sunnis.
2012.04.05 Philippines Sumisip 4 Four people at an agriculture co-op lose their lives to an Abu Sayyaf attack.
2012.04.05 Pakistan Karachi 4 A Tehrik-e-Taliban suicide car bomber takes out four Pakistanis.
2012.04.05 Thailand Pattani 1 Muslim ‘insurgents’ fire into a car care shop, killing the owner and seriously injuring his son.
2012.04.05 Somalia Mogadishu 1 A journalist is gunned down by suspected al-Shabaab militants.
2012.04.05 Algeria Tizi-Ouzou 1 Fundamentalists attack a police vehicle and kill an officer.
2012.04.05 Afghanistan Badakhshan 2 A Fedayeen suicide bomber detonates at a bazaar, killing two innocents.
2012.04.04 Iraq Kirkuk 1 A 16-year-old boy is beaten and strangled on suspicion of being homosexual.
2012.04.04 Somalia Mogadishu 10 A Shahid suicide bomber detonates in a theater, killing at least ten innocents.
2012.04.04 Afghanistan Maimanah 12 At least twelve people at a park are dismantled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2012.04.04 Iraq Beaver Ridge Canaan 6 Five civilians are cut down by a Mujahid bombing along a city street.
2012.04.04 Nigeria Maiduguri 9 Islamic radicals fire on Christian traders at a market, killing nine.
2012.04.04 Iraq Hamdaniya 4 Terrorists take out four civilians with a car bomb.
2012.04.04 Pakistan Jamrud 6 A half-dozen bus passengers are sent to Allah by Muslim bombers.
2012.04.04 Afghanistan Khak Safid 10 Ten Afghan cops are murdered by Sunni fundamentalists.
2012.04.04 Pakistan Sheikhupura 2 Two women are honor killed by their brother-in-law for ‘having suspicious characters.
2012.04.03 Pakistan Gari Bagh 6 At least six people die from shrapnel injuries after a sectarian grenade attack on a Sunni
2012.04.03 Pakistan Gilgit 10 Ten more people are killed in a sectarian clash between Sunni and Shia.
2012.04.03 Pakistan Miranshah 1 Islamic militants murder a security guard with a bomb.
2012.04.03 Afghanistan Wardoj 3 Religion of Peace militants storm a checkpoint and kill three police officers.
2012.04.03 Iraq Tikrit 1 A father of two is killed by bombers because he worked for an American-supported TV station.
2012.04.03 Afghanistan Nahri Sarraj 6 Two civilians and four police are poisoned and shot by the Taliban.
2012.04.03 Iraq Diwaniya 1 A Shiite cleric is assassinated by sectarian rivals outside his home.
2012.04.02 Iraq Dujail 4 Four truck drivers are kidnapped, strangled and burned by Muslim terrorists.
2012.04.02 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 Taliban marketplace bombers kill two and wound two dozen others.
2012.04.02 Pakistan Mohmand 4 Islamic militants assault a Pakistani checkpoint, killing three soldiers.
2012.04.02 Pakistan Pakistan 1 A woman is hacked alive by her brother-in-law for having ‘loose morals’.
2012.04.02 Pakistan Pakistan 1 A Tehreek-e-Taliban bomb explodes at a taxi stand, killing a bystander.
2012.04.02 Israel Jerusalem 1 An elderly Jewish man in ultra-orthodox dress is assaulted by an axe-wielding Arab.
2012.04.02 Thailand Pattani 2 Two Buddhists are shot to death sitting in their pickup truck by Mujahideen.
2012.04.02 Pakistan Quetta 2 Sunnis barge into a shoe store and gun down two Shia.
2012.04.02 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 Boko Haram radicals murder a cop.
2012.04.01 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 A Christian is shot to death by Islamists on his way home from church.
2012.04.01 Afghanistan Tarin Kot 2 Religious radicals murder two local cops.
2012.04.01 Yemen Hadramout 7 Seven local troops are slaughtered by al-Qaeda.
2012.03.31 Yemen Mallah 17 A surprise attack by al-Qaeda leaves seventeen local soldiers dead.
2012.03.31 Thailand Yala 5  A Religion of Peace bombing at a hotel ignites a fire that kills five and injures over three-hundred.
2012.03.31 Kenya Kenya 2 Two Christians are blown apart when Mujahideen toss a grenade into an outdoor worship service.
2012.03.31 Thailand Yala 9 A brutal double-bombing in a commercial hub leaves at least nine shoppers dead and over one-hundred
2012.03.31 Kenya Mombasa 1 A woman is killed when suspected al-Shabaab radicals throw grenades into a bar.
2012.03.31 Afghanistan Gizab 3 Three Afghans are torn to shreds by a Taliban bomb.
2012.03.31 Dagestan Khasavyurt 2 Two police officers are gunned down by suspected Muhahideen.
2012.03.30 Nigeria Askira Uba 2 Radical Islamists shoot two people to death at a bank.
2012.03.30 India Nutangram 1 A 65-year-old widow is badly beaten in her own church by Islamic extremists.
2012.03.30 Afghanistan Yayakhil 9 Nine Afghan police are shot to death in their sleep by a Taliban wearing a uniform.
2012.03.30 Pakistan Rabwah 1 An Ahmadi schoolteacher is tortured to death by Sunni police in what is felt to be a sectarian
2012.03.29 Thailand Pattani 1 A 59-year-old man takes two Religion of Peace bullets to the head and torso.
2012.03.29 Pakistan Mastung 2 Islamists are suspected in the shooting attack on a UN food vehicle that leaves two aid workers
2012.03.29 Pakistan Quetta 5 Sunni militants open up on a group of Shiites with automatic weapons, taking down at least five,
including a woman.
2012.03.28 Nigeria Maiduguri 1 A man is shot to death by Boko Haram while shopping at a market.
2012.03.28 Nigeria Damagun 1 Radicals shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ break into a police station and kill a cop.
2012.03.28 Pakistan Nazimabad 1 Wahhabi gunmen pick off a Shiite tailor outside his shop.
2012.03.27 Somalia Mogadishu 2 Two men are gunned down in cold blood by al-Shabaab Islamists.
2012.03.27 Iraq Jahoni 4 Four men caught drinking are machine-gunned by fundamentalists.
2012.03.27 Iraq Hamam 2 A woman is among two people who bleed to death following a terrorist bombing.
2012.03.27 Iraq Ghazaliya 1 A Fedayeen suicide bomber kills an Iraqi.
2012.03.26 Afghanistan Lashkar Gar 2 Two British soldiers are shot in the back at their base by a terrorist wearing an Afghan uniform.
2012.03.26 Pakistan Badan Kot 1 A preacher is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals in a mosque.
2012.03.26 Afghanistan Mirwais 4 The Taliban send a child suicide bomber into a group of foreign humanitarian workers, injuring
2012.03.26 Morocco Fez 1 A 74-year-old man is beaten to death with a hammer by an attacker shouting praises to Allah.
2012.03.26 Nigeria Takum 2 Muslim ‘mercenaries’ attack two Christian villages and shoot a 22-year-old and an elderly man to death.
2012.03.26 Afghanistan Paktika 1 A US soldier is shot in the face by a Muslim terrorist in police uniform.
2012.03.26 Somalia Mogadishu 2 A father and son are dismantled by an al-Shabaab rocket attack on a refugee camp

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