Women In Islam

A Woman is Worth Half a Man in Islam

[Source] Equality (or in this case, inequality) between the sexes is a very controversial topic in the modern Islamic world. Muslim countries are advancing and trying to catch up with the west, yet women and men cannot have equal rights because Sharia Law states that the value of a woman is half of a man. […]

Did Islam improve the status of women

Contrary to what Muslims claim, Islam did not improve the status of women in Arabia. It actually denigrated them instead of elevating them.Mecca was a religious hub. In all religious centers, often fanaticism overrides commonsense and wherever a patriarchal religion has a stronger grip, women are discriminated. Mecca was no exception.

Aisha: The Child Bride of Muhammad 

The thought of an old man becoming aroused by a child is disturbing. The only name for that is pedophilia – one of the most despicable crimes imaginable. All humans, including animals, are protective of children. A child’s cry for help, any child, even the child of other species, arouses tenderness in most animals.


The wars in the Arabian Peninsula, prior to Islam, were in comparison insignificant to those instigated by Muhammad and other Muslim rulers.  The earlier wars had mainly centered on tribal differences and were confined to bouts of squabbling with some fights.

Mariyah, the Sex Slave of the Holy Prophet

The following is Muhammad’s scandalous love affair with Mariyah the Copt who was one of the prophet’s wives’ maids. Muhammad slept with her without any ceremony, which caused uproar among his wives and had to be settled through the “Divine intervention.”  This story is recorded in an authenticated Hadith and is reported by Omar

Safiyah, the Jewish Wife of Muhammad

The following is the story of Safiyah Bint Huyai Ibn Akhtab, the Jewish woman who was captured when Muhammad’s troops attacked Khaibar and brought her to the Prophet as part of his share of the booty.  Muhammad ordered Kinana, the young husband of Safiyah to be tortured to death to make him reveal the whereabouts of the treasure of the town. On the very nigh of that murder, he took Safiyah to his bed and claimed her as his trophy.

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